Rems day off

The crisp, fresh nip of winter air chilled Rem’s fur as he pulled himself out of the hot spring. It made his fur stand on end, and he quickly sought to wrap himself with a towel to shield himself from the oppressive chilly air. Just like that, an attendant was at his side, throwing a broad, warm towel over his shoulders, laying a palm against his, and helping him the rest of the way out of the water. The attendant in question was a doe named Brook, a young thing with light brown fur and white-speckled cheeks, with a soft voice and an even softer touch. “Would you like a massage now, sir?”

That alone was enough for him to realize that this, this whole experience, was money well worth spending. The simple pleasures of being catered to in any way imaginable. It fit him like a glove. He could grow to love this.

Rem, of course, couldn’t help but indulge. Moving closer to the back of the room, he felt himself gradually grow warm again. The springs filled the air with pleasant steam, though the one open wall of the little resort still allowed for the colder breeze to clear the sinuses and keep him awake and attentive. Turning around, Rem eased himself back against a long wooden bench, the towel slipping back from around his shoulders and revealing his toned chest along with hints of the violet tattoos he wore over his body. His long ears flopped back aa he stretched, clasping his hands behind his head. A full and glorious stretch that definitely did his body good.

“Hmnhhh…” Rem was sure that while the cold was somewhat a bother, it counterpointed all the amenities, making them just so much more desired and appreciated.

Rem let out a long, relaxed sigh, his eyes gradually slipping shut as his breathing steadied and slowed. A few moments passed with the shuffling of hooves, and a few more girls paused from their duties to wander on over. Rem had saved up enough to get the full treatment package with his stay – so he’d be getting a massage, and then some. When he breathed in next, he smelled the scent of something floral. Rem winked open an eye to get a look. Another doe, Skylar, had brought over a wooden tray well-stocked with soaps, oils, and lotions. She was a light-furred woman, a bit older than Brook, and before long a black-furred, curvaceous goat named Shay joined the fray as well, laying a hot towel over Rem’s shoulders.

He was in heaven. He literally bought his way into heaven.

“That’s nice…” Rem murmured, just before letting out a groan of satisfaction as Shay’s expert hands began to work along his neck and back. He slumped forward a little, rocking in time with the roll and squeeze of those careful fingers, the little kinks and knots in his back slowly easing out one by one. He was still built like an ox and massaging, even when muscles relaxed, required tremendous hand strength. His eyes fell half-lidded as Brook and Skylar took up positions on either side of him. This was a little slice of heaven – it absolutely was.

The floral scents in the air grew stronger as the clicking of plastic caps filled the air, followed by soft hands palming down against Rem’s arms. Two dainty hands couldn’t manage to wrap his bicep. The lotion moisturized the skin beneath the fur, relieving the dryness of having just left the spring, and before long the top layer of fur became sleek and smooth. Shay took some of the oil herself and started to press it in against his back, as well, working it slowly down bit by bit.

Rem had faced all manner of tough-as-nails opponents, but these girls’ expert precision, delicate feather tough, and tight grip would put those opponents to shame.

It was only a matter of time before he found himself laying down on his front, his eyes closed once more, as three sets of hands worked over his body. One of his arms hung off the bench, brushing against the stone floor below, and his tail idly flicked back and forth behind him. Shay had started on his lower back now, and Brook began to massage his calves, while Skylar took it upon herself to take the spots in between. It wasn’t quite a happy ending yet, but… judging how she was palming down and working against some sensitive areas, it was easy enough for Rem to tell what was coming.

It was difficult to hide that he knew, as well. His hips readjusted a little bit, and Skylar tucked a cushion underneath him as he started to poke out of his sheath, that firm, shiny black length gradually easing forward. Rem’s toes curled, and he couldn’t help but let out a groan of satisfaction from the pleasant friction. A smile curled his lips and his tongue lolled out of his mouth as the relaxing pleasure steadily mounted, leaving him in a warm, comfy state of bliss. Occasionally, a breeze would blow in, cooled by the snowy environment outside, and it would send a subtle shiver through his body. That cold was soon driven away by the further warmth of both the steam and the six hands carefully working along his toned physique.

Again he thought that it was so worth saving up for this trip. Even without the implication of what was going to happen next, being pampered like this was just so relaxing. It was almost enough to lull him to sleep before another soft breeze blew in again, or a particularly stubborn knot was worked out of his calf or his lower back, causing him to shudder and groan. He was melting, just melting.

