Mirror Mirror – A Princess Lesbian Tale

A good and innocent Princess goes to an evil Queen to discuss a war truce. Poor Princess is dubconned into smexy lesbianism by the evil Queen. 


Princess Keta was not looking forward to the task at hand. The road to the wicked queen’s castle was so dark and dreary. The wildlife had left years ago, and had now been replaced by dead trees, wilting black flowers, strange vicious creatures, and a thick heavy fog that seemed to never lift up. The eeriness of her surroundings caused her to tremble inside as she rode her horse through the jagged forest; she could see a number of scary green and red eyes peering at her through the dark foliage, but she really had no choice and worked to overcome her fears so that she could finally talk to Zefarra face to face. Queen Zefarra had once been a very good friend of Keta’s, but the death of her parents in war seemed to create a darkness inside her that enraged her for vengeance; a vengeance that had led the right to the gates of Princess Keta’s kingdom. 

 Princess Keta was a kind, compassionate ruler. Though she too had lost her parents, she had been raised to love her people, and if necessary, sacrifice her life to protect them. When she saw the queen’s army of creatures surrounding the high walls of her kingdom, she knew that she could no longer sit by and simply allow Queen Zefarra to impose her tyranny in the same manner she had already done to so many other kingdoms. Princess Keta used the secret tunnel her father had built to help her escape from the walls of safety, and bring her to the dark forest she was now forcing herself to tread through. Keta was hoping that she could negotiate a truce with Zefarra. She knew there would be a price to pay, but she figured anything would be worth saving the lives of her people. 

 As she approached the rickety bridge of Zefarra’s castle, Keta could feel the lump of fear trapped inside her throat. The large castle seemed to be decorated with statues of evil creatures and held its own ominous darkness. At appearance, the only cheerful thing in this dreary world was Keta herself; her lovely short red hair combined with her bright green eyes seemed to bring a brightness of their own. Without announcing herself, the drawbridge began to lower, as though it had already been expecting her visit. As Keta waited for the lowering of the bridge, she could begin to see the silhouette of the queen standing in its doorway. Though she was evil, she was also quite beautiful. She had always been one to highlight her sensual side, and today was no different. The queen’s black hair was done up into a tall standing structure, supported by a black crown filled with jewels. Keta could not help but notice her revealing qualities of her long black gown. Zefarra’s low cut front combined with rather large breasts, allowed for a large amount of flesh to be revealed. The black gown had a long slit ascending up the entire length of her thigh, stopping just short of her hip bone. The young Keta could not help but admire the beauty of the queen, in spite of her fear of her. 

  As the bridge finally set in place, Zefarra made a motion with her hand, encouraging Keta to proceed into the castle. Her long black fingernails helped to remind Keta that beauty did not mean good; she knew this queen was evil. But, slowly she began walking her horse across the drawbridge into the rock castle. 

 “I have been awaiting your visit Princess Keta; I am so delighted you have decided to finally visit me in my abode.” Her voice was soft, but there was a tone of flaunting arrogance about it. 

  Keta humbly offered a curtsy toward the queen, before looking up and responding, “It seems you have left me little choice in the matter Zefarra; after all, when I awoke to find my kingdom surrounded by your creatures, your intentions were quite clear.” 

  Rather than responding to the remark, Zafarra began walking in a circle around princess Keta. “I had almost forgotten how young and beautiful you were, princess. You have truly grown into a lovely woman.” The wicked queen reached up and allowed her long black fingernails to tease the short red strands of Keta’s hair, as her eyes examined the young body of her guest. The satin white blouse, and the form fitting green pants worn by the princess helped to accent her lovely body as beautifully as the black dress had done for the queen. In spite of the awkward inspection, Keta remained posed and quiet before the queen. 

 “Is there something you want that will pull your forces from around my kingdom wall?” she finally asked with determination. 

  Zefarra finished her inspection and came back to her position directly in front of Keta. Her eyes were fixed on the small amount of cleavage the white blouse afforded before finally moving her eyes back upward. “Well, as a matter of fact, my sweet little princess, there is something I want indeed. And, should you decide to agree to the terms, I will remove my troops, and allow you to retain the rule of your kingdom unharmed.” 

