Internet Cuckold

Plump&Juizy: Wazzupp!!!!!!!!!!!!

John316: How is the party going?

Plump&Juizy: Thw love bierds few the coop. 

John316: They left already?

Plump&Juizy: They be back soon. They are gunna go gets us more alchy. 

John316: Burning the boring time away hu?

Plump&Juizy: Nuuu >.<; I am just wanna say it sux you not here. 

John316: I really wanted to see you. You know I did. Things just came up. 

Plump&Juizy: Normally, I like when things come up for you. 

John316: Well.. How long will the lovebirds be gone anyways.

Plump&Juizy: An hour, maybe longer. They said something about being hungry. I am just lonely. 

John316: Well. We could always try and make the time go faster?  

Plump&Juizy: What you talkin bout, Willis. 

John316: I was thinking you could remind me what I am missing by now being there.

Plump&Juizy: Oh… 

John316:  Come on. You know you are missing me also. How about you turn on your web camera. 

There was a delay in the reply before a picture of a green phone appeared on John’s monitor. John answered it immediately, the ringing was getting more than annoying. The window opened up and expanded on its own to take up the totality of the screen. There she was. Plump and Juicy – or rather just plain, simple Kristen. She wasn’t a model, nothing was exceptionally fantastic about her. But Kristen held a rare quality over most females, she had an elegance, a certain spark of uniqueness that breathed life into her, making her more than hot to John. Her face wasn’t straight or even sharp like Monica’s, but it still was attractive. Something about her high cheekbones aroused John.

Kristen was obviously drunk. Her eyelids fluttered from open to close on the occasion as she groggily gazed her glazed eyes at John who was also on camera, a brunette, nappy lock of her hair nestled in between her lush, glossy lips. The youthful female head bobbed from side to side, as if both trying to keep herself conscious as much as lucid. 

“Boy, you look pretty gone.” John commented, smiling, laughing a little to himself. 

Kristen retorted, albeit delayed, with her own chuckle of buzzed blissness. Her voice heavy and with a slight husk. “Naw. Tim drank most of the alchy. You know how Monica is. She is gunna rape him, I swear John. She is just making him put it away.” 

“Are you okay?” John said, knowing this entire event would put a strain on the female he had a crush on. 

“Tim? Yea… I am totally over him. We were only online dating…” She said dismissively but somewhere in her eyes John could see it was taking its toll on her.

“Tim didn’t appreciate your body. Not like I do…” John said, smiling knowingly, his hand gently running down the crotch of his blue jeans. Kristen had helped ‘aid’ John only one time before, but tonight he was interested in raising that helping aid to twice… maybe even three. An hour was a long time and Kristen excited him like he never thought possible. 

Running the top row of her pearly white teeth along her lip, sucking a chunk of flesh in, she shook her head, looking down to the keyboard. John couldn’t see it, but he knew she was smiling that cute little smile. The one where her cheeks stretch upward almost to her eyes and fully showcased those faceable, fat lips to their full glory. She was meant to be a cock sucker. She was a sucker for being complimented. 

“You want to see my breasts, don’t you?” Kristen finally said in a low voice. No one was around – but still. 

“I want to be there with you. But seeing as I can’t… Besides, you know you want to. You like being a flirt.” John spoke. Kristen looked up at the camera before taking the miniature object in between her girthy fingers and moved it so that it had a perfect vantage point toward her bed. She sheepishly smiled at it. Her face wide on the screen showing each blemish and imperfection, along with her merits, as she finally moved away from the computer desk toward the bed. Her fat ass, encased with gray sweatpants, purposefully swayed causing her to stumble a little. 

“I can’t believe you always want to see me like this.” She said soothingly, tripping up on her words as she collapsed onto the bed. On hands and knees, her thick rear end, blanketed only by loose yet revealing gray sweatpants, swayed back and forth hypnotically. God, he could cum just to that, with or without clothing. There was a jiggle, an unmistakable jiggle that made John’s eyes widen with hot, sensual anticipation. 

The sweatpants weren’t ideal but the way the soft fabric hung about each butt cheek was mesmerizing, how the material indented into that long, gapping, delightful crack. It was definitely something John could get into. Slowly, John slipped his zipper down and hunted for his penis which was already standing at firm, unwavering attention.  The blue jeans bloomed out like a flower, peeling the zipper either way as his hand free’d his cock which was immediately and firmly grasped by his trembling, excited hand. 

