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NSWF Erotica – NSFW Audio – Comic Book Scripting – Screenwriting – SEO Generation – Copy Editing – Social Media Management (SMM) – Ghost Writing – Video Game Content (SFW and NSFW)

Please take a look at the site to satiate all of your curiosity. No matter what you are looking for, I am looking to make it come to life (in a matter of speaking). Something vanilla, something hard, something niche, something niche niche. And of course, something niche niche niche (You know who you are!). Whatever it is, I can do it. And yes, I will even do that. Seriously, I will. 

Don’t be shy. We will never meet in real life, I can’t tell your friends about your kink, I am not going to show up at Christmas dinner to inform your loved ones about those devious, dark, depraved thoughts you got in your head… You gotta pay extra for that kind of service. 

You will notice that I offer things that are not erotic geared such as Copy Editing, Social Media Management, and Audio. I also have many, many little hidden goodies. I offer a newsletter, personalized help to improve your life circumstances, and just a bunch of other random things. I am always looking for collaborative efforts, and bartering skill for skill. What I am trying to say is that while I offer erotic content, it is not the totality of what I offer and / or am interested in. 

With clients permission, I funnel and make available all the content I produce for everybody. So, if you are here just to browse or window shop, or enjoy niche niche niche stuff, feel free and enjoy the treats. 

As you might expect, I have a severe lacking of content that isn’t erotica. Go figure nobody wants to have connections with their business to an erotic writer. Totally understand. But that just means that my portfolio revolving around areas not erotica based is rather lacking. One might even say, virtually non-existent. But make no mistake, my lacking of certain specific things means not that I do not offer and do such.

If you have doubts that I am willing or capable of doing something, please just contact me – email, discord, carrier pigeon, telepathy – pick your poison. 

I am 100% accessible to anybody and everybody. Enjoy this site – It took fucking forever to get it to where I want it to be. Luckily, I work with an amazing SEO web developer and he is one of very few people I personally vouch for. And, while you are here, and you got this far, know I will never advertise or promote anything that I don’t actually use. I will never – ever steer you wrong. Ever. Cuz… I ain’t an asshole money grubbing blood thirsty leech. 

Many samples. I take care in understanding the vibe and essence you want. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Both male and female. I can do vanilla SFW things too. All the moans, groans, slurping sounds you could ever want.

Yes, I do this too. I have completed 10 issues but all are private, I am sorry. Go figure people don’t want to let on that they hired a smut person to write their plain Jane comics.

I have this ability. Want to sell something, outreach with proper language, make something more sleek and conveyable? Hi.

Sometimes, you just need content. Sometimes, I take money to provide said content. Sometimes, we all walk away happy.

No samples silly. Trust me, Ghost Writing is in my blood.

I run all my social medias and have stretched my tendrils throughout the internet. I have the skill set, do you need it?

NEVER worked on a game before. I have written one but without an artist, it is just programmed words. I am an avid fan of the medium and know how to do this.