Pricing & Discounts

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First – read the entire price page. There is a lot here. So, bare with me please. Please know that if the price to TOO HIGH for you that I have VARIOUS ways to get discounts or to get my services cheaper.

I charge 15 cents per word. This equates to 150 USD per 1,000 (1k) words. 1K words is roughly about 2-3 pages of heavy smutty smexy slutty text. It varies. It isn’t an exact science.

FOR FIRST TIME CLIENTS, I only charge 10 cents per word. This equates to 100 USD.

A half of the entire commission total is required up front. The rest of the price of the commission can be paid back in any increment you so deem appropriate over the course of any amount of time you deem affordable. This means that if you get 2,000 words for 200 USD, I would need 100 USD just to get started. The remaining 100 USD can be paid over the course of 6 months or until your next commission order. You can pay me 10 dollars a month, or 10 dollars every other month. Whatever works.

I will not pester or bother you about the bill. I trust you to pay it when and if you can. You do not need to message me with a reason why you haven’t paid me yet, or are going to be short for a month. Life happens. And damn it, pay your real bills off before you pay me. Seriously. Fucking pay them blood suckers off first. They have interest – I do not.

Upon ordering a commission – I will paypal you the entire amount, no due date, partial payments accepted, tips check box marked as well. So the entire amount billed will be right there on your paypal. No need to record keep, or anything. Thank god. Before I started invoicing, I had to keep track of the entire process. You wanna know about hell, do that. Satan has shit on accounting.

I will never ask you to put yourself out financially because of some arbitrary financial payment plan that we have arranged.

I stress this: You will always get your story regardless of payment. Chances are you will get the story BEFORE you completely pay it off. Which is great, because it gives you time to consider if you want to tip me or not.

First time Clients

Custom Writing or Audio Gigs
  • First 5,000 words are priced at 10 cents per word. 100 USD per 1k words. Roughly 2-3 pages of pure smut text
  • First 10 minutes of audio are priced at 15 cents per word spoken.

Ongoing Clients

Writing & Audio Gigs
  • 15 cents per word. 150 USD per 1k words. Roughly 2-3 pages of pure smut text.
  • 20 cents per word spoken.