Jordan is going through some terrible horrible throwing-up spells brought on by pregnancy.

Jordan is going through some terrible horrible throwing-up spells brought on by pregnancy. This is a more in-your-face version of the first manifestation. I did this for a client to see which format they liked best. This was the winner.

Waking up in cold sweat, I feel a familiar burning sensation quickly rising from the back of my throat. I scramble to get to my bucket, nausea fucking with my body, my head pounding with a heavy migraine. Black spots fill my vision, delaying my way to my puke bucket, which is already half filled, large chunks of undigested food floating in there, making the bucket smell like a rotting dead body was nearby. Puke starts to fill my mouth, making me feel the mushy oatmeal texture of my vomit on my tongue. Rushing to get to my readied vomit bucket, I gagged as more puke started to push up my throat, forcing me to breathe from my nose. My throat is getting scratched by the large chunks forcing their way out of the throat. I start to choke on my saliva and it starts overproducing in my mouth as my nausea gets worse, it starts to drip down slowly from my mouth.

No no no! Oh, fuck no. I’m not gonna make it!

Bits of vomit already leaving my closed mouth, bits of half-digested pieces of rice and grains from my previous meal just pushing to get out of my mouth. I managed to crawl my way into the bucket, gurgling on my puke, the taste putrid but familiar after several months of the same disgusting routine. I started retching everything I had in my stomach. Parts of the barf miss the bucket and land on the bed, adding to the many stains decorating it. While puking, some liquid squirted out from my nose, making me choke up, not knowing where to breathe from. I quickly breathe out on both ends, freeing both my nose and mouth from any remaining vomit left. Shaking from fatigue, I clench the filthy bed sheets below me. Sweat begins to drip down from my body to the bed below me, creating a small puddle. Hyperventilating from the stress, I scratch at my wrists to feel a different type of pain and to sober up from extreme nausea I keep feeling lately.

Gods, is it over? Am I done with this hell? Wait I need to breathe, I-I need to breathe!

I take a couple of deep breaths, giving myself a few seconds of needed relief. During those few seconds of peace, I stare at the only mirror within the room, reflecting my appearance on the bed. Staring back at me was someone I don’t recognize, not anymore. What once was a slender set of hips became a bulging pair of birthing hips. My flat chest has enlarged to an impossible size for the past few months, making it hard to ignore the new bold stares directed at me when I’m forced to go out to the market to restock my fridge to prepare for my constant bursts of unending hunger. The tank top and panties I’m wearing are stained with alien goo and various stains of puke. All I see staring back at me is a drained Jordan, facing the consequences of their actions. My weary eyes stop looking at the mirror’s reflection, slowly scanning my bedroom for distractions. I slowly hug both of my arms as I look back at my reflection in silent resignation. I lay down sideways on the bed, continuing to hug my whole body tightly, both afraid and relieved by the oppressing silence surrounding me, knowing these quiet moments are rare now. The only sounds I could hear in the room are the harsh quick gasps of my breathing, I feel like the walls around my room are starting to close in on me. My vision starts to narrow, the edges of my vision fading to black.

I look like a mess, like some disturbed homeless person on the street. When will I get out of this situation?

What’s become of me? Why do they keep changing ME?

The moment of peace vanished as fast as it came, giving a new sense of hell. My stomach begins to bloat, the glowing eggs inside of me once again giving me an intense feeling of nausea. They start pushing and moving in my belly, almost as if they want me to know their hellish existence. They start to glow, making my stomach look like a disfigured firefly that shouldn’t exist. I take a deep breath, hoping it stops the puke from reaching the top part of my throat for even a few more minutes. My whole world started to spin all around me, leaving me dazed and confused, trying to grapple with anything to keep me stable. For the next few minutes, I fight against the dizziness and nauseating thoughts, unwilling to give up now. Again, a familiar burning feeling rises in my throat, making me spiral to the suffocating feeling of agony. Heavy pounding on my head made it hard to think properly about my situation, but I know what to do, and how to prevent bigger accidents. I try to slowly stop myself from vomiting but no luck, the vomit only started to hit back harder against my throat.


I scramble myself up, quickly stumbling to the bathroom sink to continue my vomit session. It felt like hours before reaching the sink of my small bathroom, my heart thundering in fear of not reaching the sink in time. Luckily, I reached the sink in time. I didn’t have much left to vomit, gagging up mostly stomach acid and little bits of my dinner left in there. I slammed my hands to the sink, croaked coughs leaving me with feelings of fatigue and weariness. I stare at the cracked mirror above the sink, remembering the outburst I had last month when I vomited in this sink before, remembering the numbing pain, and the gladness I had when I felt something else besides the ravenous, unending appetite. This kind of hell has always been an endless cycle of different pains all over my body. I rub my belly softly, murmuring incoherent words to the glowing eggs, who seemed to respond to my murmurs, glowing in an erratic pattern in response. It seemed like there was a momentary pause of peace like everything was calm for a second.

