Pop goes Gina – Popped by the Lizard

Gina, in all her furry glory, goes to a party. She meets Landon. Landon is looking to pop her. It is only natural, popping is a casual consensual affair. But can Landon do it? Yes, yes he can.


Chapter 1

Landon noticed her the moment she entered the room. His dick had immediately gone rock hard even before his brain finished processing her presence. He watched her intently, unaware of the banging noise and rowdy music around him.
He took in all of her in one slow sweep of his eyes.
Not More than 5’8 tall, she has a black skin tone, that complimented the sparkling red of her muff and tail. The wild red curls of her hair bounced beautifully around her shoulders. Her little, almost elfin ears peaked cutely on her head, holding some of her unruly hair in place. Then she laughed at something that someone said behind her and he caught sight of her teeth_ they were sparkling white with sharp lethal-looking edges. He imagined her sinking those vicious-looking canine teeth into his neck veins at the peak of orgasm.
She commanded attention in her skimpy black leather skirt that hugged her huge hips and sleeveless top with a delving neckline that revealed a good part of her fleshy boobs. She seemed like a D cup… Maybe a lot more. Landon really wanted to stuff his head between those huge juicy teeth while he rammed his dick into her feline pussy.
For some reason, he was sure she’d be fucking tight and slimy-wet down there.
He reached down to touch himself, excited by the picture. Unbelievably hard. Landon thought, trailing a scaly finger along the stone-hard edges of his fat balls. He was not usually attracted to Foxes but She was more than the average vixen, with her humongous curves and wild beauty. She’s exotic… And his to pop.
Lust pumped in his veins in violent pulsing waves. She slid into a high stool by the bar, her huge breasts pressing provocatively against the table. She leaned even further and whispered something to the wolf bartender with a sultry smile. He gawked at her boobs, his tongue practically hanging over his huge fangs. The wolf bartender managed to rip his gaze off her and turned around to fix her a drink. She made a 180-degree swirl on her seat and swept the room slowly with her eyes. Landon made sure to keep his eyes fixated on her until she caught his gaze from across the room. He flashed her a deliberate perverse grin. She boldly held his gaze, her mesmerizing emerald green eyes shining luminously under the bright light. She smirked at him and turned around slowly, giving him a full view of her bubble ass. Landon scoffed lightly and downed the rest of the shitty drink in his plastic cup. He started to stand but noticed a predatory move on his prize. He felt his scales harden in possessive anger as he watched sly looking fox walking towards her, staggering drunkenly on its paws.
Landon bared his teeth, unconsciously drawing his claw. He’d kill for the vixen if it was all it took to have her.
Gina downed her second shot of the shitty alcohol that the barman kept serving her. She rolled her eyes and stretched her red plastic cup to the simpering bartender. He seemed young, a typical frat boy with his colorful pant and lousy sense of control. He’s been ogling her boobs all night. That’s not new… She was used to all the attention, bored even.
She wished he served something stronger, though. She needed strong booze to get her blood pulsing in her veins. She hated coming to these frat parties, but for some reason, she always ended up agreeing to come with her friends. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s the only place where several hot anthro species are all packed in the same room. She could ogle muscles and strong limbs to her satisfaction_ and maybe fuck a jock or two.
For instance, the green muscular lizard that’s had his eyes on her all night. She’d felt the intensity of his gaze the moment she entered the room. Gina studied him from under her lids, making sure to avoid his eyes.
He’s strangely big for a lizard. As for his features… It’s a strange combination of several unappealing features that made him look somewhat appealing. Gina couldn’t deny the magnetism of his bold dark eyes, though. She felt her blood stir in excitement as she took another sip of the weird concoction that wolf guy had passed to her this time.
Maybe it wouldn’t be such a tasteless night, after all… Gina thought inwardly, leaving her gaze to linger on him this time…
Her throat went dry as she watched him cup his palm around his huge dick. He’s audacious enough to do without pants. His fat balls dangled heavily between his thick scaly thighs. Gina felt her fingers twitch in anticipation to hold his balls in her paws and squeeze until he shrieked with pleasure. Her eyes snapped up to his and he held her prisoner with his eyes. His wide mouth pulled up in a wicked smirk as he redirected her gaze to his dick. He’s seated all the way across the room, but Gina could feel the heat of his touch crawling up her skin, and teasing her muff. She pressed her legs together as moisture pulled up in her pussy.
