I Dream of Expanding Misty

Jennie cosplays as Misty from Pokemon, expands, and grows as big as a building.

Jennie enjoyed the convention so far. It was a wonderful experience, from the tables set up in artist alley which was just a menagerie of tremendously talented artists (though some not so talented), to the panels revolving around just about anything anime and oddly, many things not related to Anime. The choices were absolutely endless and regardless of how much Jennie tried to experience all she could experience, she simply didn’t have the energy nor did the day have enough hours to allow such. This hotel was a one stop shop for all things nerdy, which was by no means something that Jennie frowned upon, in fact she felt very comfortable in this environment and was milking it the best she could. It didn’t hurt that here, in the convention, she obtained several longing, lustful looks from males and on the occasion, even females but perhaps it was just her imagination working overtime, everything else was, so why not her imagination,  but she knew that not to be true given the attention, as intense as she’d ever had, focused exclusively on her exposed flat stomach, above it wrapped a simple yellow sleeveless shirt, crimson suspenders snapped over her shoulders, flowing down her lithe form, spreading and separating to make way for her lush handheld sized breasts. The straps acting much like frames for those little pudgy melons, below, small, very small cutoff shorts, threads dangled each step she took, resided. 

She was the exact duplicate of Misty from Pokemon and despite the aging of the cartoon; Misty was still highly sought after by fanboys. It made her feel funny but it didn’t bother her too much, she always had to reassure herself that honestly, most the people here were horny guys just eye fucking any and everyone who looked remotely attractive, sides, they didn’t see her, by no means, they saw Misty which was comforting but not so comforting, she was a person too. 

Enjoying rubbing shoulders with her peers, she weaved through each and every room this convention had to offer her, including going down into the gaming room that resided downstairs where she took up a controller for an hour or… three but somewhere down the line she started to feel odd, a tingling sensation that overwhelmed her body. At first, it was more tame in sensation but as time slowly passed on, so too did the foreign feeling grow. Jennie made her way from the large room set aside for gamers, both video games and card games which also included board games and the Dungeon and Dragoneers, and attempted to make it into the ladies room but she couldn’t make it, after just a few steps outside of the gathering of players, she doubled over, her slender digits clutching at her taut stomach expressively, that isn’t to say the pain was originating from that point, nor did it mean that it was primarily focused there but doubling over seemed like the best option available to her at the time. It wasn’t as if it was painful or anything. It felt much more akin to, say, being lightheaded but lightheaded throughout her body with a little dash of her body tensing up, her entire body, not just her stomach, or any one exclusive area upon herself. 

Quickly, not know what to do, she tried several of the door handles which she passed on her journey to the girls room, which she knew she’d never make now, until eventually she found a spacious panel room that was unlocked and as immediately as she found a door willing to open for her, she was inside, the door quickly slamming in panic as the strange and overwhelming feelings washed over her lovely and slightly pale fleshed body, leaving behind a hallway with a litter of people concernedly looked at the makeshift Misty whom seemed to be in some distress. 

The panel room was well lit and played upon her porcelain skin evenly. Something about light just made her at ease. The odd tingling finally subsided, which could be likened to intense butterflies swarming in her stomach, but unfortunately for her, that feeling was replaced in kind, and spades another new feeling. It felt as if her clothing was becoming tighter, very constrictive against her tender, sensitive flesh. Even her shoes seemed to be getting smaller. 

No… Her clothing, shoes, even wig weren’t getting smaller, no, and she was getting bigger. She realized this, much to her surprise, as she looked down at her chest which was growing, expanding, and stretching her tiny sleeveless shirt to the brim. Jennie’s suspenders as well expanded much past their elastic point causing them to teeter on the edge of snapping all together and without much grace. Struggling to understand the circumstances, Jennie soon departed on the simple questions of why this was happening and more so leaned upon the understanding of what exactly was indeed happening to her, and what was happening was very obvious to the cosplaying Misty. 

She was growing, getting bigger. 

The panel room was located more to the edge of the hallway and was secluded, as secluded as a room could be in this boisterous and busy convention. The walls were closing around her, almost literally, but she still had room enough to grow into but the very fact that she was growing frightened her. Chairs tables even the walls started to dwarf right in front of her terrified eyes. Jennie, still in the throes of panic, gasped as she heard the denim mini shorts rip, the sound was lingering unlike many quick rips she’d heard when she added purposeful character to her attire by manually ripping. Her hands, still in the mists of growing, smoothly ran along her thighs upon the tearing shorts, she could feel herself grow, perhaps more so she could feel its effects as it took a toll upon her slipping denim fibers. 

