Birthing Nightmare – Foxy

Crystal has been captures by General Bucks. You know what Bucks wants? For Crystal to give birth to all the soldiers the sexy warrioress has killed. Crystal isn’t accustomed to pumping out such massive eggs though, it is going to be one hell of a night.


Alterations: Name from krystal to Crystal. No mention of star-fox.


The discomfort was here again. Cold, uncomfortable, a dark weight rippling down Crystal’s spine, twitching out through her tail, surrounded by an unpleasant, twisting warmth. It was enough to wake Crystal up. Her eyes snapped open, and with a gasp she pushed herself up, looking around the chamber. Bucks was –

He was still asleep, his huge, scaled form rising and falling with deep, slow breaths. Controlling her breathing, Crystal swallowed thickly and leaned herself back down against the sea of cushions beneath her. Despite her comfort, she was distinctly uncomfortable. Her gaze drifted off to look at nothing in particular. She’d found herself doing this quite often. Getting lost in nothing. Just… dying a little on the inside as something insidious replaced it. The walls of the old repurposed ruins where she was being held were her home, her existence, now. The window, where she could see the faint twinkle of stars through the gaps in the clouds, was her only freedom. The subtle glistening of gold adorning her body in expensive bracelets, rings, and necklaces. One necklace, in particular, was the worst, the thing that kept her here: A thick, heavy shackle of gold wrapped around her neck and chained securely to the floor.

She reached up to touch it as she often did.

She’d never seen it, tight as it was around her, but she knew the general shape. It was studded with inlaid gems, hinged at one end to theoretically clasp and unclasp, but she knew well enough that it had been pressed shut with such force that the lock was useless. Bucks had never intended to let her go, after all. Crystal was a spoil of war, meant to be kept as an ornament forever.

No, worse than an ornament. Being kept as a mere tchotchke was far preferable to what Bucks subjected her to. In the time since she’d been captured on that grim night, Crystal had been forced to serve as General Bucks’ consort. Each time he forced himself on her, was worse than the last, the feeling of his grip, forcing her to –

That feeling again. A roiling, cold, uncomfortable sensation, heavy in her stomach. Crystal tried not to think about it, but at every moment it was unavoidable. Even when her soul was dying, she felt the pain all the more acutely – it was the only thing left for her to experience. She was carrying Bucks’ child. An overwhelming, massive egg.

“H… nnh… ughh…” Crystal groaned, trying to shake off the discomfort.

She carefully pushed herself up into a seated position so as to not wake Bucks, leaning back against the wall with her legs slightly spread. It was just to get a little weight off of her. As if position or posture would ease the shooting pain, the inevitable conclusion. He wouldn’t notice, hopelessly, she dare not wake him. She didn’t want to give him the pleasure of seeing her discomfort.

Her hands came to rest on her belly. Crystal knew what was soon to come. The agony it would entail. A fox wasn’t meant to carry a child like this. It was far too big, too heavy, too burdensome as if this single egg inside her was an entire litter of pups. The luxury of pups was they came individually, not all at once, which was what would happen with this massive burden in her tummy.

She’d seen others in this situation, others who had fallen subject to the horrors of war. She’d heard, as well, what it was like for them when their pregnancy finally ended. The screaming still haunted her. There was barely enough time for those poor women to internalize what was happening before it was too late. Sharpclaws gestated quickly, with most taking no more than a month.

This night marked the end of the second month of her capture – of having this egg inside her. It was unique and Scale was most pleased by this – she didn’t know if it meant the soldier, the son, would be more powerful or not, what she knew for certain was her belly was outrageously larger than ever she had seen others befallen the same fate as she.

Another rippling wave of pain. Crystal pressed her eyes shut and bit her tongue, a muffled grunt coming from the back of her throat. “N… h… ghh…!”

