Peach and Daisy Lesbianism

Princess Peach is taken by a mindbroken lusty Princess Daisy in a jail cell. Dubcon

Princess Peach sat in her cold dank jail cell. On the occasion she would glance out of the confines of her prison to the outside world. The window, not even big enough for the lithe princess to fit through bars or not, beheld the sight of a kingdom gone terribly, terribly wrong. Even Mother Nature knew her place around this dark, deserted, horrifying place. No grass grew, trees darkened and dying, leaves nowhere to be found. This was truly a horrifying place to be sure. The small cries echoing through the lower part of Bowser’s castle were eerie. 

Princess Peach had been here before, several times in fact. She tried not to let it get to her but every time she tried to be strong, she usually crumpled into tears. Not out of fear, no, her pure heart knew nothing of such things as fear, no, she wept because this kingdom was the model for the world if Bowser had his nefarious, wicked and evil ways. 

But like every time she’d been captured, surely Mario would not be too far behind, seeking to save her! She just hoped he went to the right castle this time. Princess Peaches concerned were not completely upon herself, but for Princess Daisy also. They both had been at a private picnic, just for the lovely two scarlet princesses before they were both captured. Princess Peach was separated early on from her companion. Bowser probably just wanted to taunt the other princess, to give one of his entirely too long explanations on why he would rule the world — sooner or later, naturally. 

Princess Peach sat sorrowfully upon the cold, dank ground musing about her escape. It truly was always an adventure and slightly exciting. One of the real reasons she hated being captured was vanity. Her typically long gorgeous blonde hair was matted with dirt from the struggle at the picnic. Princess Peach should just do what Daisy did, willingly let herself be captured. At least Daisy wouldn’t need to take a long shower when she was rescued. Her lithe fingers ran through her hair idly as she waited. Her black mascara dribbled down her cheeks from all the crying she was doing. Her tongue licked her dry, cracking pink lips, rejuvenating their glossy look. 

A sound could be heard down the long corridor of this death trap of a prison. By the sound of the hard thudding steps it was a skeleton. She stood up, her hands brushing over her long pink dress, taking care to glide her hands upon her dark pink ruffled collar. She was a mess but she could still at least look like a princess! Her large blue catlike eyes widened in surprise as behind the skeleton was Princess Daisy, being dragged. She was unconscious, or so it seemed. 

“Oh my God! Daisy! Daisy! Wake up…” Princess Peach stammered repeatedly. Her eyes blazed at the skeleton. “When Mario comes here I will make sure you suffer his wrath!”

The jailor seemed to not even notice her as he opened the cage and tossed in Daisy. Princess Peach didn’t try to escape but went immediately to tending to her friend. The cage shut with a loud clunk as Princess Peach crouched down over the unconscious Daisy, running her nails along the cheeks of her friend. “Mario will be here. Mario will be here.” She said soothingly. Unlike Princess Peach’s dismal physical condition, Princess Daisy looked almost untouched, perfect and pristine like she always did. Slinging the motionless body into her own lap, Princess Peach looked down into the closed eyes of her companion, hand stroking through the orange hair of Daisy. Daisy looked just that much more attractive, perfect to Peach because of the dismal surroundings. Nothing was beautiful here, no not even Princess Peach herself… but Daisy. Her heart thudded. Princess Peach brushed her long golden hair from the other Princess’ face, allowing her a better view. 

She snapped out of her odd trance as Daisy slowly awoke. Her large blue eyes snapped open, a smile curved upon her picturesque face. “Peach… Are you okay… you seem to be crying.” Daisy said as if they were in absolutely no trouble at all.

“Daisy…” Princess Peach whispered beneath her breaths, before choking up in tears. 

Daisy’s white wrist-length floral gloved hand stretched upward, caressing the cheek of her friend, thumb running along under the eye of tears, smearing the mascara ever so slightly. Tears from the other cheek streamed and dropped down onto Daisy’s face, leaving a black wet dot. “Shhhh. It will be okay, perfectly okay. I am here for you. I am always here for you. Remember?” Daisy’s voice was comforting. 

Out of both Princesses, most would think that Peach would be the stronger willed but having a heart of gold came with its consequences, mostly manifesting itself in an inability to accept tragic circumstances, much like this. 

“Did they do anything to you, Daisy?” Princess Peach spoke softly, trembling, trying to regain her composure. Daisy slipped off of the other Princess’ lap, her gloved hand still soothingly easing the other Princess, running along her cheek. Daisy smiled, widely, an answer to the question levied against her by the more mature, concerned Princess. 

