Charred Charmeleon

Jessica, a charmeleon, has run away from her old savage adventuring guild, to protect her sisters. They catch up to her. Three of her old guildmates savagely take revenge on her disappearance.

Jessica woke to the sound of shifting stones and footsteps. Her eyes snapped open, immediately sat up, pulling herself up to a low crouching position. Her tail illuminated the dull darkness of the cave where she’d set up for the night. Her eyes slowly began to adjust to the low light. She was always careful, alert, and most of all, overprotective.

Please don’t be anything serious. Just be some random Pokemon, just passing by. Please.

Jessica thought to herself, her senses clouding with worry. She’d been through more than enough in her life to know that the smallest indications of danger were important to keep note of, even if they were ultimately harmless. Better to be prepared than not. Or perhaps that was just her trauma speaking. Jessica had had more than her fair share of suffering since her escape, and even more beforehand.

She glanced deeper into the cave. Her sisters were there, a Quilava and a Monferno. Sisters, sisters she saved from her adventuring guild. Those abusive sadistic bastards, all. She was always ready to protect them. Regardless of how tense she always was because of being constantly alert.

I should check on them. Better safe than sorry.

Quietly drawing herself up, she snuck back further into the cave and peered around the corner. There they were, quietly sleeping. Letting out a soft exhale, she looked back towards the maw of the cave. An awful feeling began to well up in her gut. Her gaze snapped up – oh, no.

Voices. Two. No, three.

The sounds came from the mouth of the cave, muffled, impossible to discern from here. It made her stomach twist into a knot. She had to protect her family. They had to leave, now. Kneeling at their sides, she whispered sharply and laid her hands upon them, quietly shaking them awake.

“You have to get up. Hey – someone’s coming.”

The pair reacted with sleepy confusion, but sleep had already been light considering the uncomfortable rocky floor of the cave. Holding a finger to her muzzle, Jessica gently hushed them. “Shhh. You remember what I told you, right? Deeper into the cave, there’s a hiding place. Don’t come out until I come to find you. Alright? I’ll handle this.”

The pair nodded, and Jessica felt a piercing nervousness in her chest. She clenched her jaw and closed her eyes, taking in a slow breath as she helped her little sisters up and shooed them along, watching them disappear into the cave. It was time to go and meet whoever would come to threaten her family. They would pay, dearly.

By the time she began her journey back to the mouth of the cave, the intruders were already there. Jessica’s brow furrowed at the sight of them. One, two, three. Her eyes widened in shock. Two she recognized, one she didn’t.

So, they finally tracked her down.

The first, leading the pack, was a Goodra who carried with her an acrid scent. It burned Jessica’s nostrils and slipped from her glistening body to land upon the rock below with quiet little sizzles. Her antenna brushed against the roof of the cave, towering over Jessica, she was wider than a Snorlax, hardly giving her companions enough room to get around. She raised one dripping paw and gave Jessica a coy wave, a sick smile curling her mouth. “Long time no see,” her voice bubbled up, pushing through her greasy throat and out of her grinning lips. The illusion of friendliness was easily seen through.

This was no social call. This was a long time coming. And frankly, the iron fist that gripped her heart was nothing compared to the sheer hatred that burned in Jessica’s blood.

“Cada.” Jessica’s voice was a growl as she stared up at the Goodra. Her eyes shifted down, to access the other opponents. They would all be flame broiled soon enough. With Cada was a short, stocky Machop who was resting herself on a rock Laissez-faire-like, scowling over at Jessica. Another face she recognized, by the name of Ris. Two old childhood rivals.

Fuck. The dynamic was simple. Jessica hated them, they hated her.

But she hated them more. Asses.

“Come on. I’m itching to get her fucked up already,” Ris said.

No, rivals wasn’t the right word. These were tormentors. Suck-ups to the people in charge. Snitches that handed her in for beatings occasion after occasion. These were, quite simply put, bullies who reveled in their wicked ways. “I see you two have moved up in the world. Got a new friend, too. So, what? Now you’re hunting people who got out? Don’t you have better things to do, like kiss-assing the Guild-leaders?” Jessica wasn’t stupid, this was going to be a hard match, no doubt about it, but fear seemed to manifest itself through her by way of showing anger, hatred, and just a dash of cattiness. There were no pretenses here, no need to pretend. Whatever she wanted to say to these bitches, she would now, before she lit them up like candles.