Urgently, her fingers, still dexterous, quickly undid her button upon the shorts to allow her some breathing room but before she could complete the task, the button popped off with ease and shot to a button toward a chair, the sound it made was unmistakable metallic. Her perfect white teeth clenched at her lower lip, sucking and nipping at it as she felt her constrictive clothing continue to suffocatingly entrap her body. She continued to grow though, clothing be damned and the tiny little shorts, more akin to a thong then anything else at this point in time, were definitely not coming off of her own will power, slipping them off her large legs would be near impossible, and growing more and impossible as a seconds waned on. 

Thankfully, if such could be considered given the circumstances, she didn’t have to much worry about her clothing. Her shirt split down the middle before tearing asunder the fabric, exposing her chest and all its grown, large glory. Jennie noticed that though she was growing bigger, she remained proportional, so her breasts, for her size, still were the equivalent of B cups. As the shirt tore itself off her, she stood tall in the panel room, her head brushing against the ceiling. It would be incredibly difficult to get out of the door but she had to try, eventually, after she overcame this tingling sensation that erupted throughout her body, it intensified as her clothing continued to tear from her body.

Jennie was now easily four times her size, her shorts having long been torn off by her growing and fluctuating body size, and with absence of a shirt, one might consider her naked except that wasn’t entirely true. Her bikini and panties stretched along her increasingly larger chest and hips respectively, giving them the faint illusion of being a swimming suit. Her panties, more cotton, then elastic, cupped her pussy but left little to the imagination of the size of her pussy mound which suffocatingly pressed directly upon the ever expanding, stretching, and finally retracting panties. Sheepishly, Jennie took her hands and placed them about her exposed breasts which filled each cup of her bra exquisitely. Much like the panties, her bra also had to eventually give way from expansion and just become tighter resulting in her attire mimicking that of even the most shameless stripper where her bra merely or perhaps barely covered the ever expansive widening darkened pools of her areolas. And her panties instead of expanding widthfully, instead sunk inward between her pussy lips, borrowing themselves between each crack that was available to it. Arousal of the fabrics constricting nature briskly washed along her tingling form. 

Her shoes had long been gone, they split and burst to accommodate her feet, her shoes no longer had a top portion to them and mimicked more like sandals than anything else,  and her suspenders which hung loosely over her shoulders, strapped to nothing in particular. How she was going to get out of here without people looking at her near naked body, she wondered with horror. So many questions seemed to flow through her mind but first thing was first, she was cold, her nipples, though proportional to her size, were in actuality much larger now. Curious about the transformation, she took a few heartbeat moments to examine her new, unworldly body. She was easily eight, maybe nine feet tall, the world was definitely not a suitable place for her, and her breasts were much more akin to being C or even D cups now. Her hands stroked along her thick thighs as the remains of all her shredded clothing blanketed the ground. They looked so much smaller now then when they were upon her minutes prior. 

Her hand continued to linger upon her goose bumped flesh, stroking along her sides before peeling the straps dangling upon her shoulders. Plucking them off, she had never had an occasion to explore her body like this but more so, she was exploring the differences also, it was like a whole new little journey of exploration given her body while might remain identical to her original body, the sheer size difference was more than enough reason to explore with renewed vigor. She bent down and grabbed her clothing which scattered along the vast floor of the con room.

She sighed in dismay, realizing that her clothing really was so small that they would barely even cover her most precious and private parts. However she did take a liking to moving around as such caused her remaining scandalous clothing to rub and in certain points dig in just the right places. She paused as she noticed her wig had fallen off as well, her lovely short hair exposed. Her cosplay which she spent the better part of three minutes throwing together was useless now, and not just useless as a cosplay, but useless as clothing all together. It was then that the giant vixen flashed a smile, noticing that there was indeed something she could use, a purple curtain, one of many that lined the wall to this room. She greedily and quickly snatched the material and draped it around her body, tearing it in half to wrap one strip around her waist like a skirt and the other around her breasts and followed it under her armpits where she tightly tied it off. She took this time to cool her body and mind down before making sure that her body was fully clothed, or at least clothed enough to make an honest escape. 

God – how was she going to escape!? 

