Pop goes Gina – Popped by the Pig

A furry named Gina meets a playful yet assertive pig named Luke at a college party. Gina decides that she wants to be popped in a blaze of cum glory. This is a consensual encounter in a casual popping world.


Linbrooke University was known for its bitching parties.
For the Groverton Fraternity, this was no exception. Loud and wild, music and alcohol swam about the thick air, and it was indeed thick. Sweat and musk, weed and tobacco, some mist from electronic cigarettes too, it was clouding the world inside the frat house.
In the common room, a few wolves and pigs played video games while groups of lizards, bears, horses, and others watched.
Those labels were more of a racial thing. These were truly bipedal people with a variety of shapes and sizes. One woman, who was nursing a beer and chatting to her friend by a window, stood tall on two legs with no shoes. Her clawed feet wouldn’t fit into shoes. Her high-waisted denim shorts had a typical slit in the back so that her long and fluffy red tail could be free to move with her mood. While most of her shiny fur was white, that tail stood out, just like the red mass of hair on top of her sweet, almost kitten-like face.
She was a bit taller than her friend, maybe five feet and eight inches, but that might not have been too much to boast about. Her friend was a mouse of a person, quite literally. The poor darling was around four feet and eight inches tall, which only enhanced that cat’s looks.
Or that was how Luke viewed it.
He liked how her delicate, black nose flexed as it took in all the scents around her. He liked how that red hair of hers was so neatly put in a clever braid of four strands, especially since it was literally red and not some coppery or orange-like tone. He even liked her name. Gina. Not Tina or Trina or some other name he happened to think was silly. Gina was just nice enough without being pretentious.
Her short T-shirt was pink with a fun cartoon character in the center, with the nipples of her huge breasts peeking through without a bra to hide them. A single hair elastic was on her wrist, likely a spare in case her braid ever fell apart. A tiny stud of silver was pierced into one of her triangular ears. Her overall appearance was simple and casual, but perhaps almost elegant. Nothing else was needed. Gaudy stuff was clearly not something this mink woman liked.
Luke had to approach. The happiest little grunts and mumbles escaped his lips as he marched his way over to the mink and, quite boldly, he looked up at her and asked if she wanted to go to one of the bedrooms with him. He even pointed his clawed thumb up towards the staircase. His voice was guttural and abrasive, but not unintelligent. Pigs tended to be very clever creatures. Any random little oink or groan was only another method of communication, even personal expression.
Those piercing green eyes, like cut-outs of perfect summer leaves, pointed down at his pink face with a hint of curiosity. They even glided around the occasional gray and brown splotches in his skin. Her dark lips stretched out into a smile that revealed the nicest set of fangs, and she purred out, “Rrrrrude. So rude.” Her free hand made a light sweeping gesture towards him. “Don’t interrupt people’s conversations like that. Shoo! Rrrrright now!”
The little mouse woman tittered into her palms.
His curled tail wiggling a bit, Luke only shrugged and said, “That’s fair.” Then he walked off, looking for his own beer.
The mouse woman squeaked up to Gina, “A literal pig, you can’t expect much from him.” Then, suddenly, her eyes softened, and so did her speech. “But … if you want to … well … go on … go on in a pop, then you should have a pig if that’s what you want.”
Gina reared back in a laugh as if she had no choice but to do so. Then she took another sip of her drink … and her voice became hushed as she went on with more gossip and other casual talks.
Luke kept his eye on her, and so he knew she’d kept the hushed tone for quite some time.
Now Luke wasn’t a fat, useless pig, accustomed to nothing but trash for food and lounging in a mud bath all day. No! He only used mud as sunscreen, as most pigs did. He bathed too, so he typically smelled like his favorite shampoo, and he wouldn’t be caught dead looking broke and dirty. He was also very athletic, a muscular fellow wearing a blue football team jacket with brand-new jeans. He wasn’t even a stereotypical pink. He was more of a dusty rose kind of pink with spots and patches of other colors. His dark eyes were glossy. His teeth did have a slight under-bite with the incisors, and there were some little tusks, but those teeth were very clean. His snout was long, and his ears were cheerful. Like Gina, he had no shoes, only bare feet with pointed, clawed toes. His spiral tail poked through a hole.
He had the best protein and the greatest confidence. The only thing bigger than his self-image was his balls, really. He was used to getting all sorts of darlings. He knew he’d get Gina purring, yowling, and growing over him soon. All he had to do was wait for her to move into her own wants, but it would be fine if he gave her a few nudges every now and then.