All of a sudden, ravenous hunger consumes me after that intense vomiting session, grappling me with a distinct sort of pain I got familiar with over the past three months. I run to the kitchen, stumbling over messy small hills of dirty clothing and furniture I didn’t see at first. I finally see the kitchen’s dim light, the fridge looks like it has a holy light aura glowing from behind. Well shit, I think I started to hallucinate about how much this hunger is screwing with my mental state.

I practically ripped the fridge door open to find a few containers filled with leftovers and a couple of overripe fruits laying around. I scan for the easiest thing to chow down on, locking my eyes on a big container of slightly overripe salad. I rip open the lid before gulping down the overly watery mess that looks like a salad. After devouring the salad, I turn my attention toward the rest of the food in the fridge. In just a few minutes, the area around the fridge has various stains and thrown food containers scattered along the floor. I gag as the recognizable taste of expired food touches my tongue briefly before sliding down my throat like some toy slime. I shudder at the feeling, smelling the food that just slid down. I have no idea how to truly describe the smell, only that it smelled like the love child of a rotting carcass and horse manure.

I could still feel the slimy texture on the small spot of my tongue. I desperately tried to find something to drink in order to get rid of this disgusting feeling. I hurriedly grab a random bottle on the side of the fridge and open it up to quickly gulp down whatever’s inside. The slimy taste quickly went away after drinking the unknown liquid, which was luckily just cold water. I continue to scavenge the fridge for more food to inhale into my mouth, putting water bottles near me in case I taste something disgusting again. For the next few hours, I continue to consume large amounts of unknown foods while chugging down tons of water. As I do this, I fail to remember the consequences of doing this kind of thing.

*An hour later*

I lay my whole body on the floor, leaning my upper body on the counter near the fridge, heaving in heavy breaths as I finally feel the consequences of practically inhaling all the food-looking things I saw in that fridge, not even checking if half of them were even edible anymore… Geez, I should have stopped while I was still thinking straight, I think. Ugh, I feel so full, why did I have to be in this kind of mess? Soon tho, the eggs happily consume the huge amounts of food I just stuffed myself with.

It wasn’t this bad in the beginning, but as months passed by, my whole body began to swell to adapt to the alien glowy eggs inside me, and things got progressively worse. I should have fucking read the goddamn fine print if I knew how dire the consequences were-

A sharp pain shoots up my spine, shaking me out of my angry thoughts. I quickly rub my belly in order to smooth the pain, knowing the eggs were unusually restless today.

“AH! Alright alright, I’ll get you guys some food, can’t you calm down for a bit!?” I scolded the stomach which held the glowing eggs, which seemed to hear me somehow and flashed twice before giving me an even harder pang of hunger. I cursed my past self who thought nothing much of it when we saw the notice for the project. If I ever met my past self right before the whole thing, I’d knock her out and make her forget about any of this shit. It’ll be a favour for both of us. Soon I drift off to my thoughts, remembering the day I decided to sign up for this scientific study to help an endangered species. If only I knew the pain and horrors I’d experience once I went through with it.


“Hello? Is this the place?” I knocked on the metal door, the knocks echoing inside. I start tapping my hooves on the ground impatiently, letting my head drift off to think of what will happen. Scanning the building, it looks grey and non-descriptive, looking sort of eerie the longer you look at it. I nervously drop my gaze in order to stop thinking about how the grey building is getting creepier by the second.

Damn, this looks super suspicious. Maybe I shouldn’t have come here, I should go home and just forgotten about the whole thing.

“Ah hello there! You must be Jordan?” Snapping out of my thoughts, I look toward the suddenly opened door, standing there is a person who looks like any ordinary scientist. They gesture for me to come inside their building before closing the door behind us. They grab my hand tightly, leading me through twists and turns of hallways, I catch glimpses of each room we pass by, each filled with bright lights and odd sounds. Soon we arrive to a room filled with lab equipment. In one corner of the room, a huge glass pod sits, containing eggs of a creature I have never seen before. They look frozen, softly glowing inside their huge pod. The scientist gestured to me to sit on the orthodontic chair in the middle of the room while they headed toward the table full of tools. I shrug and casually lay down on the chair, awkwardly staring at the ceiling as they are busy around the room, hearing them turn on some machines. I soon hear them come closer to me saying, “Alright, so according to the forms here, you signed up to help with the scientific study to help incubate the eggs of the endangered Emerald Equine worms within your body, correct?” I lean back up and silently nod at his question asking, “ Will it hurt?”