 Keta’s eyes studied the stern look of the queen, curious as to what she could possibly have that the queen could want. She was feeling a little uneasy at the way the queen still seemed to be examining every inch of her. She had never been stared at so intently before; it was almost as though she was looking through her instead of at her. 

“Well, what is it you want then?” 

 A small grin came across the queen’s face, “Oh no, not quite yet my sweet. We will discuss the terms over dinner. Until then, I would like to show you to your room for the evening. I have arranged a hot bath, and a fresh gown for you to wear for dinner. My servant Dawi will show you the way.” With that, the queen turned and disappeared through a door in the main hall of the castle. 

  Out of the shadows a small servant girl seemed to appear directly before Keta. Dawi was a young woman, probably only a few years younger than Keta who was only 19. She did not seem to match the décor of the rest of the castle. She was beautiful with bright blue eyes and lovely red lips. Her clothes were rags though, as though she had been wearing them for way too long. 

 “This way please princess,” she urged, pointing toward a large staircase at the back of the foyer. Without another word, Dawi guided Keta up the staircase, and down a dark hallway decorated with twisted candlesticks and dark portraits of pale ominous looking people. As they reached the end of the hall, Dawi pulled an old key from her pocket, and unlocked the dark black oak door. The room was actually quainter than Keta had expected. On one wall there was a large king size canopy bed, with a dark red velvet cover over it. In the middle of the room was a large cast iron, and very ornate tub filled with hot bubbly water. 

  As they entered the room, Dawi quietly closed the door behind them, and gently led Keta to the middle of the room next to the tub. There was a large chair sitting next to it with a large towel draped over the back of it. On the bed, Keta could see a beautiful blue dress laid out for her. 

  “Allow me,” Dawi said, as her hands reached to Keta’s front and began undoing the clamps positioned there. 

 “That is alright, I can manage for myself…but thank you.” Keta responded. 

  “I am sorry ma’am, but I was instructed to not leave your side until we were called to dinner. I am here to attend to you until then.” There seemed to be an insistent, yet somewhat scared look in Dawi’s eyes. 

 For a moment Keta hesitated. Even though she was a princess, she had always held to her modesty. She had never allowed, or required assistance when she bathed. In fact, she was quite certain that no one else had ever seen her unclothed since she was a little girl. But there was something about the look Dawi gave her that convinced her that sending this young beauty away would somehow hold dire consequences. 

 “Very well…thank you.” She agreed. 

  Dawi’s tiny hands went back to work, and slowly began undoing each of the clasps from the white blouse. Keta’s breathing became a little heavier as the soft tender fingers helped to slide the blouse off of her, revealing her silky under garment. Dawi’s hands descended to her slacks, and quickly undid them, and helped to guide them down her white thighs, holding her up as she stepped out of each leg; leaving her standing in the middle of the room in just her panties and camisole top. But Dawi seemed set on her course, and without ever looking the princess in the eyes, helped to pull the camisole off of her head. Immediately Keta moved her arms to cover her young perky breasts. She could feel her nipples harden immediately in the cool air of the castle. Dawi laid the top on the chair, and then began sliding Keta’s panties to the floor. Keta stepped out of them, as one of her hands left her breasts, and came down to cover her private womanly mound. 

  As Dawi started to stand up, for a moment her eyes could not help but notice the eloquently trimmed strip that decorated the smooth skin just above Keta’s womanly area. Keta never noticed though, because she was trying to look off into space. What she did notice though, was the giant 8’ mirror positioned directly in front of her on the opposite wall. She had never had been one to admire herself in the mirror, though she did take great pride in her appearance. This was the first time she had ever really viewed herself in full form as this. 

“Allow me to help you into the tub princess,” Dawi offered. 

 Without protesting, Keta allowed her young helper to guide her up the steps of the tub. In order to step over the tall side though, she had no choice but to remove her hands from the hiding position, and hold on to the edge of the tub for support. Keta’s eyes stared over at the mirror, almost mesmerized by the softness of her naked form as she eased into the warm water…Dawi noticed it too. 

