Under The Hot Sun A Furry Attribute Theft Tail

A Furry Border Collie named Trenton is a soldier in the military, off in the distant sandy territory of the enemy. He discovers a statue that will absorb other peoples cocks sizes and add it to his own. It also turns others into mindless drones completely dedicated to worshipping the soldier heroine.


Under the unforgiving sun and complete lack of trees, Trenton was not having a good time. He was in the middle of a sea of sand and war torn dilapidated buildings -it was not becoming for him. He marched on down the ruined streets, wondering what the lives of the former residents might have been before the bombings. His boots, which had been specially designed for canines, crunched against dirt in a world of … well … more dirt, and sand too. But there were buildings too, or what was left of the buildings.
Most of the buildings didn’t have roofs anymore, but at least there were still opportunities for shade. There were places with multiple floors, for example, and not every ceiling was wide open. A rest was in order, to be sure.
The Border Collie considered seeking out one of those opportunities for shade. Why not? It was hot as balls, even hotter, really. He’d made a turban out of an old white shirt and rolled it about his head, forming just a little bit of shade for his head. His wife beater was soaked with sweat. His camo pants likely smelled worse. He really didn’t think his clothes were working well in this environment. Fuck, his body didn’t work well in this environment. Border Collies weren’t the types for deserts, but the army didn’t give a fuck about that.
Trenton found a crumbling warehouse and thought he might just go inside. After peeking past the entrance door, or what was left of it, he decided it would provide shelter enough from the unforgiving sun. Panting a little, he walked on in, although slowly. There were a bunch of abandoned crates of goods on the tiled floor. Trenton didn’t know if any of it was still useful, and he didn’t particularly care in so far as their immediate use to sit on. He wasn’t interested in looting. He just wanted to sit down and get some water.
So, he did just that. He chose a crate at random and planted his backside on it, his tail swishing back and forth. From his belt, Trenton unhooked a canteen of water, and he took a swig. It was boiling hot. Not even a handful of ice cubes could’ve saved it. They would’ve melted away and turned into more warm water… or steam.
Trenton grumbled a little, but at least it was water. He wasn’t going to be dehydrated from a temperature preference not being met. He put his canten away and shifted his weight on the crate, trying to get comfortable, or as much comfort as he supposed was possible given the circumstances.
That didn’t happen though.
First there were mild creaking noises, which had Keadan’s pointed ears twitching under his turban. Then, in a cloud of dust, Trenton was crashing down. The crate had collapsed! The poor Border Collie landed right on his butt, and what was under his butt were a few jars and boxes of random stuff. It wasn’t comfortable at all. Of course there weren’t pillows in the crate, why would there be?
Bitching to himself as he got up, Trenton hoped nothing in there was rusty, because he might have been poked with something. He moved his paw to massage his now sore buttock, but to his shock he felt something stuck on his hand.
“Huh?”  Trenton held his hand up to his face, his dark nose wiggling. It was, it was… what the hell was it? Regardless, he couldn’t drop it, no matter how hard he tried, no matter how many times he waved his arm around, the thing was stuck to his paw pad like glue. Weird as fuck, a little panic-inducing too, but Trenton reminded himself to keep his cool and try to figure a way out of this mess.
It was only long enough to stretch across his palm. It was thin like a pencil, or perhaps no, that wasn’t right, it was more like a kid’s crayon in terms of thickness. The shape wasn’t too different. It was an obelisk, black and shiny, with little golden serpents curling around the shaft.
Well, that’s weird. Cool looking, but weird, that’s what Trenton decided. If only he could get the stupid thing off of his hand, though!
Hmmm … what was that noise?
Trenton could barely hear it. It wasn’t like a dog whistle, but it was more annoying than outright painful or immediately attention-grabbing. It was more like a faint pulsing, like a heartbeat but quiet. He took a moment to figure out the odd noise was coming from the obelisk attached to his palm.
Was it a bomb or something?!
The thought had him nearly panicking. He used his free hand to grip and tug the thing, but it wouldn’t leave. He could see his padded flesh move with the talisman thing but it simply would not leave!
It did, however, give him something in return for his efforts to try and liberate his hand from the obelisk.
It started as a single burst of sensation in his groin, mainly in his balls. It had Trenton yelping in surprise. The sensation then waved throughout his form, his thighs and belly, his legs and arms, his hands and feet. It was all-encompassing. Trenton couldn’t have explained the reason for it if asked. His voice was caught by the strange, lustful feeling. His body was tingling, from head to toe and it felt like it was massaging his brain just as skillfully as his throbbing cock.
