BB Part2

I had successful parents, and in other words, my position in Kelly College as well as the disgraced “Beckys”, was secure.  Not only was my place in this school secure, but I also had benefits.  My dorm room was large, which I shared with my friend Alex, a German boy who had preoccupied his time with an infatuation of Becky with tugging upon not so malleable, flexible flesh such as her stomach and even ear. Alex was the more…internally disturbed of the group. He didn’t just like to explore, he liked to know all, weaknesses, strengths, that was why I enjoyed playing chess with him, he had a mind not so dissimilar from my own. Also, the common room was meant for all the boys of the dorm, which showed the subject of my wealth, meaning where the other boys dorm had no pool table – we did have one. 

The six of us entered the common room and I immediately closed and locked the doors leading to it. Little did the poor “innocent” BB know that now, here, all her screams would be heard by everyone in the dorm room, a fact I would bring to her attention at a later time, more toward morning then not. 

We gathered around her naked form, she was dry and her normally wavy, curly hair was somewhat frizzed at the tips, but still remained healthy in appearance and perhaps even an addition to her gorgeous, athletic tender body and soul. She glanced nervously around the common room which was considerably larger than her own common room of the girls dorm. Each of the guys gave her much more ferocious glimmering gleans of longing now that they were behind closed doors.  It sent a chill down her spine, her body remembering all those hands and just how careless they were, how their nails snagged on flesh accidentally and on purpose, how they squeezed her. It was like she was reliving the nightmare over again, even if she was seconds from reliving it in reality. Her mind was poisoned as much as her body. I parted my way and walked to the pool table before patting upon it. 

“No one can help you. You are all alone. You cannot even help yourself. You are almost free though, come over here on the pool table and then once we are done… I shall let you go and you will not have to worry about anyone else but us knowing what you allowed us to do to you because you were too weak and stupid to stop us… so stupid you even followed us back home, in the belly of the beast.” I spoke, making sure she remembered just how all this happened, I wanted her to blame herself, not us. After all, how can you blame a couple of horny teenagers on what was happening? She could have gotten away if she tried, given her the mind set that this was all her fault, she got herself caught, she came to the boys’ dorm rooms willingly when all she had to do was run back to her own safe haven. 

A new little tear ran down her eye as she looked side to side at the other guys, their jeans stretched outward, Dave’s actually became the focus of her attention for but a moment more than all the others. It wasn’t the girth and frightening size that excited her, but she was questioning if that was even realistic, it was so big that it was disgusting. Dicks were disgusting and revolting, she’d been taught that boys sin terribly with their tools, but the teachers usually didn’t expand upon their teachings, but the impression was that sex with boys, or being alone with boys, or talking with a boy alone was wrong and sinful and just a quick path to hell. 

Her ass, unprotected, wiggled as she bobbed her hips, walking toward the pool table where she sat upon it, nervous, her legs crossed to cover her cunt up, her hands and arms both about her chest which spilled familiarly from her grasps. She just had so much extra thickness on her chest to grow into that perhaps when she grew just a little bit older her already overdeveloped breasts would bloom and blossom into something more, much more but for now the cute, perhaps awkward perkiness of her still developing body was satisfactory. 

It took a split second but they were upon her like gravy on rice. Dave and Chris grabbed one leg as Halley and Alex shoved her against the pool table, laying her down. Now the fun was just going to begin and just get exceedingly better. She felt betrayed but she knew in the back of her mind that she was utterly alone, no one would help her and she couldn’t help herself. She was helpless, hopeless and she needed to just curl up somewhere in her mind and just allow it to pass which was much easier thought than done. Now laying upon the table, her legs stretched and spread, bringing her ankles over the table and forcing them against the legs of the pool table, this caused her body to arch upward a little because of the odd position, she might have been flexible but it was a rather impossible position for anyone given it wasn’t her elasticity in question, but the very structure of her body and bones, her ankle to her leg and to her hip. Humping upward, her pussy slit spread just teasingly enough for Dave and Chris to peek inside to the pink ever vast but surely tight insides of BB. 