“Oh god, John… I want you so much.” She said. John could only imagine that she was making the most erotic face possible. And she was, her teeth sinking into her lower lip, chewing and sucking it like a lollipop as she swayed her ass up and down and then circularly, ending each motion with a wave of chubby ass flesh being thrown from one side to another. Standing on her knees, Kristen peeked behind her to see John’s face. She smiled widely, knowing exactly what John was doing – she had experience in this type of thing with Tim and his silver tongue. Tim could always make her do anything he wanted— not like it took much. 

“Mmmm” She moaned heatedly, both hands now at the waistband of her comfortable pants before stretching the elastic material forward, bulging it from her stomach so the back became that much more tight and outlining. John could see the effect with much glee, the sweatpants sunk into her asstrail, protectively surrounding, tightly, each butt cheek, giving them the appearance of two Christmas dinner hams. 

John couldn’t contain himself, he felt the wave of an orgasm already washing over him. His body trembled and his face twisted into one of revelation as Kristen teasingly plucked the pants from her fat ass and wide hips, pulling them downward — slowly and even a slight bit clumsily as she fell onto the bed, which she rested on elbow on to support her as she continued to reveal her pale behind. Under was bright crimson panties which barely did anything to contain that thick ass. The way her cheeks spilled out from the panties gave the impression they were not only too small, but too constrictive. She giggled, looking behind her at John’s face. She was more than excited to see his blissful yet strained face as he went to town on his penis. His arousal was more than contagious. 

The panties were large, but given the portions of her own rear – end, the panties only came to about half of each cheek, the outer portions of those pale slabs of meat were free to see by all. Turned around on the bed, sitting on it, facing the camera, her voluptuous legs spread wide as a simple hand grasped the waistband and pulled upward, a variation of what she’d done with her sweatpants. Oh god, he could see her pussy lips as the red material sunk penetratingly inside her cunt. She still nibbled her lip with arousal. She was both too hot and cute at the same time. Like an innocent little girl who had a pension for being desired. 

Winking, she wiggled her finger ‘no- no – no’ before standing up quickly and turning around so that her precious little flower was not exposed to John but her ass… that wonderful pale ass, was more than enough to keep John at the point of an explosion. It didn’t hurt though that she was flossing her bunched up panties through and along her ass crack, moaning the entire way through. She loved anal, John could tell, even if Kristen was just you ordinary sexually frustrated, sexually closed off female.

Just then the door bolted open and Monica and Tim walked in. Monica was herself slightly drunk given her slipping of words. “Holy hell. KRISTEN?” She said in a very shocked and chiming voice. Though they couldn’t see John, John was snapped out of lust and into one of realization, pushing his cock, hardened, back into his pants. 

A deep chuckle could be heard. No mistaking that voice.

Kristen bolted under her sheets, sweatpants still hugging her knees and panties bunched into a nice slender string that was wedged in between her fat ass and dripping wet, moist crotch. 

Kristen was too shocked and utterly embarrassed to muster anything of coherency. Like a little girl, she looked away and blushed. That crimson was instantly recognized because of the stark color contrast with her normally, typical porcelain featured face. 

“Oh my god, Tim… Tim… let’s get out of here.” Monica said, clutching onto his arm. Monica didn’t see this as an opportunity to be even more alone, longer with Tim now, but she surely would eventually. 

“Hold on…” Tim stepped forward, dragging Monica inside the room with her. Tim made sure both Kristen and John could see him as he looked at the camera, then over behind his shoulders to Kristen who was still trying to collect more blankets to cover her lush form, filled with panic. 

To John, however, this was actually kind of amusing, if not a little erotic in a more fucked up way. But still, John was smiling.

“Yeah, you would think this is funny, wouldn’t ya buddy? Well, how about you just keep watching.” Tim said in a very foreboding way. “See how funny it is then.” 

Tim, in a loose fitting black shirt with an artistic, fiery skull outlined upon it, walked over to the trembling Kristen. Tim stood at the side of the bed, looking over at the webcamera with a dangerous smile. While his shirt was meant to be loose fitting, it actually fit almost perfectly on his less than appealing, bloated stomach. John’s attention was on overdrive and thus he noticed instantly a few holes in Tim’s clothing. Disgusting. Guy had no sense of presentation. 

“Hey there Kristen. What were you doing just now, hmmm?” Tim snatched the covers and pulled it off, revealing Kristen’s immodest form to Monica, who had since glanced away, horrified at the brash actions of Tim, but moreover she knew that they, Tim and Kristen had a past, but now Monica had been trying to lay claim to him as her own and this situation just wasn’t helping her cause. Didn’t hurt that it was embarrassing. How Tim worked up enough courage to do this was lost on Monica. 