A few minutes went on. Gina took a turn with the gamepad, sitting on a sofa and playing with others. Luke moved in close, letting his index finger graze one of her shoulders, right through her T-shirt. Then he bent down to whisper in her ear, “You know you want to pop.”
The tremble she made was enough to put a flash of heat in Luke’s body, especially since her chest shook too. When her character on the screen nearly died, Gina growled and kicked the air a bit. The others around her only laughed.
When Gina had to use the bathroom some minutes later, Luke waited in the hall for her. Once she was out she noticed him and put a hand on her hip, her eyebrows lowering and her lips snarling. Playfully, Luke stuck his tongue out at her, but then his toes clicked on the hardwood floor as he quickly marched. Then his hands were on her hips and the soft end of his flexing snout pressed up to her shoulder.
Luke was a bit shorter than Gina, but that didn’t stop him from feeling the heat through her T-shirt’s cotton sleeve with his skin, sniffing up her natural scents. Gina should have retreated from him, or pushed him away, or even decked him.
The funny thing, is she didn’t. Her hair rose like she was angry and scared. She gave a light, warning growl. Her hands at her sides bent and curled, the fingers making shaking fists.
But she didn’t stop him.
Luke used his words to push her a little.
“You’ll grow and grow. You’ll fill up with my cum.”
His voice was oozing into her shirt, to her fur, hopefully to her skin too.
Her breath drifted down to the top of Luke’s bare head. He preferred to shave that. Long hair was too fussy for him.
“Luke … can you really … ?”
Her voice was like butter on a fried tortilla. Tasty, warm, and full of flavor. But there was an obvious question there.
“You’ll be a pretty ball of cum.” His lips placed a tiny kiss on her arm. Her fur’s scent lingered on his lips when he finally pulled away from her. “I’ll fuck you so hard you’ll be nothing but white.” Before he truly left, he said, “You’ll paint the walls.”
But he did linger, hiding at a doorway and peeking to see her delayed reaction. Gina’s head shook rapidly like she’d been wet. Then she hugged herself and shook. Then she laughed. Her arms loosened. One of her hands went to her cheek, and she laughed for a good while. Then, once she was herself again, Gina muttered something like, “Silly little piggy.”
To himself, Luke grinned.
After that incident, there was another. Gina had finished a game of beer pong, and she took a victorious march around the room. Then she left the place. Maybe she wanted something to eat? Whatever the reason was didn’t matter.
Luke caught her in the hallway, and he took another bold action. Looking up at her surprised face, he took her wrist. A kiss was planted on the dark padding on her palm. Then a quick stroke of his tongue on her hand’s heel as he moved away, slowly letting his fingers release and graze their way off.
Just after his touch had left her, he spoke like his words were a calling card, “Don’t lie to yourself, Minky. You know you’re the type.”
That had Gina freeze in place for approximately four seconds.
There was even another incident.
Later on, Gina practiced a round of air guitar with someone when a guitar solo was blaring through the speakers scattered around the house. Right after it was done, Luke tossed a crumpled ball of notebook paper at her head, where it bounced and made her roll her pretty eyes.
However, she did laugh as she bent over to pick the ball up, and she snorted as she put it in a waste basket. And when she got up to look at Luke’s smart-ass face, her black nose was shifting and wriggling. Her eyes were even brighter too.
He had her.
After a quick trip to the bathroom, Gina paused in the hallway. She looked from one way to the next, as if she’d wondered if a certain person was waiting for her. When that person wasn’t found, she looked into a random bedroom. Her tail turned straight and attentive, but she closed the door and chose not to disturb what was about to happen in there. She might not have been noticed, or the people in there might not have cared. Not even a few seconds passed before loud and obviously sexual noises were coming out. They were only slightly muffled by the door.
With her hands behind her back, Gina paced up and down the hallway. The dark padding on her thumb was nervously caressed by her other thumb and a finger, like bothering a worry stone.
But, it happened! Luke walked out of a room at the end of the hallway and stood there, waiting with a grin. Gina was looking down when she marched down his way, and when she saw his clawed toes, she hopped back and screeched. Instinct had her claws extending. Some seconds needed to be wasted for her to calm down. With her hand on her heart, her dark claws pulling back, Gina panted as she took in Luke’s patient but triumphant face. His soft snout was twitching. His pointed ears were listening to every breath she made.
