Pop goes Felix – Under the Bleachers

Felix, an anthro mink and star football player, has final love with his twink boyfriend, Pacha. Under the bleachers. During a game. And know what Felix wants? He wants to be popped in a blaze of cum.


The murmur of the crowd flowed above Felix like a current in a clear sea. The anthro mink had never been on this side of the bleachers; he was used to being on the field, soaking up the sun and the rain and the cheers and the jeers as he navigated one game or another.

There was none of that under the bleachers. No eyes on his performance, no weather weighing him down. It should have been freeing.

But there was also no purpose. No play to make. No distance to cover. It had him pacing the concrete, whipping his long tail back and forth, almost wishing he was out there, the center of the crowd’s attention, the centerpiece of the Forest University Demons varsity football team. Not that he could have been, of course – the game that day was between two city teams. He would have dropped to the ground and started doing push-ups if he weren’t trying to keep his energy up for what was to come.

With no competitive objective to keep him grounded, every sound and sensation competed for Felix’s attention, each vying to be more annoying than the other. The humidity matted his black fur. The dankness from yesterday’s rain. The concomitant earthy smell from the barely-dried dirt. More than anything, he hated waiting. Hated knowing that there was something just for him around the corner if only that damn alpaca would hurry up and–

“Any more pacing and you’ll dig yourself straight down. Unless you wanted to go to China?”

Felix jumped, almost hitting his head on the bleacher above him. That would have ended their little rendezvous before it even began. “Damn it, Pacha, I said 2:30.”

“And I said I’d try and lie my way out of my advisor meeting. I didn’t say I’d succeed.” Pacha was a study in opposites to Felix: curly white fur where Felix’s was black and sleek, a brunette to Felix’s blond, a cheerleader meeting a quarterback for a final rendezvous – and both in full uniform, at that. Felix had nine inches on him in height and still somehow felt small whenever he was in Pacha’s presence. Not inferior, just… protected. Guided by Pacha’s confidence on the football field and off.

Felix rolled his eyes. “Come here.”

Pacha stepped lightly up to his mink companion and wrapped his arms around him, joining their snouts in a kiss. The moment was theirs, unseen and unbound by time or obligations. Softie that Felix was, he wanted it to last forever.

But Pacha could never leave romance enough alone. He pulled away and chuckled. “I’m gonna miss that.”

“Well, let’s get it over with if you’re so eager.”

“Wait, just wait.” Pacha held up his hands. “Are you absolutely sure you want to do this? I mean, we’ve known each other for–”

“All of college, yeah, I’m aware.” Felix gulped. “I… I want this, Pacha. And I want it from you. Ever since I heard about… being popped… I knew there was nothing like trusting someone to do it to you. I mean, how can you learn about it and come away thinking otherwise?”

Pacha shrugged. “I wouldn’t know. I’ve never done it. But if it were going to be anyone…” He took Felix’s hand in his. “I’d want it to be you.”

Felix nodded. “Then let’s–”

“Work up to it?”

There was that way Pacha had of finishing Felix’s sentences. “Fuck, I really am going to miss you.” Pacha just had a playful mannerism to him, he was cute, adorable even, bold, and tempting. Felix, well, Felix played football – his job became him. He was not Pacha. He was not playful.

This is why the coupling was so perfect. Each complimenting the weakness of the other.

“No, you won’t,” Pacha said. “That’s kind of how it works.”

“Fuck you.”

“No. Fuck you.” Damn that smirk.

The crowd picked precisely that improbable moment to roar.

Felix didn’t have to be told twice. He took the alpaca in his beefy arms and kissed him again. Burying their body together, just entwining limb and flesh where only their distinct coloration separated them.

This time Pacha let the moment last, expand, and develop. Their union was like their relationship in a microcosm, starting with slow, tentative kisses as they explored each other’s mouths as if for the first time. Every second was a question, every kiss an answer – yes, I want this, yes, I want you.

The deafening rattle and rumbling above them kept their union utterly private.

