Sailor Scouts Verse Up In Smoke

The Sailor Scouts are hypnotized by a cigarette brand created by Esmeraude. Heavy smoke fetish, lesbianism. Dub con hypnotism. 

Strange times. Times have always been strange mind you, but with most of the city under the beck and call of Esmeraude‘s will, well, it was just much stranger. The Sailor Scouts knew it was the work of the nefarious Esmeraude. At first they tried to hunt her down. They turned up nothing. Stereotypically, sailor Mercury concocted a brilliant plan! Why not question one of the many mind controlled people? They agreed to talk to an acquaintance of Serena’s. The very encounter had scarred the Sailor Scouts for life. 

Cassandra, once a dorkish schoolgirl, stood proud and tall, nothing like her old self. While the team questioned Cassandra, all the redhead could do was shamelessly flirt with Raye, bringing the normally calm demeanor of the sailor scout to blush. Cassandra freely gave little tidbits of information – here and there – as she asked Raye if she’d ever smoked, ever tasted that sweet inhale of creamy rich white smoke. Cassandra tiptoed around, in expert fashion, the questions regarding where Esmeraude was located. Her posture and actions stopped the interrogating efforts of the group, or at least hinder them tremendously. 

“No…” Sailor Mars offered up reluctantly. 

“Is that so?” Cassandra mused playfully, nipping at her lower lip which was now noticeably more… puffier? And red! Dark as blood.

“Answer the question, Cassandra. Where is Esmeraude?” Mars regained herself, after awkwardly backing away from the fluid-like advances of Cassandra. 

With a long fingernail playfully tapping along her lips, Cassandra replied. “Hmmm. Tit for tat, Raye Hino.” She slipped that very same hand slowly down her own exquisite, shapely form to her purse. That smirk on Cassandra’s face silenced the room from all debate. She chuckled a little, taking out an ivory case, it was square, and grooves marked the sides. Once popped open, all could see the contents. Long slender cigarettes and a faint smell of… strawberries? 

They watched in silence as she slowly ran the filter along her red lips, smearing the lipstick along the cylindrical object. Popping it in her mouth, she smiled, eyes piercing Raye’s own. 

“Would you like to?” She plucked a lighter, flicking it on, holding it an inch from the tip, gingerly bringing it closer and closer to the tip.

Serena, Lita, and even Mina spoke in the background. Protests, Sailor Mars thought but couldn’t be too sure. Amy however, felt that questions were levied upon her, merely because she understood what was being asked. 

Raye softly spoke. “Like to what…” 

“Taste the creamy sensation of delicious smoke running down your throat?” Cassandra said this all while teasingly holding the cigarette between her lips, prepping to lit it. At this time, some of the stunned Scouts couldn’t help but want, no, need to see Cassandra take a puff. 

Mars’ gut reaction was immediately noticeable by all. Her bashful face looked away after realizing her own ‘tell’. “No, of course… Of course not.” A long pause, no one did anything, no, not even Cassandra, the flame of the lighter now going but the cigarette remained unlit. 

“Where is Esmeraude?”

“Would you like to see me smoke?” Cassandra smiled like a predator. 

“Just tell me where she is.” 

Cassandra slithered forward. Already mostly to the wall, Raye had no real escape. Not like she would try. Cassandra took her free hand, brushing the silky purple hair, giving her precious room to bring her lips to Raye’s ear. 

Cassandra’s whisper was soft, delightful even. “Tell me the truth. You want me to smoke this in front of you, don’t you?” 

“Don’t you?… Tell me the truth and I will tell you the truth.”

She blew into Mars ear. Mars felt shame as she looked at her group over Cassandra‘s shoulder. She needed to just…just… say no. It was that easy. 

“No one is going to hear your answer except me. I promise I won’t tell anyone. It will be our little secret.”

It was like Cassandra took pride in depriving the sailor scout of the show, dangling the socially tabooed object before Raye’s half opened eyes while refusing, absolutely refusing to touch Raye at all, other than the hand soothingly combing the purple hair her hand held.  

Mar’s eyes shut, her breath quickening. Raye finally realized that she wasn’t telling the truth. She was lying. She looked at the cigarette as it weaved temptingly back and forth. She didn’t want to just see Cassandra smoke it. She wanted it for herself! She could taste it. More disturbing, Mars seemingly forgot about her teammates who were paralyzed with… shock? Longing perhaps?

“Y…yes…” Raye whimpered.

“Yes, what?” Cassandra shot back like a viper. 

“I would like to see you smoke it.” 

Cassandra pulled back with a wicked grin. The purple hair floods back to hug Raye’s ear. The lighter snapped off, cigarette still lodged between her lush lips. 

“I guess you are better than peer pressure, hu?” Cassandra winked, only the lone sailor scout could see, before Cassandra chuckled. Raye looked away ashamedly. It felt like Cassandra backhanded her with those simple words. She wasn’t better then peer pressure! 

“Tit for tat I guess. I don’t know where this Esmeraude character is but I know of a model who looks very similar to her.” Cassandra started to sing like a canary, having her fill of play – at least for now. 

“What is her name?” Serena asked at last, recovering herself, much like all the rest of the group.

“I do not know, but I do know that she is going to be at Club Cream tonight to promote her new cigarette ’Simply Hypnotic’.” Cassandra offered up the juiciest of all pieces of information. 

The sailor scouts looked at each other for a moment. This was the first, perhaps the only real break they have gotten in a week’s time. It felt like forever, each passing day more and more people disappeared, some reappearing like this… so different, strange, frighteningly so from their former selves. With no words, it was decided. They would go to this club and look for answers, and with some luck, which they usually got, they would confront Esmeraude and put a stop to her evil plans. Whatever they were!

“Thank you, Cassandra.” Lita said before leaving the room. The others followed suit in haste. Raye was much more reluctant, and she had to go through more obstacles than the others, namely Cassandra herself. Raye wondered as she silently passed Cassandra, if the other sailor scouts felt what she felt around Cassandra. 

Raye knew she was weak but she would be strong now. She dared not look at Cassandra as she slipped past the crimson scarlet and she dared not look behind her as she went through the cracked, yet open door. 

The sound of metal slowly slipping across another metallic object could be heard, very quickly but noticeably. Raye closely looked over her shoulder. Did Cassandra…

Cassandra, tightly snug in her plaid skirt and white blouse, perched on the wooden teachers desk, lifted her thumb tentatively slowly, the flame of the lighter snuffed out., The cigarette lit, between her lips, and the tip flared to life as Cassandra inhaled. Long and heartily. She watched Raye, watched Raye watch her, and it just added to the intoxicating thrill of the situation for both of them. There was no lies between them at that one moment. 

