BB Part 4

Becky had been allowed to sleep in her own bed that night but she didn’t sleep at all, not one wink.  If she did sleep, I was sure she had nightmares about me – I saw it in her eyes.  Those wide black Mexican eyes were puffy, begging to spill all of her soul’s secrets, but she didn’t confess.  You see, as a condition for her being able to escape our grateful (horrific) care, I had collected her phone number.  Becky had spoken to no one, not even her concerned roommate.  In the girls’ dorm she had become an outcast,  girls whispered and pointed when she walked by.  What Becky had been able to do with the deal we made, was to find a way to escape.  She ordered a flight out of this life, which had become her personal hell hole.  She no longer cared if the photos were posted; she was a star champion and could easily raise  some kind of money to keep her away from the college.  Her parents might even contribute to her “runaway fund” just so she could leave everything behind, in fact, she wasn’t entirely uncomfortable with disappearing altogether.  After all, with such terrible and scandalous photos, many showing her smiling carefree… oh God, she had been such a huge sexual icon and she didn’t want that – didn’t want people to think she was enjoying it!  She was being dominated, a terrible fate, but who would believe the girl smirking in the photos?  Would her fans think that was what they should do?  Become a whore and smile as degrading photos are snapped of you?  How many of her fans would enter the smut peddling business because of her?  How many other girls would be victimized?  After all, wasn’t her smile proof that she was consenting to the actions conducted on her brutalized body? 

As for me, I informed her that today she’d be a prostitute.  It was hardly a surprise that both male dormitories had heard how sluttish she was dressed last night.  Some of the residents gathered around and I passed out a sheet of paper with prices – a “Becky Menu.”  If they were interested in purchasing Becky, the swimming champion, they could schedule a time and abuse her themselves… “Make an appointment in Mr. B. and Alex’s room.”

I found it odd that Becky didn’t say anything against what was going to happen to her.  Had I squashed her soul and spirit already?  I hoped not, I wanted a slave to torture endlessly, but I didn’t want her to just roll over and take it.  She was the pride and joy of Mexico with her potential climb to the Olympics – one would think with the drive it took to get her that far, she’d have more determination in reserve. 

Each “Becky for hire” transaction was conducted in my dorm room.  Alex was the accountant, collecting money and splitting it between the boys equally — the lion’s share went naturally to Mr. B.  Becky was dressed in her school uniform as boy after boy funneled into our room, inquiring about the seriousness of the “menu” but lo and behold, she stood before them silently with her eyes downcast and Mr. B. pulling the nipple of her exposed breast.  Mr. B sternly informed Becky she had customers, so she glanced at them once and then distanced herself.  Several of the boys could only pay to torture her feet and they were shy about it.  Some took a liking to licking and sucking her toes, while others liked to scratch and tickle her. There were those that enjoyed the sensation of slapping the bottoms of her feet, and soon enough those very same kids came back later with more money.  They were eager to explore the limits of the cheapest priced option, more than just punishing her feet and this time they were prepared.  I never let Becky out of my sight since they had to pay to go any farther and I wouldn’t allow others to violate her.  After all, she was still a virgin.  Arriving with a new set of tools, they would ask if they could use various objects like pens or pencils.  Finally Alex began to gather up our own used objects and offered them to paying customers.  This meant that now instead of boys using their hands and minds; they had candles, whips, pencils, pens and even a knife.  I wouldn’t let them draw too much blood from her, just a few tiny slits here and there on the soles of her feet.  It would be a constant reminder that her life was no longer her own. 

Becky remained graceful and mute through all of this.  Even when a boy paid to see what lay under her panties, she obediently removed them to expose her cunt – going so far as to spread her pussy lips.  Something was up, I could feel it.  Not once did she complain or resist the entire day.  Maybe she was trying not to showcase the horror she felt when they abused her body. 

The next day came and still Becky remained silent during her abusive treatment.  At times she would struggle or wince, I could see her quaking lips longed to part and beg or wail, but she took her agonized punishment with quiet dignity. 

Each hour I would remind her that she had done this to herself.  Making sure she never thought that she hadn’t wanted this, that it wasn’t her fault.  After all, wasn’t self loathing the greatest punishment of all? 