Pacha had to stand on the tips of his hooves to reach Felix’s lips. Now he settled down, pulling his mouth out of reach with a smile. Felix knew this for an invitation. Pacha could be such a coy tease. He knew what he was doing, he relished the power he so exquisitely wielded against what should have been the obvious dominant party.

He bent down and grasped Pacha around his waist. Pacha’s weight made Felix grunt only slightly when the alpaca hopped into the mink’s arms. The powerfully built quarterback easily lifted the cheerleader and carried him a few feet, bracing him against a support pillar to resume their makeout session. Pacha grunted as his back hit the concrete.

“Sorry,” Felix breathed.

“Fuck that,” said Pacha.

The crowd’s sounds had subsided to a murmur once more. Impossible as it was, the thought of being discovered by one among a crowd of thousands made Felix’s fur stand on end. His cock twitched at the idea, his hips aching to thrust it into something. Anything. The toyful threat of discovery made an already forbidden action into something just that much more tempestuous.

Pacha must have known. He always knew. Pacha could read Felix like a book. This is what made him an excellent lover, but a terrifying opponent when power struggles between the two emerged. Pacha always won. Always.

The alpaca slipped his long tongue into Felix’s mouth, and stroked his dexterous, slender digits up and down Felix’s back, answering the shiver climbing the mink’s spine. Nobody could devote more of himself to pleasuring Felix in every way imaginable. Pacha was ever the acrobat, as would be expected of a cheerleader – aware and in control of every part of his body and how best to use them.

Including his cock. Especially his cock. Traditionally, a cheerleader is supposed to be an effeminate male sporting a small cock, but not so with Pacha. Felix could feel it through the fabric of Pacha’s shorts, straining to be put to the purpose they’d agreed upon.

“You want it,” Pacha whispered around Felix’s tongue.

“I need it,” Felix moaned, “But I can tell you want it too. Perhaps more than me.”

“Perhaps. But do you know what the difference between you and me is?” Pacha spoke sensually.

Felix couldn’t keep up this tit for tat, he just couldn’t focus on being alluring, charming, or witty, instead, he shock his head in the negative.

“You have to earn it.”

They’d played this game before and Felix knew his role like he was born for it. Felix played the game well, on and off the field. He placed his hands on Pacha’s muscular ass and lifted, sliding his boyfriend up the pillar so Pacha could put his legs over the mink’s shoulders.

Regardless of Pacha’s physical training, Felix swore there was some kind of magic in the way he drew a leg back and slithered out of his shorts while straddling Felix’s shoulders. His shorts hung off one thigh, revealing the alpaca’s thick, powerful cock hardening just in front of the mink’s face. Felix found himself wrapped in an enchanting cocktail of alpaca musk and lavender shampoo.

Thoughtful Pacha, showering for someone who was going to pop anyway. But, they only had one shot at this – they would make the best of it.

The alpaca’s cock was quickly approaching full mast, and Felix moved his head forward as soon as it brushed his lips. He took its girth into his mouth, running his tongue over the flesh, soft yet firm like a satin glove over an iron bar.

Felix was a soft lover when the opportunity presented itself. He didn’t just enjoy the act of sucking a cock, he savored every morsel of the action. The texture, the scent, the way Pacha’s lips half opened to exhale in bliss.

Pacha moaned. “Don’t just taste it, babe.”

Felix obliged. He bobbed up and down on Pacha’s length, savoring the slight bitterness of his boyfriend’s skin, the quivering of his cock, and the whimpers for release. Pacha’s large balls provided a gentle cushion against his chin, his reward for making it to the base. His tongue outlined and traced each and every curvature of that cock. He knew each inch of that cock like the back of his hand, but it never hurt to get a refresher.

The sexual activity was only enhanced with the knowledge that soon, very soon, they would unite in such a final way. The apex of love.