I took the liberty to return to the position I personally enjoyed the most. I stepped in front of the pool table, the portion where the balls for the game collected for repetitive usage. BB was no longer thinking, her mind no longer much of a danger as she felt the sensations her body expected but she felt it far much more prominently than she remembered it. It hurt a lot more as Dave and Chris pulled at her arm, stretching her out before grabbing just under her exposed naked soft armpit, snatching a part of that flesh and plucking it. She whimpered and cried. Becky would have covered her mouth but found that impossible given the control each boy had of all her appendages, leaving her to bite into her succulent lips, so deep and painful that her lips turned immaculately white, a dribble of blood being squeezed out into her mouth, the iron taste mixed with that of her potent cunt stench that still remained on her lips. Immediately given the best opportunity to abuse her, I took what I wanted. It was that little tiny white swollen knob that caused her so much pain and I wanted to explore that further. 

“Shhh, all the boys will hear… You don’t want to let down all those people that admire you if they find out, do you? Or are you just that much of a failure. So much of a failure you don’t care who knows what you’ve been allowing us to do to you.” I spoke daringly. 

“I am not allowing—“ She screamed out as I poked the clit hood with my fingertip — but I didn’t relent, I continued to push and shove my finger into the clit, squishing it against her pelvis, deeper even still so that my nails, not particularly sharp nor long, dragged and dug into the clit itself. It was a true display of outright displeasure as Becky’s tan body fidgeted and struggled against her assaulters again. Dragging the finger upward, I scratched along the clit. I am rather confident I left a scar because I know for certain I cut deep into it, enough to break skin but the clit was rather… flimsy. 

“I hear clits are over ten times more sensitive than anything a guy has. We can never know the pleasure you have, and that actually pissed me off when I first heard it but now I am glad I know, because if you are unfairly able to get more pleasure than the guys, then you can suffer just that- much – more.” I said as my fingers collided with each other, the thin little ball of a clit – a collection of nerve endings – wedged in between my tightening fingers, crushing and squishing it. I smiled as she screamed in horror. Tears rolling from her eyes, down her temples and into and around her ear. 

“No, don’t silence her. If people come and see her, it will be her own fault. She will be calling for them, not us. She won’t be a strong role model anymore and she knows she could never forgive herself. If anyone found out, she’d lose everything, and her career as a swimmer would end, perhaps one of the leading female swimmers in Kelly College, one of the top Olympic prospects in the world, and everyone would know what type of dirty little whore she really is.” Becky heard all this and tried to silence herself but it was useless. She cried out in horror as I stopped my friends from muting her and instead guided them to do something equally as vicious as I was doing to her. Dave enjoyed palming her fat breasts, squashing them and twisting them, taking a nipple he twirled it, and twirled it until her breasts twirled to follow suit, Dave was literally winding her flesh up, stretching it distinctly as he did so. I was rather impressed but he successfully spun the breasts almost entirely around, stretch marks appeared, though perhaps not permanent, upon her rich milk creamed chest. Crying, she tried to struggle again, this time she pleaded loudly. 

“Stop! Stop please, it hurts so much. I can’t—-“ It was then that her voice was becoming boring to me, so I decided to shut her up by digging a finger under the clit and its hood while placing another above the clit and hood, from there I mimicked what was being exacted upon her chest. Twisting the clit I had firmly in my pincers brutally before pulling it upward, stretching it before my other hand slapped down upon the clit and exposed pink Mexican pussy punishingly. She jarred a little, wielding out as if she were being tortured. The pain was far too much for her. Her body was shutting down, trying to go into shock so as to sustain her body and mind, after all, pain to someone who had never felt anything remotely painful was just that much more painful. 

My spanking hand went from place to place, from her wet oozing creamy slit and pussy to her bare juicy ass cheeks, obsessed with turning them from tan to red, wondering if I could. I swung with such strength that I even hurt my own hand but her pain was intoxicating to me, so intoxicating that I didn’t mind a little pain here and there upon myself so long as it hurt BB, our precious little mini-hero of Kelly College. I took comfort and satisfaction each time my sweeping hand met with the body that remained more or less unmoving, but with each excessive swat her poor little body moved upward little by little to the point that her head was no long on the pool table and the fact that her neck was barely there either, causing her to forcefully keep her head upward if she chose to watch the horrible actions committed onto her but so spent was she from the tireless hours of whimpering, screaming, and inadequately attempting to stifle her screams of shame.  She lingered backward, the back of her head over the pool table now thudding ever so often against the frame of the wooden entertainment product. 