Cassandra wanted to do it and Raye wanted to see Cassandra do it. And she did. Cassandra’s chest grew and grew teasingly slow as Cassandra sucked on the lovely thing. Raye couldn’t stop herself. This was her reward. Sailor Mars told the truth and for it, she was rewarded.

“Raye! Come on!” Sailor Venus called out in the distant background.

Raye didn’t budge. Barely even registering the voice. She thought it was one of those annoying, screaming, crying, pleading voices in her head, trying to seize control of the amazed, stunned superhero. Raye ignored that impulse, that instinct that just looking at Cassandra, at the cigarette was somehow intrinsically wrong. Naughty.

Sailor Venus turned around, walking back over to Raye. What was she doing back there? She saw Raye just looking deadly into the classroom they’d just left. Was Cassandra still in there?

 Cassandra peeled the cigarette from her lips, she took in so much smoke but held it with such admiring grace, retaining her sensual composure. “The best is yet to come.” Cassandra playfully smiled, her lips puckering up as she got ready to exhale. Raye was half inside the classroom, half out, much like her own terrified, screaming brain. Raye rationalized this, she was just listening to her heart. Perhaps other, more primitive, primal emotions. 

“Raye?” Mina spoke again, her feet now noticeably shuffling down the hall. Nearer and nearer she came to the mesmerized Raye. “Raye! Stop daydreaming on the job!” Mina spoke more firmly. 

The door shut immediately. Sailor Mars was on the outside, leaning against the door, her breath rapid and her eyes wide with bewilderment. Raye’s mind rushed back to her body which pulsated with intense vigor. She soon realized Mina was standing in front of her. She cocked her head to the side, “Hmmm. What?” her hand nervously running along her purple tresses, mimicking what Cassandra had done to her. “You’re right, sorry.” She apologized befuddled. 

Mina’s eyebrow danced upward in curiosity. “Are you okay?” 

Raye summoned all her willpower to grasp Mina’s hand and wrench the standing Sailor scout away from the door. Raye jogged ever so quickly to the group, dragging Mina behind her. If only she showed this kind of spirit when trying to resist, or forget about Cassandra. Raye was more concerned in keeping her shameful secret — a secret. 

“Let’s get going.” Raye whispered. 

“Are you okay?”

A long silence before Raye spoke again. “Of course, stop asking silly questions. You are sounding like Cassandra.” She laughed forcefully because the mention of Cassandra left a longing hanging on Sailor Mars’s shoulders. 

They separated in groups. Mina and Raye went to the shrine while the others went their own separate ways. No one would let them into any club while wearing their school girl outfits. Mina followed Raye because she felt like something was… different about her. What did Cassandra whisper to Raye? 

Behind screens, the pre-teen sailor scouts changed into regular clothing. As Mina stripped naked, all Raye could see was Mina’s shadowed silhouette, and vice versa as they changed clothing. Mina slipped up the form fitting pants up her slender, athletic legs as she mused openly. 

“I can’t believe that is the same Cassandra Serena knows. She used to be all silent and quiet.” Mina thought, tugging up the pants, forcing her honey ham cheeks into the denim. Raye listened, her mind casually drifting to Cassandra, her attention to getting dressed disappeared almost entirely. 

“It is scary. She was nothing like herself. I can’t imagine a more horrible thing. I mean… Cassandra, Raye, Cassandra! I didn’t even realize it was her at first. Something about her was just… different. It wasn’t like she was acting or anything either, believe me, I couldn’t even act like that if I tried.” 

“What… Did you say to her?” There was a mystery afoot and Mina was testing the waters. 

“Nothing. Stop talking about it, okay.” Raye was defensive. 

“I wanted to see her smoking that cigarette. I feel so weird, am I the only one? Is this feeling… normal. It is like my eyes just wouldn’t look away from Cassandra. I tried. It felt like… like the first warm sunny day of summer.” Mina laughed nervously. “Nevermind… I am just babbling now.” 

“I felt it too.” Raye whispered defeatedly. 

“How did it feel, being so close to her?”

“I would have done anything for her at that moment.” Raye reminisced about the encounter. 

“It’s like you have no control. I don’t think we should go to this club. What if we end up like Cassandra…” Mina said, slightly afraid. 

“Someone has to save the city, Mina.” Raye said, more interested in seeing Cassandra again.

Truly, Mina was right. It was a terrible fate. She firmly pulled her jeans up, buttoning them, trying to dispense of the terrible guilt she was feeling growing in her firm, taut stomach. This terrible fate was happening all over the city. They needed to protect it.

But all she could think about was that lipstick smeared cigarette. 

The real tragedy was Raye didn’t get to see the best part, she thought depressively. 


Club Cream was high class. Women lined up for blocks just to wait an absurdly long time to gain admission. Most were dressed in tight black tube dresses. The material varied from woman to woman, some even sporting sleek, crisp latex tube dresses. The Sailor scouts couldn’t help but notice and pay attention, perhaps too much attention, to the blatantly provocative dresses. They remained silent as they waited in the back of the line. All but Raye were stunned that so many people were dressed almost exactly the same, even down to the skin toned, tightly wrapped pantyhose which were entirely visible given the shortness of those charcoal dresses. 

Raye’s eyes were not on the multiple female bodies which seem to be clones, but their mouths as they wrapped around cigarettes, smoking them. The wind blowing the thick white clouds of smoke away almost immediately, the succulent smell just out of poor Sailor Mars’s proverbial reach . They were so friendly with people all around. Raye notices these mannerisms, just like Cassandra’s own but somehow different. 

A bouncer was skimming the long, long line. Soon the attractive, slender woman neared their position. The bouncer couldn’t be much older than them and yet she seemed entirely developed. That might, however, be due to her tight leather corset that smashed her breasts so much against her body that the flesh struggled desperately for space and the only escape was upward, to bloom erotically out of the top. 

Mina flagged down the bouncer, which was simple given the bouncer already had her half slanted, dreamy hazed eyes already fixated upon the group of highschoolers. 

“Is there anything we can do to, you know, get to the front of the line?” Mina smiled wide, in unison, all the other scouts did the same. 

“Yes, yes you can. But not because you asked, but because you and your friends are just so beautiful. Has anyone ever told you that?” The bouncer said softly with a loving hiss. 