“Nothing I didn’t want. No, Nothing I didn’t need.” Daisy chuckled slowly, sitting next to the other Princess.

“What do you mean by that?” Peach spoke, but a white floral gloved finger found itself shushing across her lips. 

“I have some bad news for you, Peach. I don’t even know how to tell you.” Daisy’ face twisted and contorted, as if she were fighting against her own emotions on the subject matter. 

“Tell me what?” Peach whispered, her face turned to inspect Daisy’s. 

Daisy leaned forward, her hand still caressing the other princess’s cheek. Peach would have been more concerned, no, frantic even but she couldn’t help but submit to the silky soft lingering strokes of the other hand. Peach, much like Daisy, still remained on the cold stone jail floor; inching herself more distant from Daisy whose body continued to slip closer and closer. 

“Daisy…?” Princess Peach asked softly, her fluttering eyes looking over at the intimately close Daisy.  She had never done something like this before, not even with Mario, but she knew what was coming next as Daisy’s penetrating blue eyes glared into her own, making her weak and susceptible to nonverbal suggestions. “Daisy?”  Peach asked once more before Daisy pushed inward further. Peach, not really thinking about it, graced her puffy pink lips with her own tongue, dampening them in anticipation of the next moments. Peaches breathe quickened, she felt weak. What was Daisy going to do to her! What was she going to say that was so bad? 

Daisy steadied the clearly uncertain Peach’s face with her hand, her other hand draped over the magnificent form of the more mature Princess. There was no question what would transpire next as Daisy embraced the other in a long awaited, highly anticipated kiss. Peach did not try to distance herself from the kiss. Daisy seemed to know what she was doing though, pausing on the occasion to run her sensational tongue along Peaches own lips before re-igniting their making out. Peaches’ own opera gloved hands took their place along each of Daisy’s sides. 

Before Peach knew it she was lying upon her back with Daisy mounting her, their breasts squashing and rubbing together in mutual satisfaction. Every opportunity Peach had she protested, albeit defeatedly. Peach’s pulse raised, she couldn’t help herself from getting rather aroused from this treatment. She was not a lesbian, nor did she look at her companion like that, well at least not before this moment. Now, the only thoughts swimming in the golden haired Princess’ head was how much she actually enjoyed this oddly vulgar, frowned upon action. 

With knees planted upon the stone ground on either side of Peach’s hips, Daisy traced her hands along Peach’s arms, plucking them from their utter idle, perhaps even terrified position. She raised them above Peach’s head. Daisy planted her weight upon the wrists, holding them down forcefully against the dank stone ground. Not like Peach was struggling. Peach seemed to be more in a confused state of mind. 

“I was wrong. I know how to tell you. Just – like – this.” Daisy spoke seductively, huskily even as her tongue slipped, with great display, along her own lips. “Mario has been captured. Bowser threatened to kill him in front of me.” Daisy paused for a moment, not yet swooping down to engage the other in a kiss. Daisy was taking far too much enjoyment in watching the other Princess squirm in sheer denial of the allocations. 

“That can’t be possible. That isn’t true. Why would you lie about that, Daisy?” She said sheepishly, glancing up at Daisy. Something about those stern, dominant eyes caused her to doubt her own self. Daisy didn’t seem like she was lying. Yet, something definitely seemed to possess the orange haired royalty.

“Bowser made me do things…unspeakable things.” Daisy whispered as she slipped down again to embrace the other in a kiss. Peach would have none of that. She struggled. To the best of her ability, she struggled. Crying renewed, and a sinking horrifying feeling resounded in her taut stomach. Daisy had the upper hand, literally, as she held the struggling Princess down while kissing her. 

What possessed Daisy to do such actions? One might think care, or love for Peach, trying to, as she said, ease her friend’s pain. But no, the reason was much more primal, feral then that. Jealousy.  Princess Peach was the purist, most beautiful Princess in the entire world. Daisy would see to it that that was not the case and never would be again. 

Princess Peach fought with herself, trying to keep her muffled moans down, but it was no use. The only thing muffling her resounding, intense moans of longing and desire was the firm, sloppy working lips of Daisy. The way Daisy worked herself along her sleek form was enchanting to say the least. Daisy’s hips gyrated, humping along the pelvis of Peach’s. 

Pulling back, Daisy glared at Peach who looked to be little more than a common whore from this vantage point. The way Peach’s chest rose and fell bespoke of her arousal. Under that royal attire, the pink dress with a dark pink ruffled collar; Peach’s nipples stiffened and hardened. She couldn’t help it. Peach wanted to just curl up and die but all she could do was remain upon her back and allow herself to be molested by Daisy. 

