Man in the Mirror Michael Jackson

Annie, a life long fan of Michael Jackson, finds out he is a vampire and they have a romantic tryst.

Annie had a tough day. Tougher than usual. So tough, in fact, that when she had finally got back to her house, the only thing she was interested in seeing was her bed and the dreams that were bound to come with a peaceful night’s rest. Within moments of touching her exhausted head upon the pillow, she’d passed out with a heavy long sigh. That is when things got peculiarly strange – to say the very least.

Annie slowly stirred in her sleep until eventually the oddest sensation awoke her. Something was caressing her thigh. With a quick jump, her hazel eyes snapped open. Panic set in and overwhelmed her for the moment. Rolling onto her back, she realized she’d passed out with her clothing still on. Her sharp eyes scanned the room, absorbing all the contents but had yet to locate what had awoken her with such a freight.

Craning her neck, Annie sleepily slipped her hand along the right side of her face, moving a lush curtain of crisp, razor sharp straight hair, allowing her to study the room more adeptly. Finally, confident she’d not missed an inch of her room, she exhaled, chuckling a little to herself about her foolishness and plopped the back of head upon the pillow. Annie’s eyes closed. Shifting herself in the bed to get more comfortable, she’d realized not only was her clothing still draped upon her slim figure but also her studded belt remained wrapped about her slender waist, which proved to be too uncomfortable for her to sleep with… again. 

With eyes closed, Annie started to undo the belt but just as she glided the belt buckle free, a cold hand collapsed and greeted her weary busy working hand. There was no denying it now. Annie’s eyes opened once again only to see a giant figure looming over her. Its presence was overwhelming to say the least and her only reaction was a natural one. Her parched lips spread and her voice wailed out in terror but all too soon that voice was snuffed out with ease as another hand firmly planted itself over her open lips,  cupping around her mouth, negating her ability to call for help, any help. The hand felt much different. It was covered with a glove, but not just any glove, the palm felt blocky, ridged, like it had stones embedded in it, very polished stones at that, for though they were rough, they were expertly smooth. But it was oh so powerful as it stifled Annie’s defiant behavior. 

Annie soaked in the scene before her. The looming figure was dressed in an elegant, overwhelming cape that freely flew behind the tall figure’s body. With pants that were made of leather, strapped with studded belts, much like her own, and a shirt that clutched his taut, sleek figure leaving little to the imagination of his seemingly flawless figure. 

Annie’s pulse raced and it caused the towering figure to smirk, its teeth shimmered brightly and clearly in the darkened room, the only source of light that illuminated their forms was the haunting, eerie pale blue moon light. It was surreal. Terrified, Annie tried her best to escape, especially after having seen the moon gleam upon sharp, recognizable teeth, two fangs jutting out over the figure’s lower lip. That smile was confident and empowering. There was no question about it. He was a vampire. 

The grip seized her hand by her waist and pulled it straight above her head effortlessly. The movement was slow and ginger, taunting some might say. Clearly this creature was not at all afraid of her overpowering him or even managing to slip even remotely away from his grasp, no not even for a minute. With one hand pinned above her hand, her other hand quickly tried to peel the gloved hand over her mouth free, the situation was turning from bad to worse. Rapidly, the man let go of her mouth and snatched the other free moving hand. With a swift, almost graceful moment, both Annie’s hands were above her head, slammed into the headboard of her bed and the dark, shadowy figure bent down and nipped at both Annie’s lips. With a playful yet secure bite holding Annie’s lips shut, he sucked in her pouting lips into his cold, moist mouth. 

Annie kicked but this did not hinder the moon lit man. With hazel eyes open, she could now see her captor, moonlight or not, almost like his passion and lust illuminated him to his victim. His features were pale, soft, and gentle yet stern and demanding. Annie felt those jagged teeth run against her own lips as he kissed her remorselessly and with poise. Despite the situation, it was extremely hot and it was next to impossible to resist this creature. He looked familiar somehow too. She should have recognized him immediately if she was in her right mind, but a fog, haze even, clouded her brain utterly. 