The sheer size of the alpaca cock in Felix’s throat pulled his imagination forward in time, to the beautiful moment just around the corner when every inch of the star quarterback would be filled to literally bursting with Pacha’s cum. Like a delicious bowl of fruit just visible at the top of a mountain, Pacha’s orgasm lurked just beyond Felix’s efforts. He spurred himself to deeper swallows, more creative flicks of his tongue, running the organ along Pacha’s underside, swirling it around his tip, spelling his name along the length. Carving his depravity in that phallus.

The sheer slurping and messy choir of messy deep-throating overwhelmed the sounds of the crowd. The danger of being discovered was absolutely in the back of their mind, but it was only them there at that moment.

“Fuck, babe, you’re gonna make me–”

That was Felix’s cue to take Pacha as deep as he would go, burying his boyfriend in a visible bulge halfway down his throat. He breathed deeply through his nose as Pacha wrapped himself around his shoulders, groaning and panting his name, his cock launching rope after rope of semen. Felix sucked harder. Harder! Of course, there was only so much a gulp could accept, and the sheer virility of Pacha was so overflowing that Felix couldn’t dream of swallowing everything. Much of it flooded out of his throat, his mouth, drooling out of his lips. Felix used those cum coated lips to kiss the base of that cock as he invited more injections of that syrup straight down his throat to his greedy stomach… his greedy extended stomach.

It was thick, salty, and hot, and Felix gulped it down without taking much time to savor it, every bit of it. The thick ivory cream that lodged in his throat, the coating that encased his teeth, everything. There would be plenty more where that came from.

Pulling back finally, Felix gasped an exasperated smile wide on his face. Lewdly, he looked at his lover, bringing his tongue up to lap the last of the cum from Pacha’s tip before cleaning his own lips with positive glee.

Pacha hugged Felix’s face to his crotch, leaned back, and panted as his well-lubricated cock, soaked with cum and saliva, smeared upon Felix’s face. Finally, Felix knelt down and slid him carefully to the ground.

As Felix licked Pacha’s cock clean, he slid down his own shorts in a way that he thought was terribly surreptitious. He made to pull away for his turn, but Pacha knotted his hand in the scruff of the mink’s neck. “Oh, no you don’t. One step at a time.”

The big jock whined as Pacha tightened his grip. He went slack and let his boyfriend guide him. This was his favorite moment of their escapades – when he could be nothing more than Pacha’s toy. He gripped Pacha’s ass as he sucked him off and growled deep in his chest, satisfied, as the alpaca’s cock rose to life once more. Given the position, he was allotted significantly more control to tease Pacha. He loved the way the man before him trembled under his expert touches. Those trembling little lurches, the shivering of flesh as his fingertips dug into that fur coat.

Felix didn’t need to work HARD for the copious amounts of cum blasting into her maw, he just needed to coax it with exquisite want and delicacy.

On and on they went like that; Pacha firing load after load into Felix’s gullet, Felix greedily slurping down his boyfriend’s cum. The scent of it was thick in his snout, and his fur was sticky and hard where Pacha had sprayed across his face. Where Pacha had smeared the contents of their labor across him like a rag.

No matter. That was the point. Felix was getting pumped full of so much cum before the main event. His stomach stretched outward to accept more and more of that sordid secretion.

The lack of crowd noises crept in on them in that way that ambient sound has of announcing itself by its departure. It must have been halftime, which was as good a time as any for them to get their bearings.

Felix sat up, head spinning from the scent and the cramping in his jaw. He took a deep breath of fresh air and fell back on his elbows, his gut jiggling oddly. His nostrils were so accustomed to the lavender scent of Pacha that fresh air was virtually impossible to make note of.

The mink looked down and patted his stomach, full to bursting with Pacha’s cum. He looked like he’d spent the whole last semester drinking beer instead of playing football.

Pacha lay his head back and sighed, catching his breath; opened his eyes, his snout curling into a devilish grin; sidled over to Felix, rubbing his distended belly. “You feel that? That’s going to be all of you, babe.”

Felix gulped and ran his tongue around his lips to catch some stray semen. “Heh. Where do you keep it all?”

