Birthing Nightmare – Lyla Year One

Rose signs up to be a surrogate mother for a batch of rare black-footed ferrets. Problem? Well, she actually isn’t giving birth to quadruplets, no, she is giving birth to a hideous bear child! Worse yet? She is marked as dead so that she can be bred over and over again while she is caged like an animal for the rest of her miserable life.


Alterations: name Lyla to Rose

Kick. Kick.

Rose hugged her stomach and groaned. “Unh.” The babies were kicking again. Over the past handful of weeks, it has become more and more frequent. It had also become more and more unpleasant. Her belly was heavy, almost painfully so. She felt the strain in each labor-intensive step she took.

The ferret slipped her hands beneath her jacket to feel over herself directly, in a misguided effort to soothe and calm a pain that would never be soothed or calmed. The light-brown fur was subtly thinner there, sparser, due to the roundness of her belly. Delicately running her fingers down her stomach, she could feel the emerging stretch marks there. Were they permanent? Probably. They’d take forever to go away after this if they ever did.

Of course, it wasn’t likeRose was planning on having any more children. She was carrying quadruplets, after all. Four was plenty enough for her to have to go through. Plenty enough for anyone, really. There was some small amount of guilt about giving them up for adoption, but this was all for a good cause: her surrogacy was part of a humanitarian effort to save her own, endangered species: The black-footed ferret.


Her phone buzzed, and the screen lit up
Reminder: Your appointment at 3:30 PM with Dr. Finnigan is coming up. Please arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of time.

No more time to delay. Pushing herself up with effort,Rose made her way down the apartment elevator and out towards the bus stop. Each step was like walking up an incline. It just took so much out of her. She sat on the bus with a heavy sigh, her eyes slipping shut for a few moments. Lugging around an extra twenty or thirty pounds really didn’t mesh with her slender, svelte physique.

Thankfully, the ride to the clinic was uneventful. Pulling herself up,Rose thanked the driver and made her way inside. When the door slid open, she was greeted with the familiar scent of a short carpet, old magazines, and sterile air. The receptionist, a short young canine, widened her eyes a little bit at the sight of her, andRose offered a sheepish wave. People always gawked at her. Even a receptionist dedicated to seeing any number of pregnant women found her … well … unusually sized.Rose thought she had grown used to most of the puzzled looks though. At least she wouldn’t have to deal with them too much after today.

“Hello. I’m here to see Doctor Finnegan?”Rose said ever so meekly.

“Ah! Rose, right? He was just asking about you. Do you remember the way to his office, or do you need a little bit of help? You’re carrying around a lot of weight.” The receptionist smiled and tilted her head to the side, somewhat concerned. Concerned and… befuddled.

“Oh, no… I think I can handle one last little walk with the kits.”Rose put her hands on her hips and made a noble effort to stand up straight, before huffing and cradling her belly again. “I’ll just go ahead and get signed in.”

Dr. Monro Finnigan was a good man. He was a well-groomed lion with a salt-and-pepper mane, the sort of beardly, good-natured fellow who knew the delights of eating just a tad too much to stay properly fit. He was good to his son, and perhaps better to his business. In reality, both subjects tied intimately into each other: His son was born because of the very same artificial insemination program that he was the head of, the same one that had givenRose her children. The same one that would seeRose undergoing all of the necessary procedures, in order for her to –

“Doctor Finnigan,Rose is here to see you.” The receptionist’s voice came over the scratchy speakers of his desk phone.

Pressing a button on the phone, he dismissed the message just as there was a knock on the door. “Come in.”

Ah, there she was. Pretty as ever, with those sweet, shy eyes peering out of that dark gray eye mask of fur. To think, she was only 19 and already in this situation. It was a marker of great responsibility and future planning, or… perhaps it was the polar opposite. Dr. Finnigan didn’t know, he simply helped people get the procedures they desired. Rolling his chair forward, he gestured across his desk.

“Please, take a seat.”Rose obliged. “So. Today’s the big day, isn’t it? Been a pretty heavy nine months for you, I would imagine.” Dr. Finnigan smiled.

Rose rubbed a hand over her belly and nodded. “Yup.” She felt her face heat up a little bit. Finnigan’s hands were busy typing up a handful of notes as he talked to the ferret. “I can
imagine you’re quite nervous. It’s okay, though – we have the best people here to take care of you. I believe you’ve talked with Nurse Karla in the past?”