Finding herself again, Gina’s posture improved, her chest jutting out even more. Then she tilted her nose up, turning her face away, and she told the pig quite curtly, “I might need your help.”
An eyebrow-raising, Luke crossed his arms. “With what?”
Her tail swishing back and forth, Gina sighed. She looked back down at Luke and said, “I want to go.”
Both eyebrows raised, but he smiled. “You want to go?”
She was soon crossing her arms too, pushing her breasts up a bit. “Yeah, I want to go. Can you do it or not?” Those last few words turned into a whine.
“I can,” Luke said with a shrug, “but can you?”
Gina chose that moment to bend forward, putting her spicy scent closer to his snout, and she let her breasts tap his shoulder as her claws lightly skated down his cheek. There was barely enough pressure to be felt. “Perrrrrrhaps … with the right timing.” She then flicked one of his ears and took a step and even a twirl back, girlish and cute. “You’ll have to treat me right.”
First, there was a coughing sort of snort. Second, a grin crept out, and Luke told her, “I’ll see what I can do.”
He led her to the room he’d been preparing, not that much preparation was needed. There was a bed. It was clean enough.
Luke thought he might try to loosen her up with sweet talk. He held her hand for a while, sitting next to her on the edge of the mattress. “Pretty Mink, Pretty Thing. You’ll be alright. I got you right here.” He played around with her impatiently tapping and rolling their tail, gripping one of her thighs and scratching through the fur to give her a nice feeling. It wasn’t difficult to try.
There wasn’t much success, though. Gina pushed herself away at one point, and she even pouted. “I … I don’t feel like I’m being seduced.”
Not even a crack formed in Luke’s resolve. He changed strategies faster than a cheetah’s starting speed. He slid his hand up her thigh and pressed more, right over the crotch, warmed by the growing heat. Gina gasped, put a hand to her mouth, and looked away as if she hadn’t flat-out told him what she’d wanted before as if she was reluctant to do anything more. But, her legs opened a little, and her eyes softened.
When his other hand slid up her waist, and then right to her breast, Gina’s fur seemed to puff out and her tail frizzled. But after a few gentle strokes over the shirt, onto the puckering nipple, Her body slowly melted.
Then she wasn’t so melted.
She was on him.
Sloppy, she was running her raspy tongue on his cheek and occasionally nuzzling his lips like she wanted him to open up and lick her too. So he did. His slick tongue felt the rough fur, leaving wet streaks behind. Then they held each other, rubbing each other in all the spots they could reach. He felt her thick backside and squeezed it too. She held onto him, lightly scratching at his jeans. She even pressed a few fingers into his back pockets.
Eventually, Gina pushed herself away again, but only long enough to pull her shirt over her head. Her nipples were large and black, pointing out from a set of heavy, snow-white breasts. Luke helped her with her shorts. He almost had to, since they were so tight on her round ass, and her excited tail wasn’t helping matters. The only thing that was left after that was a purple lacy thong, and that didn’t last long at all.
Once Gina was bare, her pretty red pubic hair standing out like a flower petal that had fallen against a backdrop of snow, she chose to kneel down with a playful sparkle in her eyes. Luke had been willing to grab her wide hips and plant her darling red muff right on his mouth, but this was a turn of events he was pleased with.
Licking her own lips, Gina pulled the zipper at Luke’s crotch down. Then she opened the jeans, took the briefs with them under her thumbs, and pulled everything down to Luke’s pink knees. Blood had already filled up quite a bit of his cock, fat and hot, but he wasn’t fully hard yet. He was like Gina, he supposed. He needed some sugar to sweeten the pot.
Almost hungrily, Gina put her mouth over his cock. The heat shot from his cock’s head to his heavy balls, and then all the way to his spine. The back of his throat was the last destination. His toes flexed and his eyes rolled around a little as Gina slid her mouth up and down. Her tongue seemed to dance, and that had Luke groaning and chanting her name, sometimes blending the two actions.
One of her hands slithered down to pet and fondle Luke’s testicles. They were quite fuzzy and big, and Gina held them carefully. She only put in just the right about of pressure. It felt like electricity was spreading out from that spot.
“Gina! Fuck!”
A new little oink came from him, almost a squeal.
It just went on. And on! Such a good kitty! But it needed to end. She couldn’t go if this didn’t end, and she wanted to go.