She’d escaped the guild for a year. She had learned some new tricks.

Cada and co, however, also learned new tricks. Better tricks. Trickier tricks.

Jessica’s eyes flitted to the third. She was low to the ground, shadowed by Cada, but even then her blades glinted in the firelight of Jessica’s tail. A Scyther. As Jessica’s voice fell silent, the bug-type let out a chittering laugh and raked her blades along the ground. The sound sent a shudder down Jessica’s spine, and she took a step back.

“I guess they sent the B team after me hu?” Jessica said while mentally thinking of a way to… … strategically retreat.

“Well, Valdy, I usually just keep the younger brats in line, you of all pokemon should know that, you were always a spitfire. But when they put out the hit on you and your little twerps, we just had to come out and find you.” Cada bared her teeth in something that might’ve been a continuation of that cruel smile of hers, what lay behind that mock smile was pure sadistic intent. “Where are they, anyway? Are they back there? Or did you fuck up and lose them, like how you fuck up everything?”

“Enough!” Jessica clenched her fists and roared, the flame on her tail roaring up. She knew she couldn’t last against these three, but she had to buy her sisters more time to get to safety. White flame huffed from her maw, and she charged forward. She had formulated a plan — roughly speaking, it was shock and awe and run the fuck away.

But damn it, Cada was going to get the brunt of the punishment. This was a long time coming.

Then, her feet skidded along the stones beneath her, and she felt a dull pain in her leg. It wasn’t until she slammed into the ground that she realized what had happened. Ris had darted forward and kicked her legs right out from beneath her. The sound of heartless laughter echoed into the cave as the three admired Ris’ handiwork, only this was far from the schoolyard bullying Jessica had been subjected to in years past. This was pain. Real pain. Honest to god damage.

In haste, Jessica rolled onto her back and was making an effort to push herself up, only to feel the cold razor’s edge of the scyther’s blade at her neck. “Shhhhh. Back down you go,” she hissed. Jessica had no choice but to oblige, fear in her eyes as the trio loomed over her.

“Always so full of fight,” Cada sighed. “You should really have stayed put where you were in the Guild.” Her posture shifted, and she planted one foot firmly on the end of Jessica’s tail. The light snuffed away, and the only illumination in the cave was the moonlight from outside.

Her tail was smashed against hard rock and a massive foot. Immediately, Jessica felt the heat leave her body. She barely managed to whisper, “N… o…” She tried to move, to liberate herself, but her tail was pinned. It would not move. And as she did try to free it, she found another uncomfortable lightning shot of pain from her tail to her very soul. Her rapidly diminishing soul and life force.

It was an odd feeling. Her senses numbed, tingling into the vast void of emptiness, and yet the jolts of pain still sizzled through her so potent that even in her fleeting state, she felt them all the more acutely.

Then, the sizzling, searing pain began. Cada’s feet weren’t covered in as much slime as the rest of her, but they were still slick with the stuff. Jessica’s eyes went wide, and the rest of the air in her lungs came out as a panicked, strained whine of pain as her nerves began to scream in agony. Her tail twitched, trying to get out from beneath that foot, and she started to feel blood trickle down her neck from the resulting struggle. The Scyther’s blade pressed deeper against her flesh, threatening to cut in and finish the job at any moment.

It was brutal agony unlike any she had ever felt.

And the trio just laughed, haughty little bully laughing, roaring louder as her pain increased. Her body tensed involuntarily.

Cada let her stew in that pain for just a moment more before finally releasing the pressure, shifting her foot to the side. The flame at her tail weakly sputtered back to life, a duller red than before, and Jessica gasped with pain and relief, her entire head going fuzzy for a moment. As she returned from the brink of death, all that numbing of diminished life came roaring back, her nerves flared and she now truly felt the pain that had been exacted on her. She cried out with tears — reduced from a spitfire to a mewling little punching bag.

“Such a pathetic weak point you have. All out in the open. Maybe we’ll take turns snuffing you before we finally finish you off, huh?” Cada grinned, idly holding her paw out over Jessica’s belly. The acid that encased Cada’s body was leaking. Drip. Drip. Drip. Jessica’s head tilted back and she pressed her eyes shut, letting out a sharp hiss of pain. “A… ah… please, I -” Then, Cada’s palm pressed directly in against her.

