BB Part 4

Becky had been allowed to sleep in her own bed that night but she didn’t sleep at all, not one wink.  If she did sleep, I was sure she had nightmares about me – I saw it in her eyes.  Those wide black Mexican eyes were puffy, begging to spill all of her soul’s secrets, […]

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BB Part 3

Becky, (aka “BB”) was so stunned and shocked that the day had been utterly lost to her.  She worried about those photos, which might not be circulated, unless she gave Mr. B. a reason to release them.  This from the man who had been taking advantage of her repeatedly for the past few days, how

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BB Part2

I had successful parents, and in other words, my position in Kelly College as well as the disgraced “Beckys”, was secure.  Not only was my place in this school secure, but I also had benefits.  My dorm room was large, which I shared with my friend Alex, a German boy who had preoccupied his time

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BB Part1

A college swimming star is introduced to a life of non-con. Twisted story of a strong female characters deplorable demise It all started out so innocently, as innocently as most things start out I had always had an itch, a little tiny scratch that was content and never ending, yet I knew not what it

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Under the Hot Sun

Male Furry steals other male Furries cock sizes via a mysterious obelisk. Attribute theft. Military. Gay.  Under the unforgiving sun and complete lack of trees, Kaedan was not having a good time. He was in the middle of a sea of sand and war torn dilapidated buildings -it was not becoming for him. He marched

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Internet Cuckold

Plump&Juizy: Wazzupp!!!!!!!!!!!! John316: How is the party going? Plump&Juizy: Thw love bierds few the coop.  John316: They left already? Plump&Juizy: They be back soon. They are gunna go gets us more alchy.  John316: Burning the boring time away hu? Plump&Juizy: Nuuu >.<; I am just wanna say it sux you not here.  John316: I really

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