Pop Goes Gina – Sibling Rivalry Revised

Gina is up to her old tricks. She wants to be popped. This time it is a Rhino – what she doesn’t know is that Victor the Rhino has other plans and secretly invites her brother, Felix, to participate in the festivities. Don’t worry! She will get popped after agonizingly begging for it.

Gina buried her face in the pillow and tried not to whine. Her shoulders ached from where Victor gripped them. One of his leathery rhino knees dug into the back of her calf, knifing into the mink’s leg as he thrust into her. His whole body weight was shifting from one uncomfortable spot to another, an inconsiderate rhythm that was sure to leave her in pain for the next day.

None of it mattered. She didn’t intend to see tomorrow.

Victor could do what he liked with her, here in his bed, in his apartment, with his body. With her body. That was the thrill of popping for her; no matter what she endured being used by her mate, she knew his cock would free her from the aches and pains of aggressive sex. It just made it all the more sumptuous. Victor plowed her hole deeper and wider, ripping another orgasm out of her cunt as he fucked her closer to her destiny. Each of her orgasms was a reminder of what was to come. Any minute now, his own peak would seize him and fill her with rhinoceros cum.

Any minute now.

Any minute.

She reached back, flailed a bit, and found Victor’s wrist. “Hey, um…”

“Hmm? Everything okay?” A smirk on his face. He knew what he was doing, or not doing.

Gina nodded, and turned back to face her rhino lover. “Yeah, just… it’s starting to hurt. And, oh god, I want to be popped with your massive load of cum” She’d lost track of exactly how long they’d been at this, but this was a bit beyond the pain she expected from taking something the width of her wrist. Even her orgasms were starting to exacerbate the friction.

“Yes. I am just waiting.”

“… for what?”

It was at times like these that Gina wished she were a little more assertive. It wasn’t as if they both didn’t want this, but she also hadn’t planned for it to take so long. The anticipation was going to pop her alone.

Which perhaps was part of its appeal of it. She was on edge and practically begging in body, but now she was verbalizing her needs.

Gina insisted on rolling over, at least. Spreading her legs was like coming down from a vigorous workout. She could practically see steam rising from the matted fur surrounding her crotch. He had thoroughly marinated her already.

The brief sting of lube on the darker flesh of her labia gave way to a blissful coolness, the sort of thing she imagined she’d sink into once her body swelled to its limit with Victor’s cum and ruptured at last. A contradictory climax, like warmth when freezing or calmness when drowning. Force the mind to reject what was happening to the body.

And like those final blisses, the path to that particular conclusion was proving tortuous.

It wasn’t like they were perfect strangers. Gina had met Victor at her brother Felix’s birthday party; they’d got to talking, she’d spilled her fascination for popping, and Victor, ever curious, had agreed to help her out.

All well and good. But she was buckling at the knees, needing to feel that pop, knowing that all it took was Victor to erupt inside her and thus cause her to erupt. Yet he wasn’t. He was choosing not to.

Gina breathed deeply, haltingly, as Victor eased his flared cock between her lips. It was the sort of breath one took before getting a tattoo. Before ripping off a bandage. Acceptable pain now for relief later.

And there was relief. Gina would never get tired of the rhinoceros cock battering at her cervix, the dull spikes setting her throbbing between her hips, alternating waves of heat and numbness sweeping from her core through to the ends of her paws.

It was almost enough to send her over the edge, and she brought herself the rest of the way there rubbing her mink clit in quick circles. If she were so inclined, she could get off all night beneath Victor, gradually turning the bed into a hot, sticky mass of rumpled, squirt-stained fabric.

If she were so inclined.

But she wanted more. And she suspected that Victor wanted her to beg him. Not just allow it, but to just collapse and whimper and plea for it. Ego always crumbled when the taste of arousal was dashed into the mix.

She had to shut her eyes and resort to a seldom-used tactic, imagining doing something sexier with someone sexier while having sex. Not that Victor wasn’t attractive, with his muscles flexing like granite in an earthquake as he fucked her. But he had kept her on the edge of this pop wanting for so long, too long. She was just so sexually frustrated right now!

And she definitely wasn’t going to let his mouth near her tits, lest he coughs and impale her through the chin on his horn, even though she knew that those tasty puppies would encourage anybody to orgasm.

Why was he holding back on her, damn it!