“Has a female?” The bouncer pressed. 

Mina shook her head side to side. 

“Come on, it is so cold out here. Can we go in now?” Serena said hastily, rubbing her hands along her slender shoulders, warming herself. Under her casual shirt, her nipples were already starting to bud nicely and revealingly. 

“You like being called gorgeous, don’t you. I can see it in your eyes. You like other people’s approval. You need it.” The bouncer reached into her cleavage which was shamelessly on display with her deceptively sharp pink nails glimmering in the streetlamp light before pulling out a cigarette. “Take this. You look much more mature. And it does make you just that much more appealing to the eyes.”

The bouncer placed the cigarette into Mina’s fingers which clamped down upon it, just letting it remain idle upon Mina’s side. 

“Well, go on. Let’s see!” The rose haired bouncer tantalizingly brought the cigarette, clenched between Mina’s fingers up to her mouth. “Open up. Try it on for size. You will look so much better with it in your mouth, resting on your lips. Don‘t worry, your friends want you to do this” The filter ran softly along the sailor scouts lips before it slowly was pushed inward. Mina parted her lips, allowing the bouncer to continue the sensational teasing. Mina also licked her lips a little, as if the anticipation was making her hungry for it. 

“Much better.” The very young, perky titted bouncer said encouragingly before leaving Mina in an aroused stupor, turning around. “Come on, be good girls and follow me.” 

The scouts went, Raye’s attention entirely focused upon Mina as she kept the cigarette in her mouth. Raye could even tell Mina sucked on the tip, sucking in the crisp, clean, cleansing taste.  aye wanted the cigarette but she couldn’t lie, Mina looked so much more… with it sensually pressed between her lips. 


Upon entering the club, each scout wore simple clothing. They didn’t want to draw attention. Mina was fitting it rather well, actually. As they followed the bouncer, she made sure to wiggle her butt just enough to make each and every member of the Sailor Scouts wanting more. 

“Isn’t that the way in?” Amy said, pointing the opposite direction they were walking. 

“You are all out of uniform. You cannot come into the party unless you meet regulations.” The bouncer informed them. 

Regulations? Each girl wondered. 

They each came to the realization simultaneously. But they were far to late. They were brought to a room where several articles of clothing were carelessly tossed off by their owners. Neck deep in the enemy’s den of evil already, the sailor scouts knew exactly what was going to happen next.

“You don’t really expect us to wear…” Lita fell silent as the bouncer reached into an ornate, high-end jacket closet. She produced five slender, slimming black tube dresses. Pantyhose. And High heels. 

Lita was not amused. 

“No-way. I don’t think so. Not going to happen.” Lita protested. 

“Suit yourself. You wanted to come in, remember. You don’t have to wear this, but I think you would look so much more attractive. Which is hard to do.” The bouncer chuckled, stroking Lita’s hand gently as she placed the bundle of clothing into her awaiting hands. Lita looked away, Embarrassed. 

“You are a female, don’t forget that. Females need to feel sexy now and then anyways. Think of it as a vacation from your real life for a while.” The bouncer encouraged before, almost floating away, leaving the scouts, alone, in the dressing room, if one could call a large room with clothing scattered around. 

“I am not doing it. I don’t like this one bit.” Lita protested again, with much more zeal, attempting to rid herself of that girly feeling she felt quivering along her strong, shapely, athletic body. 

“Do we have a choice?” Always the voice of reason, Amy spoke. 

“I don’t think so… Maybe?” Serena offered up. 

Raye had a bad feeling. Terrible. But it didn’t stop her from agreeing. “Amy is right. We have no choice.” 

“I don’t mind.” Mina said as she placed the cigarette carefully upon the smooth tiled ground before carelessly slipping her top off her torso, revealing her C-cup breasts. Just the right size for a tantalizing handful. She, of course, had a bra on. For now. 

The other girls watched as Mina stripped off her tightly clutching pants also. Leaving her pale flesh barren except for her bra, which hid her hardening nipples, and her pure white cotton panties which clung to her shapely curves and hairless cunt. 

“Do they expect us to take off our…” Serena said blatantly, her eyes still sucking in each inch and detail of Mina as she without hesitation reached behind her back with both hands, her chest jutting out — such a display of innocence, youth, pale pleasure and carefree intent. Mina was naturally beautiful in looks and action. So graceful. 

“Yes…” Amy said dismally. 

Mina’s breasts became exposed, completely naked as she stepped out of her panties in front of all the girls. Raye turned around, closing her eyes, doing her best to retain her mind, her precious mind. Much like Amy did but she didn’t have the sense to turn around. But maybe Amy’s curious eyes just enjoyed being able to look at Mina undressing entirely. 

Slowly and reluctantly the others slipped into the attire provided for them. It hugged each of their forms like a second skin. A second skin of glimmering, shimmering black which caught the eye immediately. Each dress had a polished sense to them. 

Mina sat upon the ground, unrolling the pantyhose upon her outstretched leg, her little toes wiggling as she did so. Raye was utterly naked, arms bashfully and innocently coiling around her chest. She wanted to get dressed, even if it was in this shameful outfit but couldn’t stop from levying her wholehearted gaze at her companion and friend, Mina, as she placed the high heels on.

Mina was the first done, shortly followed by the rest. The scene was awkward. They’d all seen each other naked. And Mina, well Mina couldn’t keep her relaxed, casual eyes from Serena. They stood in a circle, distantly, looking at each other in a whole new light. 

“This is so embarrassing. I can’t go out there like this. We should just…. Leave or something.” Sailor Mars said firmly. 

“I actually… I… Well, I think I like it.” Lita said, her curly red hair complimenting the midnight look of the dress quite exquisitely. Her hand ran down her side, examining the feel. It was amazing. God, it was amazing. Unlike the other scouts however, her considerable height made the already shrunken attire tiny upon her statuesque figure. She smiled widely. “I think I look pretty sexy…” She admitted, soaking in the delightful hand journey until she realized her finger was tenderly swirling around her nipple. It stuck out like a sore thumb. Those nipples were as impressive, if not more impressive then her own shockingly larger in comparison firm breasts. 

“I feel so naked right now. It’s like I can feel the air in the room running along my flesh.” Sailor Moon said gently, her tender, youthful flesh goose bumped. “Other people are going to be seeing us… ” As if she just realized this. “Oh god! I can’t go out there like this.” 