All Annie could feel were her wrists exchanging control where the gloved hand restrained both her powerless wrists leaving one of his hands free. Free to dominantly and unrestrainedly glide down the side of her head, down to her cheek, even her neck where he spent time caressing the nap of her neck, kneading along her jugular, until finally that imposing, adventurous hand slithered confidently down to Annie’s tight charcoal colored shirt. 

Annie’s heart fluttered and she knew that the vampire could feel her mounding panic and excitement. It was after all a natural reaction; adrenaline pulsated throughout her lean figure, increasing her awareness ten-fold and all that hyper-sensitivity was fully focused on the vampire’s brazen movements. 

It was in that snap of energy and awareness that Annie finally found out, figured out, rather realized who her captor was! 

Michael Jackson. Her idol, her hero. 

Michael Jackson moved smoothly along Annie’s clavicle, the black firm shirt sunk into her flesh before the hand swirled about her breast, hinting at what was to come next. Shuttering, Annie’s eyes having succumbed to the irresistibility of being touched by this man, half opened up, as if fully understanding and now considering the ramifications if she didn’t try to escape the man before he continued his vile, yet appetizing voyage. 

Involuntarily, Annie’s back arched upward, rubbing her pudgy, yet delectable breast against Michael’s bold hand. Pulling back his mouth, but not without teasingly running his tongue lengthily along the crease of Annie’s lip. With a heated, husky rumble spoke, “When I first saw you, I knew I had to have you.” He smiled before cupping the younger female’s breast tenderly, squeezing and twisting wickedly, delightedly. 

Murmuring out a gasping moan which Annie struggled to silence herself, Michael returned with his own unique torture, this time squeezing the cherry like nipple, plucking it from her body forcing her back to arch lest he pull the sensitive knob from her very body. There was something so erotic about the tingling, painful jittering shock that rummaged through her quaking form. Annie thought about how it would feel if it was on her bare flesh and not blockaded by her tight, constrictive clothing. 

“I can see it in those wide, stunned, passionate eyes of yours though, you feel the very same about me, don’t you?” Annie offered no response to the feral question laid out for her but instead closed her eyes tightly as the pain became more and more burning, as her nipple rose further away from her body, breast flesh stretching elastically, manipulating its usually pudgy, enviable round shape to one more upside down funnel like. 

Michael Jackson snapped his fingers that held the nipple, squishing it viciously until it was released and snapped back to Annie’s chest, her breast following suit. “You will answer when spoken to, understood.” It was more a statement than a question. 

Annie nodded her head in answer to both questions, or rather the question and the statement. An approving smile grazed over Michael’s pale pink lips before he viciously took her mouth and kissed against it coarsely. Michael’s features were soft and tender as he rubbed himself against her, his actions were empowered and hastened by his own sizzling desires. Annie felt his stylish, coarse hair rubbing upon her unwitting face as he forced himself hungrily upon her. 

“As my biggest fan, you don’t want to disappoint me, do you… Annie?” His gravelly voice echoed in her ears as he continued his onslaught of kisses. Annie’s fingers uncurled from their defiant posture and extended outstretched as a tidal wave of certainty and pleasure coursed from head to toe. 

“No… No… Right?” Michael gave her a moment, but just a moment to speak up.

“No…” Annie retorted before they melded in another passionate kiss. 

Before she knew it, the hand upon her wrists disappeared. She didn’t even realize it though for she was far too taken with the pleasures his precise, hungry lips gifted her with. Not to mention that shameless hand that brushed down her taut belly toward the partially undone studded belt. With a few quick jerks and one sweeping motion, her studded belt uncoiled from her waist. She felt her pant loops tug on each individual ridged stud. 