The next day I told her that if she earned enough money from suggestive sales, by tempting boys to spend more money on her, I would permit her a day of rest.  She did fantastic!  She seductively licked her lips as her toes were coated with hot wax, and added character to her movement while pencils dug into her feet deep enough to draw blood.  She really seemed to be “in the game.”  So much money came from her lifting up her skirt to reveal her soaking, slightly healed, pussy lips while giving a wink and a flutter from those big black eyes… she could snatch each and every wallet right from their hands.  Their money or their parents’, it didn’t matter.  Alex had already set us up to accept credit cards, and maybe even meal tickets.  

I had ordered her to not say a word during this endeavor, because that would be highly unprofessional and I pride myself on professionalism.  Anything less than perfection would be a disappointment and met with severe punishment.  Becky knew I wasn’t joking about the command to be silent, and obeyed for hours at a time, but as the day went on it became more of a struggle.  She looked like she was about to crack, to break down, just like she had several days ago when she was originally being manhandled.  A tear would escape her eye occasionally, but that was all.  Apparently she had to prove to herself how strong she could be, or prove to me that she was much more than a common little swimming whore. 

Becky was bent forward over the couch, her naked feet lashed by a whip with tiny barbs that were small enough to dig into her flesh but not big enough to tear it away.  The boy who held the whip had been here time and time again, his boldness increasing to the point of being ruthless.  He knew exactly what he wanted to do to her, he wanted to see her buckle and break down in sobs.  I sat in a chair with my eyes on the television and the volume turned down so that I would hear if Becky began to cry.  I noticed Becky was looking at me and when looked back, she uttered the most wonderful words I have ever heard.

“Mr. B., may I have a gag?”  She struggled to speak and as she opened her mouth, the boy sensed that soon she would crumble and lashed against her feet again. After so many days of this treatment, it was almost impossible for her to walk to her dorm room.  In fact, for the last several nights she had chosen to sleep on the floor of our bathroom.  It was the only place I would allow her to sleep in my dorm, and it spared the arduous and painful walk to her place.  She knew she would be back in the morning, so why not just stay.

I pretended not to hear as her voice piped up, the boy continued to lash her feet and she whimpered with her eyes watering.  “May I… please have a ball gag… for my mouth?” she whispered in humiliation.  To that I answered she could use her hands, but that was no use because I had forgotten her hands and even knees were tied together.  She was in a pickle to be sure. 

I stood up and took the whip from the boy’s hand, issuing him a refund.  I didn’t want her to crack for just anyone.  Taking the whip, I struck it upon her Achilles tendon before swatting it back and cracking it again.  “If you want to scream, scream, but you know you are just going to make it worse on yourself.  It will be your own entire fault.”  I spoke wickedly as I violently pounded her dainty feet with all my might, until her face broke and became etched in sheer horror.  The idea that her escape was not far off was of no solace; she squirmed and begged to be free.  She screamed for help from anybody, she didn’t care, she needed it to end. She hated herself for what she had become – the school scarlet.  Although popular and kind in her own right, a role model, she was now only worthy of being a plaything to act out perverted fantasies.   

Begging, sobbing, (and not at all gracefully) she pleaded with me.  She offered anything and everything – including ridiculous sums of money and even searching out someone to replace her!  Her words became so mixed up that they came out as little more then nonsense, but her screams and pleas all seemed to say the same thing: she had had enough.  She was broken and didn’t care if anyone knew what was happening, didn’t care if adults got involved, or even if those cute slutty little photos of hers ended up on the World Wide Web.  

Perhaps I overreacted to her breaking silence; she made a simple request for a ball gag to stifle her breakdown, but for her punishment she was stripped bare and her bonds tightened before I shoved her out of my room.  A line of boys were waiting to use her services and she landed in front of them with a thud.  I sent Halley to oversee, ensuring she was punished but not penetrated.  Later Halley reported that he had tied her to a wooden chair where she was mindlessly used by several sex-crazed underclassmen, Halley included.   