“Sup, bitch!”
Gina snapped her head towards the obnoxious voice beside her. She watched impassively as a gaunt-looking fox slipped onto the seat beside her. He had a lewd smile on his vicious face as he ran his hungry gaze all over her.
“I’m Dylan,” the Fox guy introduced. “You up for a fuck. I’ll touch you up real good, girl.”
“Thanks but no, thanks,” Gina replied in a flat tone without sparing another glance at Dylan. She wished he would leave already. He had a rancid smell like someone had thrown up all over him.
“What do you think you are, bitch?” Dylan spat in a drunken sputter. “You definitely need a good fuck to lower your hackles.”
“Fuck off, David,” Gina said, down the rest of her drink with a frustrated sigh.
“It’s Dylan you cunt,” Dylan replies, baring his canine at her.
Gina growled a surprisingly intimidating sound that made him chuckle nervously. “Fuck off anyway,” Gina snarled, gekkering aggressively.
“You’re upsetting the lady,” came a gruff voice from behind. Gina turned her head to find the green lizard from earlier. He looked more intimidating from up close.
Dylan staggered out of his seat, trying to take an intimidating posture in front of the large lizard guy. “It’s no business of yours, bro,” Dylan said. “Move on.”
“I wouldn’t hesitate to beat the shit out of you if the lady permits,” the Lizard guy said in a calm voice.
“A lizard’s no match for a fox,” Dylan said with a snort, pushing out his chest aggressively.
“Except you’re forgetting that this lizard could kill you with just a mere swipe of his tail,” Landon said. He grabbed Dylan by the collar and raised him to his eye level. “Scrap now, foxy”
“Hands off, bro,” Dylan said, raising his hands in surrender. He glanced at Gina who was calmly watching the whole interlude while sipping her drink, and back at a snarling Landon with a nervous laugh. “She’s all yours.”
Gina watched the fox saunter away and turned to face the lizard guy with a small smile. “It’s all yours if you wanna,” she said, gesturing to the seat that Dylan has vacated earlier.
“Thanks, shawty,” he replied, sliding onto the empty seat right next to her. “Sorry, you had to see that… It sometimes gets rowdy around here.”
“I had that in control,” Gina replied with a small shrug, deliberately running her gaze down his muscular chest in a slow seductive sweep. “But thanks, anyway. I’m Gina, you?”
“Landon,” he replied with a smirk. “You’ve got pretty tits, Gina. I wanna fuck them with my dick.”
Gina snorted. “You’re sure you can handle these babies? You’re just a green lizard.”
“Not an ordinary lizard,” Landon replied, trailing the tip of his tail over the exposed flesh of her breast. “I can make you cum with just my tail.”
“What species are you?” Gina asked, tilting her head curiously.
“An iguana,” Landon replied. He delved his tail into the neckline of her top and teased her nipple with his tip.
Gina closed her eyes briefly with a soft moan. “You’re still a lizard, though,” she muttered, her voice clogged with desire. “You’re bold, though… And you’ve got pretty impressive balls.”
“So…” Landon drawled. “You don’t mind me ramming my dick into every hole in your body, do you? I wanna fuck you till you pop.”
Gina laughed. “Aren’t you asking for too much? Your balls are pretty impressive, but you sure you’ve got enough load in there?”
Landon snorted loudly. “Of course, I’ve got loads of cum to spill… Enough to make you pop. I got hard just watching you… You’re fucking sexy. Look at those tits… They are aching hard for me. Imagine running my wet tongue over those aching buds. I can get you screaming in no time, shawty. I can show you a pretty good time before the pop, too.”
“A pop is one hell of a way to die,” Gina replied, shrugging lightly. “You’ve gotta convince me.”
“How, shawty?” Landon asked, leaning forward eagerly.
“Make me cum with your scaly finger,” Gina replied in a husky tone. “Finger fuck me till I lose my senses.”
Landon’s brows shot up. His wide mouth pulled up in a wicked grin. “Right here?” he asked, looking around the room full of people.
“Right now,” Gina replied with a challenging smile. “You can’t?”