With both hands, Michael brought the belt up to Annie’s long forgotten wrists which remained picturesquely above her heaving physique where he wrapped it around them. Michael pulled back tenderly, while his body was cold yet inviting, his breath remained warm, hot even as it washed against Annie’s dampened lips. 

Realizing she was free, Annie slowly, unsurely broke her wrist to wrist contact. Immediately the sensual vampire growled “Keep them still!”. Following orders, perhaps because of arousal, dedication, or fear, or a clear mix of all factors, Annie pressed her wrists together as her own belt twirled around her unappreciated wrists. With a firm pull of both Michael’s hands, the belt tightened crushingly against the slender wrists of Michael Jacksons’ biggest fan. 

“Good little whore. Just like I knew you were.” Michael said decisively as he slipped his body onto the bed. With blankets already hastily tossed from Annie’s form, she is now being covered with a large black cape which is donned on the super star’s body. Winded, Annie felt her bed shriek just slightly as Michael slithered fully upon her bed, his body tenderly and forcefully caressed against her own. She couldn’t see what Michael Jackson wore at this time, didn’t need to see, but felt his clothing roughly embrace her body. The material was sleek as it grazed upon her form like she knew it would be, after all, she’d fantasized about this for so long and here it was. Here he was. 

Michaels hand nabbed under her chin and pulled her to her side, body and all with a little help of his arm that coiled and cradled Annie’s body. Facing him, Annie was taken toward his mouth as they were brought in another forbidden embrace of saliva and pressure. The room was filled with the slurps and gurgles of messy love along with low emitting, vibrating, resounding echoes of passionate ecstasy. 

The palm of the king of pop’s hand lingered just below Annie’s abdomen, before sinking into her stomach, pushing the trim belly downward, freeing up room between her flesh and tight black pants. Devilishly, his fingers crawled downward as if his hand was now not moving but his strong firm fingers were pulling his hand on this journey until finally the hand padded itself upon Annie’s crotch. Annie was already moist, and more and more wetness dribbled from her pulsating pussy lips as that hand outlined her pussy, just so much that even when pressing his fingers downward teasing, he wouldn’t accidentally penetrate her most precious of places. 

It was intoxicating. What’s more is that she could feel his throbbing girth smash against her inner thigh, rubbing it viciously. Michael might have still been wearing pants, but it didn’t diminish the sheer erotic nature of his feral grinds. 

“You don’t even know me. You think you know me. But you only know what everyone else knows. And here you are, at my mercy. I bet you think you are something special… don’t you?” Michael, with his arm coiled about the trembling body of Annie, took his rough gloved hand, collected a handful of brown hair and jerked it back, pulling Annie’s head backward.  Annie’s lips were ever so adorably puckered, mouth vulnerable as a squeak of surprise murmured from between her black lips. 

“Yes you do…” Michael said as he forced her head to shake ‘yes’. A singular finger nuzzled against the gloomy purple hipster panties that fit against her thighs like a second flesh, teasingly caressing along the crease of her pussy lips, with the same dexterity and precision as Michael did to her other lips, mimicking the motion until finally he stabbed forward roughly. The panties gave way and slipped in between Annie’s folds. Not by much. Not by a lot. Not by enough.  

Squirming, all sensations collecting into one giant mind-numbing finely tuned lust machine, Annie desperately gyrated her hips forward. Annie was eager to allow that single finger inside her soaked, eager pussy but her panties, damp or otherwise, would not allow the penetration she desperately desired. 

“But you don’t know me, at all, do you?” He forced her answer of No with his tugging, jerking hand.  

“You are just a little whore who wants to fuck her idol. You are nothing special. Sluts like you are a dime a dozen.” Michaels words cut her like a burning knife through butter. This time, however, Annie didn’t allow him to move her head, or at least she tried to remain stiff, even, and with effort, shaking her head no. Annie saw Michael smile. Wide. It was unnerving. 