He took her braid in his hand, even wrapping it once, and his husky voice tumbled down to her, “Don’t rush me. Come on.” He used his other hand to crook an index finger at her panting face. “You need your turn before you go.”
Gina batted her long eyelashes and put her hand over the one holding her hair. “Then let go of my hair.”
He did, and Gina flipped her now disheveled braid over her shoulder. Then she climbed up onto his lap, her legs bent around him. She leaned into him, pressing her breasts into him. His mouth was covered in fur and heat.
If he could’ve gotten any harder, he might be the one to go.
The absolute madwoman rocked her hips into him, grinding on his bare erection. “It’s my turn,” Gina said, “I’ll do what I want.”
Gritting his teeth, Luke sunk his fingers into the fur on her hip. “Well, I didn’t get to do what I wanted.”
Gina stuck her tongue out at him. Then she said, “I don’t see the problem.”
Well, Luke did. She put his other hand on the corresponding hip and picked her right up. Then he rolled with her, pinning her on her back on the bed. Gina kicked a bit, but with a sigh, she seemed to give up in a moment. One of her feet only curled against a thigh of his.
It was quiet for a few seconds as Luke took in the glorious sight of her. Heaving and thrilled, nude and brilliant, truly put in heat. Through one of the walls, he heard a different couple’s own noises. They were banging, literally banging. Knocking noises against the wall, with growls and screeches. Gina’s cute ears twitched and flexed as she too heard them. Her breath hurried, her chest following her movements, the air between them thickening even more.
Luke leaned in just enough to flick his tongue on the tip of her black nose.
Gina blinked and froze. She was pure surprise for a bit. Then her features twisted, and she started laughing. Luke laughed too. Why not enjoy the moment? He leaned in and their noses touched. Then they both laughed again.
And they kissed, and licked some more too.
Then Luke nuzzled his way down her body, dusting a few kisses here and there. Luke knelt down on the floor then, his knees cushioned by a seemingly random bundle of T-shirts and jeans. Soon, he had the headiest scent in the world, a soft muff right to his snout and mouth. He heard something like a cry, but he ignored it, focusing on the spot of wetness forming. He thought he should add to it, licking past the fur and to the slick slit, reaching as far as his tongue could go.
“Agh! Yaaahhhh!”
He didn’t even worry about it. Those noises only signaled that he was closer to the goal.
She tasted every bit as intense as he’d hoped. Dense, fresh mucus and sweat, seeped into her fur and his mind. The fleshy cave inside was tasty, almost a drug, but he knew he had to leave it soon enough. There would be a time to return. Luke wasn’t too concerned. Instead, he focused on the needy little clitoris that poked out. Suckling, prodding, even very gentle nibbling.
Of course, Gina howled almost like a wolf, but after a few minutes, she was purring and writhing. She might be the one that was actually high. Luke was proud of that. No true drugs were required.
One of his hands caressed up and down her thigh. The other slid over to the opening so he could press a middle finger inside. He had to be careful. He’d filed down the points of his claws before, but there was still the worry of something happening.
Just because you wanted to go didn’t mean you should suffer for it.
Some moments on, he found just the right spot of ridges to press and tap. That had her tunnel spasming and her legs flailing. Poor Gina was screaming out every curse word she likely knew, and maybe a few foreign ones. Those French and Mandarin classes were useful for once.
Luke decided to let her go through her orgasm as far as she could, maybe give her another one or two. Why not? It was pretty fun. She was a wild beauty. It was difficult to hold her down at times. He almost didn’t believe that she wanted to go. There was so much life in her.
When she seemed to finally try to calm herself down, Luke sped up again, more and more suckling, no mercy at all. She hissed like a snake, her tail furiously moving from one way to the next as if it was panicking. At one point that tail seemed to beat Luke over his head, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. He wasn’t even annoyed.
Another one, Gina was scratching holes in the bed sheets. Not to worry, this was her time, after all. Luke slowed down. Then he took a moment to kiss her clitoris while only lightly moving his finger in and out of her.
Her voice was faint.
“Hey? Are … you?”
Whatever she was trying to say didn’t matter. Luke put one more bout of effort in, furiously clinging to her clitoris with his lips, sinking two fingers into her channel and spreading her as open as he could. She yowled again, shaking so much she almost fell off the bed and onto him. The mattress was creaking.
And she was done, nearly passed out.