Kristen became even more red, like a fire engine, as Tim grinned, his eyes deep azure and precise, running up and down her chubby exterior. Kristen trembled, not doing anything, mixed with fear and arousal of being found out. 

“So this is what ya do to get your rocks off hu?” Tim inquired in a deep, growling voice made thick from too much drinking and cigarettes. The palm of his hand ran down Kristen’s shoulder, his fingers noticeably plump and callused from too much guitar playing. The meek, frightful brunette was torn as she glanced up to Tim, whom she knew all too well but just never like this, and back to the muted window containing a video picture of John. 

“You used to do this for me. Don’t you remember?” Monica was paralyzed with anger and fear— or more so jealousy but she‘d never admit that. She could do nothing but watch in horror, much like John, as Tim chuckled under his breathe. Kristen was laid bare on the bed, her sensually plump figure covered only by a large purely white shirt and those erotic panties which still remained bundled in her tight little pale twat. The inside of her pussy was still reddish, but more pink, pink that had the majority of its coloration drained from it leaving a uniquely light colored rabbit hole. 

“But now you’re doing it for Johnny boy over here… you know, I have been in his position before. Many. Many times.” His aggressive and invading hands swirled upon the shirt, downward along her cheek before gingerly trailing to each pudgy plump breast, giving it a playful and sampling squeeze as he spoke the words ‘many’. 

In response, Kristen exhaled, toes nearest to the web camera, curled in reaction to the wickedly delightful touches upon her tender, sensitive body. The loose shirt hung, draping, as her nipples hardened and became alive with desire and long. 

“Tim… we.. We shouldn’t… They are busy, so we should leave them alone.” Monica protested.

“Now hold up there little missy.” Tim said smiling, his other hand, idle and hanging, casually raised up, pointing at Monica as he gazed over his shoulder to her. “I know you have a crush on me–”

“What… no. You… ha” She said not as snobby as she usually would but more so defensive and flabbergasted. The tall blonde gave herself away to even people not familiar with their situation. 

“Now hold on a minute, Monica. Hear me out. Look at Kristen over here, all alone, and no John to please her.” His attention going back to the innocent but obviously aroused and ready Kristen. Be it willingness or confusion and shock, no one could say.

“Lemme tell you a secret, Kristen.” He said, his tongue licking over his shaggy mustache, revealing stained teeth shimmering like knives – individually sharp, keen edged, serrated blades. Taking the waistband of the panties, he playfully tugged it upward toward the plump stomach, causing the fabric to dig into her and penetrate her saturated pussy lips. In turn, Kristen jerked upward, eyes slowly pulling, horrified, away from looking at John and now up to the mid twenties wanna-be rockstar who just demanded her undivided attention. God, she wanted that cock. She wants any cock right now. She was so horny before Tim came in but now… all bets were off.  

The detail was even more crisp to John than if he was actually there. His imagination running wild. Was Kristen’s lower lip trembling? He was muted so he quickly typed- with one hand, his other hand stroking along his hardened phallus, precum dripping out of his penis- “No” “ Stop” “MONICA! STOP THEM”. He was powerless.

“I would have paid money to see you get fucked by another man when I was on the other end. You deserve to be touched and treated like the sexy, unblemished flower you are.” His tanned hand clutched the panties again, driving it up harshly. She squirmed, expelling a moan from her pale-ish pink lips. Kristen’s eyes rolled upward, eyelids fluttering with the unusual sensation of the silk fabric grinding directly against her unprotected white knob. “You want to properly forgive John for not being here? Don’t you.” 

Kristen ignored the camera but it was burned into her mind. She knew it was there. But a lot of that oozing cream from her cunt was because of that little tidbit of information. “Yes… Yes I do…” 

“Tim…” Monica said, naturally torn up by this. She had worn a slender, tight fitting black dress. Unlike everyone in this room, she actually looked the part. Her hair was newly straightened, her lipstick bright and full on her slender lips. She even wore mascara! The uptown, fairly well off female always looked like this, but she added in her own little spice with matching teal undergarments freshly purchased from Victoria secrets. 

“And you want me, don’t you? Well. Here is your chance. You wanted me to fuck you all night, you still do. We are just going to show Kristen a good time also.” Tim said musingly. John was caressing his cock as Tim looked soul piercingly at John on the screen. 