Landon’s shot her a pleased smirk. He leaned forward until his mouth was at her ear. “At your service, shawty…”


Chapter 2

Landon pulled her chair jerkily close, enjoying the way her massive boobs bounced from the impact. He splayed his hands on each of her fat thighs, spreading them apart until her leather skirt bunched uselessly at her waist.
“Hold on tight, honey,” Landon said, parting the lips of her hairy pussy with his fingers. “it’s gonna be a hard drive.”
Gina braced an arm on the tabletop, enjoying the jolting sensation that swept through her. She turned her head to wink lightly at the staring bartender. “Seems like things are about to get a little freaky, love. Enjoy the show.”
The bartender swallowed hard and reluctantly turned away to serve someone else. Landon teased her clitoris with his index finger, holding her gaze with a roughish smile. “Do you remember my name, shawty?”
“What’s it to you?” Gina asked, throwing her head back with a soft whine of pleasure.
“You’ve got to call it right at the crux of passion,” Landon replied, pressing down hard on her clitoris with his thumb. He rubbed the aching bud in rough circular motions. “Call my name, shawty…” He commanded in a deep voice.
“Landon…” Gina said with a throaty moan, arching deeply into his touch. Her pussy throbbed as she stared greedily at his long dick.
“That’s right, shawty,” Landon drawled. “Just like that.”
He slipped a finger into her pussy. Gina snapped her eyes closed, clenching tightly around his finger. She let out a loud moan, overwhelmed by an overload of raw lust. Landon added another finger, fucking her in slow rhythmic strokes while caressing her clitoris with his thumb. Gina grabbed hard onto the edge of the table as pressure built heavily in her core. She grabbed her aching boobs with her other hand, squeezing hard to intensify her pleasure.
“You’ve got a nice cunt,” Landon said, increasing his pace. He thrust three fingers into her in rough jerky movements while rubbing lightly on her clitoris. “You’re so fucking wet.”
He leaned forward and buried his head in her cleavage, his fingers moving inside of her. Hard and fast. He swiped his tongue over her cleavage, up her neck to her ear, his fingers relentlessly thrusting into her pussy.
“Come on, Gina,” Landon whispered against her ear. “Come for me, shawty. Now!”
Gina screamed, rippling violently around his fingers. “Fuck, Landon!’ Her body jerked forward, tilting unsteadily on the tiny stool.
“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Gina screamed, squirting heavily. She scratched hard at the wooden tabletop, overwhelmed by the throes of her orgasm.
Landon waited until the last wave of orgasm rippled through her body before he withdrew his fingers. His fingers were heavily coated in her cum. Landon raised his wet fingers to his mouth, slowly rolling his tongue around them. He held her gaze as he lapped up her cum from his fingers.
“You’re so fucking sweet,” Landon murmured, rolling his tongue around his mouth to savor her taste. “I can’t wait to eat your pussy and suck in more of your juicy cum.”
“You’re not bad for a lizard,” Gina said, breathing heavily from the exertion of her rocky climax.
Landon laughed. “You dare underestimate my prowess? I got you squirting with my fucking fingers. Now, I’ve got loads of cum to shoot in you. What do you say?”
“I don’t know…” Gina drawled, her mouth pulling up in a hesitant smile.
“Aww, come on,” Landon pressed, punching her hard nipples through the soft material of her clothing. “You look pretty convinced, shawty… Look at how ready you are to be fucked into oblivion.”
Gina laughed. “Hell, yeah… I’m ready for the big blast.”
Landon’s face broke out into a big smile. “I know just the perfect place,” he said holding out his hand to her. “Come on, shawty.”
Landon closed the door after himself, firmly locking the bolt in place. Gina looked around the room he’d brought her to, her blood boiling up in a fresh wave of excitement. It’s a large room with heavy dark-toned curtains that made the room look cozy despite its size. One part of the wall is covered in a large full-length mirror. There was a long dark mahogany table in the middle of the room, and on the table was an assortment of kinky sex toys ranging from cuffs to whips and vibrators. Hanging from the ceiling are strongly knotted hang ropes in hangman style.
“Where on earth is this in a frat house?” Gina asked with a short laugh, returning her gaze to Landon.
Landon laughed along. “The big boys call it the dark room,” he replied. “It’s the perfect place to get popped.