The Border Collie man looked down at his crotch. There was quite a fierce tent. It was outlined and it begged to be free from its confined prison. Even the feeling of his cotton briefs being pressed against his cock’s head felt like another form of pleasure. It might as well have been an affectionate tongue lapping him up.
Trenton reached down to unbutton and unzip his pants. He didn’t want to, but he had to. He was alone, but even then, perhaps he still would have done the same. Even though the fabric of his underwear felt intoxicating, it would never allow him the release that his paw could and would provide. Every time a pair of teeth separated, his poor cock twitched. If it could make a sound, it would have whined like a puppy. When he had his thumbs hooked under his brief’s waistband, he locked his jaw as sensations overwhelmed him. His briefs had little spots of moisture appearing in the cotton. Had to be drops of precum. He did all of these actions, regardless of the imposition of that statue plastered on the palm of his hand.
Once he had his red cock saluting the hot air, he marveled at the sight of it. His knot looked and felt bigger than ever. The veins all around were much more pronounced than they typically were in such a situation, and Trenton wasn’t a prude, he knew his penis pretty damn well. The fact was that it was throbbing with lusty anticipation.
Tentatively, his free hand reached down to the raging cock.
The pleasure the simple touch elicited had him crouch down. It was like lightning, really. Practically doubling over. The flesh was just so tender as if he’d never touched his cock before.
A firm grip hadn’t been necessary for producing any pleasure. The skating friction was enough. His cock pulsed and spurted out a small amount of liquid. Less drool, more of a shot. His heart skipped a beat as he wondered what would happen if a proper stroke was implemented. He had heard of such volumes in porn, but he never managed half as much as he had a certainty he was about to produce if he continued molesting himself. He would soon find out.
Using the dribbling precum for quick and dirty lubrication, Trenton took his shaft and gave a quick stroke.
He howled, falling onto his back. His whole body was twitching and moving in ways that made no sense. Only one stroke and he was freaking the hell out. In fact, jets and jets of cum were pushing out, even extending to the cracked ceiling. The amount was ludicrous, the feeling was ludicrous, and this entire thing was ludicrous!
Meanwhile, another soldier happened to be walking by. He was a Labrador by the name of Fenis. His own boots paused at the entrance of the old warehouse. He couldn’t help it, there were wild noises going on in there. Fenis peered inside with curious and concerned eyes.
A set of shadowy serpents rose from the ground, quiet and unnoticed. They wrapped themselves around Fenis’s legs, holding him in place. That soldier couldn’t have moved if he’d wanted to, though. His body was frozen. Oddly, an erection was rising between his thighs, even though the scene before him wasn’t particularly arousing. It was only weird and random to him. He didn’t know what to think.
Totally unaware, Trenton let loose an unnatural amount of semen, shooting and spraying everywhere. The Labrador had managed to pick a spot where nothing was splattering against him. That might have been the luckiest thing about the situation. Sadly, terrible luck was coating him more than the semen coating the walls.
Bit by bit, so slowly that the Labrador hadn’t noticed it at first, his erection was diminished. Shrinking and shrinking. Fenis was only able to look down at it because eventually the was wondering why he was hard in the first place.
Horror and alarm reached his features, but he couldn’t even scream about it. Not with being utterly petrified, black tendrils or not.
Helplessly, he watched as the bulge shrunk, more and more space deflating in his clothing. It felt almost numbing, but still with hints of some pulsating and squeezing all over his loins like something was pressing it all down. He couldn’t see it disappear, of course, but he could feel it, he knew that it wasn’t just becoming flaccid, but that it was being shrunk, balled, and balled and rolled until there was nothing left.
Only when the Border Collie was finished with his supernatural masturbation session did the shadow snakes unwrap and disappear back into the ground. That was when Fenis was able to fall to his knees and hurriedly open his pants up. He needed to make sure! Was it still there?
His eyes popped.
Three damn inches.
He wore his disbelief clear as day on his face.  It would look cute if it wasn’t his. The scene would have been hilarious if it wasn’t for him.
What happened?! How was this even possible?!