Rose nodded again. “Yes, she’s been a great help throughout all of our appointments. She’s going to be looking after me during the procedure?”

“Of course. We’ll have a few others around, who I’m sure you’ll get acquainted with sooner rather than later. Now – about those nerves. Tell me what’s on your mind.” His expression grew a touch more serious, and he leaned his elbows on his desk, clasping his paws together.

“Hah…”Rose let out a quick huff and scratched the back of her head. “I don’t know, it’s just… all feels so real.”

Finnigan nodded. “Of course, of course. These nerves are quite common with any serious medical procedure. Just remember to breathe, and follow all the instructions you’re given, and you’ll be out of here in no time.” Reaching over the desk, he put one paw over Rose’s. “My own son was born here – he’s almost your age now. As far as I’m concerned, the people we have at this clinic are the best in the world. Moreover, your pups will be in the most trusted hands we have.”

Rose closed her eyes and took in a slow breath. “Right. You’re right.” A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth and she looked back up at Dr. Finnigan. “Thanks.”

Finnigan gave her hand a squeeze. “Good. Karla’s waiting right outside for you. When you see me next, you’ll be a mother.”

Rose pushed herself up to her feet. “I’ll be a mother.” She tasted the words on her lips, sampling the statement. It was strange but satisfying, bubbling glee and happiness, unlike any a non-mother, could ever experience, “I’ll be a mother.” She confirmed again.
Conformation meant truth, reality… Success.

As soon as his rotund guest had left, Finnigan let out a long, heavy sign. The smile slid from his face, and he picked up his phone again.

Mistakes happened. Accidents happened. The clinic needed more money if it was going to stay open and if he was going to do right by his son. His mouth felt dry, and he spoke the words. A seal of certainty, a confirmation of his own… This was less joyful than Rose’s own proclamation.

“She’s coming in. Mark her off as a loss and get her prepped. The usual.”
Dr. Monro Finnigan was a good man. And this was business as usual. Always for the greater good.

Karla helpedRose up onto a gurney where she was finally able to get some proper rest. “Haaa… that’s so much better.” Karla, a stern-faced and stocky badger, nodded along.
“Mhm. It’s my favorite part of the job, helpin’ people take a load off. You’d think it’d be the end, but… nothin’ beats the simple pleasure of getting a tired mother off her feet.” She moved around to the back of the gurney and started to push it down the hall. “You know, I actually had a few kids of my own right in the room where we’re gonna be workin’ on you?”

Rose turned her head back. “Really? That’s lovely.”

“Mm-hm. I love my little darlings. I’m sure you’ll love yours, too.”

The operating room was already bustling with quiet energy. A tall coyote was working away at a laptop, fingers a blur. A bear so tall he almost reached the ceiling was quietly working over a countertop, the subject of which was obscured by his massive frame. The bear’s presence would be comical under different circumstances.

As the gurney was rolled into place and the wheels were locked down, the Coyote let out a little snickering sound. Rose’s ears swiveled and she looked over at him, then back at Karla. “Um… what’s his deal?” She whispered.

Karla let out a small sigh and shook her head. “Just a dumbass, is all.” She raised her voice. “Jarred, tell Kieth to shut his trap.”

The bear looked over at the coyote. “Stuff it, Kieth.” Kieth’s ears pinned back and he shrunk down behind his laptop screen, tack-tacking away and taking more notes. But he made not a peep aside from the sound of his dexterous work.

Rose let out a small, sheepish chuckle at the coyote being put into his place and diverted her attention back to Nurse Karla.

“So. What happens now?”

“Now? We get you all prepped up. It’s simple enough – first things first, we’ll have to get your clothes off. You feel comfortable doin’ that here?”Rose didn’t really see another option, so she nodded.

“Good. Here -” Karla ratcheted the gurney up so thatRose could get into a laid-back sitting position, much easier to shed her clothes off in. Her jacket came first, shrugged off and laid to the side, put in a plastic tub in the corner. She hesitated at the next.
“Do I have to take my top off yet?”

“Mhm. For most procedures, you’d be in a gown, but because of how this all works we can’t really put you in one, so you’ll have to be fully in the buff. Sorry, hon – just the way it works here.” Karla’s fingers dipped under the hem of Rose’s shirt, and the ferret put her arms up. The shirt slid away and the bra came next, exposing that heavy belly and her slender frame, small breasts with stiffened-up nipples due to the chilly temperature of the room.
Rose felt exposed, and vulnerable. The worst of it was that she felt like she had no choices, just a puppet for others to instruct.