With a squeak from Annie, Michael motioned her head to answer the way he wanted her to by forcing. Some of Annie’s rich, mocha colored hair was pulled from the root as she protested. “Good little girl. A bitch needs to know her place.” He was obviously amused with playing with his food. And there was no doubt that she, indeed, was food to the deviant vampire. It was undeniable and rather arousing. The most important man of her life was on her bed, devouring her whole and savoring every second of it. He was enjoying her suffering, that slow, painful, but blissful suffering. 

Annie ran her pearly white teeth along her lip, the motion was sharp and prominent given her lips were charcoal with lipstick, much the opposite of Michael’s sensual orifice. Emotions converged on each other as Annie whimpered at the harsh treatment. On the one hand, her pussy was withering in agony, desperate to have another finger inside her damp, awaiting hole, but on the other, her eyes puffed up in sadness as tears ran down her face, causing her eyeliner to smudge and run. 

For a passing moment, Annie thought about how someone should never meet their hero but this situation was entirely different.  Much more extreme. With a nefarious grin, his teeth glimmering with blue moon light, Michael continued his unending torment by slipping his hand out of her panties, a prominent smell, the smell of lustful sex, sprang forth to assault her senses. Without the finger inched inside her pussy, Annie could feel her panties gingerly slip from between her pussy lips. 

The deceptively sharp nail of the lone finger that penetrated her cleanly slipped into the black shirt Annie wore. Fabric gave way with ease as it journeyed upward. The shirt’s only response was to be torn through seamlessly along the damp nails path. Annie sucked in her belly as the nail continued from her belly button to her cleavage until it squeezed in between her towering gorges and finally up to her neck. The clothing snapped open with desperation, breasts bouncing forth. Annie’s breasts still remained in her Double-D bra which was likewise dark purple, matching her panties immaculately.

Releasing her hair, a few strands breezing off brokenly, Michael took each end of the torn garment and peeled it off, collecting the material just shy of Annie’s entombed wrists. Annie could do nothing as she remained on her side, his thrusts tireless and passionate, making her body slide on the bed backward slowly. It might not be huge, per say, but its thirst was insatiable and blatant and bespoke of things to come, Annie knew that, and relished it with diminutive trepidation. 

Both hands came to Annie’s wrists and pulled them up and over the frantic female’s head, all the while slipping the material of the ruined solid black shirt from her form entirely. Annie didn’t resist as her captured hands were placed in between their mutual grinding forms. She felt that aching erection as it smashed into her lithe hands.  

“You see, you do something right, you get rewarded.” Michael said through pants, obviously taking a liking to Annie’s overt attempts to pleasure the phallus but with the tight leather pants that wrapped around his waist, it was rather impossible and even inconvenient to Annie’s budding, luxurious, lusts. “But if not…” He warned, both his hands, lenient and lumpy, squeezed Annie’s thudding chest, squishing her breasts down upon her body, pancaking them. Annie’s breasts were far too big to be squashed entirely, and from some vantage points it would look more like a crater than a pancake.  Claws dug into the vulnerable bra-covered flesh of Annie’s breasts, scrapping her tender flesh with callous enjoyment before fisting his hands and pulling the bra clean open, the strap snapping with ease under his supernatural strength. 

The cup on Annie’s breast slipped off her chest, visibly popping free but the other bra cup remained plainly upon her breast while the fleshy orb itself hung downward toward the bed – gravity taking its effect. Upon the only remaining bra cup was an ornate design of a skull placed just about where her nipple would be. A rose rested upon the gothic, playful skull’s head but also resided upon the ridged nipple that bubbled up from her lush chest, causing that very same rose to protrude outward superbly. 

Rolling an unprotected and a protected nipple through his fingers, Michael showed no mercy as he drove his point home, tugging upon the sensitive gumdrops while crushing them. “You understand, don’t you? I know you do. Now, be a good little girl and free my cock from my pants so I can show you what good little bitches get for submitting themselves to me.” 