“AAAHHH!!!” Jessica shrieked, her voice filling the cave and echoing on the inside of her own skull.

In the year since she’d last tormented her, Cada’s acid had grown far stronger. Jessica kicked out, desperately thrashing around even though the Scyther’s blade cut into her neck. She couldn’t stop herself. Her body was acting on its own accord, even if she knew that movement meant certain death, the sheer sizzling of that acid on her soft belly would still provoke her to dance around like a marionette.

Cada finally pulled away and ordered the Scyther back. “Careful – you’ll cut her throat. We’re supposed to make an example of her, not kill her. And I for one have been waiting to ruin this uppity bitch for a long, long time.”

The Scyther looked over her shoulder and let out a little hiss, before pushing herself up, but not before flicking one of her blades down against Jessica’s cheek and leaving a thin, long cut that made Jessica wince.

“Beauty mark.” The Scyther chuckled.

“Pin her up to the wall. I wanna have some fun.” Ris was already cracking her knuckles. There was only one way for her to get pinned, of course… the Scyther couldn’t do it without slicing her hands off, so the task fell to Cada. And they all knew that. They all knew the implications. And they all loved it. Well, three of the four, at least.

Cada gladly took the honors and hoisted poor Jessica’ up from the ground, hands lodged under Jessica’s armpits. The flesh on Jessica’s wrists audibly sizzled as Cada’s paws reached down and hauled her up to the wall, pressing her there to be at the perfect height for Ris’ diminutive stature. Ris might be short, but she was more stocky and well-muscled than anything else. Her body was the exact opposite of Cadas’, where one had flab and weight, and the other was slender and teaming with muscles on top of muscles.

Jessica’s voice came forth again, having barely gotten in a proper breath since the last torture. The sound was hoarse and strained before it was promptly silenced by a quick, brutal thud. Ris’ fist slammed into Jessica’s gut, sinking deep into her vulnerable, exposed underbelly.

Jessica lurched forward, spittle spitting from her mouth onto Cada’s massive bulbous body. It sizzled until impact. It went up in smoke.

Cada was standing large and in charge, with Jessica’ completely pinned to the wall, her lower body could still move, and did move, but to no avail. Tucked and nestled between them was Ras, who had her own morbid delight of punishment.

Cada liked to cook and cinder. Ras wanted to pound a bitch into jelly.

Jessica’s eyes went wide, and she tried to gasp for air, but the wind was knocked out of her. She stared down at Ris, eyes unfocused, maw open as she tried and failed to take a breath, chest heaving a couple of times. Each time she tried to gasp for lost breath, she was met with a cinder block of a fist right upon her underbelly, again and again.

And again.


Ris’ fist pummeled down again. There was no screaming this time, every little pathetic attempt at a gasp being driven sharply back by another blow.


This was all that could be heard. And the laughing, that superior condescending laughter of someone else’s suffering.

Ris fists piston over and over, hammering her fists down into Jessica’s gut. Already, bruises were starting to form on her belly, greens, and yellows of unpleasant discoloration, accompanied by trickles of crimson red wherever she struck hard enough to break through the skin. Ris backed up, just enough to rush back in again and drive her foot deep into her stomach, throwing all of her force behind the impact.

A watery little crack could be heard. It was a wet snap. A rib. Not cracked. Not injured. Broken. Shattered. Eviscerated.

Jessica lurched forward, choking on her own pain, bile rushed up her throat, splattering down her chin and onto her chest. It was the rich clear liquid, throat gunk. It was thick, sticky, and looked vaguely like pre-cum. Her face was streaked with tears, her body twitching with agony. Each little contraction of muscle as she tried to breathe sent another spike of pain through her discolored, beaten stomach.


Finally, Jessica managed to take in a breath, only for it to come out in an unpleasant cry of pain, followed by hacking coughs that only pained her further. Her shoulders trembled, and she let out a choking sob.

Each labor-intensive and forced breathing, trying to fill her lungs with what once was but was no more, only enhanced the pain. Each little movement seemed to aggravate her ruined stomach and pummeled them to dust ribs. Even breathing was its own personal little hell. And her sizzling flesh… Thankfully, she was so deep into shock, the amount of adrenaline coursing through her body allowed her the will to survive, to continue surviving, and to accept the suffering in a somewhat vaguely manageable way.