Kieth snickered again as Karla helpedRose unbutton her jeans. Immediately, Karla pointed a finger at him. “Shut the hell up before I come over there and whup your ass, Kieth.” She turned toRose and her tone immediately softened. “Sorry about him, honey. His mom must’ve been a hyena.” Jokes aside, Layla was starting to feel a little bit uneasy – especially as Jarred turned and produced a long syringe in his paw. She knew she’d be undergoing anesthetic, but the sight of it caused her heart to beat a little faster. Her face was starting to feel hot again.

Uncertainty was not thick as molasses in her mind. Her movements slow down, both in reality and in her mind’s eye.

Karla noticed this, and helped work Rose’s pants off the rest of the way, before leaning her back a little further. “Alright, gonna do a quick physical check here. Make sure you’re in good shape. You’re gonna be alright, honey.” With that, Karla guided her legs apart. “Hold your tummy for me?” She asked.

Rose took in a slow breath. She was a virgin… she’d barely even been in a relationship before. Outside of medical procedures, she’d been seen naked by only a tiny handful of people, so doing something like this made her feel awkward and antsy, scared, even a little
terrified. She was starting to wish they’d stick that needle in her already so she could pass out and get this over with. She leaned her head back and stared at the ceiling, trying to just zone out and let the nurse do her job. Her brow furrowed a little as she looked around. “Why are there cameras in here?”

“Oh, those. We show the operations to people in medical school. Your identity’s censored, of course. That alright?”

“It is, yeah.” Again, even though the nice nurse was asking for her permission, it was as if the asking was more a matter of course. Nobody expected her to say No. No, not even herself. Though,Rose wanted to.

“Good. Now I’m gonna do my job, and you can ask me a buncha of questions after we’re done. Alright, sweet thing?” Karla smirked and leaned back down, her head disappearing from sight as she dipped behind Rose’s baby bump.

Her sex looked… great, honestly. Plush with fur, with some of the speckles on her body concentrated around the mons, trailing up her belly to a couple of inches below her belly button. It wasn’t particularly special, but there was a certain quality in pleasant simplicity that meant that Karla was quick to give the okay. Not before she strapped on a latex glove and felt around a little, of course. A thumb pushed gently in around the mons, spreading Rose’s lips and exposing some of that soft inside. She attempted to probe a little deeper, but it seemed likeRose was quite the stereotypical virgin, tighter than tight. A rubber band that lacked elasticity. She couldn’t help but squirm a little at that touch, the subtle discomfort welling up in Rose’s chest again.

One would think her first real samples of touching down there would be divine, instead, it was quite the opposite and provoked inRose all sorts of anxiety.

Popping up from behind that belly, Karla gave a nod. “Alright. It looks like we’re all good here. The next thing is administering an anesthetic. Everything after that, we’ll be the ones to worry about.” She motioned for the bear to come over. “Lemme see your hand?” Karla said, before strapping her wrist down against the side of the gurney, palm-up.

Rose frowned. “Are… Are the restraints necessary?”

“You don’t wanna fall off while you’re sleeping, do you?” Karla raised an eyebrow and strapped down Rose’s left arm now, palm-down.Rose cautiously nodded along.

“I suppose that makes sense, yeah…” But an uneasy, unnerving tension seemed to be bubbling in her tummy and it was not the babies. This belly sensation was the betraying feeling of when someone was convincing themselves of a lie. Vaguely aware of its existence, but too trusting, scared, or spineless to oppose it.

“Good. We’re gonna get you the shot now – just look at me and say ‘ouch’ on three. One, two, three–”

“Ouch?” And just like that, the jab was over, more surprising than painful. Jarred was looming over, surprisingly dexterous paws applying a cotton ball and a strip of gauze over the site of the injection.

“See? Easy.” Karla gave her a squeeze on the shoulder. “Now, just count to ten, and you’ll be out like a light.”Rose took in a deep breath and started to count.

“One… two… three… four…”

Weren’t people usually supposed to pass out around now?

“Five… six… seven… eight…”

Is something wrong? Did I not get enough?

