Mothy Mayhem

An Alien Moth comes to earth and just rapes and ravages anything it can possibly get a hold of. Men, women, trains, planes, trucks…. Warehouses. Ultimately, the planet looks like a good fuck toy.

My eyes open after another long slumber. I appear to have drifted quite a distance from the darker corners of the universe. A giant glowing orb stings my eyes as I blink the ‘sleep’ out of them. What the devil.
I let out a chuckle and mumble to myself, “Looks like I’ve drifted quite a long way huh”. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice a strange-looking planet drifting in orbit around its fiery sun.
Curiosity wraps her tender hands around my brain and my mind wanders. Is that… water?
I stretch my wings and let out a high-pitched yawn. My wings unfold from behind me and flutter toward the planet that has my attention. As I get closer and closer to the planet, childlike thoughts drift into my consciousness.

I wonder what’s there, waiting for me to play with.

A burst of excitement explodes in my chest. The goofiest giggle leaves my lips as the funniest thought forces its way through my mind. That planet has a baby planet! I’ve seen moons before, but this one just looks… cute.

Mothy, you really need to get out more, huh?

I flutter onwards, humming various tunes that I’ve picked up from other planets and systems that I’ve visited.

The planet’s white clouds obscure various landmasses and oceans. It’s much more beautiful up close. I appear to be about another half hour of flying until I reach its surface. My heart races as I think about what sorts of creatures may be on it.

While flying closer, a blast of space dust causes me to let out a massive sneeze. The propulsion from my massive sneeze sends me spiraling toward the planet’s snow-colored moon. I smash into it, leaving a massive crater into it. After the collision, the wind in my lungs quickly shoots out of my mouth, leaving me in a coughing fit.

I stand up and try to catch my breath. After a long quiet pause, my eyes slam shut and I let out exasperated laughter. I shake the dust off of me and I look towards this new planet. I stretch my wings once more and dash toward the planet at a blinding speed. As I dash through the planet’s atmosphere and through the misty white clouds, I find myself nearing signs of alien life here. I carry on my journey, as the faster I travel towards the surface, the more details I can make out of the land.
I fly above what appears to be a large city with several eye-catching skyscrapers. My mouth slightly opens in awe as my eyes dart around the cityscape. The joy of discovery causes my lips to curl into a smile. I flutter towards the largest one and gaze at how much larger it was than me.
As I curiously stare at the massive skyscraper, my attention is drawn toward a small primitive spaceship passing by in the distance. All while giggling, I drift towards what I will later discover is called a ‘plane’.
It is fast compared to most of the other airborne structures that I’ve encountered before, however, my wings can definitely keep up. I flutter up next to it and realize how peculiar it is shaped. The front of the plane looks particularly penis-shaped. Thinking about what it would feel like to shove the plane in my ass causes blood to flow to my cock. I get a rush of adrenaline as I slowly begin scheming out my next move.
I fly towards the side of the plane and grasp one of the wings. I let out a soft grunt as I ripped one of the wings off of the side of the plane. One of my hands grasps the body of the plane while the other tears the other wing off in a careful fashion, as to avoid damaging the phallic-shaped plane.
Once both wings have been removed, I slow both my movement and the plane’s movement speed down to where I can float freely in the blue sky. I take the cockpit of the plane and I smile. I lick the windows where two small creatures screamed in fear in response. My tongue swirled around the entire tip of the plane, leaving behind gallons of saliva. Once I felt like the plane was lubricated enough, I adjusted myself to rub my growing erection on the side of the plane.
As my cock and the plane rubbed with each other, both covered in my saliva, my cock began to grow further in size. The grayish tip of my cock begins to show its head from beneath my dark-colored sheath. I close my eyes and continue rubbing my cock on the side of the plane. My free hand wanders toward my tight round ass and I give it a squeeze. My cock grows even further in response to this stimulation.
I take one of my fingers and trace it around the rim of my asshole. I make it wink and I insert my finger slowly into my ass. I let out a soft moan as I continue to stroke my cock and the plane at the same time. As my cock grows in size, and my moans increase in volume, I insert more and more fingers into my ass. I continue stretching my asshole, preparing it for the massive plane that I’m rubbing my cock on. One tentative finger at a time. I am spreading to accept and I love the idea of fucking this strange contraption raw.
The excitement of the entire ordeal has caused my heart to pound in my chest. This is it. I can’t take it anymore. I spit on the tip of the plane and I turn my gigantic, peach-shaped ass towards that phallus-shaped object. A loud orchestra of screams can be heard from the inside of the plane as the cockpit slowly enters my ass. The plane is bloated from light, replaced with darkness.