She wanted so much more than Victor was giving her. She needed the ultimate submission, the surrender to cock that was deeper and more permanent than pregnancy ever could be; impregnation with semen itself, multiplying and sloshing and churning inside her, leaking from every hole until she ruptured inside, every pore until she ruptured without, until she saw white and tasted salt and smelled musk, her every sense alive with man in her final moments.

Desperately pawing at her furry breasts with one hand, at her clit with the other, Gina nearly came just from Victor leaning down and telling her “I’m close, babe.” He said it with a twisted smirk, a tease. It incensed her. Not that that was hard, given her overstimulation. Any second he would finally get on with it and cum, his cock stretching her cunt airtight, pumping load after load into her, filling her uterus, her abdomen, her stomach, her throat, her mouth, starting…


She was about to whimper, plea, submit, give in, beg, cry – ANYTHING.

Gina heard the bedroom door open. She nearly gagged on the frustration rising to the back of her throat. She wished she had when she heard the new voice.

“Victor, what’s keeping you? I thought you couldn’t wait to get the popping over with!” A smirking voice echoed to the side of the pop-oriented couple.

She’d recognize that voice anywhere. What was Felix doing here? And how did he know she and Victor would be doing this now?

“Felix, what the fu– ack!”

Gina yelped as Victor reflexively threw himself bodily down on her. The instinct to shield her from her brother’s eyes was understandable – maybe even commendable – but Victor was a lot bigger and bulkier than she was, and it was tough to breathe underneath his full weight. But god did it punch that cock RIGHT inside her the way she was begging for it.

“Sorry,” Victor said to them both. “Just been waiting for a spectator to witness.” He said sheepishly, a coy grin on her rough leather skinned face.

So that was why!?

“Felix, what are you doing here?” she managed over Victor’s shoulder. She could feel her arousal washing away like it was being flushed. But still, the tinge of it was ever present and wasn’t going anywhere.

“Well, I thought Victor was going to pop you by now.”

“How the hell did you know?”

“Sis, seriously. I’ve thought about it enough to know what it looks like when someone wants it. You told me out of nowhere just the other day that I could have your stuff if anything ever happened.”

If Gina weren’t furry, Felix could have seen her blushing from across the room and underneath a rhino. “Look, if you could just–” Something clicked for her, and she slapped at Victor’s thick-skinned torso. It was like attacking a brick wall with a feather. “Did you fucking tell him we were going to be here?”

Victor did blush. “Babe, I can explain.”

“Then do it before I pop you!” She no longer wanted to beg in front of her brother, she wanted to bully it out of him, damn it.

He gulped. “Well, you see, I’ve kind of, sort of been talking to Felix as well, and one thing led to another, and once I got done with you, Felix and I were gonna… well…”

Gina was too flabbergasted to really commit to anger right away. It gave Felix the opening he needed. He leaned against the door frame and smirked. Always so smug, and casual. Fucking Felix.

It made her mad because he possessed the same allure and charm she had weaponized in her own pursuits.

“So, Victor. Seems like you were holding out on me after all.”



“You heard me. Walking around with that ass hidden in those tight jeans.”

Victor turned to Felix then – still inside Gina – and leaned on one elbow. He didn’t even cop a feel as he moved, and somehow that pissed her off even more. Who was going to get popped here, damn it. “Well, come on,” he said with a grin. “There’s enough for both of you.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? Who’s being popped here?” Gina started to struggle underneath the heavy rhinoceros, but she was going nowhere fast.

Victor turned back to her and stroked her face. “Hey, you’re my first priority, okay? It’s just… sexier this way. And I know you are going to love it. An audience, what a way to go.”

Gina crossed her arms to the best of her ability, and shrugged, breasts jiggling, waiting for a satisfactory answer. It was one, at that, but it still rubbed her fur the wrong way.

Gina’s mouth fell open. She made a sound halfway between a cough and a hiss and didn’t answer at first.

It wasn’t that her brother was unattractive. Tall, slender, and toned from his days of football practice and lifting. But he was still Gina’s brother. You didn’t fuck your brother.

But fuck, right now…

Was that was this fucking asshole was up to? Get her motor running so much that such a thought was, well, enticing.


It was actually pretty hot.

Damn Victor.

She should just call this whole thing off, but with a cock deep and burrowed inside her, the pop just moments away… God, how could she stop now!?

She came to be popped. She entered this room intending never to leave. Gina was so ready to cast off her body and surrender her life to her lover’s cum that every sensation was starting to get on her nerves. Her paws were sweaty under the covers, the room lights were harsh on her eyes and damn it, Victor was still leaning on her arm, making her numb.