Becky spent several days like that, suffering in supreme silence.  Her world, for all purposes, had shattered and the glass was dropping upon her supple body.  It was odd how comfortable she had fallen into it, despite the happenings; thoughts of freedom became a distant thing.  Her body had been violated so much that even her soul had a little spot of white cum splashed on it.  The first day had been the most difficult, so overcome with fear that she tried to escape the terror by hiding in a bathroom stall… that didn’t work out.  Sexually enticed teen boys raged with hormones, if they were able to catch her they were allowed to use her as they wished – on the condition that she not be penetrated – Mr. B. would notice that.  Many of the raging youth had some sort of elicited or pornographic photograph of her, always threatening blackmail.  She had been working so hard to preserve her innocence that she corrupted herself in its defense, and now she was in an endless and perverse hell.   

While the first day was a game of cloak and dagger, she knew the consequences if she failed to show at my classes.  Not a superhero, Becky was often caught and abused by random people that were strangers to her, but by the third day she knew all the young sadists.  She maintained a dual life, living in complete and utter fear even when she was not being abused.  Where would my friends and I pop up next in her life?  I remember the second day we popped into her dorm room and used her to the best of our abilities, she begged for a ball gag instead of running away.  Apparently she still held some delusions about how this whole thing was going to play out, and her eyes still sparkled with hope.  Well, hope mixed with anguish and horror. *

What I didn’t know was why she still held on, my hold upon her mind was incomplete and I was very well aware of that fact. She was hiding something in that lovely mess of energetic Mexican hair and I would soon have it, just chipping at her little by little, savoring each moment with amusement. Becky was duct taped against the wall of her room, the tightly wrapped adhesive spiraled like tentacles around her wrists and ankles, heavily upon her chest, right under her pudgy perfectly sun-kissed bronze bust and even criss crossing her little muffin-top of a stomach, so much so the flesh spilled out from under the tremendous grip of tape. 

I would have my answers and I would have them now. 

Unlike most other times, it was just me and her… all alone. No one around this time to protect the little minx. Her mouth was open slightly, drool spilling from her mouth as her bare soft once perfect pussy throbbed turgidly abused casually throughout the night with a nice bullwhip. Now, I know what you are thinking, I am Russian, but it is just because I like Mexican culture, really like it, besides, who doesn’t wanna know how to use a whip. 

She wouldn’t dignify me with screams. It seemed as if she was lifeless but without so much as a sound. Again, I slashed the object of pain toward her tender lips, and again it echoed in its sickening howl, a dark red mark penetrated across her swollen lips. 

Perhaps I hadn’t been mixing it up properly and so I decided to disappear to the kitchen, her eyes staring blankly at the television that had long been off, but her mind assumedly was in a shatter-state but I knew that assumption was also incorrect. Coming back, I walked slowly toward her to see if any movement was in those sparkly dead empty eyes which still seemed so unique and beautiful. Nothing. In my hand were a few ice cubes, specially frozen so as not to melt too quickly, Alex developed it, something about chemistry or something, either way, as I advanced her eyes remained motionless as the bucket swayed back and forth, in it several cubes. 

Placing them at my feet I liberated one from its prison and ran it along the thick brows of Becky, the water trickling downward into her eyes and through her eyebrows. She responded instantly, it was chilly and a shock to the system that had been overstimulated in every way but Sunday. 

“Ah so she awakens. You didn’t think I was just going to brutally whip you all night long, assaulting your already pathetic figured body did you? You are the perfect picturesque prostitute and I think you need to learn to accept that.” With an ice cube in hand, I teased down her hot sizzling body, melting the ice at a surprising pace. Having to rearm, I snatched two more and bundled them together just upon the tortured flesh of BB’s pussy, twirling the melting cubes in my palm about her nethers. She whimpered, knowing that I had long since stopped using a gag.  It was my way, and I would never use a gag – what type of moron would go through all this and not get to hear the pleading screams? 

Squashed the pouty lips with frozen water, I dipped my other hand to spread the lips, which was a hard task with how plump they were. I still managed to individually slip a cube up and down the inside of her crotch. She responded much like one would expect, sniveling and sobbing– a nice sound to hear for a change, and protest, protest shed not displayed for some time. Sensing her climax point, the ice cube slipped in between her pussy lips, my finger pushed the ice inside her tight virgin cunt. She hadn’t had anything inside her yet and it drove her crazy, especially given the extreme temperature change. Warm liquid flooded her crotch, mixed with the ice water and melted lukewarm cream from her slobbering pussy lips. The ice cube remained inside her slipper internal slide because of how nonelastic her fat beefy pussy lips were, oddly even in this condition those purple and blue battered sex lips still maintained a kind of allure of innocent and youth. 

