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I love to write. It is what I was made for. It doesn’t matter what type of writing. I mostly write Erotica, mostly. The reason I started writing erotica was because good quality smut is hard to find. I tried time and time again with commissioners for my own personal smut, each time I noticed some critical flaws that were universal to commissioning stories from people (this is also backed up as complaints my own clients have had in the past with other freelance writers) :




That is when I realized that there was a need for someone like me. I would use my own terrible experiences with story commissioners and fix the fucking problem.

That is what I am doing right now – Fixing the fucking problem.

You want smut? I want to give it to you.

You want reliability? I want to give it to you.

You want …. You get the point. My client retention rate as of writing this is 80 fucking percent (rounded to the nearest 80). 80! I mean, I must be doing something right, right? I could also be lying so…

But I’m not. Or am I?

I am not trying to inspire you to think I am even remotely professional because that would be a Lie straight from hell. I want you to understand that I want what is best for you and I will bend over backwards to aim at 100% customer satisfaction no matter what. All the time, every time. Mostly, that even comes with a money back guarantee, mostly.

This website and my business has your success in mind: The mentality is the more successful my clients are, the more often they commission me. Win / Win, right?

I truly do not need a website, I am usually backlogged for a month almost consistently and that is without a website. I don’t need this place. But you might. A place to see other peoples commissions (if clients so wish it) and a place for people of unique kinks to gather and you know, communicate.

I will say that I write anything. Any-thing. Do not, I repeat, do not ask me if I can or will write this or that. I will. And I swear if you ask me all hesitant-like if, maybe, ah, could you, ah, maybe, do something like this… I will not be a happy camper. I will do it. It will be done!