“I saved up all month just for you.”


Pacha stifled a laugh. “Ha! Are you kidding? I’ve beat my meat raw morning and night thinking about this ever since you floated the idea.” He turned serious. “You’re certain you want to do this.”

Felix nodded. “It’s not enough for you to be inside me, Pacha. This is… this is as much of you as you can put into me without wearing me. This is my body letting you into every inch. This is–”

“The gayest shit I’ve ever heard.”

“Well, yeah…”

Pacha chuckled and embraced his boyfriend, nuzzling into the cum-stained fur on his chest. “I’m really going to miss you, you know that?”

They cuddled like that for a few minutes more, listening to the wind outside, the crowd gradually picking up the volume as the second half of the football game began.

A big cheer came an early goal. As the voices died down, Felix said “I’m ready.”

Pacha kissed his forehead. “Of course you are. Been ready the moment you took my cock, hu?”

Felix was unsteady as he got to his hands and knees, his center of gravity thrown off by the sheer volume of alpaca semen in his stomach. He spread his knees and relaxed, waiting for Pacha to enter him. It was like looking over the edge of a cliff, knowing that there would be no return from the plunge, and the sensation of Pacha’s cock prodding at Felix’s asshole was a step right up to the rocky edge. Pacha’s hand, brushed against Felix’s ass as he lubed himself up with his own saliva. Pacha’s grip on Felix’s hips as he steadied them both.

And then Pacha was inside him, and Felix was falling forever. It was met with slight resistance, but that tight little elastic band of an asshole caved in and just accepted that invading force. Not like he had much choice… Pacha was very… insistent.

Shallow at first, slow and deliberate, working the shape of the alpaca cock into the familiar crevices of the mink’s ass. Felix’s breathing grew ragged and deep as if he were trying to create more room within himself for Pacha to fill. His boyfriend slid himself in and out, deeper and deeper into his guts, drawing out each stroke, every exquisite emptiness that was immediately thereafter to be filled. He knew the gentle landscape of Pacha’s fur when he hilted his cock inside him and sighed as if returning home at last.

Pacha leaned down and whispered in Felix’s ear, sending another chill down his back. “Don’t get too comfy.”

“Fuck me up,” Felix managed, just before Pacha rolled his hips forward and tied his tongue.

Everything inside Felix was stretched and sloshed, Pacha’s cock thrusting to deeper and deeper depths. He tightened around him again and again, whimpering, pushing back to take more of Pacha. “Please,” he found himself gasping between huffs and groans.

Pacha knew what he wanted. He stopped, balls deep, and dug his fingers into Felix’s hip as he reached down and took the mink’s cock in his hand. The alpaca’s fingers were heaven on his straining cock, teasing to the surface the tension that had been building throughout their rendezvous. Slow at first, then quicker, in rhythm with Pacha’s thrusts, Felix’s cock was stroked almost to the point of touching the dirt beneath him.

Pacha slipped his hand back at one point to cradle the mink’s balls. The alpaca’s voice chilled Felix’s spine as he purred in his ear. “You want to cum?”

“Please.” Felix had no time for pride. He skipped straight to begging. “Please, babe…”

Quick strokes again along Felix’s cock. “Make room for me.”

Felix came seconds later. Pacha squeezed his balls as if to milk every drop of cum from them as they tightened against Felix’s crotch, as his cock throbbed out load after a load of hot mink jizz.

He didn’t bother to suppress his grunts, but he was past caring whether he was heard over the sounds of the crowd.

A throaty moan was rumbling up from Pacha’s chest too, the alpaca’s trademark orgel shivering through Felix’s fur and tickling his back. The sound prodded something in Felix’s subconscious, stirring his cock back to its full girth. It was a wordless demand to submit to Pacha’s cock, to ready himself for the alpaca’s seed.

It exploded into his ass, the familiar hot whiteness coating his insides. He was completed, Pacha’s semen coming to rest within him permanently, the alpaca’s cock stretching sparks into the edges of his vision.