BB jerked forward in response, her little dream world shattered. “Where did you go, what’s been on your mind for so long BB? You seem distant and without fight, but you still have contemplated… sometimes. But so rarely lately that you force me to do the unthinkable.” I placed the other cube tightly against her clit, and a new little sting of bitter cold fluxed throughout Becky’s nubile figure. Chilling the knob, I finally placed that one inside her while my nail scratched along the tinglingly numb clit. 

“Where are those eyes, those fierce independence eyes that once…” I taunted but as her pain increased, her eyes filled with rage and hatred. Apparently I had struck a chord. “Ahhh, there you are.”  I remained in my place while watching as her hips jolted, the cold just too much for her, eagerly I produced another cube to her clit, keeping it there upon her clit with duct tape. It wasn’t easy but you know, you met one struggling woman, you met them all. Tricks of the trade, you gotta learn to move with her resistance not against. 

From my pocket I dug up photos, showing her some of her life ‘before- trophies’, friends, fans, even snagged a picture of her family, weaved into the belittling were her photos, event catalogs of what she’d done to so many people. Her happy smiling face and worse yet, that swimming meet. I told her of how she had no more hope, she was a useless star who would be forever under my thumb. Her mouth trembled with hesitance; she wanted to say something about that. 

Continuing, I shoved ice through her strapped body, however in doing so I had to loosen a tightened piece of duct tape, meaning I had to pull them off her flesh in a slight tearing like fashion and shove in a nice soothing ice cube. She didn’t much enjoy it, I should have known this little sensitive Mexicana didn’t care much for cold, but ice cubes were much more focused on their sheer devastation. The cubes of ice melted throughout her body, from her strapped chest, to under her handled breasts, even her thighs, inner and other as she tried to contain her screams. She was doing a damn good job of it however perhaps that was just because she had far too much training in the matter of pain suppression. 

Innocently, she gazed at me, looking for pity, perhaps but no pity came to my steady, metaphorically speaking, hand of justice and punishment – swift and ever cruel. She was now hanging, given the nice slack I put to her bounds, causing her to struggle, and struggle, oh my, she was actually trying to escape. 

“You know what’s at stake little girl. Just be cool”  I said, however I knew what was happening, she’d had enough, and when people had had enough, words just flowed out without control… like dangerous little secret thoughts could threaten my control over her, like there was such a thing, I always had the upper hand, always and it was a wonderful quality to have.  Fingering her cunnie, stuffed with melting creamy ice, the liquid splurged everywhere as her tenderized body shamefully shivered and convulsed as the added stimuli was forcefully extracting an orgasm. Flicking the clit that moved and swayed with her struggling body, I snatched her ear and whispered words meant to pervert even an angel. 

“You want everyone to know, don’t you, you want everybody in the world to know what type of whore you are.” I spoke. 

“Please, stop! Oh please!” She sobbed in desperation as she slung against the wall. She was so close to freedom, but yet so far. She could never escape, not yet. 

“I will never stop.” I replied with ferocity, taking her left foot and restraining it, wiggling, into the bucket of ice just below her slung form, she wasn’t very keen to follow that little idea but I overpowered her with ease, taping her foot and lower leg so that they’d remain coated in chilling chemically altered ice cubes. I did the same with the other foot. Becky wailed again. 

“These are the consequences of your actions. If you would just stop fighting me, your life would be so much easier. No more drama or strife or struggling — just being a mindless little Mexican whore.” I said adoringly, licking her lips as she whimpered. “You are mine…” I tried to drill into her orgasming, overwhelmed frumpy form until finally in a shriek of utter and supreme ecstasy, she verbally and violently protested her slavery to me and all the people I deem worthy, basically if you had a quarter, you could use Becky… always a businessman. 

“I will escape. You may have pictures of me… but you… you… you cant be everywhere. You…you can’t ruin life itself and I…I am still alive.” She pleaded as she physically humiliated herself, cunnie slavering sensual substances. 