Fenis, the poor Labrador, suddenly regretted all the times he’d had a chance to enjoy his body but didn’t. Now he had a poor little penis. He should’ve masturbated more, seduced more, and fucked more. He shouldn’t have tried to save his energy for later. He shouldn’t have taken himself for granted.
And now, most of his length had disappeared. Embarrassment and mortification had Fenis wanting to run away. He got up on his shaky legs and fumbled with his pants and underwear, closing himself up. What would other people think if they saw this? He was too dumbstruck and shocked in general to even think of the weird Border Collie masturbating as if his life depended on it. Talk about PTSD.
Dazed, he walked away from that warehouse. A few buildings had rolled by his blurred vision when suddenly he was overwhelmed again. Once more, he fell to his knees, and he was putting his hands in his pants again, trying to convince himself it was all a lie.
Nope. Still small. No… Tiny. Insignificant. Weak. Fenis was properly emasculated.
A sergeant passed through, and he halted at the kneeling and squirming Labrador. Disgust and surprise marking his features, the sergeant barked out, “Up and out! Stop worrying over your pecker and keep that shit in your bunk!” When the Labrador didn’t respond, the sergeant grabbed him by his arm and dragged him to his feet. “Alright, I get it,” the sergeant said after a quick glance down, which was likely made out of morbid curiosity. “You just now figured out you’re little. Existential crisis and whatnot. So what? This is a war zone. Complexing on your dick can wait.” He patted the Labrador on the back. “My sister-in-law grosses me out with how much she fawns over my bro’s cock on SmileBook, and guy’s like two inches. Size ain’t nothing but a thang. Worrying too much over cocks is kind of gay anyway.”
The sudden thought prompted Fenis to squeak out, “Gay people ain’t done nothing to me. I don’t have a problem with them.”
Smiling and holding back a little chuckle, the sergeant responded with, “Ha, alright. You got a point. Nobody smart really cares much what the gay fellows do, nothing wrong with them. But come on, don’t worry about your pecker’s size too much. As long as it works it’s fine.” He started leading the Labrador toward the base, but he soon asked, “Why were you on the ground like that?”
Sheepish, the Labrador said, “I’m not sure if I even remember, but I think my cock shrunk.”
“That’s not really a thing that can happen, but you might want to go to the infirmary just in case.”
Fenis nodded and the Sergeant moved on, softly talking under his breath, “Thank god I don’t have a small ass penis. How humiliating. Poor kid.”
Trenton was still in the warehouse, having missed the entire exchange that happened not but a block away from him between a small dicked private and a larger dicked Sergeant. He had more important things to take care of. He was panting and trying not to fall asleep. He was already tired at the onset of this adventure, but he felt like he had cummed half his body weight. He pushed himself up to a kneeling position and looked around.
It was everywhere.
It was on the walls, on the ceiling, on the floor, and a bit on his clothes.
Trenton managed to get his canteen out and take a few long draughts of water. He put it back on his belt and cleared his throat. A bit of energy had returned to him. He was able to get to his feet. He looked around and decided this was the most hilariously weird thing that had ever happened to him. He moved to tuck his penis back in its sheath.
Trenton frowned.
He didn’t fit like he normally did. It was like there was more muscle down there. Weird.
He walked over to a wall and ran his fingers through the semen, making a clean line through the oddly thick layer. Trenton did it more out of curiosity than a perverse desire to coat his fingers with his spunk. This was all his? The fingers’ path through semen was actually significantly wider than what his finger could have managed. He didn’t know it but the statue was absorbing the cream, sucking it down like he had done with the water moments ago. He wiped his finger with his wife-beater shirt. He looked at the obelisk talisman, and he thought if it was possible he should wrap the thing up. As soon as he had that thought the item freed itself. Silent, no longer making any kind of noise, it simply fell off one palm and went to the other with no trouble.
It was almost like as long as he had no intentions to rid himself of the obelisk, it wouldn’t stick to his skin like a clingy ex. Well, that’s what Trenton assumed, and he honestly didn’t have enough evidence to get a good conclusion. He would have explored that line of thinking too had he not just been happy to be liberated from that creepy object. He was even able to set the talisman down on the floor while he pulled his wife-beater over his head. Then he picked up the talisman with his filthy shirt as a barrier.
Strangely, before he could make a good bundle, he watched as all the semen seemed to soak into the talisman and disappear like it was sucking it all in. Wondrous … and disgusting. Trenton blinked a few times and looked around. The semen all around was going away too. It didn’t take long for the talisman to take all the goo away and end the interaction with a still clean and smooth surface. There was no more evidence of anything nasty.