 The water was warm and refreshing as Keta relaxed down beneath the bubbles. The cool chill she had been fighting was quickly removed as the hot liquid covered over her soft skin. She clothes her eyes for a moment, enjoying the comfort. When she opened her eyes, she once again gazed upon herself in the tall full-length mirror. Little did she know that the evil queen was watching her through that very same mirror. From the safety of her own private chamber, Zefarra carefully watched the entire proceeding between Keta and Dawi. It had been years since she had ever seen anyone as lovely as the young princess, and she was delighted that things had finally been working out according to plan. 

 Dawi took a sponge and began washing Keta’s shoulders with the hot soapy water. She started to protest, but again saw the needy look in Dawi’s eyes. Instead, she sat forward in the tub, and allowed her better access to her back. The young servant girl was very gentle, as she made sure to rub the soft sponge over every inch of the princess. When her back was done, Dawi encouraged the princess to lie back against the back of the tub, and softly began using the sponge on Keta’s front. Keta had never felt sensations like the ones running through her body as Dawi’s hands and the sponge began caressing her breasts. Once again she felt her nipples harden. 

  Dawi noticed Keta’s nipples, and even made a few extra motions circling around them with the sponge before beginning her way down her tummy. The closer she came to her womanly area, the less princess Keta could resist moaning out in pleasure. 

 “Am I doing okay princess? I have never bathed anyone like this before.” Keta asked with sincerity. 

  Keta fought the lump in her throat, “Yes my dear, you are doing wonderful. Thank you for taking such good care of me.” Keta’s eyes closed as she nestled back even better in the tub. As Dawi’s soft hand moved down between her thighs, she gasped at the feel of the sponge on her tender womanly area. Though Keta had explored herself a few times with her own hands, she had never felt the touch of another there before. Her body was quivering as the tender brush strokes of the sponge worked back and forth between her thighs. Dawi could not help but notice the flushed red color of Keta’s cheeks, as well as the soft moans that kept escaping her lips. She took this as encouragement, and gently continued to wash the tender area with the sponge. 

  The sensations were getting greater, and Keta realized she was about to lose control. “Maybe…mmmm…maybe you should….mmm…should wash my legs now.” She managed to force out reluctantly. 

  “Yes princess,” Dawi replied, actually a little disappointed not getting to continue. But gently, she began rubbing the rest of her body with the soapy sponge. Keta worked to calm her breathing, as Dawi finished up, and retreated to the chair for the large towel. 

  “Please stand up princess,” she instructed.

  Keta stood in the tub, and then stepped down onto the rug that Dawi had previously laid before her. Instantly Dawi began rubbing the towel down over her back and shoulders, slowly drying each spot diligently. As she reached the princess’ firm butt cheeks, she could not help but linger a little as her tender fingers teased each soft tender globe with the towel. Her hands cupped the underside of each cheek before she knelt to the ground and began caressing the towel up and down both legs. When she was convinced the back was dried well enough, Dawi stood up and moved to Keta’s front. Her hands once again to pleasure in the chance to massage their way over both of the princess’s lovely breasts. They were so firm and perfect. Dawi’s hands worked to hold each one as she worked the towel beneath them. As her hands worked lower, she once again dropped to her knees and tenderly dried her tummy, then softly down to her tender mound. Dawi held one of her hands on Keta’s thigh while the other began to gently massage and dry the small strip of pubic hair. 

Keta had no choice but to moan out again as this young beauty gingerly massaged her fingers across her womanhood. Her entire hand pushed the towel between her thighs, gently arousing her even more. Though confused by these new sensations, she was part happy, and part disappointed when the young girl started down her thighs with the towel. Dawi’s eyes were fixed on whatever spot she was drying, but Keta could feel her breath directly blowing on her womanhood. She fought the lustful urges of her body as Dawi began her assent up her second thigh. With one final brush over her mound, Dawi slowly pulled herself up to the floor. She retrieved a special undergarment from beneath the dress, and placed it over Keta’s breasts. Both women seemed to be trembling a little as her frail fingers clamped the overly snug fabric tight. Keta had never seen her breasts look so full before. 