“Nine… i-is this working?”Rose felt a heat running down her arm. An odd, throbbing tingling. It eased in through her chest and down into her belly, where the heat swapped to something cooler. The shift was a bit nauseating, and it made her squirm. Her squirming reminded her that she was strapped down. She felt the need to take deeper and deeper breaths, an odd pressure inside her. The pressure warped, changed, and – “O-owh…!” It started in the top of her uterus and pushed downwards, squeezing down her back. Like a menstrual cramp, but worse, radiating through her. It reminded her of stomach flu, almost. The discomfort peaked… and then gradually began to fade, and she took in a few hot, quick gasps. “W… was that a contraction? But– I’m not–!”

Karla was quick to cut her off, gripping Rose’s left hand firmly. “It’s alright. Just hold on tight. It’s not abnormal to go into labor prior to a c-section at all.”

Rose shook her head. “A-aren’t I supposed to be – S-shouldn’t I be unconscious?” Karla gave her hand another squeeze. “It’s okay. Just a small hiccup, we’re gonna take care
of you. Just be sure to breathe with me, alright? Let the contractions roll over you. We’ll get through this together.”

Rose nodded and swallowed thickly, weakly squeezing down with her hand as another contraction started to tug at her belly. Her toes curled and she gasped for air, her other hand balling up into a little fist before it subsided once more. “Fh… hhh… nngh…!” The pressure deep inside her most precious of areas seemed to emanate throughout her body. These contractions were a full-body affair.

Karla looked up at Kieth. “Alright, cut ‘em.” This wasn’t in reference to any scalpels, of course.Rose didn’t notice it – and she looked for it when the order was issued. Nothing. The oddity and mystery deepened. Worry now coming upon her like the contractions.
The little red recording light on the room’s cameras winked out.

He flashed a coy grin over his laptop, licking his lips before clambering his way out of his seat and making his way over to the door. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily,Rose was too preoccupied with labor to notice the sound of several sets of footsteps outside the door, nor the fact that the hallway outside went eerily quiet a handful of seconds later. Jarred spoke up. “Two minutes.”

Another contraction was already coming up. “Ghhh…! W-what’s – what’s happening?”Rose wriggled against her bonds, hands tugging at the leather straps that kept her in place as she reflexively tried to cradle her stomach. Once the movement was denied, and noticed, she tested the waters of her hands, wrists, and arms….

Nothing. She wasn’t just vulnerable. She was utterly and absolutely defenseless. Panic was setting in. It was a low little creep, but it was spreading from the pit of her stomach to her dropping heart, to her brain.

“C-can’t you guys just – k-knock me out?! I-” Her words were cut off by a shaky gasp, a spasm, trying to double over. Such movements were impossible. She slumped back again as the sensation waned. The pain still throbbed inside her, and tears were welling up in her eyes. Her facial fur was beginning to feel matted with sweat.

Karla looked up from the unpleasant scene towards the other two nurses and nodded. Kieth clapped his hands together and let out a quick bark of a laugh. “Oh, this is where the fun bit happens…” Jarred grabbed her gurney and began to wheelRose to the door.

“Wait – wait, what does he mean? What does he mean by that -!? A-are you guys listening?!”Rose was beginning to panic. No, she was far, far beyond panic. Things were crystallizing in her mind. This was not normal. This was not what was discussed. This felt… insidious.
Jarred casually shoulder-checked Kieth out of the way of the door and started to rollRose down an empty hall. “One minute, thirty. The room’s open for an hour. Should be enough time.”
“Karla – what’s going on?” Rose’s hand was wrapped around Karla’s in a trembling grip, her eyes wide and wild as a fourth contraction started to build within her. “W-where is everyone?”

Karla’s face was stony as she took quick steps to match up with Jarred’s stride. “What did I tell you about questions earlier?”


“Hush, girl. You’re gettin’ moved to a birthing room, and you’re gonna give birth there. Desperate times, desperate measures.”

“One minute,” Jarred rumbled. Kieth had recovered from being shoved to the side and was now scampering alongside the gurney, occasionally bumping into medical equipment as he looked down at Rose. Why did he look so… manic?

“Ohhh, honeypie, you’re in for it,” He giggled, giggled while licking his mouth hungrily, before jogging the rest of the way down the hall and fishing a set of keys out of his pocket. He fumbled a key into a gray, unmarked door and pushed the thing open, offering a gracious gesture to the rest of the nurses. The door completed its opening, the hinges creaked and groaned in protest of opening, an action unfamiliar to this unused and out-of-the-way door.
“Thirty.” The cartwheeled into the door just as a number of doctors and nurses began to filter back into the hallway, either none the wiser or entirely complacent in what had just happened.