“Not really, you’ll just feel some pressure once we get you on anesthesia, I hope you can handle the whole process.” They joke, quickly injecting the anesthesia into my stomach and on my genitals. I squirmed a bit at the cold sting from the needles but the feeling quickly went away. Soon, the official operation started, I started feeling sleepy and soon the anesthesia knocked me out. The last thing I remember is something slimy dripping into my thighs and the sound of a machine whirring noise. After that, nothing else could come to my memory.

Waking up after the operation felt a bit odd, the eggs felt a lot bigger in my stomach but it didn’t look that big, just looks like a small bulge you get after overeating at a party. I slowly lifted myself off the chair and steadied myself. I looked at the scientist who was humming happily and seemed to be busy checking over the monitors at the side of the room, probably looking at the results and possible side effects. I walk over to them and tap them on the shoulder, making them turn toward me. I awkwardly waved and asked, “Soo…Everything alright now? Did any complications happen during the operation?” He quickly shook his head and congratulated me for having such good results and data from this operation, my body being a very good vessel for the eggs of this species. They start to explain how the lab will provide a form of “child support” each month, a set amount of money for living expenses, a housekeeper who comes in once a week, and a couple of cameras set around the house except for the bathroom and private areas. They continue to list off other things but I started drifting off into a daydream, suddenly they pat my shoulder, scaring me out of it. They told me I’m free to go and that they’ll send files full of details about the study. I left the building feeling strange, but I shook off the feeling and started heading home.

*Flashback Ends*

If only I had read the fine print! Now I’m on the kitchen floor, slipping into a food coma..

However, it seems my food craze wasn’t enough for the eggs, which decided to make me still feel hungry somehow, started pulsing against my stomach. I go back to the fridge to search for any more food.

After checking twice, I soon realized my fridge is completely empty of even the suspicious leftover foods you’d sometimes have in the fridge, after how much I ate, of course, there wouldn’t be any left, I practically almost put myself into a food coma. As another hunger pang hit my body hard, I decided to quickly change and go out to eat some street food to calm my growling stomach. I dash to my room to put on a stained hoodie and shorts, somewhat hiding the glow of the eggs, before running to the front door, almost forgetting to grab my wallet on the way out. As I quickly ran towards the market, the eggs started to protest, producing even more goo, making it difficult to move as fluid started to fill up my stomach, creating a bulge. I start slowing down, panting heavily as my stamina runs out but luckily I managed to reach the night street market despite my slow speed.

I start slowing down and taking deep breaths to stabilize my breathing before walking towards one of the street food stalls, wanting to fill my stomach before I’m forced to vomit once again. “Oh hello there lady! Looking to buy some corn dogs? My stall sells the biggest ones here on the night market!” He proudly shows off all the delicious street foods he put on display in his food stall.

I stiffly greet the food stall owner, clenching my fists as the pain flares up in my stomach. I quickly gesture at the food I wanted to buy, stating which street foods I wanted, getting the biggest and most filling options. The food stall owner quickly caught what I was trying to say and happily packed the food from his stall into a thick paper bag, and added a few extra snacks because, “Well, I don’t wanna be rude, but I heard you’re practically eating for 2! Congratulations on your pregnancy young lass, you’ll need all the food you can get to grow your wee babe in there,” he stated, quickly packing up the whole thing together. I didn’t want to correct him but he isn’t wrong by much, I AM eating a bunch of glowing alien eggs so I can’t refuse the kind offer of free food, besides, the money the researchers give me every month isn’t enough sometimes. So I’ll take what I can get! I quickly thank the owner of the stall before walking away to my next target food stall.

Soon, I managed to get a ton of food from the food stalls I passed by, munching on them as I transferred from stall to stall. Not noticing my stomach slowly aching in pain, having been used to constant pain for a while. Soon, however, I start to notice the growing pain, once again my body aches and my stomach starts to gurgle with all the food I ate. Hot air from my stomach started to rush up my throat and made me belch out hot smelly burps that smell like rotten food. I continue to gag and heave out these disgusting vomit farts, rushing past people who looked at me strangely, one even looked disgusted when they saw me belch a big one out. I throw the leftovers away and put my hands against my mouth, the belching goes on non-stop, I gag as the smell continues to stick to my nose, the smell a mix of rotten food and stomach acid.