Was this really happening? Holy shit. John wasn’t sure what to do but he couldn’t shut the camera off, if he did… he wouldn’t know what was going to happen. 

Monica thought about this for a long moment. Tim and Kristen could see her actually thinking before they returned to their own games. Tim’s hands clasped between the hyperventilating Kristens inner thighs, peeling it open for John to see. Kristen didn’t do it for this reason, but Tim — well, Tim was having so much fun with this, how could he not taunt John. It was a rush. Tonight he would have both girls. Tomorrow… he would still have both and what was best, they would know about it. John knew it was just the whip cream. 

Monica realized the web camera now, as she thought about the offer and her own decision. Her hands already working on their own, rubbing up her sleek form, feeling the constraining dress glide along the sides of her lithe, straight body. She realized the messages, read them, and it was then, when finished, that she decided she couldn’t pass this situation up. Not for anything. Didn’t hurt that for the entire night she was leaking cream of anticipation on just being with Tim, maybe even giving him a hand job. 

“I am sorry John…” Monica said under her breath as she quickly dispensed of the distance between her and Tim. Her lustful hands, un-phased by nervousness, wrapped around Tim’s beer belly. The long, straight blonde haired female rubbed herself eagerly against Tim’s body, her breasts, though smaller than Kristens, were much firmer and round. 

“I thought you might react like that.” Monica swooned as Tim took her chin with his hand, embracing her in a vicious kiss, all the while his hand tugged and jerked the panties of Kristen, making her arch her back and respond in agreement — agreement to just about anything honestly. Kristen was just so unbearably horny. Behind that panty -bunched crotch lay a warm, pulsating, convulsing pussy. 

Monica couldn’t imagine doing this but she fell prey as easily as did Kristen to the trailer-park rugged youths’ obtrusive charms. Tim slipped his hand under the thigh of Kristen, slipping about the plump body of the passionate girl laying on her back, her shy eyes looking down at the assaulting hands. With a generous squeeze, he grabs a handful, one of many available, of Kristen’s ass before growling. “Come on. Up. Up. Up. Let’s give John a show he will never forget.” He lifted upward, in turn Kristen followed suit and lifted her legs upward into the air. The lower part of her leg was still wrapped with hastily pulled down sweatpants. With guidance, the heaving, gasping Kristen found her knees resting upon her gloriously fat chest. Her ass exposed, shamelessly to the camera. The panties, which still remained on, hid well under the fold of her waist and stomach while the wing connecting the waistband was so abusively used that it all but disappeared in between her dribbling cunnie lips and fat, shapely pale ass. 

Tim patted her rear-end teasingly, gliding his fingers over the bulbous ass. Where Monica had a plump heart shaped ass, which noticeably protruded, Kristen had more of a body shaped ass. It gradually expanded outward. But it didn’t mean those ass cheeks weren’t filled to the rim with flesh that would jiggle. Tim illustrated this fact though by spanking against Kristen’s ass. The spank echoed in the room resoundingly, red immediately breached her tender, innocent colorless flesh. Both females gasped. 

Monica gasped because of Tim’s journeying hands which had made a flight path teasingly along her body, just not where she exactly wanted but his touch was electrifying and the loud sound was ever so startling, knocking the haughty straight haired female from her cloud of blissful pleasure. Kristen enjoyed the treatment, having never felt such a determined, strong hand putting her in her place. 

Tim slipped his pants off with an easy motion before attending his hand back to Monica’s mouth, twirling about her straight lips before sinking them inside. She sucked like it was a suck, licking it lustfully. She could taste the collection of lipstick Tim had built about that finger as it teased her quaking lips.  

“You ever been with a female before, hmmm?” He said, his finger shushing against Monica’s lip before putting pressure on it and plucking it downward, revealing Monica’s lower pearly white teeth , as if to give her the permission to speak.

“No…” She shook her head, fear and lust mixed to make such an intoxicating and yet willing voice that sounded as good as muskmelon in the mouth. 

“What about you?” Tim spanked again. That chubby ass jiggled for several minutes but it didn’t take that long for his red handprint outlined against the soft, smooth fleshy ass to appear. 

Responding in a moan, she shook her head. 

Tim guided Monica who was utterly and shamelessly under his full control. “Go on… you know what I want you tado don’t ya?” Tim said as he led Monica to crawl onto the bed. 

“If you let your fat lil friend here lick your pussy, I will fuck it… but right now… I want Kristen. You understand, right?”

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