“That’s not all, Valdy,” Cada half-growled half-purred. “Take this – and try not to throw it up.” Jessica felt a bottle pressed in against her mouth – what were they going to do to her? Unpleasantly thick liquid began to trickle into her mouth, and she coughed once, trying to turn her head to the side as she struggled to avoid drinking whatever they were trying to feed her. This time, it was the Scyther’s foot that stomped down on her tail. She let out a muffled cry of pain as she felt one of the delicate bones in the tip of her tail snap, before sobbing as her fire was snuffed. It flared lighter and lighter with each molestation. Left with no choice, she started to swallow. Whatever it was, potion, poison, began to spill into her stomach, where it started to burn with a nauseating warmth, immediately taking its effect.

It was a horrible feeling to experience at a time like this. Arousal.

What the fuck did she just drink?

That burning, twitching sensation between her legs she’d first started to feel a few years ago, but hadn’t felt in a long time, began pouring back into her body with a gut-wrenching vengeance. She felt her clit start to engorge with blood, the thing swelling up thickly. It was two inches thick, or rather it had been. It was her unprecedented size that caused her to shamefully hide it. Now, she could feel it distort, puff up, swell, grow, and she was much more acutely ashamed of its disgusting size. Once it had reached what she’d thought was its peak, it only continued to swell, seemingly the only thing her body could focus on now that her tail was being suppressed. All other pain was snuffed out of her, much like her flame, but god, that growing of her clit… it was like her body was re-purposing, or growing sensitive nerve endings into a nice little ball, a grotesque, hideous baseball of tender white flesh. She let out a high-pitched, worn whimper, before choking on the liquid in her mouth, only resulting in the bottle being shoved deeper back, the neck practically pouring straight down into her throat.

“Holy fuck, Cada, you weren’t kidding!” Ris was crouched beneath Jessica’s legs, staring, watching her clit swell up. It was now three inches long, as thick as three fingers put together, and it wasn’t stopping.

The sensation of unyielding, overwhelming, overstimulation coursed through Jessica’s body, leaving her twitching and shuddering as her nerves were strained to the point where they were shrieking at her. And her clit just kept swelling. It was like taking the most sensitive area on one’s body, making it grow thirty sizes bigger, and thirty times more sensitive. She could feel the breeze of the cave clear as day on her baseball cunt.

It was in the perfect position for another swift kick, courtesy of Ris — at least that was what Ris thought, anyway. The sound of her foot impacting the overgrown sex organ was meaty and unpleasant, sloppy and sickly even and it was immediately accompanied by the most brutal, choking sound of agony yet, sending Jessica into a coughing fit as she clutched and scratched at Cada’s grip, silently begging to be let free.

Of course, this struggle just made Cada restrain her with more determination, making sure that acid truly and really sunk right on into that wrist.

Finally, the bottle seemed all but empty, before Cada tossed it to the side carelessly. It served its purpose.

Jessica lurched forward again, gagging, coughing, looking as if she was about to vomit. She wouldn’t be that lucky. Cada was only repositioning for something worse.

Jessica was all but a husk of meat, her poor clit was as big as a baseball, and it seemed to still tingle with growth, yet not as rapidly given its massive diameter already. She lulled her head downward in agony, little tiny breaths…

She was lowered to the ground, and finally, the very movement of her body caused her clit to seize with agony. Her eyes blinked. And saw it. It immediately knocked her out of her defeated, withdrawn, dejected hazy daze.

A massive, steaming, sizzling, draconic cock, barbed and coming to a taper, was shoved right in front of the Charmeleon’s face. Jessica didn’t have time to react before that tip shoved into her jaw, Cada’s hands forcing down on the back of her head to bury the tip against the back of her throat. Jessica’s muffled screams bubbled up as acid coated the inside of her mouth, searing her teeth, and running down her throat until her voice was too violated to scream anymore. The wet, squishy sounds of the tip of that oversized cock rutting in and out of her mouth filled the cave, with Cada’s body leaning forward against her. They were pressed flush for this brutal mouth-rape, and that agonizing slime dribbled down Jessica’s body, running over her face, her shoulders, her chest – it even trickled down to her clit, as well. No part of her was left unmolested by that slimy sleek acidic pre-cum. Doubly more excruciating than the acid produced from her flesh.