“Still alive, this is what you call this? Even if you were to ever magically escape you will never forget how you allowed so many men to violate you. You want this, you need this, especially now.” I flicked her clit again, but the target was so swollen and plump that it was ever so hard to miss. 

She knew it was true, but she stopped herself there, knowing she was on dangerous turf. Mr. B knew that she still had will power, and hope, and now he was able to put all the pieces together. That night he left me hanging, alone. Parting with words of horror. “I will prove this is what you want done to you, you can’t deny it when your looking directly at the mirror into that pitiful wreck of a face. A beautiful dick loving disaster.” 

Preparing the troops, we planned to implement her final torture. That one final push that would send her over the edge into whorishness forever. You see, I called her parents, pretending to be someone else and milked them from pearls of wisdom and knowledge that they knew not who they gave. Apparently, tonight, she would be leaving on a jet plane and she would abandon her entire life just because she so desperately wanted to escape me. I made sure no one touched her that entire day, and that more than disturbed the shy, but cautious Becky. She remained silent in all her classes, head down, hearing chatter about that one whore of a swimmer who had done perverse things in front of almost the entire guy population of Kelly College.

She didn’t return to her dorm room.  Instead, before she left, she decided to go to the shower room to wash all those impurities that had so saturated her mind so effectively. I knew she would return here, ground zero so to speak. She’d missed this place, she dared not return to practice, she couldn’t look at her coaches or her fellow female students. That is when we came into the ladies shower room and sought the ultimate humiliation, to destroy her body and make her nightmares real. Like zombies, each of the guys pounced on the unaware, singing carefree Mexican beauty. She was in a good mood, but not for long. Halley and Dave secured her quickly, she yelped in surprise and tried to break free and run for the door – which she did accomplish given how wet with water her smooth ripe young body was. Giving her a day of rest had healed her gorgeous form almost perfectly, which was delightful. Youthful flesh always remained fresh to a certain point. Quickly, she ran for the door, naked but uncaring, attempting to earn her freedom. Behind the door shed open was me, smiling victoriously. She backed away, horrified. “No… please… god no…” It was in that moment of hesitation and fear that my lackeys re-obtained her and dragged her into the showers again. We were all naked in a flash and Alex had taken a liking to rubbing his ball sack against her lips and face which was well lubricated with tears… Dave collected her hands and forced her to jerk him off, the cock sitting right in front of her face as she did so. So big was it that even when she closed her eyes she could still see it, and feel it as it loomed before her. 

Laying on the slippery ground, I got to my knees and went for the killing blow, positioning my penis right against her puffy pussy lips, she cried, knowing what was to come before I jerked inward, stabbing inside her, I laughed, we all laughed, knowing that she would forever have to remember this day, the day she lost her virginity. Halley chose to dig his nails into her nipples before inserting a needle, it was much more painful given her body was a wave of emotion and motion, being torn this way and that by multiple dicks eager for her services, this caused the piercings to be much more unfocused and less successful, meaning he, ever the perfectionist, attempted yet again – a few times. Screaming, slipping against the shower floor in defiance, nipple rings were stuffed into the pulled and penetrated flesh, worse yet connecting the nipple rings was a chain, a chain so sensitive and tight that when Halley went to inspect his work with a tug, Becky broken down madly, crying in a voice id never ever heard before. It was haunting, even to me but it was drowned out by my desires of having her not-so-virgin cunt to myself. I pushed deeper inside her as I watched her pierced nipples raise in front of her tearful eyes. I could feel that tight hollow hole constrict against my penis, her swollen clit rough but slickly being abused by my stomach at the same time, I could feel her orgasming multiple times, though unwanted. It was nice to know with all her being, she couldn’t resist the pain and pleasure and needed to expel gushing orgasms. 

