Demonic Denigration Permission Okay

Lucas, with his pitch black hair, brushed out of his eyes, continues his journey in the dark forest that leads behind his village. He had heard rumors of a blackened church that had held resilient to the burns that the prior villagers had failed to burn. It seemed as if the structure was resilient to destruction.

  He was awakened by a voice in his head. It had commanded that he venture out into the darkness to find the church. He obeyed, due to the power that had commanded him. His logic was blurred by strong emotions. He felt a strong need to seek out what the voice had commanded, regardless if it was a dream or something he heard in reality. He makes his way towards the partially blackened building, which had suffered from several attempts at burning but the church was built from inflammable materials. Only the surface of the building had suffered from the flames that had sought to damage its exterior. 

  He enters the building and walks inside, his curiosity peaking. As he enters, the voice commands once more, in a soft and commanding manner, speaking straight into his mind’s eye. He smiles as he obeys. A feeling of euphoria washes over him as he continues his journey. Enter the basement. The door is to the left. Pleasure and satisfaction await you, my child

  He opens the large wooden door to his right and enters the stairway that leads to the basement. A wooden staircase leads toward his destination. He descends the stairs as commanded. Soon after he reaches the bottom, he is met with a dark room, with a single throne made of bone awaiting him. On the throne rests the ivory-colored bones of the prior sitter who had claimed it. 

  Remove all that binds you to this reality, the voice commands. Lucas obeys, stripping his clothing, as if under a spell, to nothing but his white underwear. A piercing voice penetrates his mind. Pull your pathetic cock out and stroke it. Show me what you have to offer. Lucas obeys, now nearly naked. His underwear hangs just below his waist. 

  He takes his hand and rubs it from the base of his cock towards its tip. He doesn’t have far to go, as his cock is quite small. The cold of the air in the room proves difficult to produce an erection, but obeying his new master’s commands gives him some new sort of pleasure. He obeys and strokes his cock until he is fully erect, albeit it only being three inches at full mast. He can hear maniacal laughter in his mind.

  HAHA, you call that a cock? I imagine that you’ll only cum a pathetic load for me. Go ahead then boy. Cum for me, the demonic voice played out in his head. As if he was possessed, he obeys and strokes his pathetic tiny cock to the commands of the demon that demands in his mind. He was a wee lad of only eighteen years old, so this was one of his first sexual experiences.

  “Do it, boy. Cum for your master. My child, I demand that you obey all that I wish. Your work is not yet complete. Do you think that tiny cock should satisfy me? You are pathetic. I am that of a god. I have seen all manner of men, Yet you disappoint me with your manhood. Obey and I’ll grant you all of your deepest desires” the voice commands.The hypnotic voice enters his mind. It’s as if Lucas’s subconscious thoughts had a voice and form to them. He can feel the voice sifting through his mind as he breathes heavily while he strokes his penis, which, fully erect, is embarrassingly small.

  “You are to obey my every command, and… judging by your manhood, you’d seem to be the type to not put up much of a fight. You are hardly a man judging by your cock alone. It’s pathetic,” The voice rings out. Its words sting Lucas’s mind. His heart pains him as the demonic voice rings out all of his insecurities.  

  “Wait, that’s not fair. I am a man,” the boy says out loud, tears filling his eyes. 

  “If you were a man, would you not be here? Look at what thou has done. The first voice in your head starts telling you what to do and you obey like a child. Look downwards, Lucas. Look at your tiny shriveled cock. Do you really aim to please a woman with that pathetic thing? I mean honestly, do you truly believe that any woman would lay with you,” The words sting inside his mind. Tears welled in his eyes. His hand kept stroking, now against his own will. He wanted to stop, but he didn’t have the willpower to break free from this spell. 

  “You think you can resist my voice? How delightful. I’m not even controlling you, this is how weak your mind is. Your body is small and frail, your manhood couldn’t feed a starving whore, and you can’t even muster the courage to act of your own accord. It’s just sad isn’t it?”

  “B-but…,” Lucas stops his sentence, defeated at the painful accuracy of the demonic voice. 

  “Oh, but you can’t even deny it, boy. Should I have chosen not to take control of you, then who else would have? Surely anyone could dominate your pathetic mortal prison you call a body, as well as sway you with the sweetest of words. You surely can’t possibly consider yourself as someone worth living. Keep stroking. Even now as I bring your insecurities to the surface, you still obey me like the worm you are”.

Completely defeated, Lucas continues to stroke himself, increasing in speed, attempting to prove the voice wrong. “Y-yes master, I am worthless. I’ll do as you ask. I don’t have a spine. I’m nothing but the dust beneath my feet.” 

  He finds a strange pleasure in this engagement. He feels warmth growing inside of him as he continues his task. 

  “I like your spirit, kid. Actually, I don’t but at least you had a tiny bit of effort left in that embarrassingly small brain. Now, I want you to cum when I tell you to.”

“Yes, master,” Lucas continued to rub his cock much faster, “I’ll do anything that you command as I am your slave.”

  “Think of all of the times you have disappointed others. Think of all of your failures. Think of where you are now, worm. Alone and obeying the first voice that fills your head that is not your own. Cum for me then. Go ahead and disappoint me further, as you would should you cum for anyone else.”

  Lucas lets out a whimper and a high-pitched moan as he reaches climax. His cock spurts out three streams of thick cum, and a tiny cloud of steam emits from the translucent puddle. He pants and feels an unseen power shove him to his knees. His head faces the cold concrete, unable to move. He feels the demonic voice laugh in his mind.

  “Excellent work, slave. You’ve done as I commanded and now our bond is permanent. You’ll be my plaything until the end of time. Now… Look upwards.” 

Lucas obeys his master and suddenly is filled with fear. His eyes meet with the skull of the skeleton that had once sat upon the throne. The jaw moves in sync with the laughter he hears in his head. Lucas’s eyes widened as he felt his very existence begin to decay. He looks down to see his body slowly fading to dust and he falls unconscious, dissolving at a rapid rate. The room is left empty, save for Lucas’s skeleton remains and the throne of bone. 

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