She held a hand over her mouth. The other soothing her stomach, as if to comfort it, as if massaging her massive stomach would salve the pain. It did not. If Bucks woke up now, there was little telling what pains he might inflict. As he very often did, provoked or not. He might choose to make an example of her. He might –

Another ripple of pain. Not just pain, no, Crystal had a word to put to them: They were contractions. It started in her belly, at the base of the egg’s weight, cramping and clenching back up her spine. This wasn’t like the ones before, it was so much worse than it surprised her. In that surprise, she lost control of her voice.

“Gh! Ah-!” Her voice cut off in a throat-tightening choke, but it was too late. She stared at Bucks in horror as he began to stir.

This nightmare was turning into a nightmare of a nightmare.

A low groan rumbled up from within his throat, and he shifted his weight onto his side. Crystal hurried back down, laying on her side and curling up, pressing her eyes shut in a meager attempt to not invoke his wrath. She felt that egg shifts with her, causing a renewed bolt of searing pain.

“What have you woken me up for, fox-meat?” His voice came as a gruff hiss as he sat up, twisting on the bed to face her. There was a moment of silence. Maybe he’d buy her act.

Maybe not.

She felt something cold and metallic slide beneath her jaw and tilt her head up. Bucks’ hook-hand, that lethal two-pronged implement. “Wakey-wakey, noble warrior. Play not dumb with me.”

Playing dumb was a losing game. Crystal had no choice but to open her eyes to look up at Bucks. His visage towered over her, blocking out the moonlight streaming in through the window. His muzzle was warped into a cruel scowl.

Bucks’ claw pushed forward, burying into her fur. He didn’t break the skin, but if she didn’t tilt her head back it most certainly would. “I asked you a question.”

Crystal shuddered. It had taken all of her strength to suppress her contractions. If she could simply keep it up for a little longer, maybe she could somehow find a way to avoid Bucks’ abuse, maybe he could just go back to sleep, maybe –

“N-nothing. I don’t have any…” She trailed off and pressed her eyes shut as another cold shudder ran through her. Crystal felt cold sweat trickling down the back of her neck, her fur providing little in way of preventing what was obviously sweat from exertion. She was left quietly panting as the sensation began to fade. Then, Bucks grabbed her.

One massive, clawed hand gripped the top of Crystal’s head and hauled her up to her knees. She shuddered as she was pushed back against the stone wall. Bucks leaned in, his massive presence filling her field of view as he hissed, “Don’t you toy with me, meat!” His hand withdrew, only for his palm to strike her across the face. SMACK! Everything went black for a second and her ears were left ringing, her head rattled by a slap that was nearly enough to send her flying off the bed and onto the floor. She was left laying on her side again, half off the bed as she panted and gasped.

Crystal couldn’t hide the next contraction at all. She curled up and instinctively clutched at her belly, groaning quietly as Bucks loomed over her, his hand poised for another strike. He reared back, his lips parting as he prepared to roar. Then, he paused. His eyes trailed down Crystal’s body, her belly… her rear, as well, her exposed pussy. Slowly, his expression of fury twisted into something even more terrifying:

A cruel, gleeful grin.

Lowering his hand, he grabbed Crystal by the back of her neck and hauled her back up onto the bed, casually tossing her back on as the beginnings of a belly laugh rumbled up from within his throat. When it came out of him, it was crueler than any abusive insult could’ve been.

“Oh, I see how it is. You’re going to lay, aren’t you? Now, why would you want to keep that a secret from me, fox-meat?” He leaned down and held her in place by the neck, a reptilian tongue flicking forth from his mouth to caress her cheek. Crystal pressed her eyes shut with revulsion, but she couldn’t keep her voice down.

“N… nh… nhooo… haagh-!” She squirmed for a brief moment, various muscles in her body tensing up until she felt a sudden release of pressure. Clear fluid abruptly gushed from between her legs, scattering down through the fur of her thighs, matting it into place. Bucks glanced down, and that sharp-toothed grin of his widened further.

“Perfect… that means it’s starting. How lucky you truly are to bear my young.” Another deep, rumbling laugh came from him as he pulled her back and hauled her onto all fours, resting his claw beneath her chin. “Spread your legs, fox-meat. This will be painful. Far more for you than it will be for me. Come to think of it, there will only be a pleasure for me, and only pain for you.”

