Contact me Anytime, I’m Available on Discord


Many samples. I take care in understanding the vibe and essence you want. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Both male and female. I can do vanilla SFW things too. All the moans, groans, slurping sounds you could ever want.

Yes, I do this too. I have completed 10 issues but all are private, I am sorry. Go figure people don’t want to let on that they hired a smut person to write their plain Jane comics.

I have this ability. Want to sell something, outreach with proper language, make something more sleek and conveyable? Hi.

Sometimes, you just need content. Sometimes, I take money to provide said content. Sometimes, we all walk away happy.

No samples silly. Trust me, Ghost Writing is in my blood.

I run all my social medias and have stretched my tendrils throughout the internet. I have the skill set, do you need it?

NEVER worked on a game before. I have written one but without an artist, it is just programmed words. I am an avid fan of the medium and know how to do this.