Finally, Luke was satisfied, and he withdrew, wiping his mouth and snouting with his sleeve.
He got up and sat back down beside Gina. He played with the end of her braid as he waited for her strength to come back, listening to the neighbors continue with their banging, although he wondered if that was still the same couple. He hadn’t exactly been paying much attention to them.
He wasn’t sure how much time had been paid, but he didn’t do anything to rush Gina. He only remained there, wondering if she might need a cup of water. Once he finally thought it was worth it to pull his pants up and get a cup, Gina got her strength back. She pushed herself to a sitting position, beginning to purr again.
Luke didn’t have to pull his pants up after all.
It didn’t matter that she was the cat and he was the pig. He was the one who pounced, and she was the one who yelped in surprise. Still, she willingly wrapped her legs around him, and she gripped his cock to guide it right into her moist opening.
So, it began. The clenching on his great stalk, the pounding of his balls on her ass, the building of pleasure clouding Luke’s brain. There was pressure in his legs and feet, for he was holding himself up and thrusting deep. A workout all on its own, but one of the most divine. What could be holier than fulfilling a lost soul’s wish, after all?
Luke was drooling, splattering all over the cat under him. That was fine. Gina didn’t seem to notice, and she was drooling too. With the mucus, pre-cum, sweat, and drool combined, everything was getting sticky and smelly. Nobody was in the mood to care. All there was, was a pleasure.
Yet, after a few more minutes, Gina perked up, gripped his shoulder, and hollered out, “Get me on top!!”
Luke let her flip the situation and their positions. She was soon bouncing on top of him, sliding her pussy up and down his cock. It was a fantastic view, setting his heart to an even quicker pace than it had before. Her cunt looked like it was barely holding his cock in, and her breasts were slapping against her ribcage.
With her feet and thighs guiding her, smacking against Luke’s thighs and belly, Gina huffed and puffed and became the reason why the bed was being rammed into the wall with excellent rhythm. The claws on her feet were digging into the mattress. Her braid was swinging back and forth. Her tail was jittery. Her belly flexed with her pussy’s spasming and the swelling. The way his cock filled her up contributed too. Luke almost thought she looked a little pregnant, but that might have something to do with how her spine curved.
A beauty in perfect heat.
Her tongue rolled out, her eyes glazing over, Gina was almost a machine. Luke was kind of the same. He couldn’t even feel his feet. His thoughts were blurred and smoky like watercolors.
There were a few random things coming from Gina’s mouth. “Shit! Can’t! Fuck! Fuck me! Make me pop! I need to go! GO!!” These sorts of things were mixed in with whines, yips, and growls. She might have even bitten her tongue, by accident of course, for at one point she made a short yelp and slurped her tongue back in her head. But she didn’t even stop fucking him. She only went on and on.
When she was close to cumming, right when she was beginning to tense up, Luke took her hips and held her up, right where she was just covering his cock’s head. It had both of them panting and struggling, and Gina spat out, “What the fuck are you doing?!”
He only wanted to play a bit.
Just a moment more.
He watched the veins in his erection pulse.
Then he slammed her down on top of him, forcing a startled yell out of her throat. Soon, her head was thrown back, her mouth opens wide, and she was shrieking as if in pain, although it was clearly the opposite.
Luke felt it, the fireworks, the irregular movements, the random jolts of lava. His balls swelled. He felt the pressure in them, making them more sensitive. He took each of her buttocks in his hands, spreading her cheeks and letting the air kiss her anus. He was working her body for her, taking some of the strain away.
That wasn’t Gina.
Luke was cumming, shooting, going on and on, bouncing her whether she liked it or not, although he would’ve hoped she liked it.
Not much cum at all was leaking out, in fact …
First, Gina’s belly swelled. Luke felt the extra weight slapping onto his belly. It hurt a little, but he also loved it. She looked amazingly pregnant, perhaps with several little kittens. Then, her ass filled out so much that Luke could no longer hold it. He certainly tried, but there was far too much hairy flesh stretching out, taking up far too much space for his fingers to cover. He couldn’t even move his thighs. He was truly stuck there. It didn’t matter, though. Gina wasn’t falling off anytime soon. Her eyes had rolled back into her head. Her mouth was wide open but silent. Her throat filled in, then her cheeks, the flesh even made slight creaking noise, not too dissimilar to the leather being crinkled and then pulled tautly.