Pacha did not withdraw from the mink’s butt. He growled a very un-alpacaesque growl as he returned his hands to Felix’s hips, keeping the intensity up even as his orgasm subsided. The motion and purpose kept Pacha hard, and in a matter of minutes, Felix felt his boyfriend crest into another orgasm, filling him with another load. Like a series of contractions, Pacha’s peaks grew more intense and more frequent, cumming harder and faster until the final process had begun.

Felix was swelling with every load Pacha pumped into him, his stomach bloating like he was pregnant as his bowels filled with alpaca cum. Pressure mounted from inside as he was stuffed fuller and fuller, the swelling spreading to his chest.

The outside world was pleasantly unaware of the sacred union taking place under the bleachers. They cheered it on nonetheless, the jabber of the crowd building to a slow crescendo as Pacha pushed Felix further beyond any limits of rapture he’d previously known.

Felix was delirious with pleasure. His asshole clenched again and again around Pacha’s tireless cock, the smell of cum permeating his fur, filling the air around him as if he were drowning in it. His legs slowly spread as his belly pushed them apart, his torso swallowing up his limbs little by little as Pacha came endlessly into him. He twitched this way and that as best as his restricted mobility would allow, rutting his permanent erection against the ground as he too sprayed an endless stream of cum. Divesting himself of everything that was Felix. Replacing it all with Pacha.

He felt a gentle hand rubbing the flab that covered what was once his hip. “Won’t be long now,” purred Pacha. “You’re so beautiful. You’re so full of me. I’m inside you. I am you.”

Tears of joy spilled from Felix’s eyes as his lover’s essence filled every inch of him to burst. They were followed by rivulets of cum as it began to leak from every orifice. Alpaca semen poured from Felix’s eyes, ran from his nose, cascaded out his mouth, and even gushed from his cock. The transcendent joy of jizzing his partner’s jizz pushed him over the edge into thoughtless bliss, the slamming, jerking, cumming radiating from his ass over every rippling inch of his semen-bloated body.

The pressure within the mink mounted even as Pacha’s essence poured from Felix’s face, his cock, sweated from his paws. There was more coming in than leaving, and if Felix were capable of knowing anything at that point he would have known that his time was coming to an end.

That was the beauty of being popped by your lover. It was like drowning in a sea of cum and love, being filled and wrapped entirely by the one who would know you as no others ever would.

Felix shivered for a moment, his balloon-tight mink body nearly brushing the underside of the bleachers as Pacha huffed and puffed, wrestling still more cum into him from his aching balls.

Then a seam burst somewhere in the vicinity of his belly button, tearing around his circumference, pouring forth gallons of alpaca seed, and he disappeared in a tsunami of salty white.

It started off slow, with a little tear, and a little leak, cum rushing from the split tummy. That rush was not limited by stomach though, it seemed to have been building up in such a torrent of whiteness that it leaked from Felix’s mouth and eyes, even ears. It was everywhere, to be sure. It was a mess of debauchery delight and then some.

Though Felix was completely consensual in this regard, it was obviously shown clear as day on his withering face of bliss and an absolute delight. His cock was throbbing and came as cum infiltrated and built and spilled from his body.

But, like a balloon, his body could only accept so much and his holes, well, they could only eject so much as well. Push came to shove and something had to give, and give it did. That stomach exploded in a wet, surly inflated pop. It was a majestic sight to behold, the one and only one of its kind, but Felix was absolutely no more. He was gone in a cloud of white liquid. It was thick. It went everywhere. Bleachers, under unsuspecting people overhanging butts, Pacha was just a fucking mess.

Pacha collapsed in a slurry of cum and fur. His cock was finally wilting, swollen yet soft as it finished its holy work. He swirled his face around in the dirt, filling his nostrils with the lingering scent that could only be described as the final, perfect synthesis of him and Felix.

It would take days for Pacha’s fur to dry out, and weeks for the scent to dissipate. He smiled as he drifted off to sleep, knowing the memory would stay with him forever

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