They scream louder. I moan over them.

The plane stretches against the rim of my ass, but it feels amazing. Soon the cockpit is no longer concealable. Inside the plane, The inhabitants attempt to escape the iron prison that is slowly increasing in heat from my body and friction, however, they fail to open the doors in time as they are slowly inserted into my peach-shaped ass. My asshole is greedy and willing and accepting and lubricated with my spit.
The plane, halfway deep inside my ass, continues to slide deeper into me, pushing against my stomach. I feel it bulge. I feel my cock bulge in response. I look down at my cock, now fully erect and dripping with precum, another wonderful lubricant. I can also see a bulge in my stomach from how far and deep the plane had progressed inside of me. I stroke my cock with one hand and slide the plane in and out of my ass with the other. The sounds of screaming become more apparent as the plane exits my ass, and is silenced when shoved right on in.
Poor souls.

I continue doing this for several moments until I get really close to cumming. I am on edge, I can feel it, I can feel the throbbing, the yearning, the nearness. I am on the cusp and I so want to complete the task at hand (s). I stop, as I love to edge myself and my fun has only just begun, and I smile. My jubilant mind concocted all sorts of delicious scenarios. I tense up my stomach with the plane still inside of me and I can feel the plane crunch inside my gut. Inside the cockpit of the plane, the interior slowly groans in protest to me crushing it with the rim of my ass and muscles of my asscheeks. Some people work out for muscles, my idea of exercise is a little bit… more inventive. And destructive. And delightful. The outside of the plane gives way to the resistance and slams shut, suffocating and crushing the many occupants inside.
Most of the plane had remained intact, leaving pockets of a few survivors who panicked in the darkness. They can no longer hear the sounds of the outside world. All that remains is the ever-growing sounds of internal organs carrying out their process and the racing heart of their captor. The heat inside of the plane begins to increase, causing the remaining few who survived the initial crushing, to slowly roast inside their new prison.
I continue flying towards the city, looking for something to play with. I feel the plane remain swirling around in my bulging stomach, which makes my cock throb, knowing that there are people trapped and stranded inside of me. I let out a laugh and noticed some sort of warehouse in the distance. It wasn’t phallus-shaped, nothing like a square peg fitting in a round hole, but who knows, I might be able to make due.
The warehouse parking lot is full of shipping trucks, designed to carry supplies from one place to another. My eyes glitter with amusement as I begin to scheme more naughty ideas. The plane had felt great in my ass, but what about these vehicles? They were more rectangular in shape, so maybe they offer different sensations. I wanted to sample all shapes, all sizes, and all materials. My ass was hungry and thirsty, and my cock, well, my cock wanted it just as much.
As I make my descent toward the warehouse, I can notice more puny creatures running in a panic. It was almost like they had never seen a giant space-invading, planet-wrecking mothy alien before. Strange world.
I slam into the parking lot of the storage facility, crushing at least three of them. They turn into a fine paste that squishes in between my toes. A better fate than those lodged in my ass, I assume, but who knows. Some people get off being roasted. But, in that same line of logic, some liked to be crushed to death, so, same difference. The remaining few of them run and scream in multiple directions, but their attempts to flee are futile.
One of them, fairly plump in size, runs a bit slower than the others, which makes me laugh with joy. The poor creature knew it was all over and yet they tried to run anyway. They looked pretty funny too, huffing and puffing and looking back to judge if they were safe. I could tell they knew they weren’t though. I reach down and gently grab him and hold him up to my eyes. He lets out a pathetic scream as I ponder what to do with him. He too seems to ponder what I am going to do with him. My cock slowly made its way back into its sheath, so I considered my options to bring my erection back to full strength.
His wiggling and struggling against my hand gave me the perfect and devilish idea. I reach down towards my cock with my free hand and I start to stroke it. With some work, I take the little person (by my standards) in my hand and hold him close to my cock. I knew it, I thought to myself. It was a perfect fit, I could tell. I spit in my free hand and begin lubricating the tip of my cock while staring into the terrified eyes of the man. I love the look of his fear, just as much as I love that lubrication slathering upon my cock. Spit and pre-cum were the best for these types of things.
I carefully begin to place him into my urethra. He screams as I force him inside against his will and I release my cock and feel him squirming around inside. Oh, how he flails and struggles and screams. There is no release for him, but there is a release for me, eventually. The feeling is interesting as it slightly burns but the tingling sensation makes me more erect. The man squirms and attempts to climb back out of my cock. I push him back in. He comes back out. Again we do this dance until finally I grab his head and pull him out of my urethra.
Out of retaliation for his attempting to escape, I lay him down on the ground and lift my massive cock up, and then slam it downwards onto him. The man survived the slam, as my cock had squashed only his legs into a flat paste onto the ground, completely sealing off his body as if he had been born without legs. The pound was so quick that the man had felt no pain at all.
I grab him by his arm and peel him from the remains of his legs and toss him up into the air. He screams and I lean forward with my mouth open, catching the man in my mouth and swallowing him with ease. Right on down the gullet, I really didn’t need to swallow him, he would have fallen right on down, but I want those terrifying others to take heed that I have devoured one of their kind. I can feel him slide down my throat and drop into my stomach with a satisfying ‘thud’. I wonder if he will make friends with the remaining crew of the airplane? It seems these creatures are social.