And what just happened? It was the constant second-guessing and lack of information that really preyed upon Rose’s mind. Without certainty, uncertainty reigned supreme.

The door heaved shut with a click of the lock springing back into place. This new hallway,
though… didn’t look like a hospital. It looked run-down, and ill-maintained, with the scent of vague mold and bodily fluids in the air, anything but properly sanitized.Rose was unceremoniously wheeled into another room with nothing in it but gross, dirty black tiling and a drain poised in the middle of the floor. By this point, her face was slicked with tears and she was quietly gasping with every breath, wheezing as the contractions grew worse and worse. “Hff, hhgh, hff, nhh, ghehh…”

This hallway was tucked in a wing of the clinic that seemed forgotten, a feel of dilapidation coating it.

Rose struggled against her bonds even more, her legs curling in as she let out a pained squeal. “Gyhaaaaahha!” There was a sudden wetness between her legs, a pouring, hot splash that matted down her fur and stained the birthing bed. Had… had her water just broken? No, that couldn’t be possible! Karla and Jarred exchanged a pointed, serious look. They knew what direction this was going to go in.

Jarred stepped back and frowned, holding the gurney in place and locking the wheels again. Kieth was practically bouncing around the room, light on his feet until Jarred grabbed him by the collar and hoisted him a foot off the ground, at which point he dropped with a frustrated huff. Karla, on the other hand, was completely stone-faced, without a hint of that familiar kindness in her eyes.Rose felt like she was going to puke. Coughing a couple of times, she blinked back tears and looked around at the nurses. “W… won’t someone tell me… please…? S…something, anything?”

Karla took her hand from Rose’s and crossed them beneath her bust. “You’re not going to make the c-section. It’s too late.” It was a mechanical, heartless script.

“W-what!? I can’t – I-I-!” Her voice cut off with a little choking sound, and her body reflexively tried to push. She kicked out before thudding back again, chest heaving with each quick, desperate breath.

“You’re going to have to push. That’s just the way it is.”

“But I can’t- Hnggggh-ack!” Her voice was cut off with another groan of pain, an awkward, uncomfortable noise. She felt like she was dripping with sweat, the fur of her face stained with the marks of tears as more and more rolled down her cheeks.

“Push, Rose. We don’t have a choice.”Rose panicked and obliged.

Her legs curled in and her breath tightened up in her chest, and – and – “Hhaaaah!” Her
voice came out a little ragged as she tried hard to do what she was told. “Breathe. Deep. You need to push, Rose. Push.”

She felt ill, and tried again, this time trying to breathe through the push. The sound was shaky, and – “Gnnnnhhfffaa!!”

“Uh-ohhhh. Somebody’s giving birth the normal way!” Kieth taunted with a grin on his face, the lanky coyote narrowly dodging a swipe from Jarred that would’ve clocked him in the back of the head. Dancing around to the front of the bed, Kieth looked right down Rose’s sex. “Wonder when we’ll start to see ‘I’m coming out.’”

Rose’s head was a haze. Confusion, pain, frustration – why wouldn’t anyone just listen to her!? Karla saw the desperation in her eyes.

Might as well get this out of the way now.

“Rose, you don’t have quadruplets.”

The room seemed to fall silent for a moment save the quiet squirming and gasping from the poor girl. “W… what…?” Her voice, shaking and terrified, came out as little more than a yip.
Kieth’s hands roamed over that too-big belly, and he received a weak kick fromRose in the gut for his actions. Keith backed up in response to that kick, “You got a big boy in there,” He huffed, rubbing over the part where her foot had made contact.

Karla rubbed her temples with one hand and slid her hand down her face. “What this idiot means to tell you is that you’ve been impregnated with a bear. You’re going to be written off as a loss for the clinic. Declared dead. In childbirth.” Jarred preemptively moved behind the gurney and placed his strong, heavy paws on Rose’s shoulders.

As the information sank in,Rose began to panic. “No – no, NO! I CAN’T BE, I-” Her voice caught in her throat as the sensation of wanting to vomit came over her. “Gh- hh- rrk-!” She grunted and coughed, thrashing against her bonds, causing the table to rattle and nearly tip. Jarred kept it lodged firmly in place.