“I think you look very attractive.” Mina said. Just like Cassandra, Mina was transformed. She didn’t look different, it wasn’t just the clothing either. Nor not having panties or a bra on. No, it was more than that. She carried herself differently. “What do you think about me, Serena?” Mina asked teasingly. 

Mina bent down to grab the floored cigarette, fitting the long slender object in between her fingers. That bubbly ass squeezed against the tube dress as she bent down, the hem of it coiling upward and upward to the point that Sailor Moon could actually see the fat underside of the ass cheeks of her teammate. Serena didn’t complain. 

“Good, I guess…” Serena’s reply was filled with shyness. 

Putting the cigarette in between her lips, Mina looked directly at Sailor Moon. “And what about now?”

Sailor Moon said nothing. Serena’s tongue did, however, dampen her lips with her slippery tongue.

“That’s what I thought. This does grab people’s attention.” Mina proclaimed joyfully, and feeling utterly sexy, it didn’t hurt that Serena would probably eat something from her palm if she asked it. 

“This is worse than our sailor outfits.” Raye said. 

Mina was the first to leave the room. Her clothing is all but forgotten. Heck, even her friends were forgotten. Mina was more interested in the loud party going on. The music was soothing, relaxing, but the multitude of people, well that just hit Mina like a boulder. All she could think about was other people seeing her, staring at her much like Serena had done to her. Was she beautiful? She felt beautiful. With those slender, silk pantyholes clinging to her flesh, restricting her casual movement, giving her a sort of stiff walk to her ever step. She didn’t mind, not at all, as she swayed her pump ass to and fro. 

Lita was the next to follow. Her sleek tube dress barely even offers protection from eyes. She would never admit it, but without panties, her stream of pussy juices would eventually become known to all as they ran down her inner thighs. She had never worn anything like this and while embarrassed, she was growing more and more self-conscious not about how she looked, but how she presented herself. She stumbled on the occasion as she tried her best to follow Mina, who was already considerably ahead of her; these black, polished, shimmering high heels took some getting used to. 

Amy followed but she refused to go anywhere near the party. She remained just outside of the large room. Raye eventually took herself to the bar, she wasn’t about to waste time in such revealing, decedent clothing. And Serena, well, Serena found the many eyes gravitating to her and it immediately had its profound effect upon her school girl body. She had never felt so wanted, desired, loved, and beautiful in her life. 

Amy, with her gorgeous short teal hair, leaned herself up against a wall while waiting for the others to return to her with information on Esmeraude. The second her companions went into the sea of charcoal tube dresses, they all but disappeared. Amy began to worry but not enough to overcome her fear of going into the crowd.

“That outfit suits you very exceptionally.” Amy heard a soothing voice from behind her. She turned around, blushing. 

“Amy…?” It was Lizbeth, Liz for short, the schools head cheerleader and all around desired female by teachers and students. It was hard to resist such a tender morsel, after all, she might be young, but the thought of her body growing anymore was, frankly, insane. With gigantic breasts, enhanced by the tube top, and a slender cigarette in her mouth, lit, and hanging to the side ever so sensually, Amy could only watch as the female she knew stepped closer. 

Liz sucked in a long inhale, a hand caressing and running through her purple hair as she giggled.

“I never thought you’d be here. Never thought you’d be wearing such humiliating clothing. Don’t you have more pride in yourself?” Liz blew a long trail of white, thick fluffy smoke into the air which mixed and mingled with the already thick cloud above everyone’s head. The ceiling was not visible with such a long, dominant cloud overhead. 

Amy shook her head mesmerized. “It isn’t like that.” 

“I thought you were too smart to wear something so sexy like that.” Liz said, closely stepping forward, one of her hands placing upon Amy’s shoulder before slipping upward and to the side, tracing along the path to the trembling scouts neck. 

“Hey…” Amy batted the hand away, the fingers loosely grasping a lock of exotically colored hair. “don’t say that. That is mean..and, and untrue!”

“Is that so? Then why hasn’t any guy ever tried to date you?” Liz asked oddly supportively. No hint of maliciousness in the head cheerleader’s voice. 

Amy had no response to that. Filled with shame, Liz returned her hand to Amy’s body, this time her cheek. A finger running along her lips, a thumb tapping upon the lower lip of the sailor scout, flipping the lip to open the mouth ever so teasingly. 

“You look very sexy, very… very sexy. I can’t keep my eyes off you.” Liz whispered, blowing a long inhale upward, purposefully letting the thick smog of smoke aim for her own nose. The cloud split into two as her nose separated the stream but it converged upon itself after being blown past her hawk nose. Liz was of gypsy lineage, or so it seemed.

So filled with wonder and the oddest sensation boiling in her stomach and loins that Amy hadn’t realized it. Liz’s hands were covered by black gloves. Same material, same shimmer as the dresses they all wore. She felt the softness roam through and along her lips. Amy’s eyes slowly closed. 

“You are so sexy.” Liz repeated. “You love being dressed like this, don’t you?” Liz closed in on Amy in a close, sensual embrace, Liz’s lips pressing upon the resisting sailor scout’s earlobe as she whispered even more nice pleasantries.  

“”You are only as smart as you are sexy.” Liz nipped one of the earlobes.


Serena and Mina went to the bar. Mina was the life of the party. Serena didn’t know why she decided to follow Mina, but she did it. Mina was the life of the party. She kept the cigarette in between her petite lips. Mina’s butt shivered with every step. Her ass jiggling. Serena could see the divide of each individual ass cheek of Mina’s. It took the noble Sailor Moon awhile of staring to realize that the sheer tightness of the tube dress that Mina wore was exactly like her own. Did her ass look like that!? 

Serena turned around, wondering if anyone saw her. They all did. They all seemed to, at least. Masses of masses of people, as far as the eye could see (which wasn’t very far, considering), levied their vision upon the two sailor scouts. Serena bit her lower lip as she acted natural and casual, running both her palms along her sides, fingers curving and traveling down her own curvy ass cheeks. She was astonished. This dress was almost exactly like a second skin! Risking further along, she ran her index finger along the divide of her cheeks. Serena’s journeying index finger was unhindered. She noticed now her very ass was divided ever so lewdly.

And yet she followed Mina. Even dressed like that. 

Mina got to the bar, surprisingly a section was free. Mina turned around to face Sailor moon. Mina, with the unlit cigarette, took her barren hands and lifted them to Sailor Moon’s sides, the hands were covered in her golden locks of hair. Mina slipped her hair covered hands along the rear end of the hero. Serena blushed immediately and tried to back away. Mina’s hands grasped the terrified other female’s butt.