 Next Dawi helped her to step into the beautiful dress. As she began to fasten it in the back, Keta could not help but notice how much her breasts seemed to be revealed from the top of the dress; even more so than the queen’s had been when she saw her earlier. As Dawi finished tying the thin ribbon that went around her waist, Keta had for the first time really appreciated the image in the mirror before; as did the queen on the other side of the mirrored glass. 

 There was a soft knock on the door; which Dawi quickly answered. Keta could make out the faint voice of a male servant instructing that dinner would be ready in five minutes. Dawi closed the door, and finished helping Keta to get ready. The blue dress she wore was lovely, but also much more risqué than the princess had ever dared to wear. It had a long slit gliding up both thighs, so that with each step she took, her entire naked thigh was visible. 


  Dawi showed Keta to the dinner room, and upon seating her at the head of the table; she quickly disappeared from the room. After only a couple moments, the dark door to the dining room opened back up, and the dark queen entered in. She came to sit down next to Keta, immediately doted upon by a few of her other female servants. Dinner was fairly uneventful. It seemed both women were avoiding the seriousness of the conversation that needed to take place by instead offering the customary talk concerning the dinner and the castle. When the meal was over, the servants quickly cleared the table, and then left the queen and princess alone to discuss their business. 

  “So shall we discuss the terms of your surrender then princess,” the queen asked bluntly. 

 “I have no intention of surrendering my kingdom Zefarra; I have seen too well how you treat those whom you overthrow. Though I know I am not as prepared for war as you are, I would rather fight than allow you to mistreat my people.” Her argument was determined and forceful. 

  “Now, now my dear. You have not heard my offer yet. My offer for surrender will allow you to remain the princess of your kingdom, and you will have no interference from me whatsoever…that is, as far as your people are concerned. In fact, you will be seen as the savior, and I am sure, held in high regard.” 

 “I am confused queen, what do you require?” The confidence seemed to leave a little, knowing that there had to be some pretty heavy consequences.    “I know how much you love your power, and I know how much you want it all for yourself.” 

 “Ah yes, you are right princess Keta, I do love my power. But what good is power, if you have no one to share it with? What good is a position if you are all alone? No my little princess, I have been alone for too long; it is time I find someone to share that power with…and I choose you. But, I know what you are thinking; and you are right…it will come at a price.” 

“I suspected as much about the queen. So tell me your terms.” Keta sat forward in her chair, pressing her breasts upward in her tight dress. For a moment, the additional view of cleavage caught the eye of the queen. She paused her speaking, and gazed down with almost a lustful gaze at the tender white flesh. Keta noticed, and quickly sat back in her chair.    “Well, what do you expect of me?” she demanded. 

 Zefarra snapped her eyes back to meet Keta’s; “I want you to come live with me.” She paused before continuing. “And you will belong to me; my own personal houseguest to serve my beckon call. 

 “And what would that beckon call consist of?” There was an obvious nervousness in her voice. 

 The queen reached her hand under the table and allowed it to slide through the slit of Keta’s dress and gently squeeze at her bare thigh; “Why absolutely everything…and absolutely anything my dear.” She said, gently giving a firm squeeze to the tender flesh. “But, I will promise to never harm a single hair on anyone from your kingdom. In fact, as long as you comply with all that is expected of you, I will even help your kingdom to flourish with my protection…but you must never refuse me. Do you understand the arrangement?” 

 The room was silent as Keta pondered exactly what all this could mean. Was she truly prepared to be a slave of the queen? Would she be placed in the dungeon, or forced to work in the fields? But then she thought of her people. There was no one in the land that offered more of a threat to them than queen Zefarra did. She gazed into the anxiously waiting eyes of the queen. 

 “How would we explain to the people why I was living with you instead of with them?” Keta asked. 

  “I will make a huge banquet in your honor for the sacrifice you have made for your people, and a celebration to our new alliance together. I will adorn them with gifts so that they will see the beauty of the arrangement. After that, we will make sure that you are available to them through public gatherings at least every month. The only ones to know that you belong to me will be you and I. Fair enough?” 

  Again the room filled with silence as Keta reluctantly saw the benefits of such an agreement; but she also feared the consequences as well. 

 “Very well…My Queen…I belong to you and to your will.” Keta stood from her chair and then humble dropped to her knees before Zefarra. 