Annie’s nimble fingers, while constrained for movement by the studded belt, fumbled with Michael’s zipper. It was only when she tried to squeeze her fingers into the opened material that she realized he too had a belt on. The sound of rattling and clanking sound until finally it was unlatched enough to animalistically peel the leather pants downward enough for that unguarded prick to spill forward to her warm awaiting hands. Unlike the rest of Michael Jackson’s cold body, his phallus pulsated like it had its own heart beat and it was as warm, if not warmer then Annie’s own body, definitely more so than her fingers. 

With no lack of desire from either of them, Annie busied herself with Michael’s wishes and Michael knew just how to reward his little pet. With pants of delight from having his penis cradled and jerked, which now spurt ooze after dripping ooze of pre-cum along Annie’s nimble fingers, Michael dipped downward, razor sharp teeth breaching the weak flesh about Annie’s innocent, exposed neck. The teeth met no resistance, not from flesh nor from the moaning, hastily jerking Annie who tilted her head to widen the canvas of her neck for Michaels actions. 

Annie’s body shuddered uncontrollably as she felt those saliva drenched lips airlock upon her flesh and if things couldn’t get better, a firm, stiff vacuum commenced. Noisy, wet, spicy sucking added to the orchestra of other sensual noises, and quite a few gasping moans by both parties. Annie felt her blood gush from her neck as Michael remorselessly drained his ‘biggest fan’ clean. Annie felt her blood on his lips, in his mouth, blanketing the nap of her neck but not once could she feel the boiling hot life essence escape Michael’s lips. He was devouring all of her and none would spill. 

Annie’s eyes flickered closed. Desperately did she try to keep them wide open to enjoy the visual candy that was presented before her. She chose instead to dedicate every ounce of her waning energy upon running her fingers along his pulsating hard shaft, her thumbs positioned just under the belly of the cock as she squeezed it, milking the phallus for more of its oozing cream. Michael obviously enjoyed such a sensation as he released her neck from his imprisoning gripping teeth which were now saturated with her own gleaming crimson blood. 

With Michaels head withdrawn, Annie could gaze upon his pleasurable looking face. With his soft textured flesh and his lips trembling was all Annie needed to continue her lengthy, clutching strokes upon that phallus. She could still feel it nuzzling in-between her thighs, its warmth unmistakable against her still tightly clad pants. Annie could feel her life essence drain from her neck, slipping down her tender, pristine flesh and with it a trail of warmth and forbidden arousal. 

Within a moment, Annie’s busy, yet weak belt tied hands were secured between Michaels soft hand above her head. Annie was now on her back, laboring for breath as Michael furiously took her like the whore he had said she was. Mounting on top of her, his rhinestone hand jerked the pants of Annie’s downward just enough to expose her tender, saturated panties which likewise mimicked her bra, with an ornate skull pattern and a rose resting upon its head. Unlike the bra though, her panties were soaked through and through turning the otherwise dark purple into a water laced undergarment as dark as the cool, foreboding night that both lovers found themselves in. 

Michaels breathe was hot on her trembling lips, his nose running the length of her bloody neck, soaking in her terror and sheer pleasure. Annie’s back arched upward, lifting the vampire upward along with her as a finger slithered inside of her rose peddle. This finger was unlike any she’d felt before, it was solid, grooved with several refined stones. It went into her eagerly fluttering crotch with ease, a slight slurping noise could be heard. A single finger hooked up inside of her and dragged along the length of her own grooved, rough patch embedded just inside her pussy. 

“I see you aren’t trying to defy me anymore, are you. Good little slut. Lean back and let me turn your world upside down.” Michael said, his teeth sinking into her neck, a different place, about an inch from where he originally penetrated her, and the draining, fuzzy minded feeling renewed itself with such vigilance and vengeance. 