She was past caring about what was weird and what wasn’t. All she wanted was to burst, and if Victor wanted her brother there? Fuck it.

But she was going to make it weird for her brother if it was the last thing she did.

Gina smiled over at her brother, licking her lips and baring her teeth. “How about it, bro? You want to come over here and fuck your sister?”

Felix would have blushed if he’d been able to – his fur was black where Gina’s was white – but the grinding of his smiling teeth gave him away. “Well…”

“Come on. I’m showing you what I’m packing,” Victor chimed in, “Tit for tat.”

Felix, unblinking, nodded quickly to indicate that his would-be rhino lover was not helping in the slightest.

But then, he was in a very similar situation as Gina. He’d come to fuck, and he wouldn’t let a little thing like the prospect of popping his sister give him blue balls.

Besides, who would know?

He finally chuckled and whipped his shirt off. “Fine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” His jeans followed, revealing a sizable bulge in his boxer briefs. “You think Victor’s packing… he’s perfectly average for his species.”

“Can confirm,” said Victor with a shrug. But he was licking his lips. Attention all on Felix.

Gina pushed herself against that cock. Victor grunted but still attention on the brother. On Felix. Shit.

Felix was decidedly above average, and it sprung hard and ready with a soft smack against his furry stomach when he whipped off his boxer briefs. He still wasn’t as big as Victor, but if the rhino was going to keep fucking her pussy, Gina had her work cut out for her taking her brother’s cock in her mouth.

She’d never been one to pass up a challenge. Finding an opening, she slithered out from under Victor, wincing slightly as his cock slid out of her abused cunt.

It was a curious experience, being freshly fucked in front of her brother. Her nipples stood firm even from Victor’s tiresome pawing, and her lower lips were swollen and slick, prepared for a load that had yet to come.

The fact that her brother stayed hard was strangely arousing.

Gina turned around, got on her hands and knees, and wiggled her ivory-furred ass in Felix’s direction. “Well? You going to put your cock where your mouth is?”

“God, I didn’t think that your lust for popping would make you turn into this.”

“I need it. I don’t care who does it. Both of you at once. But shit, Victor turned my pussy into a waterfall of lubrication.”

Felix walked over to her, hesitant like he was getting ready to jump into a cold pool. His hand only shook a little bit as he reached out and squeezed Gina’s ass.

His sister looked back and nodded with a wicked grin. “That’s right, bro. Feel me up. Last and only time to sample your sister.” She reached back to her ass, pulled it apart, and exposed her asshole and pussy fully to Felix in all their soaking glory.

Felix stood firm, and gave his sister’s ass another squeeze, a quick slap that drew a yelp from her. “You know I’d love to. But I think we’ve kept you waiting long enough. Victor?”

Gina squeezed her eyes shut, and whispered a curse.

“Don’t worry, sis. I’ll get him going for you,” Felix said with a wink. “Why don’t you keep yourself going?” He moved her hand between her legs and took Victor’s half-hard cock in his other hand. His fingers just barely touched around it, and Victor shivered as Felix started to stroke.

“You like that?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“You’ve been waiting for that, haven’t you?”

Victor nodded, and steadied himself on the bed as next to him, Gina rubbed her clit in quick circles, catching up on all the moans she wished Victor had wrung from her.

Felix jerked Victor off while his sister masturbated. Eventually, he brought his mouth down to the rhino’s flared cock head and licked it in a little circle that made Victor gasp.
It was a plea that Felix understood instantly and didn’t hesitate to make good on. He slipped his lips over Victor’s cock and pushed them slowly down its length, opening his throat wide for him.

Victor was in heaven. Even compared to Gina’s hot depths, Felix’s throat massaged him on all sides – and unlike Gina’s pussy, there was a tongue in there to lavish attention on his sensitive slit and underside.

He didn’t know what it was about having the mink blow him, but after barely a minute he could feel his rhino balls tightening, a shock coursing through his length as he prepared to come. It was almost enough to make him forget that Gina was there.


“Excuse me!”

Victor’s eyes snapped open. He clenched his teeth against the orgasm Felix had edged him toward. Half frustrated, half embarrassed, he looked over at Gina, two fingers froze in the act of fucking herself by an icy glare. “Save some for me, why don’t you?”

“Just priming the pump, sis,” Felix chuckled. He crawled across the bed and gave his sister a kiss on the mouth. “Now, open wide.”