Soon enough, though, the time came for him to sit back up again, the indicator being the absence of fawning hands. This time, something was different. Skylar and Brook were quietly chatting a few feet away, their whispered conversation cut with furtive looks and soft giggles. Rem looked down and realized with embarrassment that – oh, jeez, he was still hard. Eight-and-change inches of sleek, black canine excellence were plain to see, sticking up in the air between his legs, and he quickly grabbed that cushion again and pressed it down into his lap, feeling his face grow hot. The girls didn’t seem to mind that much one way or the other, but… yeah, they’d definitely been sneaking peeks. Meanwhile, Shay was already busying herself behind Rem. “Lean back, Sir?”

Rem had nothing to be embarrassed about, per se, he was in peak physical condition, strong, his coat immaculate, and his cock exquisite, but there was something about having a rock-hard hard-on without his express permission that felt, well, kind of awkward.

Coaxing him to lean his head back, Shay began to rub a warm mix of water and conditioner into his hair. Her fingers curled in to massage his scalp, working in slow, steady, circular motions. Hair heavy with water, he leaned back a little more, his hands coming to rest at the edge of the bench, his chest rising and falling with steady, slow breaths.

It was around that point when he realized that Skylar had grabbed the cushion on his lap, and was swiftly pulling it away. Rem squirmed for a moment, trying to press his thighs together, to look down, to cover himself up with his hands – but Shay kept him leaned back with a firm gesture and a knowing smile, and he gradually sank back, legs being guided slightly open by Skylar’s careful grip. “Shhh. You paid for the full treatment. Remember, Sir? We are the lucky ones, though, in truth. It should be used that should be paying for such a treatment from you.” She teased whimsically.

Rem let out a slow breath, unable to stop himself from fidgeting a little.

This is really happening. Goddamn.

Despite her forwardness, though, Skylar wasn’t the one who was going to move in for the kill. With a nervous little sigh, Brook knelt down between Rem’s legs, staring up at that huge canine shaft, to the point where it cast a faint shadow on her face. Her eyes were wide, and her little tuft of a tail twitched with quiet anticipation. “You… sure…?” She glanced up at Skylar.

“Come on. It’s fine. Isn’t it, Sir?”

“Mmn…? Yeah.” Rem nodded, somewhat awkwardly from his position, and he parted his legs a little more. It was all out in the open now, his sac hanging off the edge of the bench, his shaft still up at attention.

“But he’s so big..!” Brook half-whispered.

“Brook, honey… just do your best.” Skylar murmured into the doe’s ear as she placed her hands on the girl’s shoulders, before gently nudging her forward.


Her face nudged right up against the underside of Rem’s shaft. She took in a deep, slow breath, her eyes slipping shut for a few moments. The scent was clean, yet slightly masculine in a way that sent another shudder down her spine and out her tail. Rem felt a similar shiver, his back arching for a brief moment, his hips rolling ever so slightly forward against her, a subtle coaxing motion to get her to continue.

Brook tilted her head slightly to the side, and her lips pressed down. She eased over the base of the shaft, just above the knot, and her soft, hot tongue flicked forward. Lick. Lick. Lick. Rem groaned, and his hands found a renewed grip on the edge of the bench.

It started slow. Small, tentative kisses and licks, lingering here and there around the base, soon turned into long, languid strokes of Brook’s tongue, starting at the base of the knot and dragging all the way up to the tip, where beads of pre were already beginning to make themselves known. Rem’s cock abruptly twitched, and Brook took in a small gasp, before nuzzling her cheek in and wrapping a hand around the upper half of his shaft. She started to carefully stroke, applying more of that heavenly, slicked-up friction, even thumbing briefly over his tip to spread out some of the mess he was gradually making.

Brook moved lower and nuzzled her face in against his sac, breathing deeply as she did, before raising herself up a little more. All the while, Shay kept working conditioner through Rem’s hair, before finally hefting a shower head and gradually spraying him off, giving him a second ‘massage’ with that warm, focused wetness.

Rem took the opportunity to tilt his head forward a little and examine the doe between his legs. She was kneeling there, raising herself up a little as one hand wrapped around the base of his shaft, and the other wrapped around the midsection, angling it slightly forward. She could barely even get her fingers around the thing properly. After a moment to build up her determination, her lips parted, and she eased down.