Trenton liberated his phallus, which was rather messy from the ordeal, and started to rub the statue on his wilted and exhausted, spent cock. The statue dutifully cleaned every trace of cum.
“Hmmmmm.” Trenton quietly looked at the thing. Whatever this thing was doing, it didn’t seem harmful, but it was pleasurable. Maybe he could make some money by selling it on the black market. Who knew? But he did think that in the meantime at least he wouldn’t get in trouble for having bed sheets that were way too filthy.
He put a little laugh in the air. Then he used his wife-beater to wrap up the obelisk as he’d intended. Then he shoved the bundle into a large bag on his belt. He remained there for a few moments, crossing his arms and thinking of what he should do once he’d reported back. Food or shower?
After a few more moments, he nodded to himself and decided that he should eat something and then take a shower. Why not?
As he went on his way, Trenton happened to notice the sergeant and the Labrador soldier walking. He approached for a quick greeting, which was only proper and respectful given the environment. The Labrador was in something of a daze, but he was able to make a short conversation. Trenton asked the Labrador if he’d been to the mess hall yet, and what they might be serving.
Weird, but the Labrador suddenly snapped to attention, as the sergeant had just given him an order. Then the Labrador listed out all the dishes he knew to be on the mess hall’s menu and even offered to go get some takeout for him. The sergeant and Trenton both stared at him with confused looks. Then Trenton gently told the Labrador that he didn’t have to do that at all.
Trenton left the two alone then. For a few seconds, he wondered about that odd guy, but he tried not to think too hard about it. He had bigger fish to fry.
He went off to the main campsite to clock himself out. Then, he sauntered into the mess hall tent. It wasn’t a bad place at all. Soldiers have engaged in a variety of activities aside from eating, not that plenty wasn’t eating.
But before Trenton could take any more steps into the place, the Labrador had slunk up to his side without him knowing. Where in the world he could’ve come from, Trenton couldn’t answer, but there he was, startling Trenton with his needy voice.
“Hey, don’t leave me alone if you don’t have to,” the Labrador whined.
Narrowing his eyes, Trenton asked, “What the hell’s your deal?”
Shrugging, the Labrador said, “It feels right to be close to you.”
“Don’t act that way when you’re ordered to go somewhere,” Trenton warned, “Because… yeah. Has anybody ever told you you’re a little… well, off?”
“Not yet.”
“They have now,” Trenton informed.
Trenton tried to move on, but his bladder suddenly yelled. He had to take a piss. There weren’t any toilets close by. Without a word, Trenton left the mess hall tent to find a reasonably private bush, although it was much less private with the Labrador following. Not too big of a deal, though. The Labrador simply unzipped as Trenton did and emptied his bladder out too.
Trenton was a curious dog. He couldn’t help but look over at Fenis, his newfound groupie. He was rather small. It made him feel like a giant compared to him. It did wonders for his confidence. Trenton shrugged and looked away. But the Labrador suddenly asked in a whisper, “Were you looking at me?”
Trenton coughed a bit. “Sorry if that’s weird.”
“I’m a lot smaller than you.” Fenis didn’t say this proudly, or with shame, but with submission. Submission to the one with the bigger cock.
Why point that out so abruptly?
Trenton chuckled a little. “Don’t worry about it. I don’t care.”
The Labrador’s voice became even dreamier like he was entranced. “I’ve always been this way.”
Well, Trenton didn’t know how to respond to that.
So he didn’t.
But before anything else happened, his attention was drawn to that small little penis, not because he was sly, nor even because he wanted to look at it more. It was so tiny that it only took a moment to take in all the details. No, he was looking because right before his eyes the penis started to shrivel up, slowly shrinking.
Fenis was looking down at his penis as this was happening and thought nothing of it, though he was squirming a little, obviously, the disappearing act was causing, well, it was causing some kind of sensation. By the look on the other’s faces, it wasn’t quite dissatisfying, but it wasn’t exactly pleasurable either. Trenton watched a tiny penis become nothing more than a smooth patch of flesh, no real trace of what had previously been there.
He only zipped back up and walked with Fenis back to the mess-hall tent.