There was no threat of her fighting back from this position, of course. Not as she was now, in such a lessened state from Scyther crushing her tail and flame. Scyther took the time to withdraw from Jessica’s tail, and her fire came back weaker than ever before. It might have just remained snuffed, or at least diminished because her little tiny candle wouldn’t put a piece of paper to flame. Her body flooded with strength and feeling and sensation though. It only made the pain worse, rocketing to the forefront of her mind, and she began to thrash. She struggled, her hands-free now that Cada was clutching her head, her hands hammering against Cada’s belly, fumbling around for a weapon, a rock to hit her with, but she found nothing. Each frantic little pawing, pounding, only earned her a coating of that acid on her hands. It even caused that thick bulbous pudgy round belly flap to rock and rumble, like a flabby balloon, this had the unintended consequence of causing acid to flick off and spatter against Jessica’s face and arms.

Actually, Jessica did find something in her once fruitless but now fruitful search for a weapon, a cruel trap laid by the Scyther, sticking one of her blades out. Jessica gripped the thing and didn’t realize that it had sliced into her palm until she felt her own blood trickling down her forearm, the cut so deep as to render her hand all but useless. It was a cruel and wicked weapon — it clawed and serrated her flesh, flaying it… and she didn’t feel it, not at all. This acid was burning her nerve ends out, overwhelming them with such diabolical torment that they just … exploded and fizzled out.

Jessica’s clit had swollen up further now. Eight inches thick, maybe even a little more, and about eight inches long, that red, aching, throbbing bundle of over-sensitive nerves visibly steamed and sizzled as droplets of acid landed on it from above. The combination of overwhelming, forced arousal and horrible pain was enough to make her want to pass out, yet the constant raping of her throat made such a peaceful escape impossible. Eventually, though, Cada pulled back, before long strands of gooey, sizzling slime began to leap from the tip of her cock, slathering over Jessica’s body. It was hard not to imagine that there wasn’t a portion of her body that wasn’t literally drenched in acid. The only real difference was the various degrees of acid. The saliva hurt more than the touches, but that pre-cum, it was its own powerhouse of doom. Jessica was one-woman bukkake of agony. She screamed, cried, and screamed again. And it was in her agony that caused her rib to remind her that she had other pains, internally, deep, deep inside her that not even the acid could get to salve the pain.

Immediately, Jessica lurched forward and threw up the contents of her stomach. Just the acid. It came out thick and gunky. The rich heavy opaque saliva only a nice throat raping could produce.

Ris swooped in as soon as the ‘cumshot’ was over to hammer her fist into Jessica’s gut one more time for good measure, driving forward into the searing, already-blackened bruises that awaited there.

Stepping back, she shook her hand off, wincing a little at the leftover acid, though most of it had already gone inert after burning away more and more of Jessica’s nerves.

“Fucking bitch.” Ris said with wounded pride and delivered a fist right into the face of Jessica. It was a solid little rabbit punch, but it slammed poor Jessica backward, her head cracking against the boulder rock cave wall she was resting against. Bright rainbow colors sprayed and splayed and spread throughout her vision before slowly exploding and twinkling away. She was left groggy.

Jessica lay there, eyes dead, looking up at the trio as they loomed over her, admiring their handiwork.

She had screamed herself hoarse. She was dazed. She could barely move without pain. Not superficial pain. No, the pain that devoured the soul. She was a fucking mess. Her stomach was tenderized. Her clit was swollen like a balloon. Just so fucking massive it was stupid. Each little movement caused that rubbery fleshy sphere to readjust and it sent arousing, erotic, harsh pain lancing up to the very core of her being. Her nose was bloody, broken maybe. She’d been forced to swallow a cock, the first she’d done so and it was her most hated rival.

“She’s so fucked up,” Ris said.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone this bad,” said Cada, “It’s fucking hot!”

The Scyther hissed out a soft laugh. “We could still make it worse. We have the needles, after all. Besides, I thought you were going to get your cock wetter than that.”

“I’m already getting them out,” Ris said.

Jessica could barely think. She could barely breathe, each laborious heave of her chest causing her gut to tense up and her lungs to burn with the acrid stench of acid that overwhelmed her nostrils. All she could do was let out a tiny, tortured whine at the mention of a needle. What the fuck were they going to do to her?

“Get her on all fours.” Cada’ said sadistically, “Time to pop this bitches cherry.”

