Cum On Comet

Comet, a rain deer anthro, is dubconned in the alley by two anthro wolves. Gay. Dubcon

The alleyway was dark. Ominous. A sense of foreboding that all feel before something bad usually goes down was thick in the air. Comet had exited the theater, through the back, to avoid a confrontation with an old, forgotten ex. The moment the door shut, it locked. It was one of those steel doors that one would typically see in the heart of a city. 

It was damp. Rain had come while he was watching the movie. It still came but slowly. Comet wore a white t-shirt and some blue jeans. Shivering a little, holding his hands against his arms in a crossed position, Comet made way through the barely lit alleyway to the street just ahead of him, which was rather busy as cars sped along that road.

“Could this day get any worse?” Comet sighed under his breath. A fog of chilled air could be seen as he spoke drearily, but in a sarcastic tone.

“Oh, I think it could.” A cruel, malicious voice could be heard from just behind one of the dumpsters. Slipping into view was a tall wolf. With a bandana wrapped around his head and a cigarette loosely held out of the corner of his mouth, Comet could see the gleam of sharp teeth as the sparse light from the road bounced from them. 

This wasn’t good. Comet stopped immediately and even back stepped.  

“I think it has.” A sleek red furred wolf stepped from behind the adjacent dumpster. He wore a leather jacket, and his pants were leather also. In fact, almost everything about this crimson wolf was leather in some sort of way. Much like the first wolf, his smile was just as damning. 

Comet was so paralyzed with fear that he froze stiff in his place as the two masculine wolves advanced, their boots splashed through some puddles as they did. Wide-eyed, Comet backed to the locked, metallic door. He felt the chill of the cold material against his slowly soaking white shirt. Fearful, but trying to keep a cool head, Comet adorably whimpered  “What do you guys want?” There was a trace of bravado under that meek voice.

The sleek black wolf, no, not even black, midnight, enough to blend into the night was it not for those dangerously, almost illuminatingly white teeth.  It was he who was the one who answered first, after blowing a large amount of smoke from his mouth. “Aren’t you far from home, little girl…” 

Before Comet knew it, the towering creature was upon him, both hands pushed up against the door frame, trapping the reindeer. Comet could see the wolf’s chest much clearer now, he was ripped, strong, with surfboard abs, and his hands so big he could probably palm, or rather paw, Comets entire head had it not been for his snowy colored antlers. 

To say he was intimidating was an understatement. 

To say that Comet was intimidated was an understatement.

A few moments ago, Comet would swear he couldn’t push himself further into the door but now that was just a lie. Trembling, from fear, and chill, Comet looked up at the maw of his capture before pulling his eyes to look straight into the others. “I am not a girl, for your information. Okay.” With defiance, Comet tried to simply slip under one of those massive arms, while talking, hoping to escape this situation casually because if it continued any longer, he knew it would be bad for himself. “You are barking up the wrong tree.” 

A large clawed, black hand gripped Comet’s shirt, both ripping it, and pulling it taut, making the t-shirt look, and feel, more like a second skin than some clothing item. Those lips raised, like daggers did those teeth gleam like. Just then, Comet felt himself raising into the air, the steel door slipping across his back without much resistance. Comet was then slammed against the door, more to rattle him then to hurt. 

It worked.

Comet’s hands, instinctually, both, grabbed at the wrist of the hand holding him up, effortlessly, in the air. The smile then widened. “You don’t think that you being a cute little boy is going to stop me and Rex from ravaging and raping your little body… did you?” He licked his chops. 

Comet had forgotten about Rex who was now lingering to the side. Rex peered out from his circular blue tinted glasses, obviously inspecting the prize, like a piece of meat. And much like a hungry animal, Rex licked his lips. “Oh my, what a meal you will be.” 

“Raped!? No one said anything about… HELP! HELP!” Comet struggled, his shoe bashing against the black wolfs groin. Doubling over, Comet was dropped to the ground. It was not elegant or even a graceful descent. Infact, it was painful as Comet landed in a puddle. Body first. His Jeans, shirt which was now translucent, and brown fur soaked through and through. Rex immediately went down to the alleyway ground. His strong hands captured each wrist of the prey, while forcefully flipping Comet over onto his back. 