I focus my attention now on the warehouse. I see that there are many large doors where the semi-trucks can be loaded and unloaded. Looking at the doors, I notice one that is open, revealing the interior of the warehouse. It is open and waiting for me. It was suggestive and lewd. If it didn’t want me, it wouldn’t have been so inviting to begin with. Just as I start making my way toward the warehouse opening, one of the large shipping trucks begins to roar to life just out of the peripherals of my vision.
My eyes darted to the right to see that the truck had begun moving and heading in the opposite direction of the warehouse. I let out a giggle and ran after it; each of my steps slamming the ground and causing the stationary semis to bounce in recoil to my massive presence.
I quickly catch up to the truck and rip the truck from its cargo in one quick motion. I hold the truck in one hand, staring face to face with its driver, who looks scared-shitless and screams as I lower the truck into my mouth. This, this I might have to swallow. My lips wrap around the exterior of the truck and I force my jaw to expand as far as it will go. I can hear the screams of the man as he is lowered into my stomach. Hearing him scream makes my cock twitch further. I eat his terror as I eat him.
Inside my stomach, I can feel him attempt to continue driving in my throat. I let out a gag as the top of the truck reached my uvula. The choking sensation turns me on further and tears run out of my closed eyes. If he only knew that he was only helping me and hurting himself. I continue stroking my cock while being choked by the truck and I suddenly remember the rectangular-shaped cargo. This can only get better.
I lazily reach to my right and lift the rectangular tube up and grasp it in my hand. With my left, I stroke my cock gently and gather the remaining precum off of my cock, and use it to lubricate my asshole. This might need a little more tender love and care. I take one of the corners of the cargo trailer and slowly start inserting it into my ass.
With little resistance, it slides in partially, causing me to relax and moan. Fuck yeah. This relaxation causes the truck in my throat to slide in deeper, allowing it to fall comfortably into my stomach. The truck driver attempts to drive inside of my stomach, giving me a tickling sensation. I let out a laugh as this occurred. The truck crushes the leg-less man inside of me. I can tell. I just have a sense of the activity in my stomach. It was beginning to feel like a circus in there. Or a party and everybody is invited. Everybody.
I continue taking the cargo trailer and inserting it inside and outside of my ass while I stroke my cock. The truck pushes the plane further inside me, the metal frames of each contraption groaning against each other. I focus my attention back on the warehouse loading bay I had originally been making my way towards. I approach it and giggle playfully. I take my hand and insert my index and middle finger into my mouth. Providing a thick film of saliva for other devious adventures.
With both fingers wet, I stick them through the opening in the side of the warehouse and ‘finger’ it a few times. After doing so, I spit on my cock again and stroke it to fully lubricate myself, all while taking the cargo trailer and shoving it further in my ass. I continue to fuck my cock, continuing to make it well-lubricated. The lubrication quickly is used up because of how frequently I am fucking my cock with my hand. I line my cock up with the bay and notice that it’s going to be a tight fit for when I penetrate it. I exhale and slowly insert the tip of my cock inside the building through its narrow doorway.
I shove my makeshift dildo deeper into my ass at the same time I slam my cock into the building. In tandem with accompanied moans of delight. I take my free hand and grip the side of the warehouse and moan with delight. My tongue leaves my mouth as I continue fucking the side of the warehouse. Saliva drips from my tongue down to my cock, further lubricating it. You can never have enough lubrication.
The trailer toy begins to buckle as I near climax. My ass squeezes as I fuck the inside of the building deeper and deeper. The tip of my cock rubs against the concrete walls that outline the entryway that I’m using as a makeshift toy. The sensation of my sensitive tip is sending me closer and closer to the edge. So, so, so close!
Suddenly, I can’t take it anymore and I moan out loud as a wave of euphoria rushes over me. I shove the trailer into my ass as far as I can, to which my asshole gobbles the thing whole. Num num num. I clench my asshole, crushing the trailer and I can feel it suck into me deeper, colliding with the other miscellaneous things that are comfortably stewing in my stomach.
I reach forward and grab the building with both hands. I pull my cock out just as cum is spurting from it and I slam my cock inside the building once more. An eruption of cum explodes from my cock and quickly begins to fill the building.
“Oh… Oh my god, yes!”, I moan as my twitching cock continues to fill the warehouse with my thick cum. I am unaware of the many workers inside the building that were hiding, who are now drowning in the thick pool of cum that’s now filling the building to the brim. Soon the entire building is full, but cum still flows from my cock at an alarming rate.
As the orgasm rushes over me, my eyes begin to glow a golden yellow and I begin to moan even louder. More cum erupts from my twitching cock, which is completely submerged in a warehouse filled to the brim with my cum. Even now, cum drowning my cock, I still can’t get enough lubrication. As the cum begins to blast doors open and bursts through windows, my whole body begins to grow in size.
Orgasms and consuming things always make me grow much larger and more powerful, a strange biological trait that I was born with for ‘survival’ reasons I suppose. Another biological trait? The want to fuck anything. Myself, other things, empty air even. I rip my cock out of the building and observe the creamy river of cum that rushes from it immediately.
My cock throbs as I consider what my next move is. I appear to be nearly twice as large as I was prior, allowing me to take a closer look at my surroundings by just standing. My stomach rumbles, due to my appetite always increasing after I cum. Also, the fact that I had hibernated for god knows how long contributes to the fact that I am starving.
I look in the distance and see a massive metropolitan area. It’s practically a buffet, waiting for me to indulge, so I waste no time flying in the direction of thousands of millions of little prey.