Gina gave Felix a mischievous half-smile and obliged. Her brother’s cock slid easily into her mouth, foreign yet somehow familiar. She recognized his sweat from the scent he’d bring home from football practice, the way you’d taste a juicy cut of meat on the air while you grilled it. And like a juicy cut of meat, she ran her tongue around every inch, savoring it as she started to bob her head up and down.

Her pussy throbbed as Victor entered her from behind at that moment. It was a single smooth motion, eased by her wetness and the fact that Victor felt harder, bigger than he had all night. Whatever effect Felix had had on him that she hadn’t… well, it didn’t matter. Victor had his hands on Gina’s hips the next moment, fucking away whatever jealousy was brewing in her mind.

The rhino’s thrusts were timed exquisitely with the mink’s. Victor’s hips slapped against Gina’s ass, pushing her throat further onto Felix’s cock; Felix rolled his hips in turn, testing his sister’s capacity and pushing her back against Victor, driving him deeper into her pussy.

She was tired, aching, numb above and below, her tits bouncing and jiggling and demanding to be sucked, squeezed, slapped, anything to complete her. If only there had been someone below to put one more mouth on her.

Not that that mattered.

“I’m close,” Victor breathed, and this time he meant it. His thrusts were getting shallower, quicker, harder, demanding that every part of her that could admit his cum do so.

She was too far up in the clouds to give an answer, and Victor’s cock wouldn’t wait for one.

Gina moaned around Felix’s cock as Victor hilted inside her and blasted the first of innumerable ropes of cum into her womb. Her voice rumbled in her throat up and down Felix’s length, setting him off as well.

Victor and Felix grabbed Gina around the waist, around her tits, locking themselves in place as they bucked and jizzed into her. Rhinoceros cum filled her abdomen, mink cum coursed into her stomach, setting her to a double-time bloat that had her looking pregnant in seconds.

She was making sounds beyond words, impossible to render into letters, clasping both sets of lips on both cocks, loath to let a single drop of semen escape. She brought one hand to her swelling stomach. Her eyes rolled back in ecstasy as she felt the rounding expanse of her belly, bloating from both ends, a churning sensation building in her torso as the currents of cum mixed, swirled, and matted within her.

Wet heat like she’d never felt before was flowing into her, through her, like gelatin injected directly into her navel, filling her to the top and spilling over through her shoulders, her hips, her limbs succumbing to the torrents of semen pouring out of her brother, her lover.

In minutes she couldn’t even touch herself. She was swollen up like a furry balloon, her cum-filled torso would have swallowed up her arms and legs if they themselves didn’t puff out like the arms of balloon animals, the ones you get from the carnival or circus.

The stuff was thick, pouring into her faster than it could escape through her asshole, her nose, and her eyes. She was leaking it from every orifice that could leak, and there were more on the way.

And she expanded. Bigger, wider, more filled. She felt her fur spread, little portions of flesh now showing as she filled to burst.

And then for a brief, beautiful moment, she herself was one great orifice, one huge hole in mink shape. Her bloated arms spread out straight, as well as her legs. She couldn’t bend or mold her body, the rushing torrent of cum was preventing such a thing. They just blew up and increased and stretched and struggled.

She couldn’t even blink. Her vision became blurry as cum milked out of her nose, her eyes, mouth, chin, lips, pussy, and ass. Everywhere. And it was at that moment that she could hear her body give up any thought of holding onto a shape proper.

It really had been worth it. That was her last thought before her brain drowned in semen.

Victor woke up first – probably. Felix’s eyes were open when he met them. Without really thinking about it, he went in for a kiss, meeting the mink’s lips in the stickiest gesture of its kind. They were covered head to foot in each other’s essence, after all.

Neither of them was sure how long they’d been out. They agreed that Gina had been there, and then she hadn’t, and the subsequent deluge of their cum was the last thing they remembered before conking out. No prizes for guessing why – it was the mother of all refractory periods.

The room stank of man, soaked in off-white globs and pools that had turned the bed into a swamp. There was no sign of the mink girl that had once occupied it.

“Do you miss her?” Victor asked.

“Sure. But I know she wanted this.” Felix traced a finger up and down Victor’s horn. “I’m glad it was you.”

“I am too. Thanks for the help.” The rhino paused. “Just so we’re clear…”

“All you, babe.” Felix stretched, yawned, and rolled onto his side, settling into Victor’s embrace. “So

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