But Trenton did wonder why in the world he felt so much bigger than before. As he was pissing, he did notice a distinct change in his size – it was much more girthy, longer, more powerful, and virile. He couldn’t help but make the connection that as poor Fenis lost his manhood, Trenton himself gained something of that size. Was this true? It seemed unbelievable as he thought it, but he was literally holding the proof in his hands, not more than a few moments ago. Hell, he literally saw it as poor Fenis was rendered man-less.
When they arrived completely at camp, many men would gravitate towards him. It was like he had an aura of interest or something. Usually, Trenton could get to the barracks, to the mess hall, to, well, anywhere, without so much as a peep or being disturbed. But people seemed to be sucked into his orbit, like a planet. Many kind words were spoken, and interest was shown where interest previously was never even contemplated.
Occasionally, Trenton would ask these men what their deal was – the response was a universal thought in different shades of words, basically stating that it just felt right for them to talk to Trenton, to ask him questions, to check on his well-being.
After the fifth time he asked the question, Trenton just stopped asking altogether.
It wasn’t an altogether unpleasant experience though. As these multitudes of men came swarming to inquire about, well, everything, his crotch would feel an odd pulsating, the way he felt when his cock was swelling with blood for an erection… but he wasn’t getting erect. He knew when he was hard, especially given the size increase he had somewhat incurred from, he believed, sapping the manhood of Fenis away from him.
The two dogs walked into the queue to get some food. Every time Trenton walked past someone, they seemed to grunt and look down at themselves. They would casually caress their crotch. That was weird. They groaned a little and their hands disappeared under the table as if to check for something.
The hard-working servers ladled and dropped food onto Trenton and Fenis’s trays.
Trenton sat down with his peculiar new friend right by his side. At this point, his pants were much, much tighter. It felt like fifteen fucking inches were hiding in there! He wondered if he’d been bitten by something and now he needed a physician. Because this was slightly concerning. It was also more than a little uncomfortable. He had to shift his weight in his chair a little bit this way and that to get it in just the right position to not feel stifled.
They start eating dinner. Fenis was slower about it. He spent most of his meal happily gazing at Trenton like he was the best thing since cookies and milk. Still weird, but not offensive. Trenton didn’t have any issues with some guy being nice to him. But he suspected it was more than that, Fenis seemed… utterly submissive. Suspiciously so.
There were other men at the table, but as he sat and ate, a few more than normal began to show up. They didn’t bother him, but it seemed they were caught in this supernatural web, just trying to be around Trenton.
Trenton was too tired, hungry, and thirsty to truly inquire about what was happening. On one hand, he had some theories, on the other, he was just fucking hungry!
The moment had to be ruined, of course.
Corporal Teague showed up.
The Corporal was a red Kangaroo, built like a muscular porn star and with a bulge to match the concept. Every guy wanted to be him. There were rumors that he’d once done some porn before he joined the army. It wouldn’t be surprising. He seemed to think he was a badass, for he didn’t wear any boots and tolerated the scorching sands as if it was nothing. His poor paws had to deal with the burning ground outside, but it was manly, powerful – and strong. Corporal Teague often remarked about how manly it was that he didn’t wear shoes, boots, or anything. A real man could handle the ground, even if it was lava – or at least as hot as lava. He walked with the assured confidence of a person with a huge cock and the skill to use it like a finely honed weapon.
Trenton tried not to growl once he noticed the Kangaroo. Trenton hated Corporal Teague. A fair bit of that was jealousy.
That Corporal often swore up and down that he was straight, but Trenton knew better. He was as bisexual as Apollo himself. Trenton knew it for a fact. Trenton had accidentally walked in on the Corporal and a private…
He wouldn’t be Corporal Teague if he didn’t make a bee-line towards Trenton. It’s like Trenton was part of his personality. Even his knowing smirk and smug gait were things Trenton associated only with him.
The Kangaroo’s paws slammed down onto the table Trenton and the Labrador was sitting at. Quiet enough so that most people wouldn’t hear, but loud enough for Trenton to hear without straining.
Corporal Teague buzzed out his words, “Hey, I thought I heard a little worm crawling around.” The Kangaroo even licked his lips, his nose quivering. “Been thinking too hard about my cock? Been squirming too much?” He made a face as if the obvious connection had just occurred to him, “squirming like a little worm!”
Trenton chose to ignore him, putting spoonful after spoonful into his mouth. The Labrador didn’t seem to acknowledge the Corporal’s presence. He was too busy silently fawning over Trenton’s mere existence.