“I need to tell you something.” Mina whispered, that cigarette bobbing as lips moved. 

“Okay…but, but your hands… Can you move them?” Serena said, looking away, or desperately trying. 

Mina rubbed her black satin covered breasts against Serena’s own. Serena felt those fingers massage along her as cheeks, four fingers from each hand drummed against her asshole, pulling and peeling the cheeks further. It was erotic how the hair enlaced in Mina‘s hands rubbed against Serena’s most shameful of areas. Serena was in heaven and her face showed that painfully clear. 

“These cigarettes. Look at it. Look at it in my mouth. Look at everyone else. Everyone has one.” Mina wasn’t concerned, mind you. She suckled on that filter like a piece of candy. Serena didn’t look at the others, not wanting to pull her attention from her teammate. 

“I think these cigarettes are some kind of pleasure drug. I knew Raye said something to Cassandra. I knew it. I bet Raye wanted to see her smoke it… I know I did… I know you did too.” Mina chuckled, teasingly running the long ivory colored tube on Serena’s open lips. 

“Raye stayed behind. I think she saw Cassandra smoking it. Maybe even breathed in the smoke. She seemed so distant when we went to the shrine. I think these cigarettes are some kind of hypnotizing thing.. You would never let me do this to you,  ver…” Mina gripped the ass cheeks before teasingly spanking Sailor Moon.

“But you are…” Mina massaged her hard nipples along Serena’s own chest. Serena exhaled in shuttering longing. It felt so soft, like the flesh wasn’t even diminished by the material they wore, it only enhanced the tenderness of each caress. 

“I would never do this. But I am. I can’t help it. You look so sexy to me. Gorgeous. Beautiful. I want you. I want to kiss you. And you want that too, don’t you.” Mina chuckled huskily. 

“No…” Serena protested. 

“I have no idea what this cigarette will do to me. I am so scared. I want to smoke it though, I want you to watch me smoke it. But it will change me, I know it will. I might become just like these… “ She looked around at the mass of people, each female more attractive than the next. God. She didn’t mind looking like them. Feeling like them. Being them. So confident, sensual, intense. “Anyway… I don’t want to do it alone. I can’t. I can’t trust myself. I want to do what is right for the team, for you, Serena. Should I smoke this cigarette for you? Do you want me to?”

Serena said nothing but letting loose stifling moans of ecstasy as their bodies melded together. 


Esmeraude appeared upon the stage. She donned her lean body with a latex dress that came down to the mid of her thick thighs. Each scout couldn’t resist but look at Esmeraude and just how sensually she carried herself. Her posture of confidence was in and of itself alluring. Her lime colored lips and sea green hair also stole the show. Upon her forehead rested a crescent moon. She gave a speech, no scout heard it. The atmosphere was becoming much more dense. Their full, undivided attention was focused on the sights, the feels, and smells, that strawberry aroma that suffocated even oxygen itself. 

“And for celebrating the release of the new ‘Simply Hypnotic’ brand throughout the entire world. I would like you all to celebrate. You deserve it. I want you to light up and enjoy the rest of the night! You deserve it”

The thick, bellowing clouds of smoke immediately filled the entire room. It obscured vision, it filled the chamber with a soothing smell of safeness. Enticing, soothing, creamy, everything about it was heaven on earth for the helpless scouts. 

“My lighter is pinned in between my breasts. Be a doll, would you?” Mina chuckled to Sailor Moon. Trembling hand followed directions, her eyes fixed on Mina’s. Producing the lighter, which took a decent amount of time, Serena enjoyed the sensation of her warm hands upon those heaving breasts. 

She sparked the lighter. Mina didn’t move the tip closer. Sailor moon quakingly, the flame fluttering as she absentmindedly and tremblingly brought the lighter closer to the cigarette tip. It was sparked. Mina drew in a long inhale, her body smashing further against Serena, pinning her against the bar’s edge. Sailor moon wanted to smell that smoke completely. Mina inhaled deeply, she loved it, but she loved the look of desperation in Serena’s wide open lustful eyes. 

She blew it out. 

It was all so clear to Mina now. Why were they fighting? Why did they need to fight? Violence is never the answer. Why did they need to go to school, to what? Make themselves smarter? They were already smart enough, and sexy enough and that is what really mattered. This was relaxing. Mina liked it here, surrounded by so many nice, friendly people. What would happen when they defeated Esmeraude? Another enemy would pop up. Like clockwork. She just wanted to remain here, with Sailor Moon, enjoying the night. Just tonight. She wasn’t a proud Sailor Scout, tonight she wasn’t even going to stop Esmeraude. Because Esmeraude was right! She was! They deserved this. 

Mina let loose the smog of cream, of satin soothing sensual delight. Mina blew it directly into the other’s mouth, getting closer and closer. The thick cloud of smoke walked up Sailor Moon’s mouth, and was inhaled, almost entirely, by Serena. Serena’s chest raised as she continued to inhale. No one knew who she was. She was Sailor Moon! She has saved this city time and time again from evil and no one knew. She wasn’t interested in the attention…

But maybe she was. Maybe she wanted people to know! 

Mina embraced Sailor Moon in a kiss. 

Raye came upon the red headed bombshell, Cassandra, after Esmeraude said her enchanting words of praise and devotion. Cassandra didn’t say a word but immediately produced a cigarette. Raye froze, her attention entirely upon the once dorky school girl. Cassandra smirked. Sparking a lighter. Cassandra’s almost glowing eyes and movements seemed to wait for Raye’s decision. Raye realized this immediately and slowly nodded her head. 

Cassandra walked through some people, effortlessly slipping past them. Inhaling, she pinched her lips together and pointed them upward, blowing away from Raye. Raye was upset. 

“Come on… please…” Had Raye’s attention been situationally aware, every person was smoking but all she could see was Cassandra and that white cloud of fluffy smoke exiting her mouth. Cassandra plucked the object from her mouth and put it into Raye’s mouth. 

“This is what you want. Take it. Enjoy…” Cassandra grinned maliciously— and Raye knew the smile of an evil person all too well. And yet she inhaled anyway. 

Liz was working on Amy, which didn’t need much work at all. She was already blushing at the shameless, inscrutable gestures of Liz’s. Liz blew the smoke every which way but toward Amy. Amy smiled as she was teasing, moving her head to and fro, playfully trying to catch a real solid whiff of the white liquid that seemed to stream along the very air itself. 