“I love it,” Gina drawled, turning to admire herself in the mirror.
Landon came to stand behind her. He leaned into her, nuzzling his large head on her shoulder. His slimy tongue slides out to run along the ridges of her ear. “Strip,” he murmured huskily. “I want to see every inch of that sexy body.”
“Make me,” Gina replied, rubbing her ass teasingly over his rigid erection.
Landon chuckled softly, holding her gaze meaningfully in the mirror. In one swift movement of his index finger the front of her top. Her boobs popped out into his waiting palm. Landon kneaded the soft fleshy mounds in a slow massage, teasing her aching nipples between his thumbs and index fingers.
Gina moaned softly and arched her neck, pushing further into his palm. “I want your mouth on my tits, Lizard boy… I wank to feel your slimy wet tongue around my nipples.”
“As you wish, shawty,” Landon replied, turning her around to face him. He ran his mouth down the curve of her neck to her shoulder. He plopped her right breast with his one hand and lowered his mouth down to the aching nipple, rolling his tongue around the stone-hard bud. Gina wove her hands into his hair and pushed herself further into his mouth. Land massaged the other breast in his other hand, pressing down hard on her nipple.
“Fuck, yeah…” Gina moaned, gritting her teeth as his teeth grazed her flesh sending waves of pleasure to every nerve endings in her body.
Landon his mouth to the other breast, suckling hard until Gina screamed his name over and over again. “Fuck… I want your dick in my mouth. Now.”
“I aim to please,” Landon replied with a snort. “I can imagine coming inside your pretty mouth but I’d rather be fucking your cunt till you pop.”
Gina slowly went on her knees in front of him. She ran her hands slowly up his thick thighs, up to his ass cheeks. She squeezed his bony ass and smiled up, coyly at him. “You’ve got a scaly behind.”
“Oh, get on with it, foxy,” Landon really with an impatient snort. “My dick is pulsing to be in your mouth.”
Gina cupped his huge ball in one palm and ran her other hand along the rigid length of his long cock. She leaned forward and took him in her mouth. Landon let a deep, almost tormented moan as the heat of her mouth surrounded him. Gina bopped her head against his length, teasing his tip and ridges with her tongue. She took him in deeper, pumping hard on his dick until he couldn’t take it anymore. Landon pulled out jerkily and closed his eyes tightly against the aching pleasure coursing through him.
“Come on, shawty,” Landon said, helping Gina to her feet. “The real game is just about to begin. I’m about to make your last sex fucking memorable.”
“I’m counting on that, lizard boy,” Gina replied with a sweet smile. “I want to have so much of your cum that it becomes the only thing left of me.”
Landon led her to the table in the room and made her lie down on the hard surface. He hooked his fingers on the band of her skirt and pulled the leather material until it slid to her ankles. Gina shrugged the piece of clothing away. Now she was left with nothing but her strappy red stilettos.
“I want the shoes on,” Landon said, avidly raking his eyes all over her body. “You’re fucking sexy, shawty. God, I want to fuck your tits so bad.”
Gina raised her body, supporting herself on her forearms. “What’s stopping you, lizard boy?”
“Before that, I want to drink from your pussy,” Landon replied, splaying his hands on each of her thighs. “I want to fuck you with my tongue and lap up every drop of your cum.”
“You’re greedy, boy,” Gina said with a soft laugh. “I love it.”
“Spread your legs for me, shawty,” Landon commanded softly.
Gina obeyed wordlessly. She bunched her knees on the table and spread them wide to his roving eyes.
“Your pussy is still so raw from being fucked by my fingers earlier,” Landon said with a pleased grin, lazily jerking his dick. Still running a hand up and down his erection in fast steady strokes, Landon ran his other hand up her left thigh. He slipped a finger into her cunt in one slow stroke that had her squirming in pleasure. He jerked his dick to the rhythm of his finger strokes in her pussy. Landon kept going until their combined moans filled the large room, bouncing off the walls in erotic echoes. Landon drove them both to the brink until his dick had swollen to an unimaginable size.