Rem was immediately subjected to a myriad mix of warmth and wetness, soft lips and maw dipping down over the first inch and a half of his cock. Her mouth was opened wide, and she made a small sound as she worked around to try to get more of the thing in, but this would prove to be a process. In the meantime, she put her tongue to work. At first, it worked over the underside of Rem’s shaft in slow, repeated movements, before breaking up the pleasure by working her tongue in a circle that eased over the top of the shaft and then back down. Little beads of saliva drooled out from between her lips, lazily rolling down Rem’s length. They served to slick up the motions of her hand as she gradually pumped up and down, her grip loosening as she went over the knot.

At first, she seemed unfamiliar with the thing. Considering she was a doe, maybe she’d never had to serve a customer with a knot before. She’d certainly never worked around someone as well endowed as Rem. Pushing herself forward, she dipped her head down in slow, steady motions, gradually working more in between her lips. It didn’t matter much that she couldn’t take the whole thing… few girls could do that, let alone a newbie like her. What was important was that she was warm, soft, caring, and constantly working that tongue. Rem groaned and idly rocked his hips, reaching a hand forward to instinctively stroke through her hair and pet over her head.

“That’s good… you don’t have to take it all. Just take it easy, alright, girl?” He huffed under his breath, enjoying what she had to offer. Brook seemed to take that in stride, but… really, she was an overachiever. At Skylar’s gentle directions, she actually paused her oral and pressed both of her hands against his thighs, pushing herself up and getting to her feet. In a smooth, practiced motion she shifted forward, lifting one leg, then the other, until she was comfortably in Rem’s lap, one arm lazily resting over his shoulder.

“Oh?” Rem smiled and leaned his head forward, letting their foreheads meet in an intimate gesture. “I think somebody wants a little more. You sure you can do it?” He murmured.

“Ah, well… I’ve never taken anyone as big as you before, Sir, but… I can try, yeah.” Brook let out a little huff of a laugh and pushed herself up, pressing her chest in against Rem’s face. Meanwhile, one of Rem’s hands busied itself angling his shaft up, pressing the tapered tip up against the waiting softness and wetness of the doe’s pussy. His other hand went to her hip… and began to ease her slowly, steadily down. Further… further… for such a small girl, she took it more easily than expected. Before long, she was resting all of her weight on him, her face buried against his shoulder.

Over half! There were just a couple of inches left, plus a knot. For now, though, Brook had to adjust. Hugging Rem a little bit tighter, she started to work her hips up and down, gradually pumping against his lap. Rem shuddered and sighed as that hot, snug doe-slit worked along his canine shaft, and his head tilted back with a low, pleasured croon. It wasn’t long before both of his hands went to her hips and he guided her up and down with just a touch more verve, his thighs flexing as he pushed his hips forward. “Brook…” Rem growled, pressing his face in against her and raking a hand down her back.

“That’s good… can you… take it all…?” He huffed.

Brook’s voice was little but a series of labored huffs and moans, her expression placid as she worked her hips. She was easing up… getting used to it. There was just a little bit more to take, every single time. Taking in a deep breath, she nodded against Rem’s chest and began to work her hips in steady, circular movements, rolling them back and forth. Every time she pressed down, Rem pressed against her deepest places, making her twitch and shiver, and before long her soft lips came to press against his knot. She gripped Rem’s shoulders, her teeth gritting for a moment. This would be difficult.

But Brook could do it.

Rem worked his hands over the doe’s hips, stroking, applying gentle pressure, helping her ease down. Further. Further. Back up. She needed to stretch a little, and take a few moments to pant with quiet exertion. Brook’s eyes met his, and she nodded.

Again. Deeper… Slowly, her pussy began to swallow him up, her tightness squeezing around him as his shaft pressed down against her deepest place. Rem’s body abruptly shuddered, and he let out a muffled “Fuck…” Under his breath as he hugged the girl’s back and began to finish inside her. Hot, thick, steaming ropes, one after the next, filled her belly, kept locked in place by his hefty knot. Brook shivered too, letting out a small, high-pitched whine as she came against him, the sensation of being filled so completely overloading her senses and leaving her a trembling, huffing mess leaning on his body.

The pair stayed like that for a while. Minutes passed, as the sun gradually set over the beautiful mountain horizon. At some point, one of the other attendants draped a warm towel over the pair, and they simply relaxed in their embrace.

Maybe Rem would have to stay an extra day or two.

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