Jessica was thrown down over a rock, harshly and without mercy nor concern, her clit dangling between her legs and it was slammed into the rock like a wrecking ball. But her massive wrecking ball was wrecked instead. She doubled over, coiling upon the rock she was on, whimpering. It was the first real aggressive attention her clit had truly received and… as impossible as it sounded, it was the worst of the worst that she had experienced thus far.

This swollen clit was an obscene sight, one that Jessica hadn’t even gotten to properly look at yet, though she could feel it, every bit of it, overstimulated as it sloughed down between her legs. The malleable, slightly elastic, baseball-sized clit was a burden of its own weight and it sickly bulged outward, around, and downward, stretching and succumbing to the cruel realities of gravity. Just sitting down would be painful to her now with this abomination between her legs.

Then, a piercing, deep sensation, slid into her body, cold metal followed by a burning pain. She realized with horror that she was being injected with something, a long needle placed into her clit, pumping out an overpowering dose of who-knows-what kind of drug designed to further brutalize her. She didn’t want to move, knowing it would be dangerous with a needle inside her! But she did move… luckily the needle was extremely reinforced and didn’t snap inside her, which was both a good thing and a bad thing, given the fact that because it didn’t snap, it was still allowed to spit whatever was inside the plunger all inside her.

“N… nghoooooooo…!” Jessica managed a last, ragged plea as she felt her clit begin to swell up even further. Nine inches… ten… it must’ve been a foot now, angry and red and swollen, so wildly stimulated that her body began to shudder not with pain… but with the most awful, disgusting, sickening orgasm in the world. She was on the edge of exploding her poor little brains out. Her hands uselessly clutched at the rubble on the cave floor, claws scrabbling along it as she writhed and trembled, until she finally squirted, spraying back across the rocks.

“Holy shit. She actually came from that. Can you fucking believe it?” Ris said with a cackle that was as cruel as it was surprising.

“What a fucking freak!” Ris took that foot, drew it all the way back, all the way way way back, and arched forward swiftly and with the power, only a martial artist could deliver, the foot smashed against that watermelon-sized clit.

Jessica felt her entire body just seize up. She couldn’t move. It was like a bolt of lightning just cored her through and through. She orgasmed all the harder.

“You fucking…. My foot!” Ris said in utter anger and repeated the process, just using it as a punching bag — after all, it was pretty much the right size, but the shape made it more akin to a massive speed bag — for the foot.

“That means she wants more,” Scyther hissed. “Cada? If you’d do the honors…”

Jessica heard the sound of shifting behind her as Cada positioned herself, straddling over Jessica’s back. This bully was an oversized blubbery whale of a creature, intimidating as she was massive. As those acid-laden palms came right on down against Jessica’s naked nerve-ending seared shoulders, applying pressure to steady her.

Jessica’ couldn’t resist, her clit bag smashing against the rock that she was tossed over like a towel. She was in too much earth-shattering pain to provide any resistance. Not like she could even on the best of days, those meaty mitts of Cada, with their leverage, and weight… it would stop anyone from wiggling free.

“N… no, it – I-I can’t, it-” Her voice was cut off again by another series of hacking acid coughs.

It’s going to kill me. Her cock’s as big as my fucking thigh, it’s going to kill me! IT’S GOING TO–

Cada’s paws slid sickeningly down her shoulders to grip Jessica’s hips, and the cave was suddenly filled with the disgusting, wrenching, brutal sound of flesh-piercing flesh. Cada hadn’t hesitated for even a moment before driving the tip of her cock deep into Jessica, the full head lodging inside, burning Jessica from within. She got stuck, of course, her cock was far too big to easily fit, even if it was rather malleable. Cada was no quitter, though. Hunching over Jessica’s back, Cada braced herself and shoved.

And shoved!

Jessica felt something tear inside her. She couldn’t tell what it was, only that she’d been broken. She wasn’t sure… but her pelvis, her hips, everything, it felt like the bones were stretching, the sockets unhooking just to accept the brutality inside her. Acid started to seep into her body, just as Cada started to pull out, practically turning Jessica’s destroyed cunt inside-out with just that single thrust. Another horrible shove. The worst part was, only the dip drove in. Perhaps the worst was that her tight constrictive pussy latched onto that engorged pussy wrecker like a drowning person to a floating piece of wood.