Alex, naked, disappeared out of the shower to return with a glove on his hand and in that a green plant, just three leaves in all. But his intentions were clear for all who saw him, but Becky whom had fallen victim to blinding pain – even when her nipples were being plucked by a hand, each time her chest swayed and bobbed to the motions of jerking and fucking, she felt that spiked painful piercings shudder. Dave actually noticed out of the corner of his eye, as his cock was being massaged begrudgingly willingly by Becky, that Halley had weights sized appropriately for the swollen turgid nipples. Dave grabbed one to feel its weight before Halley retrieved it and placed it upon the nipple piercing itself, the sagging immediate, causing the plump tits to weigh to each side of her body, nipple being stretched almost to the wet, messy ground of the shower.  

Her body wiggled and jiggled with each heinous action we did to her lively body. It was a sight for sore eyes, to see her spirit coming back to her shame that it happened with my penis so deeply burrowed inside her, and like a young impressionable penis, it was ripe with tender and sensitivity, allowing me to call her out on each embarrassing orgasm she obtained from this treatment.  All the while pictures were being taken, of course. Alex, with the nettle, a plant with barbed little edges that hooked into the tiniest portion of flesh and peeled off without so much as an effort, was ready to destroy BB. Alex enjoyed rubbing her feet with the dangerous plant, taunting her about how she would have to take up to a month to heal, making her swimming career which was still very prosperous, very unrealistic. She protested, naturally, but her protests soon were muffled by Dave’s cock being shoved into her mouth. Dave swept her hair back, telling her how much of a good little slut she was, his actions very genuine and comforting to the mind broken teenager who laid taking cock after cock and punishment after punishment. 

Sinking the plant into the soles of her foot, Alex ground the wildlife against her bare feet.  I knew she would have trouble walking. I also knew that in an hour or so she would be off to leave us all alone, abandoned. We had nothing to lose because we would have nothing to leverage her sexy spanish body with. This might very well be our last night, or week with her, depending on how things went. 

“She’s sucking it… and massaging my balls.” Dave said surprised as Becky tried to sink herself into a shell of compliance just to survive what was happening. The nettles becoming increasingly an object of Alex’s affection, given when I was finished with her pussy, still so tight but her lubrication meant an easy glide inside and out of her, Alex decided to use the wild exotic and painful, poisonous vicious plant on her clit, rubbing it raw. In broad sweeping motions, he was able to scrub the pussy lips with the object he expertly possessed, but it was an expertise that was only made actual because of his own cruel and insidious delight in breaking her further. Taking her by the legs, I guided her to flip over, which she did. Wrapping my hands over her thighs, her thick weighed down breasts slowly slipping upon the shower ground, I pulled her upward, that big fat naked paddled ass full in view so that I could penetrate another hole, her ass. I shoved it in, my penis not going directly into the asshole but jamming into her sensitive flesh surrounding – I went for it again, knowing eventually it would go in on its own accord. Alex was still with a little part of the plant, villainously applied pressure to it while bathing it upon her clit which reacted to the hooking plant, and swelled almost immediately from its gruesome and terrifyingly painful clutches. Dave encouraged Becky to suck his ball sack as all of us took her to complete pleasure and back. She would surely miss her flight now, and we would see to that. 

The night continued, after all had fucked her pussy raw, stretching her taut pussy out the best they could but found no matter what it remained shapely and sturdy, we soon let Alex take that plant and grind it against her nipples which were a sight, given with her standing up, her armpits being licked by guys flanking her, they hung downward droopingly, kind of like a pregnant female almost. She was disgusting and no longer seemed to retain that little light she once had in her deep dooey eyes. 

We coated the star athletes’ face with our cum, she had even licked it off, posing for a shot with the camera, having the heavy white steamy jizz balled into her mouth before swallowing. She really didn’t care what happened to her, I knew that she still was going to escape but that was a problem for another day. Finally, Alex shoved a few of the Nettle leaves inside her twat which oozed everybody’s cum, they hurt going in, we all saw, but whenever she decided to pry them out… well that would be another horrible pain. But to entice us further, we having cummed easily four times over two hours, so we decided to put her in her place. Slapping her onto the ground, each calling her names, abusing her feet with our nails, finally however, we returned her clothing where she lay, alone, weeping. The clothing however was a different outfit, one that had been rubbed and living in a bin of poison ivy and oak for over two days… effectively making the clothing itself like one sheltered prison of burning, itching dreadfulness. 