“You really want this, don’t you?” Liz chuckled even as she blew another long puff out. 

Amy was suffering from the drug even without getting a real dose of it. She felt sexy, and knew she was sexy actually. A far cry of what she usually believed. She was the brains, always the brains. She was tired of thinking so much. Tired of people just seeing her as just a resource to be used when her intelligence was needed. She just wanted to be noticed. Loved. Cared for. She felt exploited. And the worst part was that people never saw her as attractive, no guys ever came up to her for a real date. It was always to help higher their grade to a passing one. Even her closest friends never commented on her attractiveness. 

Why did she bother though? She didn’t need them to feel sexy,she just needed to feel sexy and with this dress and that wondrous smoke, well, she felt even more gorgeous than the actress herself, Mina. 

“I see you slipping away…” Liz said pleased as she blew a full load of white milky goodness Amy’s way. 

What did she want? Most of all? To battle foes for the rest of her life? No. Definitely not. She wanted to be… like this. Forever.


Each scout enjoyed their time before their respective companions brought them to the head of this devious, wicked plan. Esmeraude herself. They were guided to a room, a chamber, sort of small compared to the wide open space they came from but it looked much more luxurious, with paintings and sculptors of wealthy design decorating the marbled room.  

Mina had her arms around Serena. Serena blushed as the other sailor scouts looked, albeit distractedly, at her. Lita was in a hazy daze, her dress slipped upward against her thigh, long thighs. Just out of sight was her wet cunnie, but the trails of liquid were obvious as they slipped down her inner legs and collected upon the pantyhose. While designed to be practically see through, the material was dampened and darkened. It was as obvious as a person who pissed their pants. She noticed. Lita even felt it. She just didn’t care. She’d heard several females say something to her about how wet she was, how sexily drenched she was and then she also heard how it looked great on her, how others were jealous of just how arousing such a sight looked. 

Amy stood, with a cigarette in hand, smoking it. She sucked on it like her life depended on it, moaning the entire way through. 

Esmeraude smiled. More to add to the ranks of her children. Soon she’d have enough to take down the Sailor Scouts. 

“I see you do not have your gloves. New here?” Esmeraude’s voice was hypnotic, inspiring each to answer upon cue. She looked over them. They were stunning. She couldn’t help but feel she’d seen them somewhere before. But where?

“Did you like your first time? Esmeraude smiled wickedly. The green haired foe loved breaking in new initiates. It turned her on just so much how shameless people could get with just a hint of her specially brewed chemical. It didn’t mind control people though, that is what the news, and horrified citizens thought (but they would all fall soon enough) got it wrong. The cigarettes just enhanced the feelings and desires that were already there. 

“I am glad you all did. Isn’t it nice not having to worry about anything?” She inquired, grinning. She whipped out a long, bulky wooden object, which with a flick of her wrist the object expanded and spread, forming into an ornate fan. She ran the material along her forehead, combing some of her loose sea green strands of hair from her face, positioning them almost perfectly to frame her entrancing face. 

“All you need to do is listen to my voice. Watch me. Worship me. Be my willing little precious girls, just like everyone out in the main room. You would like that wouldn’t you?” Esmeraude grinned, her eyes sucking in the scene of Mina’s long blonde haired form covering and massaging against Serena’s own relaxed figure. 

Mina pulled her mouth away from Sailor moon, their eyes dull, distant, defeated. Sailor Moon didn’t have a cigarette in her mouth, but from the kissing and inhaling of Mina’s own cigarette, she let loose a long puffy stream of solid white smoke. “Yes…” It was a wonder the sexually driven teenage could manage such a word, she seemed so wrapped up in her companion, both hugging each other like lovers, sharing the cigarette to and fro. 

“Then I should tell you that somewhere out there are some people, females to be exact, who are looking to stop me… They want to stop my plans to rule this city” Esmeraude leaned against a solid dark wooden desk. Her form slithered upon it, her breasts pancaking upon the wood as she stretched ever so delicately against the smooth surface. Each Sailor scout imagined how such a sensation would feel and just how provocatively Esmeraude conducted herself. It was mesmerizing how that suffocatingly wrapped black dress clutched and squeaking remolded against the villains  tretched erotic form. 

They each collectively gasped. Who would do something so wicked and evil! Who would try to stop the city, the world from feeling this pleasure, this calmness, this state of being that ignored all emotions except for bliss? They each wanted to speak, but somewhere deep down, they knew their place. They loved Esmeraude in their own little unique way. Lita just wanted to clean off those high heels with her tongue, merely because she thought it was her duty.

They each however knew that Esmeraude was still talking, even if her movements were slow, her speech inviting and encouraging. “Do you like what you see? I bet you, each and everyone of you, little sexy sluts like being here. You want to stay, want to worship me, want a peek at what is under these gems.” She spoke of the three out branching gems along her slender, yet firm breasts that fit so tight and snug under that appetizing dress. “Or maybe…”

She drew back, having retrieved what she was looking for. The scouts hadn’t even noticed what Esmeraude was going for. It could have been anything! Only Amy realized this, and the horror of it seemed to snap her free from the spell almost all together. Dear god! What was she doing! 

Esmeraude noticed Amy’s movements, she sensed the will power, the resistance. She was immediately and immensely pleased, and Amy noticed this utterly and completely. She was found out. She wanted to run but couldn’t. What did Esmeraude grab on the wooden desk? 

Esmeraude standing up now, she ran a square object, blindingly neon in color, along her lithe body. Amy’s eyes couldn’t be pulled from the case. Esmeraude chuckled as she trailed it along her tightly pulled separated breasts and up to her mouth where her wet, thickly salivated tongue ran along its length before popping it open – revealing sleek, white cigarettes, each neatly lined next to each other. 

“Do you want me to be defeated, dear?” Esmeraude walked toward Amy, extending the case toward the sailor scout. It was odd to the other scouts as they felt a strong pang of jealousy toward Amy for stealing this goddesses attention from their own. Lita just wanted Esmeraude to acknowledge her existence, she didn’t care when, but the anticipation was making her buckle in her knees. Lita rubbed her legs together to feel the sensation of her panty hose sliding sensually along the other. 

“Yes… You are evil and wicked. I can sense it. I can tell.” Amy confessed. 

Fluidly, Esmeraude hand secured under the defiant student’s chin, thumb caressing the chin ever so skillfully, massaging her thumb circularly. 