She could – not – fit – in – her – own – car! Hell, it was already small when she was… regular sized. An odd thought to her but she knew she was much bigger now than she’d ever dreamed of, taller then just about anyone in the world. Though the drapes only dangled down to her knees, it still worked out. With little effort, she wiggled her feet out of her shoes before snatching the door knob and opened the door; the rush of excitement seemed to overwhelm her body much like the sensation of growth had. She was unaware that with her new size, she was gifted with much strength, a fact she realized when she, with ease, broke the door handle off. 

Damn it!

With a shove, the door popped open and she went back into the scattered sea of people who had taken up residence outside the utility closet, curious about what was going on inside, apparently Jennie was groaning and the sounds of her clothing stretching and ripping brought the attention of passersby. Immediately, her pale cheeks beamed brightly with crimson as they all had their eyes intensely focused upon her taller form. To get past the frame of the door, she had to bend down but when in the hallway she was able to straighten herself up to her full and complete height, dwarfing any and all people around her. 

Embarrassment was thick in her mind before several of the people began to clap, apparently they were pleased and happy with her size. Several people came up to her and made small talk, mostly about her size and who she was trying to cosplay as, given that her near naked form was only made modest by the purple drapes that she’d snatched from the utility closet moments prior. 

Proudly, and with a little quick thinking, she answered the question by saying she was in fact cosplaying as the 50 foot woman, not many people knew what she was talking about but it was indeed a perfect scapegoat. Some in the crowd though did know what she was talking about, which was good. Several people in a blink of an eye, had cameras and phones out recording and taking pictures of her. She was humbled by the popularity that this growth spurt had given her. It also turned her on a little to know that even the most attractive guys surrounding her, the ones with strong abs on display and perfect figures were sly hitting upon her, she got caught up in the moment and even before she could get out of the original hallway, she was swarmed with more and more people, greeting and talking with her. 

She was like a Hollywood star to them and she wasn’t intent on dispelling the enchantment her size had on their minds, not in the magical sense, but more so that her size was a benefit to her popularity, not something to be ashamed of. Some even wanted her to pick them up, which, begrudgingly, she agreed to after she sample tested with a kid not much, only then ten. Realizing that she was indeed gifted with strength proportional to her size, she began to heave grown adults up into the air to get better photos. She never really noticed but some of the more perverted of the cons denizens took position behind her so that each time she bend down to pick someone up, her purple attire would breezingly whisk upward, stretching and clutching against her thick thighs in such a way as to reveal the lower portion of her delightful, delicious, well rounded and huge ass, but try as they might they could never see that little cherry that they longed to see. It must be large, and some of the guys even fantasized how tasty it would be. 

Working the crowd for over two hours, unable to move or leave her little fans, she eventually had to press on. Originally her plan was to escape but it seemed that many were far more accepting of her this way then they were when she was a good ole redhead skimpily clad misty. In fact, when she was misty, she was dressed a lot more alluring and provocatively, right now she just wore drapes and though they didn’t much cover her body, they did much more justice to covering her modesty then her misty cosplay and even despite that she was still a talking sensation.

She went out into the more open area, away from the gamers hallway where she was greeted with people’s interests, they surrounded her and she enjoyed each and every minute of it, but it was getting more and more embarrassing when she could hear some of the chitter chatter from people surrounding her, but they were a little in the distance, not daring to get close to her. Some were guys making the occasional sex joke about how big her… well how big ‘that’ was, and how giant her soft orbs were, and some were from girls who were obviously just at the con, dressed like sluts for exactly the attention that Jennie was receiving. Jealousy was an ugly thing but still, with such high attention to her, she was growing more and more embarrassed by the minute but it didn’t stop her from having a good time. 

Despite all this though, she was still growing at a much more reduced rate but she could feel it happening to her, but it never occurred to her that she was actually growing bigger! Her purple drapes clenched tighter around her naked flesh underneath, and she felt that, but she also felt that sensational butterfly tingling in her stomach again, perhaps it was brought upon by her embarrassment but either way, she felt she could control her nervousness, at least for now, but it wasn’t really a main focus, she was really enjoying the con now that almost everybody seemed to shower her with praise of her giant size. 

Through these photo ops, she learned she could pick a single person up with just one hand, and even attempted to heave two people at the same time which she was able to do without breaking a sweat. But soon those peanut gallery comments became lewder and much more abrasive, mostly about how the torn purple drape that wrapped around just her breasts was getting smaller and smaller and her large breasts struggled to remain confined in the fabric. Her freckled breasts, the top portion popped outward much like it was under the duress of being in a corset, and even the under part of her breasts were growing more and more exposed, which made her blush even more. Her nipples, as large as her breasts originally were, poked outward as embarrassment flowed throughout her body, even her nipples had bumps the size of her original nipples, perhaps even more sensitive, the buckling of her purple drapes caused her to feel a very naughty sensation wash along her body, electricity running down her spine. 