A few more insulting, dominating phrases later, Corporal Teague finally said, “Ah, you just can’t deal with it, can you? I’m just too big.”
A bit frustrated at this point, Trenton blurted out with a bit of anger tinting his teeth, “You can be too big, you know.” He even gave the Labrador a wink. “Hey, it’s better to be too small than too big, remember that. You don’t want to rip a hole. It’s a mess.”
“Oh yeah?” Corporal Teague quite casually unzipped his pants, pulled his underwear down, and showed his great cock off for anyone to see. Nobody was paying attention though, most were still curiously inspecting their diminished crotch. Others were halfway to how Fenis was reacting toward Trenton- dream-like and subservient. Fenis was not phased, his attention utterly devoted to Trenton. It was indeed a meaty, red thing, thick enough to hurt someone. The worst part was, it was flaccid, and it still would put a hard cock to shame. The balls hung low too, stretched and full in their sack. Corporal Teague even flung the meaty weapon onto the table. It landed with a smack. Trays rattled. Who cared about cleanliness and common decency? Not this guy! He was all boast and bluster. But it didn’t land on the table properly, no, he specifically aimed it right onto Trenton’s tray, sending bits of food every which way. It seemed that this particular act of cruelty seemed to harden and even grow the cock just a tiny bit under the surprised scrutiny that Trenton gave.
Trenton wondered how long it would take for Corporal Teague to wash the beans and rice off.
Was that a bit of precum? Right on Trenton’s mashed potatoes? Unpleasant, to say the least, but he still looked excellent. That phallus was slowly being rigid, it was throbbing, pulsating, and massive, veins coiled along the shaft, truly bringing out its shapely magnificence. It was hard as steel and sculpted from marble. Temples of ancient times were crafted to worship such a divine gift.
While Fenis continued being oblivious and blissful, and while Trenton tried to keep a calm and uncaring aura, Corporal went into his abusive tirade, “Getting cockblocked by this monster’s gotta put a pebble in your gears, huh? You’ve been getting a lot less tail-hole than normal, I bet. Who would have a small wee-wee like yours when they can have the real McCoy.”
Yeah, yeah. Biggest cock in the army and all that. Whatever. Trenton sighed and drummed his claws on the tabletop. Usually, Corporal Teague talked himself tired and just left. There one minute, gone the next. To another hapless victim, a secondary victim to be sure, but a victim all the same.
The nature of Trenton’s silence was not diffidence but because, unlike the self-centered, self-important Corporal, he was quite aware of the happenstances of the people at the table, the way they were groaning slightly, curiously checking themselves, and that… that tingling that seemed to encase and overwhelm his own cock. It was rather distracting from anything that the big-dicked corporal could do or say. Even having his massive man-meat presented was not enough to truly stir or rouse Trenton from his own inner thoughts.
The Kangaroo went on and on. “You probably wouldn’t even like me that much if I wasn’t this big. Don’t be ashamed, it is only natural to want to be around someone with a massive cock like mine.” The Corporal continued to tease, completely unaware of the numbing sensation that coiled and wrapped around his penis, and his balls, sapping and sucking his virility right from beneath him.
Trenton had been too distracted by Corporal Teague’s domineering and inappropriate language to notice it at first but was that weird obelisk talisman humming out its song again?
Trenton could barely hear it.
But he soon felt it.
He had to grip the table’s edge and bend over with a slight growl as a surge of new lust ran through his body. Such a bad time! But he couldn’t do anything about it. Ignoring the erection proved futile.
Apparently noticing this change in Trenton’s demeanor, the Corporal changed his insults. “Ah! You get all hot and bothered over me again? You got no shame, Boy? Shameless little bitch! Are you craving it now?!”
Trenton’s pants and underwear were straining.
The Labrador was behaving as if nothing was happening, and his only mission in life was to look at Trenton with admiration shining in his eyes.
Trenton happened to look back at Corporal Teague’s cock again. He realized something. It was smaller than before, only by a tiny bit, but enough for Trenton to furrow his brow and wonder if he was seeing things. But it shrunk further, literally right before his eyes.
He wasn’t thinking about Corporal Teague’s vulgar display anymore. He was focusing on the horrible tightness in his crotch, the prison of his clothing just excruciating now. Disregarding decency, he spun his chair around. As if he was trying to unleash a monster, and maybe in a way he was, Trenton hurried to undo his pants, but his fingers fumbled, but it was also the massive size itself that was preventing the unwrapping of his package. So, he took out a combat knife and literally cut his pants and briefs open. Trenton bent down to make sure that his cut was, well, precise enough not to do any actual damage.