“Then do something about it. You would never dare try and harm me. Look at me. You love me. You love the way I make you feel. Maybe you aren’t smart enough to know how I feel about you. Maybe I should just tell you, hmmm? ” Esmeraude nipped at her lower lip with her teeth, dragging it along the flesh, the color of her lip slowly draining out to look white before she released it. 

The case, held by a venturing hand, slid along the pouty breasts of Amy enticingly. 

“As I was saying. These females, they are called the Sailor Scouts… They seek to harm me, to stop me. Now, little girl, do you know anything about them? They need to be stopped, wouldn’t you agree?” Esmeraude nodded her head up and down like she was talking to a dog. “You wouldn’t want me to leave you would you?” Amy’s mouth was half open, shocked. 

Amy fought with all her power and will. “No, no, they don’t want to hurt you.” Amy finally explained. 

“Ahhh, there it is…Leave it all behind. Come to me.” Esmeraude whispered. A loud plank could be heard. Esmeraude lips were ever so close to Amy closed her eyes, hoping, wishing for a kiss, she was rewarded with a cigarette. 

Run away.

Run away.

Amy could only think about how calming it was here. What was the worst that could happen… Esmeraude just wanted to be loved. She wasn’t evil. She didn’t seem like it at least. 

“Oh, is that so? How would you know that?” Esmeraude with seduction. 

“I know who they are and I know they would never want too….—-” Amy confessed. Esmeraude’s eyes widened. Three months and she finally was about to get her answer. Soon her enemies would be her little puppets. But who! Who were they? 

Serena pushed Mina away, tossing her to the ground. 

“Amy! Stop! Get a hold of yourself, everybody!” Serena said with passion. “Esmeraude. You want to know who the sailor scouts are? It is us! We stand for truth and justice! You are nothing but an evil, wicked creature.”

Amused Esmeraude said while Sailor Moon was speaking “now you know that isn’t true, dear.” She chuckled.

“and we will definitely defeat you. Come on, Mina… Sailor Venus. You need to snap out of it. I know it is hard. You just want to never return. Life is so peaceful. But that smoke, those cigarettes, that woman, they are fake offering nothing but an illusion. You need to help me! Help us. Esmeraude needs to be defeated. Join me. Trust me, Mina. Trust me.” 

Mina collected herself, standing up. It was hard but Sailor Moon was right. She could feel herself disappearing, mind, body and soul. 

“We will not be defeated by the likes of you, Esmeraude” Mina said with vigor yet bravado. 

Raye looked on as Mina and Selena transformed. Because of their lack of undergarments, their most precious parts were flashed into view of all to see as their skirts appeared. Raye took the smoke out of her mouth and tossed it away, following suit, transforming. 

“If we don’t do this… then we will be imprisoned by this evil woman forever!” Mina said, trying to convince herself that they needed to. She didn’t want to fight, never again. It was just too pointless. Mina just wanted to curl up along those high heels of her Goddess. 

Lita transformed while Esmeraude chuckled, pleased as she cooly lit the cigerrate, blowing a chunk of it into Amy’s innocent face. 

“You must be Mercury. You don’t want to defeat me, do you? You said it yourself, the Sailor Scouts don’t want to hurt me.” 

Amy nodded her head up and down. The scouts could barely see it with the thick cloud of smoke about their teammates head. “I know that, but don’t tell them that.” Esmeraude said confidently. 

Just then Amy transformed into Sailor Mercury. Esmeraude enjoyed the show of her traitorous slave. “Stop! Why are we fighting her? Esmeraude is perfect. She treats us so well. She makes me feel beautiful… She makes me happy and she does for every one of you. Why is that so bad…” Mercury said, still deliciously close to Esmeraude, rubbing her lewd body upon her while Esmeraude lit another cigarette for the super hero to smoke for herself. Esmeraude put the cigarette into her mouth while she inhaled, then lifted it away teasingly, Amy following the cigarette like an addict, but she soon gave up pursuit when Esmeraude tapped playfully on Amy’s nose while saying ‘no’. 

“Have you ever, in your life, felt like this before… it’s wonderful. And I never want it to end. I love Esmeraude.” Amy spoke. The scouts wavered a few moments before Sailor moon pointed her wand firmly at Raye. 

“Get Amy out of the way.” Raye did just that. Esmeraude distanced herself from Amy as she noticed Raye charging. 

A swirling energy whip snapped out from Sailor Venus, coiling and wrapping around Esmeraude. Esmeraude easily dispatched Sailor Moon’s attack but the whip coiled ever so crushingly. 

“Look into your heart, Mina, tell me you want to defeat me. Why are you listening to Sailor Moon over there? She can never hope to give you what I am offering you. I know you are smart enough to know who’s side you want to be on, forever. No fear, no questions, no worry, no concern. I offer you this and more… I offer my love for you. I love you all, so much.”

“Don’t listen to her. She is just lying.” Sailor Moon said, her bravery wavering. She didn’t want to fight anymore. This was the only life she wanted to leave, but she needed to break from this spell, for the city, for her team, for herself. 

“Mina…” Esmeraude said as the chain slowly loosened enough to allow the green haired temptress to walk now. “Be a good girl… be my good girl.” 

Sailor Jupiter dashed toward Esmeraude, her long brown hair a blare as her speed was significant. Esmeraude moved to the side as Jupiter rushed at her. With a lightning quick snatch, Esmeraude had a handful of that gorgeous long brown hair. Wrenching it back, Jupiter slipped onto the marble floor. Esmeraude laughed as she pulled the head of the defeated Sailor Scout up by her hair. 

“Couldn’t wait to touch me, hu? Well, you are here now… how about you clean off my high heels and forget this entire thing. You want to know a secret… I need my clothing cleaned off every night, even my high heels, would you like to do that? Like to wash my sexy clothing with that slutty, wet tongue of yours? I might even wear a thong for you…” Jupiter, facing Sailor Moon and Mina, squirmed with noticeable desire as she nodded her head up and down in agreement. 

“Sailor Jupiter… No…” Sailor Moon cried out. The whip loosened. 

“That’s right Mina. You want to be my good little girl, don’t you? You want to worship my body.” Mina cried out as she released her weapon, it clanked upon the ground. 

“I need someone to clean my body. I know you want to do that…don’t you?” Esmeraude said walking toward Mina and Sailor Moon. Jupiter was on the ground, praising her goddess with her tongue running along the moving high heels, slobbering against the sensually flesh-toned pantyhose. Jupiters lips caressed smearing against the strong, toned calves of her Goddess. 