“Daisy, please stop! Stop. We need to think about escap—” Peach found herself whimper in a loud, shameless way as Daisy let go of her friend’s wrists. 

“Bowser told me that if I didn’t do this, if we didn’t do this… Mario dies.” Daisy whispered almost happily. Before Peach could say a word, Daisy made use of her free hands now. Index finger and thumb collapsing down upon the ridged, slowly erecting, nipples of Peach. Imprisoning them with a pinch, she plucked them both simultaneously, lifting them upward, stretching them before twisting them ruthlessly. 

Peach gasped in a forbidden, erotic moan of sheer delight. She’d never been treated like this. She withered in delight, but her words, or what could be heard of them, didn’t seem at all that approving. “No! Stop! What are you doing?” Naturally, her words were mostly murmurs of moans and whimpers. A gloved hand left one of the nipples, allowing it to snap back into place, the nipple however was now completely hardened. With that, Daisy’s free hand struck the pudgy breast with vicious intent. 

“Mario‘s life depends on your actions. No one is going to rescue us. Nobody can. We are here, forever. Together. Let me ease your pain, let me ease your mind.” Daisy spoke almost maternally. “I see you have no bra on, is this normal in your kingdom? To dress like royalty but underneath it all, be a harlot, or did you not wear one because you were on a picnic with me?” She whispered directly into Peach’s ear, her tongue slipping along the earlobe as she continued to torment the other, non-plucked nipple. 

Peach, stunned beyond belief, couldn’t offer a single word one way or another. This wasn’t because of the horrifying future that was in store for her, no, it was because she couldn’t think straight. Her body withered under the oddly experienced, near expert touch of Princess Daisy. Peach’s eyes, which were fluttering half opened, half closed, glanced at the youthful face of Daisy with nothing much forbidden desire. 

“Well?” Daisy whispered impatiently, nibbling upon the earlobe now as her index finger pressed itself firmly upon the erecting nipple of Peach’s, which shamelessly aroused easily an inch from the mountain peak of her breast. “Moaning like a whore is not a proper answer to my question. Answer, Peach… are you not wearing a bra because you wanted to show me your goods without blatantly being a slut?” Daisy was enjoying this far too much. “I saw it in your eyes for sometime now. You didn’t think I noticed, did you? The way your eyes linger upon my body. You have a crush on me, don’t you? Have always, haven’t you, you little dyke slut.” 

Withering in shame, disgrace, and pleasure, Peach muttered out quickly. “Why are you doing this?” She groaned desperately. Peach’s milky white legs began to kick as she felt Daisy’s hands firmly secure themselves under each knee, lifting them so the knees slapped against Peach’s own breasts. The only thing Daisy could see was Peache\’s pancaked, fat breasts beneath the royal’s own knees. Her dress, Pink and modest, held her sapphire pendant that gleamed in the lustful eyes of the assaulting Princess Daisy. 

“If you and I do not make love, then Mario will die. I told you.” Daisy said dominantly, her knees now on the ground in such a way that allowed her to securely slap her crotch against Princess Peach’s own. Princess Peach, however, still protested until she felt something odd, almost unfathomable. What she felt was a phallus, mushroom bulging appendage that massaged teasingly along her awkwardly positioned dress.

Daisy noticed this realization in her “friend’s” eyes, taking in sight before she took one of her slender, youthful hands and grabbed the pink dress by its dark hem, yanking it down enough to tear the ornate, thinly designed material. With a quick fluid motion, the dress hem was stuffed under Peach’s considerably bubbly butt cheeks, exposing her silk white panties. Daisy smirked yet again with pleasure as she saw the crotch that pointed upward at her. The panties were supposed to be white but there remained an ever expansive, expanding dark, almost translucent spot of liquid right near Peach’s cunt. Licking her lips, she positioned herself and thrust the phallus toward the bull’s eye of the panties, penetrating the labia folds with ease and desire. 

Peach melted, gasping in a moan. She tossed her head backward, banging it rather harshly against the stone. “No! We can’t do this! I am not like that. We need to save Mario.” She squirmed desperately as the phallus shaped object slipped in and out the pussy lips, with panties still on. The fabric, already being tight, tightened up considerably as the material sunk into the drenched confines of the virgin pussy of the pure, beautiful, innocent Princess Peach. Daisy bucked even more, moaning now for the first time as she felt the vice gripped cunt become not only more wet, but slightly more loose, more inviting. 