The cock was lodged inside her, nestled there. It couldn’t get free.

Cada knew the solution.

Jessica didn’t. But Cada did. Oh, oh she did alright.

Jessica couldn’t think. She could only feel it. As Cada hunched down over her back and wrapped her paws around her body, an acid found new nerves to tear asunder, both within and without. And she drew right on back, back and back, drawing her pussy to extend outside of her, but yet, the cock would not be liberated. And Cada slammed right on the inside. SLAMMED! With all her force. The cock entered inside without an issue. Any resistance wasn’t just stretched, broken in, or mutilated – no, it was eviscerated, completely and utterly and irrevocably destroyed with sure destruction of brutality. As if that wasn’t enough, her watermelon clit was bashed against the rock and the heavy balls that Cada had crushed against the thighs.

Blood trickled from Jessica’s mouth as Cada found a brutal rhythm, raping that burning essence into her body, ruining Jessica’s nervous system, making her body sizzle and toughen in a way that could never, would never heal. Acid spilled down from her cunt, splashing down as Cada pumped more of it inside her, drenching her clit, and forcing another sickening orgasm through her body. Jessica wished so very desperately that they would just kill her, that Scyther could step over and sever her head, or that Ris would intrude and snap her neck for the fun of it, or that this acid which seemed to only exist to cause pain could actually damage something vital in a way that would snuff out her light for good.

Jessica did not get her to wish.

But the blinding pain of her massive clit being crushed between cock, rock, and force was enough to knock her out cold.

She awoke, missing a tooth and one eye swollen shut. Ris was gripping her hair, pulling her up… a fist came and cracked right into her face. Again.

“There she is. Wakey wakey!”

And Ris laughed wildly and manically before shoving that cock right into her throat. It was oh so much… too much. Jessica didn’t know if it was true, but it felt like both cocks were meeting in the middle of her belly and kissing each other, splitting her like a roast.

Her last thoughts as Cada came inside, flooding her with an incomprehensible load of vile burning rape sludge were of her sisters. As her clit reached a swollen, unwieldy volume of aching, toxic flesh, she begged whatever deity might listen to keep them safe, so that they would never be subjected to this horror. As Cada pulled out of her ruined, obscenely-gaped vagina and began to inspect her tail hole for further rape, her mind went blank. There were no further thoughts save the pain. Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain.

And then, there was nothing.

When Jessica came too, the cave was empty. The sun had risen outside, and she could hear the soft chirping of birds. Her heavy, leaden eyelids could barely stay open, but she looked around the cave. It was full of the signs of her rape. Claw marks on the ground, disturbed stone, large, smooth swathes cut into the rock where puddles of acid had formed and then dissipated. She blinked. It felt uncomfortable, leathery. Her gaze turned down to look at herself. Scarring. Is that what you could’ve called it? Burns, discoloration, and the toughness of scale, and skin, covered her body. Rising up to her feet, she noticed something peculiar. Curiosity turned to horror and sadness as she realized what had happened to her.

They had not seen fit simply to mutilate her body. They had burned it from the inside. Destroyed her ability to feel. Her body trembled as she raised a claw, and pressed it down into her palm. She pressed harder. Harder. She saw blood begin to flow.

And yet, she couldn’t feel a single bit of pain. Just a dull pushing sensation, lingering against her and then fading away into nothingness. Her clit, however, still swollen up to half the size it had been the previous night, provided her with more than a mote of sensation beyond dull, basic presence, it was hypersensitive and massive… It was an obscene sight, now, something she’d carry for her entire life, a dangling mark between her legs of the abuse she’d been through.

Jessica swallowed thickly.

My sisters.

Holding back sobs, she pushed herself to walk deeper into the cave, stumbling and thudding against stray stones as she could barely feel her feet. Her tail, now a dull, flickering red candlelight, hardly enough to light her way, barely pierced the darkness ahead of her, even as she curled her tail around to her front to act as a proper light. Her sister’s hiding place, it was still here. As Jessica approached, she heard the sounds of quiet, panicked breathing. She recognized the sound. A feeling of quiet thankfulness washed over her, as much as any feeling could with her deadened body. Quickly, she stumbled forward, her broken, hoarse, ruined voice calling their names.

When she rounded the corner to face them, though, she would never forget the looks of horror on their faces at the sight of her or their terrified screams at what she had become.

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