A man at the security booth just outside the warehouse pops his head up from under his desk. He is thankful he is still alive, but like everybody thankful for such a thing, his survival means he must clean up the mess that had just become his life.

He pauses a few moments, knowing he needs to call the boss, to inform him of what happened. But what the fuck did actually happen, and how the hell was he going to explain it?

After thirty minutes, the security guard makes the call.

“Do we have insurance?”

“Of course I do, you moron. Got to in this business. Truck crash or something?”

“Not exactly. It’s ah, well, it’s the warehouse.”

“Shit. What happened!? Fire?” The voice on the other end of the phone was clearly completely at attention now.

“Well, it.. it was a flood…”

“A flood? That isn’t possible. We don’t have a body of water anywhere near that facility.”

“Yeah, well, I never said a flood of water…”

“Jesus Christ man, speak plainly. What was it? A giant moth alien that raped my warehouse like it was a pussy and cummed inside of it or something?”

“… That is a strange… conclusion to reach.”
“I got fucked up nightmares, my friend.”

“So, about that… Let’s just say, hypothetically that was the case, would insurance… you know, cover that.”

“No, that falls under Vis Major. Insurance wouldn’t cover that.”

“Why do you even know that?”

“Always good to be prepared.”

“Well, with that in mind, I have some very, very unfortunate news for you.”

The man explains the situation.

“Did you get a recording of it… By chance?”

“Security camera’s got it all.”

“No questions asked. Make a copy of it, e-mail it to me directly.”

“For insurance? I thought you said…—”

“No, no. For… ah… Hmmm. Research.”