He withdrew his finger and replaced it with his mouth. He hungrily lapped up the moisture at the entrance of her pussy. “Hmmm… Juicy. You’re so sweet, shawty,” Landon murmured, running his tongue over her clitoris in slow leisurely licks. “Just as I thought…”
“Fuck, yeah…” Gina moaned, raising her hips to push further into his mouth. Landon suddenly drove his tongue into her, making her almost bulk off the table from the wave of pleasure. Her inner muscles clenched around his tongue.
“Please… Please…” Gina sobbed.
“What are you begging for, shawty?” Landon asked, replacing his mouth with his fingers again. His fingers plunged into her in fast and furious strokes while his tongue teased her clitoris.
“Fuck, Landon!” Gina screamed. “Fuck! Fuck me… I want you to fuck me! Put your fucking cock inside of me and fuck me till I… Fuck!”
Landon rammed his dick deep into her pussy. The unexpected penetration ripped out a strangled cry from Gina’s throat. Her muscles contracted and stretched, accepting all of his long hard lengths. Gina felt full and dizzy with pleasure. Landon slightly withdrew and eased back into her in a teasingly slow stroke.
“More, please,” Gina sobbed, desperately raising her hips to meet his strokes. “Fuck me hard. Faster… ”
Landon’s huge mouth pulled up in a pleased smirk. His eyes darkened with satisfaction. He firmly placed his hands on her thighs to hold her in place and with one powerful thrust of his hips, he slammed deep into her. The table rattled from the impact of his thrust. Landon threw his head back, teeth gritted in agony as he kept slamming his dick into her pussy in mindless, almost punishing thrusts.
His muscles strained powerfully as he bent his body over hers to brace his hands on either side of her head. He increased the pace of his strokes, driving himself deeper into her in hard merciless plunges. Gina writhed beneath him, overwhelmed by the current rippling through her entire body. She sank her teeth into the rough flesh of his neck as a violent climax tore through her. She bucked violently beneath him, but he kept thrusting into her, fucking her through her orgasms. A harsh groan escaped Landon’s throat when she wrapped her arms around him and raked her fingers down his back, drawing blood.
“Yeah, take my blood, shawty,” Landon moaned, his voice caught in between pleasure and pain. His dick grew bigger in her, the pressure of his building semen almost overwhelming. “Have all of me,” he groaned, slamming deeper and growing bigger. Gina raked her fingers down to his ass. She spanked his ass cheeks and squeezed hard, raising her hips to meet his unrelenting thrusts. She could feel him getting closer to the edge. Her heart raced in excitement at the thought of the inflation to come.
“Come for me, lizard boy,” Gina said to him. “You’ve held on for too long.”
“Oh fuck!” Landon said in an animalistic growl. He swiftly turned her so that she was on all fours on the table, her back to him.
Gina watched the image of herself in the mirror, enjoying the view of Landon ramming his dick into her pussy from behind. His green scales glowed brightly and his muscles were tautly stretched from the effort of holding back his release.
“Look at yourself when I shoot my cum into you,” Landon commanded, going even faster. “Fuck! I’m almost… Fuck! Fuck!”
Landon stilled, his body overcame by a violent spasm as his seeds shot into her in a hard powerful flush. Gina grabbed onto the edge of the table as his cum continued to push into her, slowly filling her up.
Gina watched herself in the mirror, beyond turned on as her belly grew bigger and bigger. His cum kept filling her up, distributing evenly around her whole body. Her breasts grew as big as large melons. Landon kept pulsing into her, seeming to grow smaller as she inflated to an impossible size.
“Yeah, shawty… Take some more!” Landon screamed with another powerful thrust. Another fresh wave of cum flushes into her body. At this point, Gina looked like an overstressed balloon, with her stomach protruding beyond the edges of the table. “Yes, baby! We’re almost there!”
Gina grew even bigger. And bigger, pressing down on Landon with her new weight. Her eyes grew wild as she watched the transformation in the mirror before her. Her skin stretched tautly in revolt. “Oh fuck!” Gina mouthed at the last moment.
And pop! She exploded in a splash of pulsing thick cum. The thick liquid splashed all over the table and walls of the room. Landon swiped his tongue out to catch the slimy discharge on his face. The slimy discharge dripped down the legs of the table and pooled on the ground, spreading slowly across the room.
All that was left of Gina were the sparkling red strands of her muff and a large pool of cum.

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