“You want to lose your virginity to another Princess, don’t you. Come on, admit it.” Daisy said as she jammed the strap on further into the struggling Princess. Peach’s own hands were frantic, weakly wrapped and pushing upon Daisy’s bright orange short puffed sleeves. Daisy dipped down and snatched Peach’s lip between her teeth and suckled on it, her eyes, bright sapphires of her own staring directly into Peaches own. She said more then any words could with that lingering, passionate look. “Tell me you want to be my dirty little whore and I will take your panties off. If you do not… I will just go back to Bowser and be treated the way a princess should be treated. Leaving you alone, chained, without any ability to vent your sexual frustration.” 

Princess Peach took in those words. She scuffed at them even. Daisy arched her body, her sleek yet athletic ass popping out behind her, the strap on aimed at the other princess’s pussy, yet stopped entirely its invasion. There was a long silence. The only movement was Princess Peach’s own minor resistance, pushing along the other’s shoulders. Daisy looked menacingly down at her victim. It seemed Peach needed a little more encouragement. Daisy placed a finger upon Peach’s lip, peeling it back, exposing her friend’s lower set of pearly whites before forcing it inside. Peach did the only thing that felt right, she sucked upon the infiltrating finger, tongue heatedly twirling around it as she watched Daisy‘s pleasuring reaction which in turn made the purest of princesses increasingly hot under her considerably sized dress. Nice and wet, Daisy drew it back, a long string of saliva connected the finger and mouth for sometime before it finally snapped, saliva stringing upon Peach’s chin. 

“Good girl.” Daisy whispered. The wet finger slipped between Peaches legs, sliding under the panties through wings of the white silk undergarment. That specific finger nuzzled into the crease of Peach’s rear end, sliding with renewed vigor along it, teasing, letting Peach know exactly where it was going. “This isn’t about Mario. Or Bowser. It is about you, lusting after me shamelessly. You think you can get what you want for free?” She applied pressure along the asshole of her victim, tormenting her more with new, exotic pleasures. The finger slipped into the narrow cavity, her finger bobbed up and down from time to time, then side to side, making the tight hole more and more loose. Inch after inch of finger digging into the rear end. Peach’s mouth opened, shameless moaning erupted before her hands collapsed upon the ground, far too interested and desperate to focus on the foreign delight. 

“Say it.” Daisy reminded. “You are a slutty whore of a Princess. Come on. I know you want to. You will love it.” Daisy had gone through this training with Bowser — and because it had shattered the younger, innocent Princesses mind so utterly completely, she would never forget exactly how Bowser did it. Daisy was just mimicking the steps he took with her. Peach would give it. Peach could offer only long, forbidden gasps of pleasure before her entire body trembled and seized. Daisy’s thumb slapped against where the clit should be, stroking it. She could feel the asshole cave and crush against her finger. Oh yes, Peach was near her orgasm. Daisy could feel it, not as if it was not clearly evident just by looking at the harlot gasp, moan, and squirm. 

“Daisy…” Peach moaned, eyes shut as she continued to convulse, body betraying her entirely. Peach, edging upon the point of no return, began to gush thick liquid all over her panties and just like that Daisy’s fingers disappeared. Peach immediately snapped her eyes open in shock. Daisy slowly backed away from her. Peach shoved her hand under her panties with frightening speed. Daisy did not allow for that, gripping the wrist of her victim, holding it at bay upon the pink dress, right by Peach’s stomach. 

“Tell me you want to orgasm.” Daisy chuckled playfully.

“Yes, I do, God I do.” Peach pleaded, trying again to put her hand under her panties. Daisy did not allow for that again. 

“Get up. Now.” Daisy said as she herself stood up. 

Peach knew Daisy was being serious. It took all her will not to shove her hand down her panties. She stood up, weakly, trembling, eager to be brought to that orgasm that she desired ever so much. 

“Daisy, stop torturing me… Please, I never felt like this before. It… it… I feel like I am about to explode…” Peach, in an unexpectedly sultry way, ran her fingers along the cheek of Daisy, her fingers caressing along the exposed neck of the orange haired Princess. “Make me orgasm. Please.” How the modest, purest fall so quickly and shamefully when introduced to the sins of the flesh.