Bucks reached down and wrapped his claws around her tail, before abruptly yanking up so he could stare between her legs. That pale leakage was still trickling down from between her legs, running over her pussy and wetly pattering to the cushions beneath her.

“N… nooo… hff… hhgh…” Crystal groaned. It was too late to stop anything. The inevitable had arrived. Normally, such a denial of Bucks’ wishes, even verbal, would result in a swift strike to shut her up, but now? He was enjoying himself all too much.

“Oh, yes, my dear. You’ve seen it before. You know exactly what’s going to happen.” Crystal took in a sharp gasp and her head hunched forward, her thighs trembling. Was she trying to hold back? Was it simply too much for her? Bucks didn’t care for any excuses she could provide. He hissed and hunched over her, his muzzle growling right next to her ear, that powerful voice humming against her body.

“You are going to push for me, fox-meat. You are going to push, or you are going to end up with your blood splayed all across the bed.” His hook tilted, the barbed tips raking slowly across her sweat-slicked throat. For all of his force, he was delicate, not breaking his property unless she showed defiance.

“I… c-can’t…” She gasped. The hooks tilted inward, applying more direct pressure. Crystal felt something trickle down from her neck to the hooks. She couldn’t tell if it was sweat or blood, but fear and pain coaxed her to push.

Her athletic, svelte physique, once used for adventuring and fighting, tensed up. Muscles coiled and strained, and her entire body trembled. Her jaw clenched tight, and she heard the blood flowing inside her own head as a heavy rumble as she pushed.

“H… hn… nn… ghaa!” The sensation was agony given tangible form, like the cramps and contractions of before, but more severe. Her voice locked up in her throat, before it came out in a pained cry, followed by heavy gasps for air. Her nobility and warrior spirit crumbled as she sobbed desperately. The rapid pregnancy had taken its toll physically and mentally, and thus the first push was weak. Luckily for her, Bucks couldn’t seem to tell.

“That’s my breeder. Don’t stop now, fox-meat.” With that threat left echoing in her head, Bucks leaned back. He lifted her tail once again and stared at her. Her pussy was all but pristine, now. Tight, and hot, especially considering the difference in size between Crystal and Bucks. By the end of this, that would likely not be the case. His grip tightened on her tail enough to make her cry out in pain again, and she made herself push once more.

“A… haa… ughh, ghehhhh…!” Crystal tried in vain to keep back those embarrassing noises of pain. Each one was a vocal, noisy signifier that Bucks had conquered her, and each one could no doubt be heard throughout the ruin, serving as entertainment for the sharpclaw forces that were still awake to hear it. Her body strained against the egg, and she pushed again. Tears welled up in Crystal’s eyes as her body flexed, her face pressed down into the cushions, claws gripping as tightly as possible to the sheets beneath her. She took in a ragged breath, and her shoulders shook as she let out a half-choked sob, a few coughs wracking through her body. This was only the beginning. The others she’d seen give birth to sharpclaws could last in labor for a full day. Some, even longer.

Another push.


Crystal’s voice came out as a ragged, pathetic roar, an indication of intent just as much as it was desperation. She wanted nothing more but to be done with this. Each push was more painful. More agony. The egg had barely budged. Internally, she’d dilated to an extreme degree, but she was nowhere close to crowning. Sometimes, a push was too weak, and it felt like she was actually losing progress. Her muscles would remain tensed, but not flexed, and thus the egg would slide right on back to its comfortable cave. Incredible pain, but to no end, she was failing to lay this thing. All the while, Bucks watched with that sadistic grin. This would be a show that would last, but not forever, and he wanted to savor every minute of it.