My slapping and spanking wasn’t entirely focused on her ass or pussy, I was more than content to leave that throbbing clit alone for a little bit while I destroyed it utterly and completely later – no, I wanted this little play thing to last a lot longer than a few hours. I moved my attention to the back of her legs, her knees still pulled against her fat, stretchable tits, even her inner thighs were not safe from my tasteless punishment but all to soon it turned worse as my hand swelled slightly painfully, much so like that puffy little gorgeously tanned ass of hers which was punished with every ounce of my being. Alex, sensing that I had tired and was shaking my hand as if to rid the sting in my palm, he pinched one of BB’s nipples while he moved, grabbing upon a pool stick and handing it to me. 

Nodding in appreciation, I stepped back. Becky, so filled with sensations that she barely sensed that I had stopped my onslaught, however maybe she did feel it stopping but was too worn out and used that to not lift her head, crane her neck, ultimately to see what I was doing next. Much like a bat in my hands, I swung it, scoring a direct slashing smack, her pussy juices which flowed from her sloppily splashed everywhere, even upon myself as the wooden pool stick went from each side of her lower ass and catching a part of her perfectly delectable pussy lips. 

She pulled herself up to see what was going on. I definitely got her attention there and for that reason I didn’t just stop at one swat. I continually did so as I encouraged my friends to become much more… spontaneous. Alex brought back a few items – busily each person sought to duct taping her upon each of the legs of the table so she couldn’t escape, all the time I continued to bring that wooden stick against her swollen pussy – she cried out the loudest I had ever heard her, and when I unintentionally smacked upon her swollen, exposed, sensitive and pure clit. Surely, she would never feel pleasure or pain from that little knob again – but to be sure I swatted after it again, even if she was trying to move out of the way of the brutal swings path, I still perfectly landed upon the clit. I was wrong, she still felt an absurd amount of sensation that probably sent her to being blind, after all, such pain would build up so much that it would envelope all other sensations and emotions leaving only the painful suffering and humiliation. 

I paused, dipping my head to her bald twat, my nose sniffing at the cream her pussy produced. It was odd but factual that guys and girls, when in pain, fear, and the like would actually become turned on, not turned on because they liked it, but it was how the body responded to such things on certain occasions. She was dripping wetness, splashed with each smack, and even making a liquid pool of her own on the pool table. 

Unable to move, she arched her neck upward and faced us all, watching as I drew in a big sniff of her naughty pussy. “You smell like such a good role model. If anyone found out they’d never forget. You would be a disappointment to the world and no one would accept you. You would become worthless. And all those little girly fans you have in the lower grades would definitely know WHY you are not a role model. We don’t want to take that away from you. We just want to have some fun.” I laughed lightly as my nose brushed against her snatch, I exhaled, my nostrils flaring, the sensation of the brief breeze upon her honey suckle wet twat was cooling but uncomfortable for her as she fidgeted her cunnie away by moving her hips. 

Alex also brought clothing pins as I did this, placing them upon her nipples and around like a blooming flower about her breasts, outlining how big they were before putting a new circle of twirling clothing pins deeper onto her breasts. Alex was an artist, even in his cruelty, that was for sure. He instructed Dave to use some clothing pins upon her fingers. Alex called Dave’s attention to him, taking the clasped on clothing pin upon one lone nipple and squashing it downward even more before pulling up upon it, until the breast would refuse to stretch anymore – at which time the clothing pin would just simply snap off only to be put on again. Dave mimicked this action upon each of the fingers, enjoying just how simple and easy it was to do and how much humiliating pain it incited in poor little role model becky. 