“Amy! Raye…” Sailor Moon called out terrified. She felt something. She felt her heart pumping, her eyes fluttering open and closed bashfully, looking away from Esmeraude, Unable to look at her attractive, limber form. 

“Leave those girls alone. They are enjoying a nice smoke. Would you like a smoke, Sailor Moon.” Esmeraude said. 

It was true. The two girls were locked together, puffing on a single cigarette, exchanging it with each other while they passionately kissed and blew the smoke into the other’s lustful mouth. They were a mess and tangle of gorgeous azure and charcoal with violent highlighted hair. 

“The world… The Sailor Scouts will never succumb to lust and pleasure!” Sailor Moon said, obviously worried but still readying her wand for battle, she kept repeating to herself if Esmeraude stepped closer to her, she would attack. The next step Esmeraude  ook, she repeated that dedication, again and again with no effect. God, Esmeraude was just so alluring. The way she calmed put another cigarette into her mouth, sensually running it along her lips, her tongue even teasingly licking the length of it. 

“If you are right then accept my challenge. Take a smoke of this cigarette. If you want to still leave, I will allow you to, not only that, I will surrender myself to you because of just how strong you are. You can have your friends back and everything will go back to normal.” Esmeraude had no trace of hostility in her step or voice.

“How can I trust you?” Sailor Moon said, shyly looking at Esmeraude who was now next to her. 

“Don’t you?” Esmeraude asked.

Sailor Moon looked down at the ground, seeing Jupiter licking the high heels of the evil Esmeraude. Esmeraude smirked, lifting her foot off the ground, pulling it back just slightly and from there Jupiter immediately wrapped her lips suffocating along the spike, licking and cleaning it. Even trying to smoke it. She moaned in delight. 

She would never be defeated! She would end up like that. Sailor Moon knew that now and it fueled her confidence. She could never fall like that. 

“Good girl.” She pushed the filter into Sailor Moon’s mouth. Sailor moon looked at Jupiter, then to Raye and Amy, and Mina who had her skirt lifted up, exposing her messy, wet cunt to view. Mina’s finger slipping in between her healthy pink hungry labia folds. 

She would never be like that. 

She inhaled. She stopped for a second, trying to pull her mouth away, but Esmeraude pushed the cigarette back in between the hero’s lips. 

“Come on, take a big breath of it. You can do it, I know you can. Do it for me…Stop fighting.” Esmeraude said, her snake-like hand placed behind the other’s head, running through the blonde hair while pushing it forward. Serena looked directly into Esmeraude’s eyes as she inhaled all she could. She continued though until finally Esmeraude pulled the cigarette away. Serena moaned with dislike as her sucking toy was separated from her trembling lips. 

Crying, Sailor Moon remained perfectly still, smoke still deep in her lungs. Her defeated frown slowly raised into a smile. It was all clear. Her teammates were right. They wanted this. The city wanted it. The world would want it. Who wouldn’t? And for those who didn’t, they would resist. But that was their decision. Not hers to make for them. Sailor Moon blew out for a long, long time, the thick smog swirled in the area. Everything was white. The only thing Sailor Moon could see was Esmeraude’s elegantly styled green hair which framed her face like a perfect picture. 

“Would you like to leave? Or would you like to take another puff?” Esmeraude chuckled. 

Serena leaned forward, licking her lips as she circled her saliva drenched lips around the filter. 


The world knew nothing about this tragic turn of fate until the television started airing commercials. In a large mansion were the sailor scouts, each in their own little enticingly tight sailor uniform. Sailor Jupiter was curling upon the ground about Esmeraude’s feet, running her tongue wetly against her high heels. Esmeraude smiled and laughed. 

“Introducing the only brand of cigarettes that the sailor scouts endorse.” Esmeraude said softly as she sat, cross legged in a throne, a green tiara upon her lovely hair as Sailor Moon walked up to Esmeraude, a small circular tray that held a case. Sailor Moon’s skirt was lifted upward ever so revealingly, her ass cheeks plainly in view of the cameras as she bend down, bowingly, presenting the cigarette case. Esmeraude picked it up and plucked a cigarette into her mouth. Coming from behind, Raye snapped her fingers, producing a flame from her tips to light the cigarette in Esmeraude’s mouth. “Thank you, dear.” Esmeraude whispered, looking directly at the camera as the millions of new victims. 

“Your welcome, Mistress.” Raye said much like a zombie. 

“Sailor Moon… Hey…” Esmeraude playfully slapped Sailor Moon, pinching her cheeks together with her slender long fingers, turning the distant scout to look at the camera. “Millions of people are watching this. Pay attention. You are Sailor Moon, right? You would sacrifice yourself to save the world, wouldn’t you? You are the defender of this entire realm, right?” Esmeraude.

“Yes… Yes Esmeraude.” She said, looking at the camera and Esmeraude.

“You want to defeat me, don’t you. Save this world from me, right?” 

Selena could only nod her head up and down.

Esmeraude sucked in a long inhale from the cigarette, almost devouring the entire thing before leaning upward to the standing Sailor Moon. “Try just one taste of this…” Esmeraude said softly, pinching the cheeks of the triumphant Sailor Scout harshly, squeezing those lips to perk outward and puffy. Just then Esmeraude kissed her, their lips smashed together. The green lipstick from Esmeraude rubbing and coloring the other females. 

Breaking the kiss, Sailor Moon exhaled the smoke. Her lips, rubbed with the green lipstick, smiled happily as the smoke fluttered from her half opened lips relaxedly. 

“Do you really want to stop me?” Esmeraude asked.


“Will you do anything for me?”Esmeraude questioned again, knowing the answer, her green masqueraded eyes glared into the camera lens. 

“Yes…Just let me have those cigarettes.” 

“Would you surrender to me? Would you give me your power as a Sailor Scout? You don’t want it anymore, do you?”

Sailor Moon produced her wand and tossed it onto the ground. 

“Simply Hypnotic. Even Sailor Moon cannot resist one puff of this creamy white smoke.” 

Each sailor scout then spoke.

Lita cried out as she licked the pantyhose. “We failed you, world.”

“We have been defeated and we don’t care.” Raye confessed softly, inhaling some of the thick smoke. 

“This world…” Mina spoke before Amy chimed in. “and its people.” Mina then continued “belongs to Esmeraude. No one is going to save you.” 

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