“Fox-meat… if you’re going to be this slow, then why did you let me breed you in the first place?” General Bucks spat out those words with contemptuous glee. “I suppose it was you being a slow, worthless piece of fox-meat that got you captured in the first place. Perhaps I shouldn’t complain. Or perhaps I should sink my teeth into you because you’re NOT PUSHING HARD ENOUGH!” His last few words were an ear-splitting roar, followed by him clambering up to her side and planting a clawed foot against the back of her head. Bucks grabbed the chain of her collar and yanked it up, cutting off all but a tiny bit of Crystal’s air. She thrashed beneath him, letting out tiny, muffled choking sounds of effort, before she gripped down and held herself still, putting the last of her energy into obeying him.

“M-gh-nnh-fhhh-hhhnnnnnnnnnhhhhh!!!!!!” Her voice came out from beneath him, a raw shriek of desperation. Her head filled with pressure as that agonizing push came harder and harder than before, so much so that her vision blacked out and she felt like she’d burst a vessel in her eye. Crystal nearly blacked out, but Bucks was appeased enough by her gesture that he didn’t let her choke out. There would be no reprieve from the torment of her own body.

Bucks pushed his foot into her side, shoving Crystal down from all fours and rolling her onto her back. Her limbs were limp, her fur matted with slick, cold sweat, her mouth hanging open as she frantically gulped down gasp after gasp of air. Was this… a break? No. Bucks was just getting a better angle. He forced her legs apart and hunched over her body, gripping her head and angling her weary gaze to meet with his. “More. MORE!”

Crystal took in ragged breaths, trying to answer, even trying to just briefly clear her head for a moment so that she could respond, not that she knew what she was going to respond with. What was there to say? That she couldn’t? That she would rather die? That it hurt too much? Bucks already knew all of that. He just wanted to see her suffer, just wanted to degrade her. He just wanted her to know that she was being used as a breeder for his progeny, giving birth to future soldiers that would continue to subjugate this galaxy and turn more women into pathetic pieces of breed meat, just like her.

“Haa… haa… haa… gh… hn… mnhhaa… plea… se… I-I can’t…”

Bucks drew back his hand for another strike. This one was a clenched fist, the kind of blow that would break her jaw or shatter her collarbone – but even he seemed to realize that inflicting more pain would be counterproductive. The threat of pain, however, got him exactly what he desired from her: Another push from Crystal.

The pain was like the rape she had undergone. But instead of something forcefully shoved in, it was the opposite. Pinned to the bed, beneath the body of a sadistic, cruel brute. Each time was the most painful, exhausting experience she had ever undergone, and yet each time was followed by another that was somehow worse. Every push felt like an eternity, the gasping, choking spaces between all too short a time to ready for the next one. It was as if Bucks was raping her all over again, and he didn’t even have to touch her.

On, and on, and on it went. Crystal lost track of time. The bed beneath her grew damp with sweat, and Bucks’ presence was a constant. Sometimes, he would back off and simply let her work on her own for a while. That was the closest thing she got to a break during the entire endeavor. Other times, he held her in place and roared at her, ordering her to push harder, to work faster, that he just might rend her if she didn’t lay properly for him before sunrise. It never got any easier.

Eventually, the sun began to peek up from the horizon, casting rays of heat in through the windows. There was no soothing warmth to be found there, only an increase in temperature that saw her sweat and strain yet more. Crystal looked out the window at the lightened sky. Of course, Bucks’ threats about her slow pace were simply to spur her into further panic and further pushing, he had no intention of offing her. Not while she was so much fun to abuse, anyway.

Soon, the room was filled with blistering heat. Crystal was so utterly, horribly drained. Her eyes were staring blankly up at the ceiling, her limbs so leaden and weak that she could barely lift them above her head. Each breath of hot, humid air barely felt like it could refresh her at all, and she was drenched, laying in a damp puddle of her own sweat. She had never worked so hard in her life. Her body was her curse. She craved for it to stop, for even a momentary reprieve. Just five seconds where that incredible cramping pain wasn’t weighing down on her. Just a minute, where she could lay to the side and fall asleep. Anything. But those desires were borne of foolish fantasies. They could never be hers. Not now, and not in the future, either. The only hope she had would be to give birth and the relief of being empty, only to be filled again. Maybe her body would get accustomed to the terrible future that awaited her but she was sure that would never, ever be the case.