I had grown tired of abusing her thighs and ass and even that wet swollen engorged pussy mound coupled by wounded assaulted pussy lips, and so instead chose to take one of the chalks for the wooden pool cue and place it in between clit and hood, making sure the blue part was entirely upon the sensitive place before I jammed it inward and twirled.  Surely it would feel like getting an Indian burn (two hands on another’s one arm and each twist the opposite direction) but straight upon the clit, I wondered if I could destroy this little precious orb, but knew that if I did so it would be purely by accident, I was still exploring and learning what to do and what not to do. She screamed, her mouth wide, saliva dripping humiliatingly out of her mouth as she continued to sob. She was such a cry baby as I continued to use the blue chalk for the pool cue upon her clit before removing it slowly, and to much my amusement I saw her flesh, the lively pink flesh of her pussy lips and her clit, sticking straight outward, so engorged and swollen was that the hood could never hope to conceal it anymore. Her hood was much like my pants as they’d continually grown tighter and tighter. The moment I thought I couldn’t get more aroused — well, she’d pip up, scream, and there it was, I felt more and more delight. But yes, her clit was now no longer pink and pearly with innocent; it was blue from the chalk and discomfiture, but even then that clit also had a hint of purpleness, an oddity if ever I saw it but I surmised that it was probably because of just how much abuse her clit received. 

Once finished, I finally ended her torture by placing a clothing pin against her clit. Unlike the other pins that had been washed along her body, fingers, toes, nipple, hell even the lips of her mouth and nose, this one was A-shaped, with sharp but not too sharp teeth and a tight recoil back into position when released. She felt something cold and metallic on her clit but Becky could no longer look up, she just couldn’t and I don’t blame her. She was afraid and terrified of what other terrible feats of sadistic weirdness the others would do to her. Instead, she screamed and clinched her eyes shut, hoping it would all just disappear – it never did.  In fact, not giving her body to do something, like say, look at something, allowed her body to focus more on the steel clit clip that was released and clapped down upon that little orb. It dug into that overused flesh, puncturing it with ease, cutting through flesh and burrowing into it like a hook for fishing… even if they tried to apply pressure to the end and taking it off with ease, the tips – acting almost barbed would hardly release the clit without causing extremely much more pain. 

True to their word, the boys never penetrated her virginity, but her clit and nipples were being penetrated in other ways – worse. 

They had done almost anything and everything they could think of to the poor swimmer until finally they allowed her some kind of rest – any kind of rest, but mostly they needed their own kind of rest. They had made her prey for several hours, that was just the wait – the anticipation of her capture had burnt a lot of their energy but once they had obtained her, they made the best of it but once again, several hours had passed. Thankfully no one had grown curious enough, or had enough resolve to go to the boys common room to check out what was going on. This did not, however, mean that a lot of the students in the dorm hadn’t awoken and grown curious, their minds filling in the blanks. Who was it that was being made subject to such treatment? They would wonder but they dare not try and find out. Besides — their imaginations had many dream girls to work from and odder, still most of the students secretly thought, wished, it was Becky. She was highly sought after to be sure. 

Each of the boys bent down and literally ripped as hard as possible the duct tape in order to free the poor little turtle dove. To say the least, it was a terrible sting of sensation emanating throughout her ankles and wrists, her naked body immediately being protectively, embarrassedly covered by her milky hands and arms. She had been taped up for so long that she had to fight herself from stretching to rid herself of the awkward feeling her body felt by being duct taped to each of the pool tables legs. Her hand rubbed her wrists though, bright red marks burned where once was duct tape. She obviously struggled against her bounds, leaving indentations in her flesh indicating she had been forcefully bound.  After that, she started to take off the clips, mostly the one that lay visibly on her swollen clit. It stung for a bit, but the pain sort of subsided, and it didn’t hurt to see the swimmer vigorously rubbing and massaging her clit to scrub that sizzling stinging sensation of having something metallic penetrate her. They said they wouldn’t penetrate her pussy but they never said anything about her clit. 

In the course of her frantic massaging of her clit, her pussy started to gush and a wave of euphoria washed along her lithe angelic body. She was partially sitting, partially laying upon the pool table before her eyes rolled up into her head. She didn’t understand but it felt so good what she was doing to herself. Instantly, just then, that pain she’d felt from her swollen clit raged with delight and desire. Expelling cream from her pussy, she exhaustively and horrifyingly satisfied slammed herself against the pool table, stretched, jizz oozing from her overworked and sore vagina. 