I look down and notice a series of buses that are traveling in a convoy fashion. Perfect.
I swiftly swoop down, grab one of the buses, and return to the sky with my snack in my hand. I pinch the front of the bus and rip it open completely with ease. It was as if I had ripped into a bag of snacks, except it was a metal tube full of squishy and delicious people. Squishy, delicious, and screaming people.
I soak in the screams and shouts of the passengers who plop into my gullet, one by one. Sometimes two at a time. Bonus. I give the bus a shake to cause more people to fall into my maw. I close my mouth and lick my lips and toss the bus back down onto the freeway, causing an explosion and destroying other nearby vehicles. And those that just didn’t hit the breaks on time… and those behind them… and those behind those.
Hmm… this won’t do. My stomach is nowhere near full from the quick snack I had just breathed down, so I consider further options. It seems that the more and more I eat to fill my tummy, it grows in response, leaving me wanting for more. I look back to where the large skyscraper had been and I begin my journey there, walking on the freeway, crashing and exploding any vehicles that happened to, unfortunately, appear underneath my toes.
As I stomp my way toward the tall building that I’m sure is full of delicious and plump treats, tiny people scatter and run away from my rampage. I reach down occasionally and grab a few squirming, pathetic creatures and swallow them whole with ease. Just a snack on the go.
I notice a penile-shaped bus attempting to avoid my rampaging stomps, however, my size and reach allow me to grasp it with ease. With the bus in hand, I lick the front end of it, smiling at the terrified inhabitants. Hello there! I hold my cock with a spare hand and slide the tip of the bus into my urethra, feeling a slight burn that causes my asscheeks to clench. I squint my eyes in pleasure and the bus stretches against my penis’s slit. With a bit more effort, the entire bus is engulfed by my throbbing cock.
The feeling of the bus (truck and airplane!) inside of me grants me great pleasure and I begin to stroke my cock vigorously, feeling the bus move in and out of my cock’s stretched urethra. I give my penis a squeeze, starting at the tip of my penis and sliding my hand forcefully down to the base, feeling the bus slide inside of me deeper.
Inside my cock, the bus begins to buckle under the pressure of my hands. The inhabitants are slowly crushed, attempting to fight against the pressure to no avail. As the white metal slowly shrinks, several of the creatures who were inside of me are slowly pressed against each other. Oxygen swiftly becomes a rare commodity in warm tight, humid spaces. Soon the windows of the bus shatter and small amounts of precum enter the bus, drowning the crushed survivors. I take one more strong pull down my cock, this time with more force, and feel the bus slide deeper into my body. I smile, satisfied with my work. This planet had so many odd shapes and sizes to fuck.
My stomach rumbles after this ordeal, almost making my growing belly jiggle. Inside my stomach, I can feel a mass of people stacked on top of each other, suffocating and frantically struggling to escape their fleshy prison. As they are slowly digested by my stomach juices, I can feel parts of my body growing larger. I subtly feel myself growing in height and width. My penis, now sheathed, is even growing! I can feel my girth increasing at a massive rate, which leaves me smiling as I continue tossing the occasional person into my mouth.
I arrive at the base of the skyscraper; I’m nearly half as tall as it is at this point. I slam a fist into one of its windows, nearly breaking the building in half. I pull my fist out and observe the smashed concrete and blood that soaked it. I giggle as I observe my prey scrambling inside the building, attempting to find an exit.
The doors at the bottom of the skyscraper slam open, and hundreds of the small people who previously occupied it sprint out into the streets. I seize the opportunity and snatch fistfuls of them. I’ve grown so large that I can hold what appears to be at least one hundred of the creatures in a single hand.
I shove a fist of them into my mouth and chew on what little I can. I can feel them pop in between my teeth and burst as I chomp on them. I lick my lips and continue grabbing and stuffing my face with the tiny and insignificant creatures.
Soon I can hardly feel the people in my stomach due to how massive I have grown and another whimsical idea pops into my head. I grip the base of the building and begin to rip it from the ground. After a few pulls, it comes free and I hold the tower up above my head. I widen my mouth and slowly lower the building toward it. It’s almost too large, but I know I can make it fit. Hehe, you can do this Mothy, you’ve had much larger things in your mouth before.
The building inhabitants notice that they are nearly a mile into the sky being held by a gigantic moth, nearly the size of the building itself, if not a bit larger. Some of them make peace with their gods and jump to die a quick death while others panic and try to plot an escape. Maybe if enough survive in my belly, they can make a city. But with stomach acid, the heat, and all those other stuff, that might be an impossibility.
The building starts sliding deep into my mouth, I shut my eyes and focus. I glow with a bright white aura and my eyes slam open. I can feel my power returning as I attempt to ingest this massive building. I grow in size much more rapidly, becoming nearly twice as large as the building as I shove it deeper into my mouth. With a bit more effort, the building becomes fully inserted into my stomach. Talk about deep-throating. More like deep stomaching.
As I close my mouth around the pointed peak of the building, I look down to see my bulging stomach. My stomach grumbles as I feel the building break and crush inside of me. Inside the building, several hundred people are screaming and panicking in the darkness. The building drops into my stomach and begins to fill with stomach acid, rapidly digesting. The people inside of me struggle to climb higher and higher, to avoid the acid that rapidly approaches but to no avail.
I let out a massive belch and rubbed my stomach. Feeling much better after a decent meal. I look around. Confused, I realized that I have become so large that I can hardly see the distant city beneath me. I feel more squirming in my stomach, which tickles me. I let out a goofy laugh and looked around the landscape with playful intent. It may be time to leave this lovely planet, but… I am a bit horny.
I look down at my cosmically huge cock. I pull back my foreskin to reveal my penis, nearly begging to be given attention. It was throbbing, stiff, a skyscraper itself. I smile wide and start stroking it lovingly. I walk to a nearby mountain that is massive and has a pointy peak. I sit on it happily, allowing the peak of the mountain to slide into my stretched asshole. I bounce like this for a moment and continue stroking my cock furiously, growing larger in size. The peak of the mountain was capped with ice and snow, making for a much different sensation than I am used to. And no, I couldn’t fit the entire mountain inside me, but it was big enough to scratch that itch buried so deep inside me.
Before long I can hardly contain myself and the need to fuck something overwhelming. My cock is now as large, if not larger now, as the skyscraper that I had eaten earlier, glistening with precum. Thick coats of that wetness blanketed my cock. Looking down, I smile the same devilish smile. I get on my knees, and my cute ass hangs in the air, exposed to the universe. I take a deep breath in and close my eyes.
I suddenly and quickly slam my cock into the planet’s surface, I grip the nearby mountain. My cock digs deep into the planet with ease. I slide it out halfway and slam it back into the ground again, this time much harder. The deeper my cock penetrates the world, the warmer it feels. It’s as if the planet itself is alive. The warmth stimulates my cock further, encouraging me to increase the speed and intensity of each thrust. The planet rumbles, it is moaning as I fuck it. The very earth itself is cracking with each thrust, near big cities, structures, mountains, all quiver as me and the planet shutter from delight.