I rushed into the public bathroom, gagging and retching from the incoming vomit rising from my throat. My mouth starts to overproduce saliva once again. Entering the bathroom, I’m hit with a nasty mix of piss and shit stinking up the whole restroom. Wrinkling my nose, I try to avoid the unknown stains scattered on both the floors and walls of the public bathroom. However, I can’t take my time fucking touring the damn thing, I need to find a goddamn stall or I’ll be redecorating the damn place with a new color palette. I’ll even add a new smell to this place once I start puking my guts out.

Running towards the first stall I see with an open door, I go in and slam it shut, making a resounding slam echo across the bathroom. I start
Squeezing the dirty toilet bowl tightly, I start to daze off a little due to fatigue. Today was just not my day, I noted, these kinds of vomiting routines have started to become frequent as time passes. I started staring off at the other areas of the stall as I slowly stabilized my breathing from what seemed like the 100th vomit session of today. Out of nowhere, I heard a knock on the stall door.

“HEY! What’s going on in there? Are you good?” Someone shouts right outside the stall, knocking a few times on the door, sounding worried. I hold my breath, sweat dripping down my face as the person outside continues to knock on my door. Making my heart practically palpitate from the fear of being seen in this position. If they opened that door, if they saw me kneeling on the dirty floor, the toilet filled with my vomit, lots of the food chunks floating on top not even fully digested, just in there like some putrid-smelling chunky soup in the toilet.

Please, PLEASE just go away! I don’t want anyone to see me like this…

“H-hi! Sorry, I’m still busy on the toilet, I’m absolutely fine, just haven’t been feeling well lately, weather changes.” I stutter a bit, attempting to shoo away the badly unneeded concerned person for my situation right now. The person outside stopped knocking after hearing my excuse, believing it, and leaving after saying some good advice for those who are ill. I try to gag out the last remaining pieces of vomit stuck in my mouth and throat, wanting to get rid of the feeling of having pieces of half-digested food remaining in my throat and mouth. I look at the nasty toilet bowl I was forced to hold on to for stability. I gag and cough up a couple more times to spit out the rest of the food, wanting to completely empty myself and get rid of the burning pain and painful aches in my stomach. I slowly push myself up from the ground, flinching at touching some of the stains. I lean against the door frame, legs shaking, I slowly lift my legs to press on the flush, pushing it down. To my horror, the flush did work, instead, the toilet clogged, causing my vomit to spill over a bit, splashing the floor and hitting my feet. I ran outside, my heart harshly pounding against my chest, the urge to vomit coming back as I noticed there were a few people surrounding my stall, curious after hearing the noises in there. I freeze in place, blanking out as the people around me start talking, their voices surrounding me, making me hyperventilate as the noise starts to overwhelm me, my eyes flickering from one person to the other. It didn’t matter if some of them were just asking if I was ok, all I saw were people witnessing my filthy self and clogged toilet, the puke stains on my clothes and hair.


Soon, people started to surround the puke-smelling stall, cornering Jordan.
“Oh god! Please don’t look at me, I’m dirty!” I half shouted as other people witnessed me clogging up the toilet of the public restroom. I try to hide my face by covering it up with my messy hair but my vomit didn’t have the patience to let me run and find a better place to puke. I quickly pushed back some of the people in front of me to run into the second stall, shutting the stall door closed. I start to puke out the rest of the street food I had in my stomach. The fear and paranoia I feel from realizing there are people RIGHT outside the stall I’m in, knowing I clogged the first stall from my disgusting vomit. I continue to vomit and gag, I felt time slow down, minutes drag into what felt like hours as my body continues to force me to cough up everything, the slimy feeling of vomit sliding out of my mouth into the toilet, the taste of the vomit was absolutely putrid, tasting like rotting eggs and meat.

Finally, after the whole ordeal, I didn’t waste any more time staying in the bathroom. I quickly opened the stall door and stumbled my way out of the public restroom. I took a deep breath but was greeted with a flash of acidic pain in my bulging belly. My legs lost control and I fell to the ground on my side, groaning and whimpering in pain. I scratch and dig my hands into the ground, suffering from the strongest stabs of pain in my stomach I have ever felt before. I absentmindedly thought that maybe the eggs didn’t like some of the street foods I ate. I pushed myself to stand back up and look for someplace to go and barf up all my guts out. I silently whimper and cry as I slowly scuffle away from the public bathroom, making sure not to make any eye contact with the people around me. Knowing the future, I know this isn’t gonna be the last time I’ll have one of these days again.

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