 With a smile beaming across her face, Zefarra pulled young Keta to her feet; “Now now little princess, there will be time for that later. I will start making arrangements for the feast and celebration for your people. By the week’s end, our kingdoms shall be united.” Zefarra proceeded to leave them room, but then turned back to Keta right before doing so; “I shall come visit you in your quarters later for inspection my dear. You will need to get used to my inspections. For though I am eager to enter into this arrangement with you, I must still protect myself from you until I can be sure you can be trusted. I am sure you understand.” With that she turned and left the dining area. Almost immediately Dawi was standing back in the doorway. 

  “May I show you back to your room my princess?” she asked with kindness and respect. 


  For three hours Keta had been locked safely in her chamber. The events of the day had played themselves over and over again. She was concerned one moment about what “inspection time” would consist of, and at other times, could not help but remember the feel of Dawi’s soft tender fingers caressing their way over her body. She could not fight the arousal that had started to work its way through her body. She could feel moistness in her womanhood, and had almost given in a few times to moving her fingers there. 

  As she heard a clock chiming down the hall, she heard a key moved into the lock, as it released it from its fastening. The wicked queen moved inside the room with a grace and beauty of her own. Upon leaving the key in the door, she closed it behind her and made her way over to the mirror. 

  “Come here princess,” she commanded. 

 Without hesitating, Keta walked across the room to the tall mirror she had earlier admired herself in. “Yes my queen,” she answered. 

  “Stand here before the mirror my child, allow me to have a look at you.” 

  Keta obeyed without comment, and quickly found herself once again gazing upon herself; but this time she had the lovely queen staring at her too. For a few moments there seemed to be this awkwardness as Keta watched the queen, and the queen watched Keta. Slowly Zefarra’s fingers moved up to the clasp of the dress, and gently began undoing them one by one. Keta half held her breath as she felt the final clasp release, and the queen pushed the dress to the floor. Keta’s eyes caught her own breasts in the mirror as they continued to heave up and down in the firm bustier.    But the queen quickly released that clasp too, and allowed it to drop to the floor as well. 

 Keta immediately moved her hands up to cover her breasts, but the queen quickly told her “No! You will show me everything my dear…whatever I want.” Keta reluctantly fought to lower her arms back down to her sides. The queen stared at her breasts through the mirror, admiring them as they hardened in the brisk air. Her sharp fingernails slid inside the thin strap of her panties, and with ease snapped both sides from Keta’s hips. She gasped as the fabric hiding her womanhood fell to the floor with the dress. 

  “You are quite the beauty of my young princess. In fact, I have noticed your beauty for a few years now. These inspections will be held whenever I deem it necessary…do you understand?” 

 Keta stared into the mirror, her shame welling up inside of her as she forced herself to submit to this embarrassment. “Whatever you require, my queen.” 

 “I mean WHENEVER I deem it necessary princess…regardless of audience; but only in my castle. I will never force you to do this amongst your own people.” 

  Keta’s mind instantly processed the repercussions of such power. “Regardless of audience” meant that the queen might force her to undress amongst others. Would she really use her to showcase her nudity before others? The thought brought tears to her eyes, but quickly she fought them back. Again she repeated, “Whatever you require my queen.” 

As they stood before the mirror, the queen gently placed her hands onto the scared princess’ shoulders. They began gliding down her arms, and then calmly over to her swollen breasts. Keta closed her eyes as the queen gently began squeezing and caressing them. “Open your eyes princess,” she commanded. Keta obeyed. 

  She watched as the long black fingernails traced their way over her soft silky white breasts. She could feel them scraping at her tender skin, but gentle enough to not hurt. The queen’s fingers were gentle as they rubbed at her erect nipples before beginning their descent down her tummy. She could feel her breathing quicken as the sharp nails began tracing along the thin strip of hair leading to her womanhood. As she felt the tender finger brush over the tender nub at the top of her womanly mound, she could not help but gasp out from the pleasure filled touch. When she did, she noticed the grin that crossed the lips of the queen. 