Annie rotated her hips upward, bucking ever so often to encourage the rhinestone finger deeper into her cavern of sizzling, burning lusts. “If I knew this was all you wanted, I wouldn’t have done it so soon.” Michaels soft voice angelically spoke with a sense of teasing torment. Another finger entered inside of her. It was a tight fit, but with the obscene amount of lubrication, its entrance was rather unhindered. Both fingers spread and circularly exchanged thrusts. A cold stone danced just under Annie’s clit as Michael’s fingers spread out, winging, obviously trying to spread her pussy open more and more to fit something else inside her and she had some ideas on what that one thing might be. 

The stoned finger gilded upward, snagging the protective hood of her rosebud, exposing it to the cold winter’s night. It was shown unabated care though as he molested her clit hinderingly. Annie gasped and moaned as her head felt lighter and lighter. “Don’t move them this time.” Michael said firmly as he took his hand and ran it soothingly through her long, elegant hair. Both hands positioned under her dripping pussy and with a swift movement caressed the under portion of her legs, lifting them so the knees reached her fat, jiggling breasts. But that was of no concern to her as Michael’s penis, which by now Annie knew how it felt, its shape, it’s delicious size, but now she knew it even more as it penetrated her throbbing womanhood. 

Annie violently shuddered, surprisingly, considering the loss of blood she experienced and was currently still enduring. Michael’s form all but encased her, his curly, tender hair curtained before Annie, eliminating the scene entirely. All she could see was his hair, that silky curly black hair and Annie felt it as it glided against her sharp featured face as his penis entered into her – again and again he pumped his horny rod inside her. He was, after all, a vampire, and while his movements were desperate, and thirsty, he showed no lack of strength or endurance which wasn’t that bad of a thing. 

Annie’s pussy throbbed as it was pounded. Michael rewrapped his hands upon the legs of Annie, slipping his grasp upward to her ankles before spreading her wide open, but also lifting her plump butt from off the bed entirely, giving Michael an even easier target, and by the look of it, and sounds of Michaels quaking, trembling gasps and suckles, also increasing his pleasure by tenfold. The slick and easy glide of his fat penis inside her felt like heaven and no end was insightful. 

Though life-force was being drained from Annie, she could only think of how it was making the sensations all that more important, all that more sensitive and enchanting. Annie joined in upon the fun though, thrusting herself forward to impale her dripping pussy with his cock, whenever she could get the leverage, most of her body wasn’t responding to her, and her position was awkward at best to muster up any type of aid in their love making. 

Lazily, one of Annie’s legs snapped back from its stretched position, and laxly coiled about Michael’s backside, calf just below his firm ass. With the new leverage, Annie lifted her body weight with her eager leg, thrusting herself further upon that rigid member that feverishly penetrated her. Michael released her leg to instead take a deceptively sharp nail to his neck and slide it lengthily, slicing a clean cut. That free hand grabbed onto Annie’s head which offered no resistance, and brought her mouth to his neck. Annie, so dazed, so in heat, she latched upon the offering and suckled, tasting his metallic warm energy. 

It was obviously as sensual for her as it was him because before Annie knew it, and she knew it only as an afterthought, Michael Jackson had orgasmed directly inside her pussy, coating her insides with his own thick, white substance. Michael rolled onto the side of the bed, releasing Annie whose hands were still positioned above her head. A long nail ran down the tunnel of her cleavage, her pulse pounding but yet slowly fading as her humanity was stifled and disappearing. 

“You are special though, Annie. You might know everything everyone else does about me but…” He tenderly kissed her, his finger, thick with juices from Annie, brushed along Annie’s face as he embraced her. “How many people know I am a vampire… ?”

Annie’s heartbeat was no more. But as she hugged against Michael’s firm body, she knew it was a sacrifice worth taking. 

“Let’s rest, tomorrow we will be at my mansion. I still have so much to show you.” Annie was both thrilled and a little afraid at his ominous statement. 

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