Daisy placed her hands upon either shoulder of her companion, immediately she tore downwardly, ripping the dress in twine, splitting it. With a few more powerful tugs, the dress tore with ease, frustrating ease rather. The cell was cold and the near naked Peach was evident by her shivering. Her breasts were pudgy, delicious to look at. Her areolas were equally as impressive as her slightly sagging, hanging breasts – not because of age but merely because of their sheer weight. Her nipples were the cherry to the entire design, they were hardened, swollen even from abuse, sticking out rigidly and shamelessly. Peach’s gloves innocently covered each breast from Daisy’s erotic sights. With dress not much more than tattered upon the ground, Daisy soothingly ran her own gloved hand along the nakedness of Peach’s back before her visage contorted into one of malicious intent. She snagged a handful of golden hair, jerking at it, pulling Peach’s face to look upward at the ceiling. 

“Say it. You know what I want to hear.” Daisy spoke. 

Peach said nothing. 

“Now!” Daisy’s other hand slapped firmly and flatly upon the drenched panty clad crotch of Peach. Peach in turn whimpered in odd delight. The sensation was both pleasuring and yet stingingly painful. Drawing her hand back, Daisy repeated these motions again and again. 

“You know what I want to hear.” Daisy insisted. Peach shook her head. No. It took a few moments but eventually Peach broke.

“Please, make me orgasm. Make me cum like a filthy sluttish whore. Please, please, please! I need to orgasm.” Peach cried out desperately, the only thing keeping her going was the small glimmering hope that Daisy would show pity on the once great golden blonde haired princess. 

Daisy, apparently, approved of such a vulgar testament and tossed forcefully her companion against the stone wall. Peach’s face was pressed, cheek first, into the wall. She could hear fluttering of material. Daisy exposed the hard, bulbous strap on and started to work putting Princess Peach in her whorish, whorish place. The solid object pushed in between the tight clenched thick honey ham as cheeks with vigor, and sadistic delight. 

“You are nothing but a whore.” Daisy whispered as the phallus penetrated the tight canal just like her finger had. Peach screamed, it was far too big to fit. The excess cream that has sloppily ran down her inner thighs also coated her asshole providing a generous amount of lubrication as the phallus penetrated deeper. Princess Daisy jerked herself back and forth, remorselessly shoving the object into and out of the other Princess. Peach still had her panties on, albeit they were drenched. Daisy just pushed the material away from that pale ass enough to abuse her friend’s rear end.  She repeated, over and over as she violated the golden haired Princess that she was a slut, a whore, a common prostitute for other peoples desires, delights, and depraved actions. 

Peach sunk her teeth bitterly into her lower lip as she was fucked viciously. Her tears never once stopping as she squirmed, screamed, and begged for the harsh treatment to stop. This is not to say the experience was not desired by the ass-raped Princess. No, the piston motions of Daisy helped Princess Peach produce orgasm after mind numbing, mind shattering orgasm. Peach’s gloved hands idled upon the stone wall but eventually she could barely stand or position herself on her own. The only thing keeping her crumbling body standing was the upward penetrating motions of the strap on – into her precious asshole. 

Peach’s eyes rolled in the back of her head, tongue lollygagging out, sometimes licking against the wall. She was so distant at that moment but she heard every terrible word Daisy moaned and yelled sternly. Enough so that eventually Peach started to believe it herself.

“Mario is captured and all you want is my cock.” Daisy said in finality as she dislodged her brutal strap-on from the depths of peach’s bright red ass cheeks. Peach, exhausted, collapsed witlessly upon the ground. A pool of liquid glimmered upon the ground. Her inner thighs, her crotch, hell, even peach’s toeless pink heels were coated in the humiliating liquid of her sex. 

“Finish me off you stupid slut!” Daisy said eerily, dominatingly. Daisy bent to the ground, taking a portion of the torn pink dress and wrapped it, like a blindfold, around Peach’s eyes. The moment her sight was obfuscated, the cell opened. A heavy person, whomever it may be, walked into the confines of the cell. Peach didn’t notice, she was far too gone down the rabbit hole to notice or care who walked into the cell. 

“D..Daisy? Please… stop, I can’t take this anymore.” Peach cried out, spreading her legs widely, hands slipping under the waistband of her panties, teasingly slipping them low enough to reveal her wet, soaking pussy. “Touch me… please.” While Princess Peach had orgasmed more then what has even been thought as possible, she’d yet been able to receive an orgasm from her still virgin cunt. She felt a finger slip inside her pussy. It was much larger, very huge in fact to be Daisy’. Peach realized this but never thought twice about it as a mind shattering orgasm rolled throughout her body. The stream of cream squirted everywhere. A scaled thumb fluttered side to side upon her clit, extending the life of the orgasm, renewing it while giving it rebirth. She was like a fountain of depravity as she shot her load forward. She squirmed and lay upon the ground, withering in her own pool of spunky juices. 

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