Missing her flight, Becky had to reschedule, giving us easily a week to further destroy her. In that time, immediately, her photos were released on the internet, posters were put up in the hallways, and saw to it that she was an embarrassment to the college– forcing the board of the college to discharge her swimming scores out of embarrassment for her lewd behaviors. All her trophies and successes disappeared overnight. 

In the morning, Becky was so traumatized, she went to her swimming coach, a big fat old man but kind and nice, little did she know he was just nice to her because he wanted to fuck her and now with, well, everything, he had all the reason to. Pleading for help, Becky listened to the ultimatum he offered. He would take down the poster boards with her sexual pictures on it that circulated the school before other teachers saw if she sucked him off. It was second nature as she sobbingly got onto the ground, desperately trying to dig her out of this hole she’d dug herself. Sucking that cock, she was informed by the coach that if she didn’t do this for him all the time, he would be forced to call her parents, family, and close friends in Mexico. 

It was almost instinct now, while he did tell her to just suck his cock, she instead fucked him with such skill that she left the horny fat little man in a pool of his own extensive, thick cum. All her friends abandoned her, but she still had some friends left, mostly fans – fans who had answered to Mr.B’s little poster board offers, basically stating that if BB’s fans became just like her, they would be as happy as the star athlete, much more like her. It was a cruel thing to see her young friends and fans filtering into Mr.B’s room endlessly, looking to be more like Becky. 

The rest of the faculty used her too – now taking up a daily visit to the teachers lounge to accept their affection for her. She hated every second of it but what was worse was the scratch marks upon her breasts from the plant that had been so abusively used on her wasn’t going away, they were – slowly, but she wasn’t sure if her body would repair the scars that might be left. Becky visited Halley every day as well to get her nipples readjusted, to make sure they were okay – not infected and the like… one day he played a horrible trick on her by reinserting a piercing inside her but this nettle was infected with poison oak, another little branch of wildlife that tormented her. 

Soon, however, the torture was over and she fled the school– desperate and alone. She’d seen her entire life become nothing more than a mockery of its former prestige. People used to want to take her picture because of her international success in swimming but now… now all people were talking about was what a whore she was and what type of terrible actions she’d done. 


Becky exited her flight which took so long… but it was so peaceful, she never once wanted the plane to stop – she was safe so many miles away and so high up in the sky. She was, however, looking over her shoulder each moment she thought about it, worried someone would notice her.  Afterall her photos had, indeed, true to his words, been posted on the internet and they even made headlines. She couldn’t disappear forever but she needed to just rest, collect herself and then figure out what to do from there. 

She couldn’t even go to the bathroom with the door locked, afraid that she would be in that tight place and somehow, magically, the boys would come out and use her. She never once had peace from her tortured thoughts and more than a few times she had woken up from horrible nightmares that plagued her absolutely. 

She arrived at home safely, greeted by her mother and sister with glee. Thankfully they’d not noticed the news stories endlessly circulating about her and her whorish behavior.  Apparently there was even a website, and Mr.B was starting a magazine dedicated to BB and all her fan followers who wanted to walk in her horrible footsteps. Unlike her fans, Becky never enjoyed what happened to her.  Jesus, it was her fault that so many innocent girls were becoming sluts-  even girls, she heard, that weren’t in Kelly College. She couldn’t help but weep for those misguided souls. 

An entire week passed by and never once was there a moment where she didn’t think about her treatment. Her mother and sister left to grab some food for them that night and so Becky enjoyed just relaxing, zoning out in front of the television for her mind was so destroyed that she didn’t want to think for every thought was one of horribleness, of events she’d rather just forget all together. 

Hearing a knock at the door, went to it and looked outside – it was her next door neighbor who was looking for some sugar. She opened the door, and despite her own precarious behavior, she shrugged it off, desperate not to live her life in utter fear of the past actions that had been done to her. The moment her door opened, several of the neighborhood boys filtered into her home, pushing her down against the ground. It looked like a gang, some people she’d knew way back when and they were obviously… here for something. With a scream, she ran away until her feet were snatched, dragging her back wickedly. 

“Mr.B. told us to tell you B.B. stood for Busty Bitch.” And with that, they all converged up on her terrified and fearful body. 

Her mother and sister soon arrived home. 

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