I continue humping the planet and moaning as I grow sweaty from my efforts. My massive cock begins to swell and harden to a density that I’ve never felt before. My penis is literally so hard that I’m cutting into the planet with ease. Just bashing, busting, breaking, and cutting right on inside it. I was making an entrance for my cock. The tightness of the surface of the planet being lubricated by my own precum is making me get closer and closer to cumming. The hole was utterly filled with my precum, with my sweat, with my body. I was fucking a pool of my own juices.
Soon I can feel the same familiar feeling of warmth start generating from the bottom of my shaft all the way toward the tip of my cock. I resist the urge to cum and continue fucking the hole that I’ve made with stronger intensity than before. I can feel the planet shake with every thrust as if I was plowing into some terrestrial asshole. Do you like that!? Hu? Do you like being fucked like some slut of a planet? Your are a bad little planet.
I take my hand and pound on the surface as if slapping a butt, instead, this caused the planet to crack even more, the surface earth quaking.
I can’t take it anymore… I’m getting really close…
I continue fucking the planet and soon my legs begin to shake. They clench, alongside the gluteal muscles in my ass. I let out an ear-splitting scream as my cock began to harden more than ever before. I am often surprised by how solid my cock could get, but surely, this is the most impressive it had ever been before. Before I can cum, I rip my cock back out of the earth. I let out a few pants and looked down at the gaping hole that I had left.
I’m not finished yet. I stand up and flutter upwards and hold my cock with my hand. My eyes squint as I fly quickly into the countryside, my erect cock slamming into the planet, causing a massive earthquake. My cock pierces the planet, causing multiple mountains of the land to form, leaving behind various fractures from the sheer force of the thrust. The feeling was amazing, I closed my eyes in bliss as an orgasm took over me. I felt my cum begin to sputter out of my cock.
The ocean of cum that spews from my cock quickly fills the hole, but I leave my cock sitting comfortably inside of the hole. Pressure begins to build up more and more, causing the cum to find another way to exit as there is nowhere for it to escape upward- my cock was a perfect little cork. The earth around my cock begins to shatter as cum explodes from the newly forming cracks.
My cum continues to flow out of the hole at alarming speed but I refuse to budge as I’m still frozen and writing from the orgasm that’s taking hold of my body. My wings flutter and twitch as the cum rushes out of the hole and begins to destroy the forest surrounding it. Soon trees and mountains are swept away in this wave of thick and destructive cum. They quickly gain momentum and rush towards the valley where the city remained with its confused victims unaware of the avalanche of cum and debris that rushes towards it.
The city where I had my lunch stood no chance as the wave of cum and debris swept into it, leveling the small buildings instantly and collapsing the larger buildings. Skyscrapers fall and slam into the ground, crushing those who had tried to escape in their slow-moving vehicles. Electrical plants explode in a shower of sparks as my cum slams into them, electrifying the surrounding area and frying anyone unfortunate enough to be trapped in the torrent of white liquid.
Somewhere off in the distance was a man, in his bedroom, cock in hand, watching a videotape of a strange moth like creature fucking a warehouse.