Her throat strained as she pushed once more, her voice coming out as nothing but a ragged groan.

“G… ghhh… hrrrrrrnnn… nhhh… gh…”

“Hmnph.” Bucks piped up with a grunt from his position, having taken a seat to simply watch the show. “You’re weaker than I thought you were. And you really thought you could stop our clan? You can barely even lay my brood.”

“I-I’m… so tired… it won’t… Come out… It’s been so long… haaaahhhghhh…” Crystal groaned, her head lolling back. She had cottonmouth, her tongue feeling too-big and dry, each breath almost rattling.

“You’d better get used to it, fox-meat.” He smiled and leaned forward, laying his hand over her belly. “Can you feel it…? You’ll crown soon. The worst is yet to come. But once you’re done, you can get a break. I’ll even let you sleep.” Bucks let out a cruel laugh and knelt between her legs, shoving back both of them and staring down between them. Her pussy looked worse for wear. Strained, slicked, stained with the wetness of labor. It will get worse soon. The thing twitched as Crystal pushed again. Fresh tears rolled down her face, her cheeks stained with evidence of her suffering.

“Hnn… ghhhhhhhhhaaaaa!!” Her voice filled the air, and there was a curious squishing sound from betwixt her legs.

“Oh, my. Here it is.” He hunched down to get a closer look. Her slit was beginning to part, her labia spreading out to reveal the hint of something, clearly visible in the sweltering midday light. It was rough, mottled, textured as a dull green: the beginnings of an overwhelmingly huge egg. It had shifted in her stomach, visibly now, pressing down her birth canal and towards her vaginal opening. It was stuck there, the broader end of the watermelon-sized ovum lodged in place. It seemed completely impossible that it might come out at all, that she could even theoretically stretch to pass that thing. It was as thick as her thigh. Maybe even a little thicker, at its broadest.

Bigger than anything Bucks could’ve offered her during her consortship. Then again, this was something he’d given her.

And so, it came again, the need to push, to be done with this horrible agony. Crystal bit down and pushed once more. She strained against that wide, domed surface of the egg, finding it nigh impossible to get proper leverage to actually push. The slick sheen of the thing was hard, and unyielding, pushing against her labia from the inside, causing her vagina to distend. Thousands of those sensitive nerve endings screamed in pain, shrieking for it to be over, and her voice joined them.


Bucks’ eyes widened as he stared. It seemed for a moment, perhaps, that the suffering would end, that she would go past the point of no return as her pussy spread more and more, straining and stretching further than would seem possible. But the surface of the egg was just too big. The thing crowned enough to show a subtle curve, leaning back inside of her, and then Crystal’s body gave out. She stopped pushing, and that egg receded back inside of her, only infinitesimally more exposed to the outside than before.

Crystal would not simply have to push this thing out and be done with it. She lacked the strength for such a monumental task. She would have to wear down her own body, ruin herself, and break herself physically until her pussy itself was weak enough to allow her to give birth. She slumped back, dead-eyed as she stared out the windows at the sky. Her lips moved quietly, her voice cracking as she begged for mercy.

“Please… let it end… I don’t want this anymore… gods… please… save… me…”

The sky remained silent, cloudless, and unconcerned with her pleas. There would be no intervention. Bucks let out a soft little chuckle. That was the sign of a breeder truly broken, wasn’t it? There was no way out of this, so she turned to her gods.

He let her lay there for a minute in quiet agony. He knew that eventually, she’d realize that she had to keep pushing. As the night had turned into day, these little breakdowns had grown more frequent. Bucks had had quite a bit of fun shouting them down, but now he was simply ready to watch and wait. No sense in rushing the inevitable, now.

And so, Crystal started to work again.

“Please… help… mother… father” Her voice trailed off into nothing, her lips quietly moving and not passing any air as she forced herself to try once more. Begging for her parents, her people. Anyone. Anything. Even Bucks, perhaps, though he was in no position to help, even if he wanted to. Painkillers weren’t exactly easy to come by in this place.