Karla’s voice cut through the air, her presence momentarily silencing Rose’s struggles. “As I was saying. You’ll be declared dead. You belong to the clinic now for use as a brood mother. Now.” Karla stepped to the side of the bed again and gripped Rose’s hand. “Push.”

Rose didn’t have a choice. She was pinned down, helpless, giving birth… to some kind of monstrous child for a being several times her size. It would be like giving birth to a full toddler. It would leave her ruined, she was sure.


The cramping, awful, shoving, pushing sensation poured through her, andRose screeched, her echoing voice filling the birthing chamber. Something was stretching her insides. It was agonizing. Her vision went white and she nearly passed out for a moment. Everything became flighty and weightless. Then, reality came crashing back down. It was so intense that she barely even noticed losing control of her bladder until Kieth pointed it out with a cackle. “Lookit! She’s pissing herself!” Taking a sliding step back as that bitter-salty, steamy yellow spattered her thighs and made a mess of the cushions in front of her.

Then – oh god, then.

The shifting in her gut was palpable. She’d moved on from simple contractions to simple pushing, and her sex was beginning to show it. She was well and truly pushing, trying to rush through this terrible, terrible situation. She just wanted this…this… massive creature that had been growing in her body, out. OUT! Surely, the pain would disperse when it was out. Or else she would be stuck like this, with the jeering and teasing and terrible pain longer than would be strictly necessary. Those plush, freckled lips looked as if they were starting to distend and spread, the patterns in her fur warping painfully. The bear was beginning to crown.

“I can’t… I can’t, I- s-someone! Please! HELP!” She screamed, her voice going ragged. No luck. This place was soundproofed. None of the births here were pleasant.Rose was just one of many who had experienced this same agony in this room.


The best reaction she got as her vagina started to splay open was rough, stony silence from Jarred as he loomed over her. Karla had stopped holding her hand, for fear thatRose might’ve broken her fingers, and Kieth was just enjoying himself with a horrible, sadistic grin on his face.

“There it iiiiis…” Kieth cooed, tilting his head down to get a better look. The top of a baby bear’s head, is just barely visible. There was still so, so much left. The head was wet, his fur matted, the liquid viscous and not unlike gel. The pain had only just begun. “Shame
painkillers are so expensive, we totally could’ve given you some…” He crossed his arms, his grin spreading wider. The end of his sentence was drowned out.


Karla looked down to the floor. This one was especially bad. Her stomach turned a little, and she didn’t look back up at Rose. She was now spread horrifically wide, unnaturally wide. Her hips strained, and she felt as if her pelvis would snap. She wasn’t so lucky, to have that horrible stretching finally give way, no. She just kept stretching further… and further… and further.

There was a trace of relief mingled with the increased pain of her stretching.

It was to the point where they could almost make out features – two little rounded ears, bear ears, perched atop the infant’s head. Layla had almost hit the breaking point, the widest she’d be made to stretch. Karla murmured, “You’re almost there. Just one more push.”


In that final, brutal, torturous moment, the head was pushed free. The rest was agony too, of course – but she’d already been stretched out beyond the point of what her body should’ve been able to handle. Then, the room was filled with the sounds of infants crying. Nurse Karla turned and quickly cut the cord, hefting the oversized spawn in her arms. Jarred took it from her and laid the thing out on a cold metal table.Rose would never get to hold her child. She gagged and choked, the horrifying ordeal over as she helplessly sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. “Noo… noo… agh… m-my… baby… noo… s-someone… please…”

There was an abrupt THWACK, and the infant’s crying ceased. Meat and pelts like this sold for extravagant prices on the blackest of black markets
Rose barely had time to register what was happening before she was already being wheeled out of the room and back down the hall, further into the clinic. The gurney tipped, and she was unceremoniously hauled into a small, padded cell. Jarred grumbled, “You have twenty-four hours of rest. Then, it’s back to it.” The door slammed shut, leavingRose sobbing and alone.

Dr. Finnigan poured himself a glass of scotch before returning the bottle beneath his desk. He leaned back in his chair and frowned. It never got easier, sending young girls off like that. Knowing they’d never see daylight again. Knowing that–He cut himself off with the feeling of alcohol burning down his throat. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them next he was looking at the portrait he kept on his desk. The portrait of his son. His son never would’ve been born if not for the work done in this facility. The work he’d done. It was all for his son.

Grimacing, he downed the rest of his drink. He’d be meeting a charming little rabbit in just a handful of minutes. She’d be another perfect mother

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