Straddling Comet, Rex grinned. “You okay, Big bad?” Rex said this as he gyrated his hips just below comet’s belly. There was a bulk and it worked like a leather covered larger then normal finger as it glided against Comets shirt, surprisingly lifting it little by little which felt even more oddly sensation. A wolf was fucking his smooth stomach. Comet struggled, but it was useless. 

Big Bad, making a full recovery, in one swoop, unbelted his pants and slipped it just to the mid of his thigh, just enough for his throbbing, pulsating, black cock to fumble out stiffly. It happened so fast and obviously the duo had done this often enough, their movements very coordinated as Big Bad positioned himself just above Comets head and traded control of Comets wrists, allowing Rex to use his hands along the whimpers, struggling reindeer.

“Stop that screaming. No one is going to help you. No one wants to help you. Let us help you, little slut.” Roughly, Big Bad took the antlers with one hand, his other strong enough to constrict both wrists, and tilted its elasticity. Pulling and tugging lightly, he neared Comets head toward his fat cock. It smelt, not dirty but of sex. Realizing where his head was going, Comet stiffened, but each time he resisted, the tug of that controlling black wolf became that much more. 

Claws dug into Comets shirt, easily pulling off the damp article, tearing the white cloth into shreds with delight. It was cold. Comets nipples were hard and stuck out like little bumps upon his constantly hyperventilating chest. “Good little boy… Scream for Big Bad, open your mouth wide” Rex said viciously as his furry paw ran along the bare wet chest and belly of Comet soothingly, feeling fur against fur until he got to the blue jeans that Comet wore. Rex pulled them down, just a few inches. Enough to expose Comet’s own hardening cock, as it popped shamelessly from the tight jeans. 

Rex growled. “Oh my, you are a little slut. Look at this…” Rex said teasingly. Comet felt the hand glide against the belly of his penis, precum jizzing out steadily. Despite the rain, the pre-cum was too oozy a substance not to notice, especially with the sheer amount that was being produced. It leaked along the head of the reindeers phallus until Rex collected a little of it on his fingers, then used those fingers to coil around the half exposed cock to jerk it, a thumb caressing along the cock-hole erotically. 

Comet fought with all his might but it was no use. The moment his attention wavered, he no longer was winning the tug of war game with his head and with Rex jerking his cock with firm, short, incomplete strokes, it was impossible to stay strong or resistant to the dominant Big Bad Wolf. Comet offered up one last desperate cry for help as the thick member bludgeoned against his mouth. It slipped in, but Comet didn’t allow it to go any further than just the tip. 

Big Bad had other plans. Thudding his body forward, he forced Comet’s thin, soft featured jaw open to accept more of his length. Gagging almost immediately, Big Bad didn’t stop his relentlessness. It was the struggle that excited Big Bad, feeling that mouth and tongue dance from one side to another as Comet desperately tried to get freedom. 

The black cock slipped further until it was entirely hilted. The lack of oxygen, mixed with the lack of ability to process these odd, seemingly endless sensations, was adding to the sheer intoxication of the event. Comet’s eyes rolled up into the back of his head as Rex positioned both hands under his kneecap, just to get the leverage so Rex could lift up the legs, pushing them to Comets own chest. Withdrawing a hand, Rex furiously and hastily tugged the blue jeans down further. The cock popped free from the confines, issuing another glop of precum. “Good boy” Rex cooed, sensing some of the resistance was waning. Perhaps not because of acceptance of fate, but Rex didn’t care. So long as he wasn’t kicked in the balls. With palm upon the head of Comets phallus, Rex’s red and white furred fingers acted much like a cage around the cock, fingers sensually digging into the base of Comet’s own medium sized penis, jerking it, caressing the fleshy appendage with skill and hunger. Continuing with cooing words under his breath, Rez poised his girthy cock just along the ass cheeks of the victim. Rex rubbed his obviously pulsating member against the crack, cluing Comet in what was soon to come. 