Through the course of lifting people up, bending down, stretching, posing and other such various activities which turned her attention from just about anyone who had passed her, she had accidentally snapped her bra and panties both of which had long lost their utility of covering her form but they never lost their pleasuring effect of having them tightly wrapped around her supple yet still growing form. While her purple curtain clothing still remained tightly upon her, she was still worried as her undergarments released and broke, especially worrying that others had heard the audible snapping.

Soon, after realizing that her material was not as accommodating as it once was, decided she better go find something a little more appropriate, perhaps another drape as she was entirely positive she’d never be able to buy actual clothing for her size. But just then many of the people, some who had followed her around for hours, soon disappeared, scurrying off in the same direction as all the others. She heard from a ‘friend’ beside her that there was this huge concert that would celebrate the end of a most successful and fun con. 

How could she say no?

Jennie followed the crowd, her size, as attractive and alluring as it was intimidating for some, allowed her to quickly enter into the concert without having to wait in line. The place was dark and several chairs, most occupied, lined in rows and had several lining the sides of the wall and even the back of the wall, this was going to be a crowded room soon enough but that wasn’t so bad, she wouldn’t mind disappearing from her new found fame for awhile and enjoy the wrapping up of the night. 

Several people behind her, sometimes even a few rows back, complained of her being so tall, how they couldn’t see beyond her. Trying as she might to hunch down or move herself out of their way, usually resulted in a new, different crowd of people behind her complaining that they couldn’t see, not like there was anyone on the stage to see yet but she understood. As embarrassment continued to sweep over her bulky but still skinny, at least in size, body, she felt her body grow warmer and warmer, she’d felt this type of thing before and immediately tried to stand up from the seat and rush out of the concert that was just about to begin but before she could, she found her thick fleshy ass lodged into the seat remorselessly. She gave another lean forward and with her legs, she tried her best to pull herself up from the seat to escape. It was of no use, her ass had grown and was now shaping around the chair that she found herself stuck in. 

She sighed, actually growing more and more concerned, eventually her clothing… oh God… her clothing! In front of all these people! She renewed her attempt for freedom but as she did so, the chair’s arms busted under the pressure of her expanding ass and thighs, waist and generally her entire body. She was now expanding into the seats next to her, soon those people who were complaining watched in horror and silence as she continued to grow bigger and bigger at the same accelerated pace she was accustomed to when this originally happened to her. The purple drapes easily snapped off, they weren’t denim shorts, nor bra, nor panties and definitely not even a shirt, those objects had some type of strength to them but these drapes snapped off her with ease and it didn’t even much phase nor hurt or harm her. She panicked as she was utterly and shamelessly naked in the large room. People started walking hurriedly out of the concert room, many people stayed to snap pictures and just watch in awe as she continued to grow, they had no idea when she would stop though, nor did she, but they had no idea she would continue to grow as big as she was already growing toward. 

The chairs under her snapped and crumbled under her weight but still remained directly under her butt, several rows of chairs upset in their formation because of her upheaval of their order and positioning. Lying upon a continually smaller chair, Jennie wrapped her arms modestly around her gigantic breasts, a hand perched about where her cunnie was which was stark naked and exposed also. It was then that her feet started to bust into the stage that people began to panickedly run out of the theater in a rush. She continued to grow; her voice was trembling, though booming loud as she hurriedly asked frantic questions about why she was growing and what was happening to her. Her head busted into the wall behind her where the line of people on the other end were, she leaned upward, her head now taking, with ease, the balcony seats which had long since been abandoned by fleeing people. She continued to grow without limit; the theater soon became much like the utility closet she once was in, at once a wide and vast place but now a place that could barely if at all contain her. 

The theater was destroyed utterly under her giantess size leaving the naked Jennie lying upon the vast rubble beneath her. She was so big that she couldn’t even wrap her mind around it. She placed her hand upon the ground, leaving a large hand print in the foundations of the building, she used her hands to support her as she tried to stand, exposing her body for all to see, of course at this time many people were not concerned or fixating their attention to her naked body but at her sheer size, even now, her nudity was still burning in the back of her mind, everyone could see her, but yet she tried desperately to stand. 

Beneath her was a ruined theater, standing upon it was Jennie, 200 feet tall and God only knew if that would be the end of it.

She would definitely not fit in her car now. 

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