Pants free, the monster lashed out, tasting the air – hard and throbbing. To his and everyone else’s shock, Trenton’s huge erection flopped up and whacked him right in his muzzle. How the fuck was it so damn long?! Quite a few of the other soldiers were taking notice now, and they were absolutely horrified at Trenton’s now comical cock-size.  Horrified, jealous, and worshipful.
Corporal Teague was apparently high on emotion, for he eagerly cried, “Pretty big, but mine’s bigger!” But, when he looks down to grip himself, he finds that he’s half the size he once was. There were shadowy snakes around his legs, holding him right on that spot. A duplication of what had happened to poor Fenis hours ago. His penis shrank and shrank. His once proud and dominant cock and overgrown, oversized balls were withering and shrinking with every passing moment. It was quite the sight to behold, well, at least for Trenton. Corporal Teague was none too pleased by it. His eyes bulged as he looked down at his rapidly deflating phallus, as well as his ego.
The transfer of size was happening right before every-bodies astonished eyes. As the braggart Corporal Teague, frozen and locked in place by supernatural means, watched his cock slim down, Trenton pumped up, swelling and bulging, expanding in tandem with the shrinking of the Corporals. It was clear that Teague was horrified. He was beginning to shed a tear. But before the full implications of what was happening could catch up to the Corporal, his cock had faded into nothing. Much like his mind. The once proud and massive cock faded until there was nothing but a mostly smooth patch of skin with a tiny slit for a urethra and a slight bump that might have been the cock’s base at one point.
Corporal Teague was now essentially a eunuch.
Trenton watched as Corporal Teague suddenly put on the dreamiest expression. Then, uncaring of his undressed state, he knelt before Trenton and said with a light tone, “Ah, you’re really awesome, you know? The best guy in the world. And your cock is definitely much bigger than my own. Mine is so small, virtually non-existent.”
Trenton then looked around and noticed that all the men were stopping what they were doing. Even the cooks were leaving the kitchen. A variety of species of various races were approaching, calm and gentle with their words. They all murmured random things.
I need to be close to you.
You’re the best, the the biggest guy around.
Why can’t we be together forever?
Things like that. Freaky as all hell.
Curious about how this weirdness functioned, but starting to realize the implications of what was happening – finally, Trenton turned to the Corporal and said, “If there’s any pizza around, I want it.”
The Corporal snapped up to his bare feet and said, “If there isn’t any, I’ll make some!”
“If there aren’t any ingredients,” Trenton said with part of a laugh trying to break through, “then I think I’ll have an omelet instead… Who’s the bitch now, hu, Corporeal?” He looked at Fenis and said, “In all seriousness, though, I don’t know why my cock is like two feet long. Can you go find a physician or medic or someone like that? I need to be checked out.”
The Labrador knocked his chair backward as he got up. He was smiling at this opportunity to serve. “Oh! I’ll go! I’ll get someone like that for you. No problem!”
Fenis ran.
Trenton looked around at the other men and watched as a stranger walked up and asked, “Do you have an order for me?” He was hopeful, practically begging.
Another did much of the same thing. “What about me?! Tell me to do something!”
Trenton had no idea what was going on, but he didn’t think these guys would let up until he gave demands.
Pointing at as many guys as he could think of, Trenton gave an order to each. “You, I want to borrow your book, the vintage pulp fiction one with the gym teacher. Go get it for me. And you, I want to know the recipe for butter cookies your wife taught you. Write that down for me. Oh you, I really like that song you’ve been singing in the bunk. Tell me the name of it, if you can remember. You are going to make my bed every morning. You, oh, yeah, you, you’re going to be doing my bathroom cleaning duty every Tuesday.” Trenton was beginning to really get into this administrative role of authority.
This went on until Trenton realized he couldn’t think of any more orders to give. He just didn’t want anything else. As for the poor souls that were visibly sad from not being told what to do, Trenton just told them to hang out and relax until they were needed.
Trenton hadn’t thought to try to put his cock away, but then again he didn’t think he could fit it back inside himself for a while. None of these guys seemed to care. If anything, they’d occasionally tell him how beautiful and strong his cock was. Nice and all, but Trenton truly knew this obelisk of his was doing something. Not that it mattered. This whole incident had solidified his possessiveness of the newly acquired magical item. Besides, Trenton thought of how the obelisk had attached itself to him before, and Trenton wondered if the obelisk would even let him go.