  Zefarra continued to “inspect” her way over Keta’s body, making sure to tease her adequately. Keta had never felt anything like this, and the trembling between her thighs was growing greater by the second. She fought to restrain it, but the tender touch of the queen’s fingers sliding up and down the entrance to her love spot was getting so intense. Keta bit her lower lip as she felt the finger role up and apply a little pressure. But then it was gone. The queen moved both of her hands to her back and began tracing her nails and fingers down it. As she reached the tender mounds of her bottom, she teasingly traced one of her long black nails up between them. Keta was too lost in the moment to even think straight. She had never felt anything like this before. 

  All of a sudden, the queen slapped her hand hard across Keta’s backside, sending a searing stream of pain through both cheeks. As Keta jerked from the surprise, she felt a second and then a third slap across her ass. Tears began forming quickly as the wicked queen continued to assault her tender flesh. She tried to move away, but the queen grabbed her around the waist with her free hand. 10 swats…15 swats…her pale skin had turned a bright shade of red. 20 swats….25 swats…harder and harder the queen punished her innocent untainted skin. Finally she allowed Keta to drop to the floor in a lump, sobbing from the stinging pain just inflicted. 

 “Never forget princess, you belong to me. Mine to use as I will. It is the price you have agreed to pay in protection of your people. When you obey, there will be pleasure, but should you refuse me…there will be pain…severe, unthinkable pain. Do you understand?” 

 Keta pressed her bare back up against the mirror, staring up into the cold eyes of the queen. “I..I…I unn..unders…tand..my …queen,” she managed to stumble out through her sobbing. 

 “Good girl. You have passed inspection this evening. But I still require one thing from you.” Zefarra clapped her hands loudly, and immediately Dawi entered the room, quickly shutting the door behind her. Again the queen clapped her hands, and Dawi moved down to the floor next to Keta and helped her to sit properly on the floor, spreading her legs before the queen. Keta wanted to resist the explicit display of her womanhood, but she knew better than to resist. 

  “Begin Dawi!” commanded the queen.

  “Yes my queen,” she quickly replied. 

 Dawi knelt next to Keta and slid one hand up her thigh, and quickly to the tender wet slit of her womanhood. Even in spite of her spanking, Keta could still feel herself trembling down there. Her eyes fixed on Dawi as she slowly began pressing one of her fingers inside her. She gasped at the delicious intrusion; unsure of how to stop, or if she even wanted to stop, what was now being done to her. Keta could not help but love the tender finger as it slowly began probing its way in and out of her love hole. Her breathing was getting more sporadic as Dawi eagerly began pumping it faster and faster inside. She was masterful at hitting this tender spot deep inside Keta; a spot that she had never known existed before now. Zefarra watched eagerly as Dawi performed her servant duty. 

 “Two fingers!” the queen commanded. 

 “Yes my queen,” Dawi replied as she quickly thrust a second finger inside the young princess. As her fingers pulled against her tender clit, Keta exploded her nectar all over Dawi’s hand. But Dawi did not relent. In fact, she moved her fingers even faster. As the orgasm ripped through her body, princess Keta found herself sliding down onto the floor, allowing Dawi even better access to her. 

“Three fingers!” the queen commanded again.

  “Yes my queen,” Dawi replied as she once again thrust another digit deep inside the writhing princess. Dawi leaned down and placed her mouth on the young virgin’s breast, quickly sucking the swollen nipple into her eager mouth. A second orgasm ripped through Keta’s body, causing spots to appear before her eyes. But Dawi was perfect at driving her prey over the edge. With driven purpose she ravaged the little princess’ most private part. Her mouth locked tightly to her breasts, her fingers continued with wanton lust until one more orgasm exploded with excessive violence through her frail body. Keta thrashed around on the floor, her moans and gasps piercing the walls of the otherwise silent castle. 

  “Enough,” the queen commanded. Then, instantly Dawi removed her fingers from the princess’ womanly tunnel, and stood humbly back before her queen. “You may be dismissed, Dawi.” And Dawi left as quickly as she had came. 

  “Reward and punishment, my princess. Today you have had a taste of both. But believe me when I say that these were mere portions of what is in store for you. Good evening.” 

  For a while, all Princess Keta could do was lay on the floor as the orgasmic spasms finally started to subside from deep within her. This had been a day like none she had ever had. 

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