Her arms seemed to grow, not lengthen, but expand. Then her legs were lumpy at first but soon they were as soft as large pillows. Even her breasts, as large as they were, were soon engorged. They looked to be the heaviest, most sagging, noisiest breasts in the world, no longer at any size heard of for a normal body. There were terribly wet and thick noises with each bounce. The fur did nothing to smother the noise, for it was coated in sweat and saliva.
Every noise was accompanied by a little splatter of moisture. Some of it sprinkled onto Luke’s face. He could taste it, and smell it too. Thick and full of bursting lust.
Eventually, the breasts could no longer bounce as roughly, for the still-growing and jostling belly had taken far too much room, and there was even more space being filled at the rib cage. The large breasts had to rest on a curve of flesh with a little jiggling.
As Luke pumped and jerked the best he could, giving and giving, Gina took and took. Her body grew and grew.
Even as Luke struggled.
If one could ask, and one could answer, Luke might have said he couldn’t have stopped it from happening.
Absolutely no turning back now. Gina’s flesh reached as far as the globe if that pun could be forgiven, for she was becoming a globe. Some parts of her dark skin were exposed. There was only so much her fur could cover. Her claws stretched out, her now round fingers spread out. The hairband on her wrist snapped and flew away. She had little choice but to raise her arms; or rather, the weight in her body was lifting them for her, just as it was done for her breasts. She almost looked like she was cheering or trying to signal someone from far away.
Her legs had a similar problem. She could no longer cling to Luke. She could no longer rock and undulate his cock. Her toes were becoming like her fingers, little furry sausages. The claws were poking out as if trying to flee a fleshy prison. Her feet and hands were puffed out, their shapes deformed into bloated things.
The weight was so much that Luke had some difficulty breathing. Her fur and skin were all over him. The pressure, the scents, and his darkening vision, it was nearly dampening his ability to even feel his poor erection, which was still giving its all. Fortunately, it wasn’t quite enough. He still felt the twitching and pulsing in his still-needy cock.
Only when Luke was finally unable to squirt out anymore, did it finally happen.
Like a balloon with a needle.
Like a bubble.
Like a child’s ball that had been treated so unfairly.
Loud, putting a ring in one’s ears for a moment, it was similar to a gunshot. Maybe it could even be called an explosion, a bomb. There was even a flash of darkness, a moment where Luke couldn’t see anything. The world looked like it was only full of Gina’s massive body. Fur tickled his eyelids. Then something else.
He had no choice but to close his eyes. His instincts wouldn’t allow anything else. There was a brief instant when he saw a flash of colorful lights behind his eyelids.
He was wet. Everything was wet. Wet and salty. Gooey and viscous. Not quite glue, but maybe it close enough. He felt some of it dribble and glide on his flesh, but most of it just stayed there like a wet plaster.
There was nothing more than an ungodly amount of cum and tufts of white fur.
The semen coated the walls, the decorations on the walls too, and of course the door. It soaked into the bedclothes and mattress. The bed’s frame looked like icing had been poured onto it. It seeped into the floor’s carpet. It ruined all the clothes that had been mostly forgotten on the floor. It likely destroyed a PC that had been dutifully waiting to be turned back on. It even splattered onto the cheap popcorn ceiling. But hey, at least now the ceiling actually looked white instead of that dingy beige color. It might be an improvement.
On a smaller scale, the fur was stuck in, the cum almost like glue. It was like tar and feathers, but paler and saltier, perhaps with a hint of something crisp. Luke didn’t have a particularly bad diet. Not only was everything now soaked and reeking, but they were also dusted in those hairs.
All over Luke, the smell and texture coated him. A little was in his eyes; it stung, but he wasn’t angry about it. Some were in his mouth, and he spat most of it out.
He coughed and tried to find his breath, for it was too far gone to be caught.
His arm was creaky and slow when it moved. The hand was partially coated in the cum and fur, but Luke was able to use his palm to scrape some of the mess off of his face. He would have used his sleeve, but both of his sleeves were downright sodden. In fact, the cum soaked through his jacket, to his shirt, and then to his skin underneath.
Maybe fifteen minutes later, he finally got the will and ability to get up. He was wobbly, but he made it to the door, and then he went into the hallway. Someone happened to pass by, a rhino man. He didn’t even blink, didn’t even look back. That mouse woman from before was right behind him at first, but she paused and looked right at Luke.
And she smiled.
“It was time for her to go, I guess,” she said.


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