Feeling the rod sizzling and slipping along his backside, Comet could only offer up some tears and whimpers. Finally, Big Bad freed his phallus from the tight, constrictive throat of Comet, allowing the trembling slut  time to gasp for air. And Gasp he did. A hand harshly smacked upon Comet’s face. Much like the steel door incident, it was mostly a means of shocking dominance, not true outright brutality. “I almost got it all the way in. You liked that didn’t you?” 

Comet was so worn out that his head lay in a small puddle, motionless, his dead eyes gazing at the street not too far away, at all the passing cars. It wasn’t as if they were behind anything. If anyone just, for a second, looked down the alley, they would see his rape. And yet no one came. What was more, he didn’t want them to come, to see him in this… disgusting position. 

Just then a claw-like nail slipped into his tight little butt hole. It wasn’t painful and seemed to penetrate without much resistance. Comets legs stretched upward and outward, resting upon the strong shoulders of Rex now. Wiggling, moving up and down, side to side, any direction imaginable, before circularly swirling, the nail turned into a finger, and then two. Comet was being opened up to ease… ‘its’ entrance, Comet shivered and regained new life in escaping. 

Big Bad didn’t allow that. The penis jammed upon Comets closed lips. The warmth harshly caressing his lips as Comet refused. It was only when Comet felt Rex’s cock slide in between his crack that he issued a crying response. Big Bad knew it was coming to and capitalized, ramming his cock back into the mouth. This time, his cock didn’t go for how far it could jam itself into the virgin, damp, saliva coated mouth and throat, but for how fast it could piston into the furry reindeers mouth. The ball sack rubbed on the occasion, more frequently then not though, it slapped against the side of his face.

The scene was electric. His cock teased remorselessly by those adventurous, experienced fingers belonging to Rex. Comets cock was about to explode as he felt the additional stroking of the belly of his cock caressing against the bare stomach of Rex‘s constantly pumping body, which meant Comets cock had snagged just under the leather jacket and shirt that Rex still wore. The cock in Comets mouth was treated with curious lashes of his tongue, the precum coming in waves, much like a small, miniscule orgasm in and of itself. The burning goo was full, thick, the texture being rough but felt like gel swimming against his tongue and dripping, watering mouth. 

Comet could sense the impending orgasms by both partners. Their actions became repetitive, not in a dull manner though. Their individual coos and husky harsh breathes hinted to the approaching waves of ecstasy they both, mutually were going to feel. All because of Comet. It excited the reindeer, frighteningly so. But with Comets asshole, which was a pleasure button of sheer forbidden pleasure that Rex’s cock just continued to push and push again, receiving so much love, it was impossible to think of anything else but to orgasm. 

The wolves did what wolves do best. They howled, their excitement and release was contagious. 

Rex continued his odd sensational stroking of the cock between his squishing, moving fingers. His actions increased as his moment was upon him. Just then, Comet felt a powerful force erupted from in between his cheeks and his mouth. Comets cheeks ballooned up, storing the cum, obviously not wanting to swallow it. Comets mouth continued to fill until Comet was forced to open his mouth even wider than the cock deemed necessary. The cum cascaded from Comets open mouth. It seemed like just seconds, but Comet finally caved in, swallowing the cream willingly, having been literally forced to eat it for what felt like oh so long. Comet opened his eyes wide before shutting them, his own release soon. He did not howl like the wolves, but instead panted like a harlot in heat, moaning desperately. 

Big Bad noticed this and took his hand over to the leather jacket belonging to Rex. Those hands, like snakes, vice gripped mercilessly around the near to blow cock. Arching his back, Comet’s eyes widened as the phallus in his butt slipped free, but most importantly, his orgasm was approaching. No, worse yet. It was there. He could feel the sense of burning urgency to have it. 

Trying to fuck himself to an orgasm on whatever he could… This is currently the stomach of Rex, with its\ glorious fur finely caressing his cocks underbelly, the fingers at the base of his cock, the smooth leather jacket, but that didn’t matter. Big Bad was shoving his fingers right into the belly of the cock, preventing anything from getting through. 

“Tell me you want to cum. Tell me that you are just a little whore who wants it.” Big Bad said as Rex ran his palms against the smooth, lithe hips belonging to Comet. 

“I don’t think he deserves to cum. Remember what he did to your balls?” Rex chimed in. 

Could this day get any worse? 

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