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“Much cum will be spilled for this story.”

~Dan of the Plastic Clan

“HO HO HO~ You do vanilla as good as you do hardcore.”

~A furry with a pen

“Worth the wait!”


"Not only are they quite willing and able to work with you, their dedication to the idea and flexibility is great for a writer. They are eager to make it perfect, and it shows in the fine product!"

-Whip of Plasma

I was amazed at the precision of the characters in my first commissioned story. I rarely hand out compliments, and WC managed to exceed my expectations. The initial instructions were right on track and adhered to the outline. We are already in the early stages of our second project and will likely continue to collaborate in the future.


"My commissioned story suited my taste quite well, the writer was nothing but helpful in addressing what I wanted in the story or if I wanted something changed and did accommodate me when I asked for reasonable changes when they prompted such a question in the first place. It is well written and uses characters of an established setting very nicely."


“This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for bringing my fantasy to life. I have been looking to get this piece done for over 3 years and have went to multiple writers and have been disappointed repeatedly.”


“I was disappointed in the first commission. I didn’t say anything about it because I think that it was a great story but wasn’t for me. WC could tell I was unhappy and I explained that the vibe was wrong. WC immediately fixed the commission within a day and it was virtually an entirely new story. They held it hostage though, blackmailing me for this review. What a jerk. Love you.”

~A believer

“First of all, the Your Writer was very professional and easy to communicate with. They listened carefully to my requirements and asked relevant questions to make sure they fully understood the scope of the project. They also provided semi regular updates on the progress of the work.”

- The faceless

“The quality of the writing itself was outstanding. WrittenCommission demonstrated a deep understanding of the topic and conveyed the want perfectly. The language used was engaging and easy to read, wand damn it, I need more.”

-Degradation dystopia

“Awesome person. Even if they weren’t a good writer, I would use them. Nobody else is going to write what I want.”


“The writing is lyrical and intoxicating I wish I had more money because I have so many devious ideas”

-Hungry hungry

“I have read my story over ten times now and I am surprised by how vivid it is.”

-Lazy belly

Blessed are the flexible for they will never get bent out of shape. Friendly, flexible, accommodating, professional and discrete.


I was lucky enough to run into Written Commissions by pure chance. We emailed discussed price and I gave them my concept. Within less than the assumed time they’d written me a lewd and fun story that was almost exactly what I wanted. When I pointed a few changes I wanted out it was not a problem. I honestly couldn’t recommend anybody more. 10/10

-Jayne Edinburgh.

10/10 would commission again


fast and great service nailed the story as i wanted it to be definitely will be getting more works(:

-Emoji to my heart

You get a review! An honest one (but still a good one because I'm in love with your work) I just havent gotten around to writing it yet

-Weak point!