His warehouse.

The wave of cum envelops many buildings instantly, the sheer force and speed of the cum rips their walls and roofs off. Many of the larger and taller buildings attempt to resist the power of my cum’s waves, shattering windows and flooding the lower floors as the level of cum rises. Survivors inside of the buildings attempt to sprint upwards towards the safety of the roof, but fail to achieve a safe elevation in time, becoming swept away and trapped in the rising warm bodily fluids.
The waves of cum slam into the sides of the taller buildings, weakening their once powerful foundations until they slowly begin to fall, one by one into the rising ocean of cum. The air is quiet, save for the sounds of waves of cum crashing into structures and the loud moaning of Mothy. Once the remaining skyscrapers had fallen, they too began to float in the rising sea of cum. They floated like massive ships on a voyage to a new land. These floating vessels slam into other buildings, causing their concrete exteriors to shatter and crumble.
The stream of cum does not cease as I moan with pleasure. Euphoria rushes over me and my eyes begin to grow heavy. I suddenly feel another burst of energy and ecstasy. It seems like I’m cumming again, it had been quite a long time since I had last climaxed. I rip my head backward as another wave of cum begins to evacuate from my body, this time much more powerful than before.
The blast slams into the planet like a thermonuclear bomb. The earth explodes where my cock once was, leaving behind a massive crater. Giant shards of earth explode into the air, soon leaving the planet’s atmosphere. The sudden secondary rush of cum surprised me greatly.
My breath slows and my cock begins to slow its flow of cum. I pull my cock from the planet; my cock and most of my body are nearly covered in my own syrupy cum. The act of me removing my cock causes more of the earth to break apart. After a few twitches, my once massively erect penis begins to slowly slide back into its dark-colored sheath.
I let out a sigh and began to drift off to sleep, slowly floating upwards and into the atmosphere, leaving behind the planet, now nearly completely covered in cum. I glance down at my handiwork, observing all of the destruction. The planet was now covered with thousands of gallons of cum, leaving behind a literal ocean of my own seed.
My lewd act had left behind a massive crater, the size of this planet’s moon. My mouth drops in awe as I realize what sheer force I had used upon the poor planet. Several large chunks of the earth were now floating in orbit around the planet. I could see the exposed red-hot core of the planet sputtering molten fire mixed with my cum. I let out a soft giggle as I wiped the sweat from my brow.
Exhausted from my efforts, I float backward into space, my eyes suddenly growing heavy from the pleasurable orgasms. I tilt my head back and smile, satisfied as sleep takes its heavenly hold of me once more. I float into the depths of space once again, unknowing of where the universe may take me while I hibernate.

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