Suited him fine!
Some more time passed in which Trenton gained a whole lot more nice things. Whenever a random soldier entered, it didn’t take long for him to become enthralled too. Nobody seemed capable of stopping this, not even Trenton.
Soon, Trenton was watching a movie off of a TV connected to solar power. He was eating freshly baked butter cookies off of a warm baking pan. Corporal Teague was massaging his feet, even telling him that those sweaty feet smelled nice. The Labrador was sitting next to Trenton, using a folded piece of paper, which vaguely resembled a hand fan, to wave air about and keep Trenton cooler until an electric fan could be put in place.
After a time, Trenton found himself grinning quite wickedly.
Too bad his penis size was terribly uncomfortable.
It had only been a few days into this, well, the new reality for Trenton and he had to admit, life was good. He sat upon a makeshift throne welded together from various metallic objects, constructing a place fit for him and only him. It wasn’t the best, but it would have to do. Trenton had fit into the role of a ruler like a glove and was excreting his authority left and right. And when those underlings became a bore, or troublesome, he would just send them away.
Idly, Trenton tossed up the obelisk and caught it. It had become practically second nature. Infact, after some stumbling, which would have resulted in the object that had changed his life to clank on the floor, it was nothing but a thing to bend gravity and have it safely arrive in his awaiting hand.
He was being fed grapes, an unheard of luxury given the damned wasteland that they were in. He tasked Corporal Teague with this humiliating job. If Corporal Teague had an issue with it, he didn’t show it, or perhaps couldn’t show it. The Corporal, as well as every other man on this base, had been enthralled and subdued to his will.
The first day of Trentons’ reign, he issued a memorandum for all not to wear pants, he enjoyed the sight of the nullification, that little slip where once there were mighty dicks. All their girth and manhood absorbed eagerly into his own rather dauntingly sized penis. It was because of this monstrous phallus that he now possessed in his pants that he had decided to cut corners on the strict uniform regulations and opt to wear sweatpants – even then, his penis was hard pressed to fit into even those loose things.
The second day, he demanded them all to wear their uniform, crisp uniform soldiers, and toys to him now. Perfect little minions. It had its own twisted sensual allure.
Residing on his throne, he felt an odd tingling, a chime from the statue, and the pleasure of acquiring yet another victim’s manhood. It was a very, very pleasant experience. He had undergone it dozens upon dozens of times, and yet the pleasure and its quality had not diminished, no not one bit. But he knew the fallout, the repercussions of another size change, another growth on his already considerable cock, this encouraged him to gasp exasperatedly, “Ah fuck.”
In mid transition, a gang of soldiers brought forth a spy from the other army. The enemy. The enemy had been stripped down naked, his cock nulled near immediately upon entering the aura of the obelisks domain. The spy was a cat, a furry little cat… but judging by the sheer tenderness of his growing cock, the way it barely fit in the sweat pants, this little cat wasn’t so little. Well, it wasn’t. Now, he was like everybody else under his control.
Cats, why did it have to be cats?
The cat was brought before Trenton. Trenton looked properly in control. The cat, well, he looked properly in control too, but in a different sense of the meaning.
“Well, we can’t have this happening again. Inform the soldiers that they are not to let anybody else in the base, no matter who. I guess females could come… but who knows how this statue would react to that. Best just to not allow anyone else in.” For as much as he enjoyed the unreal sensation of stealing another person’s cock, he just… couldn’t afford to grow it any bigger.
Trenton stood up, his balance is rather off-kilter. He leaned forward, the weight in his sweatpants dictated he hunched just a little. With a quick flourish, thumbs in his waistband, he pulled them down, exposing his cock. It thunked right on against the ground in a very unceremonious way. The thing was a beast. He didn’t feel much pain from the display of manhood as it practically cracked the ground it collapsed on. He sighed with released relief. Apparently, he would have to be going around like this from now on. Any constriction to cover his goods was just too damned uncomfortable.
His own personal guard and worshippers, Fenis and Teague included, oohed and ahhed at the sight, ogling it with all their worth. They were, it seemed clear as day in their face, conflicted on what to properly worship – the cock, or the man behind the cock.
“Now, Kitty, let’s end this

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