The boys watched the spectacle in shock, having partaken in watching the head swimmer of the school rub herself to an orgasm. It was wonderful to see her body convulsing with delight before she lay herself against the pool table, but I wasn’t about to allow that little harlot to enjoy herself for long, even though I was sure that the realization that she had orgasmed in front of her abusers was the most terrifying and humiliating thing possible.

They escorted the little doe, her cheeks flush with red, her ass and cunt rubbed, spanked, and groped raw, toward the bathroom in Mr. B’s dorm room which was just a small tiny walk away, the bathroom which was not only well furnished and large but contained a rather bulky shower where she was tossed into carelessly. She pleaded again, though it seemed the night’s activities had tired everybody mutually, predator and prey. 

“We are almost done.” I said to her with a smirk as she huddled to the furthest part of the shower, she was curled up protectively, unenthused about us being able to see her naked, gorgeous body and all the horrible things we had done to it. Her nipples looked so swollen that they were easily twice the size they normally were when hardened – forcefully by so many hands and fingers and pokes and prods. With that, I took the shower head and sprayed an endless stream of bitter ice cold water onto her. It awoke her immediately. Her eyes widened the second that water touched her and she stood up, daring to try and escape but Alex and Halley prevented her from doing anything. With such furious power behind the stream and its unfriendly temperature, the athlete was no match for just how piercing each drop felt against her body. She screamed, cried as the guys held her still, at least as still as a flailing woman could get. 

I neared her, aiming the head of the shower toward her cunnie, cleaning the dribbling translucent yet thick cream that continued to produce from her vagina. She felt some of the pain go away, at least from the sizzling pain of duct tape burn and clothing pins but was replaced with a new type of unwanted sensation. Her clit, hard and stiff, immediately shrunk under the onslaught of cold water. 

“I figured you’d be used to cold water.” Alex said carefully, laughing as he delighted in her torture. It was Dave that truly came out ahead though, producing a camera and snapping photos. So worked up and in the moment, Becky never once realized that Dave was sneaking shots of her tormented body. She tried to scream, tried her very best to get me to stop what I was doing and all I did was point the head at her mouth and greeted her remorseful pleas with a mouthful of cold, chilled water. 

She sobbed, her flesh, ebony, goose bumped and her lips started to drain color as the torture continued for a few moments but soon enough I stopped it. I replaced the head of the shower back against its post and smiled downward at her. She was huddled and crying, a sad pathetic excuse for the role model she had wanted to be and was, in actuality.

I spat upon her before tossing her a towel, my spit hitting right into her eye. Just a last little straw, after all, I was looking to break in a girl to become a slave, a play thing for me and all my friends. With the towel, she quickly wrapped her body. Each of the boys sighed, unhappy that the Mexican, prideful swimmer had covered her abused lithe, graceful form from their eyes. It was then that Becky realized she was having her picture taken. She shyly covered up, crying a little more. 

“Stop! Stop! What are you doing?” Becky protested, angry, but the fire in her eyes was … much less than before. She’d been used all night and had found that she had seen more, felt more this entire night than in her entire life. 

I replied cruelly. “Insurance, I assure you. If you tell anyone about what happened, we will give these photos to everybody.” I warned. She would keep her mouth shut now, definitely.

She didn’t, however, stop covering herself until I finally told her with an even, mild voice. “Go ahead. Show us what is under that towel and smile… it will be the last thing we ever ask you to do for us.” 

She hesitated, the idea of being free, finally was just too alluring. She slowly leaned back, her ass upon the cold linoleum floor, her hands spreading the towel to reveal her over fondled breasts and her soaking, glimmering cunnie and just then she smiled, a beautiful smile but it was a smile of contempt, she hated doing it and we all knew she was forcing it. Dave snapped a photo, but I was not pleased.

“Stand up, show us your ass, let us see that beautiful butt of yours.” I instructed. She complied after a moment of thought, standing up and turning around, her naked fat chest pressing against the showers’ wall, her hair still curly and slightly dampened by the water clinging to her body. She turned her neck, facing the camera, smiling. Oh so many good blackmailing photos. 

“Now smile and it will all be over, be a good little star athlete whore.” I continued to dig, and that drew a scowl from her. She caught herself remaining infuriatingly silent before offering a wide, innocent smile at the camera. A supermodel  – she could be. 

She was ours now, even if she thought otherwise. 

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