Again, the stretching. Again, the agony. She couldn’t see it, but her pussy was horribly violated. Nerves shrieked into her head, crying, begging for her to stop, lighting up her body with electric burns that ripped through her spine and out into the ends of every extremity. She couldn’t even scream. Her voice came out as a hollow rasp, choking on the air, cut with tiny, frantic gasps.

“Hha… hhh… ghh… kkhhhhch… ghlllhhh…!” The noises were awkward, wholly undignified, the raw choking of an animal that had to gnaw its own leg off to escape a bear trap. Crystal looked down at Bucks. This time, it was clear what words she was mouthing. ‘Help me.’ Total defeat. Total subjugation. He simply nodded his head once and gave her a razor-toothed grin.

More of the egg began to show. Several square inches, straining against her pussy. Enough to see more of the subtle curve, growing slightly less subtle. It was yet to the point where it would pass, though. Once more, she wished that Bucks had simply kept his grip on her collar, that he had choked her out until she could slip away from all of this. The pain quickly arrived again, and readily dismissed that optimistic thought.

Crystal’s body was destroyed. She could no longer have children with any other species, surely. Not that she would be wanted, defiled as she was. Her eyes flitted down, and she caught a glimpse of it for the first time. The sight of that dull green shell made her recoil, and it slid further back inside. Not as far as the last time, though. It was going to happen. She only needed one more push.

Bucks could see it, too. He leaned down, observing the way her ruined vagina twitched and strained. He didn’t need to tell her to push, Crystal would get that on her own. And so, she pushed.

The last effort was monumental torment. Total agony. Everything told her to stop. Her body, her mind. Someone was screaming. Crystal was screaming.


More. More. More. The egg began to crown in earnest, now, parting her screaming body with a sickening noise. The curve was pronounced, indeed, it was properly identifiable as an egg now. She felt the bones in her pelvis shift and strain. She’d not be able to walk for weeks following this. Maybe she’d never walk again. It came forth, and Bucks gave his approval.



Crystal’s body disobeyed. It didn’t stop. It kept going, and going, and going. Then, the peak. It was a beautiful, horrible, disgusting moment of tension, her pussy wrapped around the entirety of that awful, unforgiving form, distended so that it barely resembled the sex organ that it was. It should’ve been impossible. It should’ve killed her. And yet there it was, terrifying in its uncanny majesty.

Then, it came free. The pressure of Crystal’s brutalized body overcame that last, final stretch, and the rest of the egg sloughed off from within her insides with the disgusting, wet noise of flexing, damaged flesh. Her pussy was gaping obscenely wide, to the point where the now-sagging, ruined thing could be spread to see straight to the womb. Crystal’s vision flashes black, and she stared in disbelief at what had come from her body, sitting between Bucks’ legs as he knelt over her.

“Haa… haa… noo… noooo… i-is it… is it over…? Gods… help me… I beg you…”

Crystal stared at the ceiling. The pain seemed to stay a part of her, lingering, throbbing, crashing against itself in waves and sending new spikes of suffering that caused her to twitch and shiver. Someone lifted a carafe to her lips and let her drink. Water, lukewarm but refreshing. Was it Bucks? Someone else? Her vision blurred and she struggled to make sense of anything. Everything began to fade. Her eyes rolled back, and she finally, mercifully passed out.

When Crystal woke next, it was late in the evening. Her entire body ached. She couldn’t move. The egg was no longer present, and the sheets and cushions beneath her had been exchanged for new ones. Aside from the ache, it was almost pleasant. She closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep once more. Her dreams were fraught with nightmares as of late, but anything would be better compared to the living hell of the waking world.

Then, she heard his footsteps. They drew closer, and her heart began to pound. Bucks were here. She suppressed the urge to cry, the urge to vomit, as he pushed her down onto her back and spread her legs, his hulking, brutish form looming above her, bristling with heartless virility.

General Bucks needed more soldiers if he was to secure the future of his kingdom.

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